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Tuesday 6 - [18]-24... 


Verses for today:


Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

James 1:27 KJV


The father of the righteous shall greatly rejoice: And he that begetteth a wise child shall have joy of him.

Proverbs 23:24 KJV


Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.

Galatians 6:2 KJV


Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:

Matthew 7:24 KJV





Biden Spends $50 Million on Trump Conviction Ad:

President Joe Biden's campaign will target Republican challenger Donald Trump's felony convictions as part of a $50 million ad campaign ahead of the first presidential debate between both candidates June 27.


The Biden campaign is likely reading the recent polling showing voters just are not moving against Trump enough to suit them. Just 21% of independents say Trump's convictions make them less likely to vote for Trump and consider the issue a significant one in their vote, according to the latest Ipsos poll conducted for Politico.

Also, a significant 43% of Americans say the charges against Trump were brought to help Biden's reelection hopes.

An Ipsos poll conducted just after Trump's conviction found just 10% of Republican voters said they are less likely to vote for Trump in November after his conviction.


Now Biden wants to push the issue with a large infusion of cash to try to move the vote, as Trump has mocked the Biden lawfare as an election turning issue for him and not against him, saying "they're indicting me into the White House."

"Character Matters," a 30-second ad that says "this election is between a convicted criminal who's only out for himself, and a president who's fighting for your family," drawing a contrast between the two candidates, will run in all battleground states that have switched between Republicans and Democrats in recent elections, starting Monday.

Trump was convicted by a New York jury May 30 of 34 felony counts for falsifying business records. The Trump campaign did not respond to a request seeking comment.


Biden and Trump remain tied in national polls with less than five months to go before the election, while Trump has the edge in the battleground states that will decide the election, polls conducted before the conviction show. On economic issues like inflation, Trump scores higher with voters overall than Biden.

Biden's campaign and several Democrats were initially reluctant to emphasize Trump's conviction, taking a wait-and-see approach to advertising and new strategies. They wanted to see polls and voter feedback before reacting strongly.

Earlier this month, at a fundraiser with a small group of donors in Greenwich, Connecticut, Biden for the first time called Trump a "convicted felon" and said his predecessor poses a higher threat to the United States if he wins another term.


Trump also faces criminal charges in three other cases: a Georgia election interference case, a Florida documents case, and a federal election interference case. He is also appealing the results of his civil trials.

Biden's son Hunter was this month convicted by a jury for lying about his illegal drug use to buy a gun, making him the first child of a sitting U.S. president to be convicted of a crime. Polls including one from Reuters/Ipsos shows a vast majority of voters say Hunter's conviction won't affect their vote in the Nov. 5 election.

The June 27 debate between Biden and Trump, billed as one of the most significant moments of this year's campaign calendar, is less than two weeks away, and both campaigns are racing to prepare for the first showdown.

The debate will include two commercial breaks, no props, and muted microphones except when recognized to speak, CNN, which will host the debate in Atlanta, Georgia, said on Saturday.


The Biden campaign's fundraising in April lagged Trump's for the first time, after the former president ramped up his joint operation with the Republican National Committee and headlined high-dollar fundraisers.

Democrats still maintained an overall cash advantage over Trump and the Biden campaign continues to have a considerably larger war chest. Biden raised $30 million Saturday at a star-studded fundraiser in Los Angeles, California.

Newsmax writer Eric Mack

News Max Media

Demand MPs Reject Dangerous Euthanasia Expansion:

It’s happening again. Another dangerous bill threatens our vulnerable Canadians.

Bloc Québécois MPs Sylvie Bérubé and Luc Thériault have tabled Bill C-390. This bill aims to expand euthanasia laws dramatically.


Euthanasia is sold via the lie that it allows an individual to “die with dignity.” But there is nothing dignified about suicide. As Doctor Joel Zivot discovered, euthanasia is actually a slow, painful death via paralytic drugs to mask physical suffering, all while the patient is drowning to death.

Our governments and politicians are using legislation as a way to cut healthcare costs and wait times by killing the patients! Countless Canadians are at risk. We must stop Bill C-390.


They want to make it so provinces could amend euthanasia regulations individually.

Imagine individual provinces, like Quebec or Ontario, having the power to directly write federal law, especially when it decides who lives and who dies.

Everyone should have access to life-affirming healthcare.

Gregory Tomchyshyn

The entire CitizenGO Team




The HEAT-DOME is coming Down:

Can we Beat the Heat?

It was a boiling weekend around America: 35 degrees in Atlanta; 43 degrees in Phoenix. This week, the heat dome that transforms cities into convection ovens pushes into Canada, moving first into Ontario and Quebec and then to the Maritimes. Is this the prelude to a scorching summer? Armel Castellan, an Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist, helps us look ahead.

What exactly is a heat dome?

Imagine a big, dome-shaped lid over an area that’s keeping all of the air blocked. That lack of flow is a big part of what makes it so dangerous. But the air is also quite thick, because there’s high pressure, so it’s descending and you’re dealing with temperature increases – day after day, night after night. It’s very oppressive. And Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada will certainly feel it in spades this week.

Should I brace myself now for a bad summer?

I mean, we have high confidence that it’ll be warmer than the seasonal average. But that average goes back to the early ‘90s, and it’s quite a bit lower than what we’ve seen in the last decade, or even the last three years. 2023 was the warmest year in recorded history. 2024 won’t be far behind – it might be warmer still. But it won’t necessarily be warm from start to finish. Part of what makes this week feel so warm is that it’s early in the season, and we haven’t acclimatized the way we will have by August. I do think we’ll see both ends of the spectrum – periods where the west warms up, say, and the east is generally cooler.

So, I can bank on a bit of relief. But what about wildfires?

There’s been a deficit of rain and snow over the past 2½ years, and it puts a lot of pressure on the wet months, typically May and June, to show up and be overachievers. It only takes a week to 10 days of warmer conditions to dry out your recent rains – then we’re off to the races and wildfire behaviour becomes pretty dramatic. There’s still a lot of dryness in the usual suspects – northwestern Alberta, northeastern B.C., southern Northwest Territories – though wildfires may not be as dramatic as last year.

If the Earth warms up two degrees, Canada gets four degrees hotter. Why is that?

It’s related to Arctic amplification, which is a term that doesn’t get as much limelight as heat domes. When you don’t have as much snow cover in the winter, you’re exposing darker ground, which absorbs more heat. The same is true for a lack of sea ice, which can’t reflect incoming solar radiation. So it’s warming the north much more quickly, and that heat generates more melt, and it’s a feedback loop. Southern Canada, where most of us live, is warming at roughly twice the global rate, but the North is actually three if not four times as warm.

You mentioned last summer was the hottest in history; the United Nations is using terms like “climate hell.” What’s the vibe like among meteorologists?

We’re obviously very aware of the climate crisis unfolding before our eyes. It can be tricky to feel hugely hopeful. Yet we have seen, at a global scale, a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and projections for how warm the world will be by 2100 have bumped down a few tenths of a degree. The gases that are in the atmosphere now are there for hundreds of years – there’s no stopping that. But there is stopping how much more we pump out. We’re already seeing a few adjustments to the scientific outlook, and that’s a hopeful message.

The Globe and Mail 

David YEO:


FRUCT0$3 !s a T0X!N (1 Min)


EV0LUT!0N vs G0D UnC3N$0R3D (39 Min)


$CR!PT**WHY D0N@LD W!LL L!K3LY W!N (3 Min)


L0WK3Y XP0$3$ TH3 !ZR@3L L0BBY P0W3R (!5 Min)


0Z**G0V'T M@ND@T3$ 'F00D R@T!0N$'**B!RD FLU (12 Min)


N33M 0!L & ECZ3MA (1 Min)


TH3 !LLU$!0N 0f C0NTR0L (2 Min)


R0CK$T@R**'WH@T's G0!NG 0n'  (1 Min)


P!L0T BRUC3**AR3 ALL P!L0T$ !n 0n !T? (14 Min)


D0N@LD !s P@RT 0f TH3 $W@MP he W@$ $UPP0$3D +o DR@!N (7 Min)


UND3R$T@ND!NG $P!R!TU@L W@RFAR3 & $@TAN's TR!CKY T@CT!C$ (12 Min)

David YEO

An Outstanding Victory!

I have some exciting news to share with you! Thanks to your signatures and support, we have achieved a momentous victory.

You have probably seen and heard how the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board (DPCDSB) called for an emergency meeting on Tuesday to amend its flag-flying bylaw and pass an amendment to fly the Pride Flag outside all DPCDSB properties.

I applied and attended the emergency board meeting as a delegate to ensure that all of your voices were heard and the simple message you and 16,000+ others wanted the DPCDSB to hear:


I am happy to report the trustees received your message loud and clear!

We had such an enormous impact that Trustee Paula Dametto-Giovannozzi even mentioned the petition directly at the board meeting.


Thanks to your support in signing and sharing the petition, IT MADE THE DIFFERENCE!

The over 16,000+ signatures sent to DPCDSB trustees resulted in the motion to raise the Pride Flag outside Dufferin-Peel Catholic schools and properties to be DEFEATED by a vote of 7 to 3!

When I exited the boardroom, the crowd outside was ecstatic. Everyone did not expect this sudden victory.

A victory that our allies, who also presented at the meeting that night, and myself had to admit was only made possible by your support!


I am truly humbled and thankful for your continued support.

This victory was achieved by YOU!

However, this is only just the beginning. We managed to stop one school board from flying the Pride flag this year.

Given DPCDSB's status as one of the larger boards in Ontario and Canada, let's use the momentum from this significant and sudden victory to continue fighting for our children across our great country!

Once again, thank you so much for your continued support,

Gregory Tomchyshyn

and the entire CitizenGO team


Our LEADERS are bending their knee!

Conservatives and Liberals together Salute the Gay Flag


A Plot to Kill chickens, cattle and YOU?

Another pandemic is in the works.  It's not the birds we should be worrying about.

Remarkably, the scientist Dr. Michael Gregor, a vegan who once once testified on behalf of Oprah Winfrey in her “meat defamation” trial, has repeatedly claimed that chicken farms will trigger an apocalyptic virus that will threaten half of humankind. In 2006, he published a book called Bird Flu: A Virus of Our Own Hatching, in which he warns that “leading public health authorities now predict as inevitable a pandemic of influenza, triggered by bird flu and expected to lead to millions of deaths around the globe.”

In his 2020 book “How to Survive a Pandemic,” he recommends that humans eventually not eat poultry at all, asserting, “As long as there is poultry, there will be pandemics. In the end, it may be us or them.” 

Thursday, it was reported that the U.S. government is close to an “agreement to fund a late-stage trial of Moderna’s mRNA bird flu vaccine.” 


Farmers and citizens around the world must resist mass animal cullings and put governments on the defensive, in light of what we know about the abuse of bioweapons and gain-of-function research. We have every right to question the origins and true danger of a new “pandemic,” considering what we’ve learned and witnessed during the COVID-19 outbreak. We cannot let globalists destroy lives in the name of saving them. 


Influenza A virus subtype H5N1


In a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, medical science author Kris Newby told the story of how she learned that what is known as Lyme disease is likely the product of a bioweapon. She dropped fascinating discoveries that helped lead her to this conclusion: The admissions of a CIA “black ops guy” to dropping poison ticks on Cubans and of a bioweapons contractor to mass producing fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes “weaponized” with “deadly or incapacitating” diseases.


At the time, the tick-borne illness was only responsible for a few hundred infections a year in Canada, according to government statistics. But cases of Lyme disease have now increased more than 1,000 per cent in a decade as the warming climate pushes the boundaries of a range of pathogens and risk factors northward.May 26, 2024

Patrick Bestall



Democrat Civil War Breaks the Surface:

The famously disciplined party is finally breaking ranks.

First, they lost the Comedians. They let the politics get in the way of the funny. You never do that. The late-night shows became sappy appeals. Comedy Central would play half an hour of an Englishman explaining how stupid we all are in America. “Clapter” replaced laughter. The message became the point. And funny men like Shane Gillis, Bill Burr, and Dave Chappelle rebelled.


But progressive politics are getting in the way of a whole lot more these days. Public safety is a top concern. Illegal immigration is impacting daily life in Boston, Manhattan, and Chicago. Public opinion on transitioning children is finally — mercifully — starting to sink.


Fear is in the air, panic is contagious, and party discipline is creaking, if not yet cracking.

Democrats are seriously worried about their electoral prospects. A party famous for its discipline and unity on the floor and in primaries (if not in Twitter spats) is splintering.


Hillary Clinton threw her support behind a primary challenger against a sitting Democratic Congressman, Squad member Jamaal Bowman of New York. Endorsements don’t often have as big an impact as people pretend, but that’s not the point. The point is the naked aggression against a sitting left-wing congressman from the former head of the party.

A Thursday article in the heterodox, anti-groupthink British publication UnHerd finally highlighted the obvious problem facing Bernie Sanders, Vermont’s longtime “independent” senator and presidential primary darling. Called “Bernie Sanders has lost Vermont,” the piece explains the deepening divisions in the whitest state in the union and the loss of the working class.


It was bound to happen. The quirky old man used to be a color-blind socialist who was OK with his state’s gun culture and had some more libertarian views. There’s no room for that in the new progressivism of the Democratic Party, and by the 2020 primary, he’d gotten the order and toed the line.

And where is Joe Biden in all this? He’s staring blankly, wandering off stage, and moving like he’s made of brittle straw. The White House can deny it (and it does), but it’s plain to see. Fear is in the air, panic is contagious, and party discipline is creaking, if not yet cracking.


On Wednesday, former President Donald Trump returned to D.C. to meet with Apple’s Tim Cook; JPMorgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon; the CEOs of Nasdaq, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, American Express, Bank of America; and about 70 other top business leaders who once turned their backs on him. He was well received.

On Friday, Trump pulled ahead of Biden for the first time in 538’s election forecast.

This thing is far from certain, and far from over, but if Trump wins in November, you can expect the slashing and cutting inside the Democratic Party to turn into whooping and shooting. The party of Jefferson and Jackson is heading toward civil war.

The BLAZE Media



Barack Obama exposes who really runs the White House in shocking viral video:

Joe Biden doesn’t have the same mental and physical capacity he once had. It’s made many question if he’s the one pulling the strings.


And now Barack Obama exposed who really runs the White House in a shocking viral video.

Most Americans have mind-boggling reservations about Joe Biden and his ability to effectively lead or even function.

Last week, a JL Partners poll found that half of American voters expect President Biden to once again forget where he is during his crucial upcoming presidential debates.


A startling 70% expect the gaffe-prone 81-year-old will muck up his words during the TV debates — while 40% believe the oldest-ever president is so feeble, he’ll struggle to even rise to his feet.

Worryingly, 49% expect Biden to forget where he is, and 41% believe he will walk the wrong way off the debate platform.


Unsurprisingly, 50% of voters expect Trump to win and only 39% expect Biden to do so.

These aren’t numbers anyone can see and think are normal for a president or, frankly, any functioning human being.

And the problem is compounded by Biden’s constant public displays of incompetence.

At the end of a fundraiser attended by Hollywood celebrities on Saturday night, former President Barack Obama took President Biden’s hand and led him off the stage.

1.      As the band played and Obama waved to the audience, Biden faced them with his hands clasped, only turning to leave when Obama grasped his hand and led him away.

2.      Last week, during the G-7 meeting, Biden was standing with other leaders facing ahead when he began drifting off to the side, prompting Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to cross in front of the other leaders and go rescue him.

3.      Also, at the G-7 conference, Biden awkwardly pressed his forehead against Pope Francis’, perplexing the Pope.

4.      Hours before the Hollywood fundraiser, First Lady Jill Biden addressed a group of roughly 250 seniors in Phoenix, Arizona, and attempted to allay any fears about her husband’s age, saying, “Joe and the other guy are essentially the same age so let’s not be fooled. … Biden is a healthy, wise, 81-year-old ready to work every day to make our future better.”

5.      In Special Counsel Robert Hur’s criminal investigation of Biden, the report stated, “Mr. Biden’s memory was significantly limited, both during his recorded interviews with the ghostwriter in 2017 [with whom he shared classified materials], and in his interview with our office in 2023 … We have also considered that, at trial, Mr. Biden would likely present himself to a jury, as he did during our interview of him, as a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

6.      Recordings from Biden’s 2017 interview with the ghostwriter revealed that he was “struggling to remember events and straining at times to read and relay his own notebook entries,” according to the special counsel, who also stated that he was exhibiting signs of “diminished faculties and faulty memory.”

D.C. Daily Journal


Abortion Survivors Left to Die: [Murder?]

Late-term babies who survive abortions in Canada are still being left to die

It is a chilling thing to consider, but it is indisputably true: Every year in Canada, babies are born alive and left to die – and not a single political party is interested in speaking out for these children, or stopping this brutality. 

Not a single Political Party or Church Denomination is Interested in Speaking-Out for these Wasted Babies.

(LifeSiteNews) — Every year, Canadian pro-life blogger Pat Maloney faithfully publishes her research on live birth late-term abortions in Canada, obtained primarily through Freedom Of Access To Information requests. Recently, she published late-term abortion numbers from 2022-2023 (excluding Quebec), reporting: “The bad news is that late-term stillbirth abortions are up from 911 in 2021/2022 to 1,059 in 2022/2023 (148 more). And the worse news is, that these horrific abortions still happen at all. That’s a net 130 more late term abortions in 2022/2023 than in 2021/222.” 


“All of these dead children are >= 20 weeks gestation,” Maloney writes. “Seven of these children born alive after an abortion were 29+ weeks gestation. Nine of them were 25-28 weeks gestation when they died. 98 of them were 21-24 weeks gestation when they died. If someone had bothered to care for these children after their failed abortion, they could/would still be alive today.”


It is a chilling thing to consider, but it is indisputably true: Every year in Canada, babies are born alive and left to die – and not a single political party is interested in speaking out for these children, or stopping this brutality. 

During my travels across North America as a pro-life activist, I’ve had many nurses tell me of incidents where children were born alive during an attempted abortion. One Canadian nurse I met after a presentation recalled the doctor hastily tossing the tiny child into a trash can, where she heard the baby rustling weakly among the papers before he died.

Former nurse and current pro-life activist Jill Stanek, whose testimony later helped to pass the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act signed into law by George W. Bush in 2003, described how children born alive after failed abortions would be left in the soiled utility room of Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois: 


To commit induced labor abortion, a doctor or resident inserts a medication into the mother’s birth canal close to the cervix. The cervix is the opening at the bottom of the uterus that normally stays closed until a mother is about 40 weeks pregnant and ready to deliver. This medication irritates the cervix and stimulates it to open early.

When this occurs, the small second or third trimester pre-term, fully formed baby falls out of the uterus, sometimes alive. By law, if an aborted baby is born alive, both birth and death certificates must be issued. Ironically, at Christ Hospital the cause of death often listed for live aborted babies is “extreme prematurity,” an acknowledgement by doctors that they have caused this death. 


These babies can often live on for hours, Stanek revealed. Some of them, aborted healthy, live longer than others. Even in these circumstances, where it is so clear that a human being has been murdered, hospital staff attempts to normalize the experience: 


In the event that an aborted baby is born alive, she or he receives ‘comfort care,’ defined as keeping the baby warm in a blanket until s/he dies. Parents may hold the baby if they wish. If the parents do not want to hold their dying aborted baby, a staff member cares for the baby until s/he dies. If staff did not have the time or desire to hold the baby, s/he is taken [to] Christ Hospital’s new Comfort Room, which is complete with a First Foto Machine if parents want professional pictures of their aborted baby, baptismal supplies, gowns, and certificates, foot printing equipment and baby bracelets for mementos, and a rocking chair. Before the Comfort Room was established, babies were taken to the Soiled Utility Room to die. 


One experience stands out starkly in Stanek’s mind: 

One night, a nursing co-worker was taking a Down’s syndrome baby who was aborted alive to our Soiled Utility Room because his parents did not want to hold him, and she did not have time to hold him. I could not bear the thought of this suffering child dying alone in a Soiled Utility Room, so I cradled and rocked him for the 45 minutes that he lived. He was between 21 and 22 weeks old, weighed about 1/2 pound, and was about 10 inches long. He was too weak to move very much, expending any energy he had trying to breathe. Toward the end he was so quiet that I could not tell if he was still alive. I held him up to the light to see through his chest wall whether his heart was still beating. After he was pronounced dead, we folded his little arms across his chest, wrapped him in a tiny shroud, and carried him to the hospital morgue where all of our dead patients are taken. 


These appalling stories give us a brief glimpse of the children we throw away. At Live Action, pro-life blogger Sarah Terzo recounted the testimony of a Philadelphia nurse named Linda, who frequently collected aborted babies after saline abortions were performed and they were delivered dead. In one bed, she found a tiny child, 1.5 pounds, in a woman’s hospital bed. “It looked right at me,” she recalled. “This baby had real big eyes. It looked at you like it was saying, ‘Do something – do something.’ Those haunting eyes. Oh God, I still remember them.” 


Linda found that the baby’s heartbeat was steady and called the doctor. “I called him because the baby was breathing. It was pink. It had a heartbeat. The doctor told me the baby was nonviable and to send it to the lab. I said, ‘But it’s breathing,’ and he said, ‘It’s nonviable, it won’t be breathing long – send it to the lab.” Linda couldn’t, and instead took it to the nurse’s station and put the baby in a crib. She put an open tube of oxygen next to the baby’s head. There was a nursery full of preemies, and the baby could have been saved—but she was forbidden to take the baby there, even by the other nurses. She cared for the baby for two hours, and then the child died. 


This is happening in the United States – and it is happening in Canada. Babies with big eyes are dying as medical professionals bustle around them, in hospitals packed with life-saving equipment. But these children have been rejected by their parents and marked for death, and so instead they are killed, or abandoned to die slowly. Over 80% of Canadians do not even know that abortion is permitted in this country until birth, and that this status quo is championed by our entire political leadership. It is a deadly state of denial. 

Patrick Bestall


Rumors – Rumors - Rumors – Rumors – Rumors


RUMOURS Circulating out there...:

You need to MAKE-UP Your own MIND!



New fencing has been completed around the Supreme Court Building in Washington DC. They say it’s in preparation for a big announcement.

It is my opinion that announcement is the POTUS decision on either or both 2020 Election Fraud cases before the Court – one by the Brunson Brothers, the other by Sidney Powell – either of which could dissolve the Biden Administration and all of Congress – and bring in Martial Law until a new election could be held.

Meanwhile Iraqi PM Sudani has announced on Iraqi TV that before the end of the holiday, which was this Wed. 19 June, that the Iraqi citizens will have their new exchange rate, access to the new ATM’s and the lower denominations.

That much awaited for announcement of an Iraqi Dinar revaluation was the kingpin of the Global Currency Reset for 209 Sovereign nations of the World’s currencies to go gold/asset-backed.

Such would essentially dissolve the privately-owned-by-Cabal Banker’s Federal Reserve and IRS, plus officially bury their fiat US Dollar. The fiat US Dollar was said set to be revalued downward on Sun. 23 June 2024 – and cause a major Global Financial Crisis.

  • ·         EBS Alert: “The true date of the EBS will never be revealed. We must confuse the enemy – we are at war with God against Satan. If you want to open a business and make your dream come true, don't tell anyone, not even your own family. When no one knows your secrets they can't spoil your plans.” …Q STORM 1776

  • ·         Mon. 17 June 2024 Situation Update (video): WTPN SITUATION UPDATE 6/17/24 ( Hezbollah Caused Fires Raging in Northern Israel; US Nuclear Code Doctrine Will End Civilization; New Fencing Around Supreme Court.

  • ·         Critical Code Red Update: Russia and China are under the command of Donald Trump and the US Military. …Q Storm is Upon Us on Telegram Mon. 17 June 2024

  • ·         HAZARD ALERT CODE RED: The jabbed have been infected with a bioweapon that has been leaking! …

  • ·         Mon. 17 June 2024: The US was secretly building large-scale detention facilities in all 50 states. Democrat Paula Collins recently said, "MAGA supporters should attend a re-education camp after the 2024 election." Exposing America’s Dark Secret: The Rise of Large-Scale Detention Facilities in All 50 States - American Media Group (

  • ·         Donald Trump stated officially while under oath that he was not president in 2021. Which means the US Corp Act of 1871 became null & void on July 4th 2020 when he announced the new Declaration of Independence.

  • ·         The 1871 "United States of America" CORPORATION is dissolved.

  • ·         Donald J. Trump and others signed a new American Declaration of Independence July 4, 2020.

  • ·         The US Military knows the true 2020 election results of all legitimate votes cast before foreign interference altered the results.

  • ·         Donald J. Trump is the 1st President of the States of America, a new nation declared on July 4, 2020.

  • ·         Joe Biden's inauguration is irrelevant since the office he assumes to take on January 20th no longer exists.


Global Currency Reset:

Mon. 17 June 2024 TNT: “This is going to be a life changing week.”

  • ·         The “electronic issue” spoken of during Friday’s call was completed. It was an international transaction that had to happen, for us to proceed to this point.

  • ·         Over the weekend the old ATM’s in Iraq were emptied out by the CBI, replaced with new machines, and loaded with the new, lower denominations.

  • ·         On Mon. 17 June 2024 Sudani announced on Iraqi TV that before the end of the holiday, which is Wed. 19 June, that the Iraqi citizens will have their new exchange rate and access to the new ATM’s and the lower denominations.

  • ·         Bank appointments are expected to be set for 30 minutes.

  • ·         The current Dinar rate is showing at $4.49 during the call. Tony’s Iraqi contact stated it should be between $4.50-4.60, by the time that it goes. Tony’s US bank contacts expect it to be between $4.50-4.65.

  • ·         Bank staff is expecting it at any time now, because of the successful international transaction that occurred over the weekend.

  • ·         Mon. 17 June 2024 Wolverine: “It’s definitely happening, Guys. Bond Holders are getting paid. The Pentecostal Group is supposed to be paid. It’s a big process, millions of people. It started to roll out in June, will go through July and be finished by mid August.”

  • ·         Mon. 17 June 2024 MarkZ: “I’m getting information on some really weird things that are going on. People with good credit and good incomes are having their loans not approved. One banker said that the US Dollar was going to devalue on Sun. 23 June.  I’m getting from many sources in Reno that Sat. 15 June 2024 evening they released 1% to Bond Holders. That should kick off a cascade event.”

  • ·         Sun. 16 June 2024 Texas Snake: “Lots more info being shared about bond holders being liquid, will keep you folks in the loop.”

  • ·         Mon. 17 June 2024: Quantum Financial System and the Tier 4B Internet Group – Dive Deep Into the World of Currency Revaluation, Redemption Centres, and NESARA GESARA Payments - American Media Group (


Global Financial Crisis:


Restored Republic:

  • ·         Mon. 17 June 2024: ALERT! TRUMP’s Secret Military Operation: A Shocking Warning and the Hidden Executive Orders - American Media Group (

  • ·       Mon. 17 June 2024 Dissolution & Absolution, Ariel on X:

  • ·       Donald Trump stated officially while under oath that he was not president in 2021. Which means the US Corp Act of 1871 became null & void on July 4th 2020 when he announced the new Declaration of Independence.

  • ·       The 1871 "United States of America" CORPORATION is dissolved.

  • ·       Donald J. Trump and others signed a new American Declaration of Independence July 4, 2020.

  • ·       The US Military knows the true 2020 election results of all legitimate votes cast before foreign interference altered the results.

  • ·       Donald J. Trump is the 1st President of the States of America, a new nation declared on July 4, 2020.

  • ·       Joe Biden's inauguration is irrelevant since the office he assumes to take on January 20th no longer exists.

  • ·       Welcome to a new world and a new nation... the united "States of America", born July 4, 2020.

  • ·       The USA Inc. is not your government. It's a foreign government subcontractor. And they are engaged in "war" for profit, illegally, on our land and soil, threatening and killing people for profit.

  • ·       The UN CORP isn't your government either. It's just another lawless corporation trying to confuse itself with the United Nations Organization.

  • ·       Why do you think the current administration wants mandatory conscription for men 18-26? I want you all to look at the people in D. Trump circle who are not coming out to challenge this. Then you will realize how many traitors he has around him 24/7.

  • ·       Do you all think D. Trump is playing around in his rallies when he mentions things in a nonchalant manner that basically confirms everything you learned on this channel?

  • ·       He told you he was a wartime president (EO 13912). He told you he was going on his 3rd term. He told you recently he doesn't even need our votes.

  • ·       Do you need dramatic music playing in the background with a slow suspenseful zoom-in to his face as he states these things for you to believe him?

  • ·       What else do you need him to do to convince you that you are currently under a ghost government with zero authority who is doing everything illegally under a corporation that expired four years ago? I showed you pictures/video. The only reason you are confused is because you keep watching "The Normie News".


The Real News for Mon. 17 June 2024:

  • ·       Mon. 17 June 2024: Benjamin Netanyahu has dissolved the Israeli war cabinet that had been overseeing the conflict in Gaza.

  • ·       Mon. 17 June 2024: “Every Taliban member who died during the war with us, the US government is paying them a stipend, the family. So our families of Americans who died there aren't getting squat, but we are paying Taliban families for basically dying while attacking us. The $40 million a week that comes on the airplane and comes into Afghanistan. The amount of money on the plane weekly is $43 million to $87 million. But one thing I want Americans to understand is in that bucket of the $40 million we send each week, we are paying basically welfare to the Taliban martyrs family. They give you these b*llshit excuses as to why they're funding our enemies and not paying attention to the f**king money.” …Wall Street Apes on Telegram Mon. 17 June 2024

  • ·       Mon. 17 June 2024: The United States of America is secretly building large-scale detention facilities in all 50 states. The largest one will be able to house two million people. Democrat Paula Collins recently said, "MAGA supporters should attend a re-education camp after the 2024 election." Hillary Clinton is on record saying that supporters of Donald Trump may need to be "deprogrammed," as if they were cult members. These detention facilities are not being built for illegal aliens, though.

  • ·       Events of Last Week: Russia declare US an enemy due to US-made weapons fired onto Russian soil. The FBI admit Hunter’s laptop was real, and was submitted as evidence in the Hunter Biden trial. The WHO declare H5N2 Bird Flu as “significant public health risk” after first human death reported in Mexico. Things are about to start heating up. The closer we get to Election Day, the more desperate the enemy will become.

  • ·       Mon. 17 June 2024 US Marines Arrest US Ambassador to the U.N. for Treason.

  • ·       Mon. 17 June 2024: Senomyx adds fetal cells to consumer products. They have been putting aborted baby cells in our foods. If this doesn’t disturb you, then rethink what this means!

  • ·       Putin has offered Ukraine a “peace proposal” to permanently end this conflict and begin negotiations. Ukraine, instructed by their US-handlers, has already denied the proposal because they refuse to admit defeat. Putin has offered many opportunities for diplomacy, and the West decline every single time. Because the West started this war by CIA/State Dept color revolution in 2014, and they do not care about the Ukrainian People, and are sacrificing them by the hundreds of thousands to push their geopolitical agenda and weaken Russia. The Biden regime fully intend to force Ukraine fight to the last Ukrainian before they admit they lost this war. As has been the case the entire time, Putin did not want this war, and has pleaded with the West to not cross the red line of bringing Ukraine into NATO. Once you know the level of criminality the West are covering up in Ukraine (bio-weapon development), you’ll know why it is they cannot allow Ukraine to surrender. If Ukraine falls, the Deep State faces extinction.

  • ·       US Senator Dick Durbin had suggested recruiting illegal immigrants—with zero allegiance or affinity to the US, or its citizens—into the military, in exchange for citizenship. What could possibly go wrong?!

  • ·       Mon. 17 June 2024 Good Morning America Producer Nick Cirone admits to network's deliberate liberal bias and story manipulation, especially on Trump.

  • ·       The US government was paying a stipend to Taliban families who had a member die in the war with the US. The amount of money that arrives on a plane weekly is $43 million to $87 million.

  • ·       Mon. 17 June 2024: Playing God: HAARP, Chemtrails, and Atmospheric Manipulation – Unleashing Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes, and Extreme Weather - American Media Group (

  • ·       29 June 2016 at the Council on Foreign Relations Summit CIA Director John Brennan talked openly about Geo-engineering Chemtrails. CIA DIRECTOR JOHN BRENNAN ADMITS TO CHEMTRAILS (STRATOSPHERIC AEROSOL INJECTION) ( 

  • ·       Mon. 17 June 2024 FALL OF CABAL: Discover the Criminal Network that Terrorizes Humanity – The World Renowned Docuseries “THE FALL OF THE CABAL” - American Media Group (    


International Child Sex Trafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring Run Out of the Vatican and housed in China’s Three Gorges Dam in a 1500 mile tunnel that also runs between the Vatican and Jerusalem:


GWEN TOWERS are spread across the US and labeled as cell phone towers, but they are NOT cell phone towers. Their purpose is for Mind Control.

  • ·       GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network) allows specific frequencies to be tailored to the geomagnetic-field strength in each area, allowing the magnetic field to be altered.

  • ·       They are connected to HAARP, smart meters, cell phones, WIFI etc.

  • ·       "GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network) transmitters, placed 200 miles apart across the USA, allow specific frequencies to be tailored to the geomagnetic-field strength in each area, allowing the magnetic field to be altered.

  • ·       They operate in the VLF range, with transmissions between VLF 150 and 175 KHz. They also emit UHF waves of 225 – 400 MHz.

  • ·       The VLF signals travel by waves that hug the ground rather than radiate into the atmosphere. A GWEN station transmits up to a 300-mile radius, the signal dropping off sharply over distance.

  • ·       The entire GWEN system consists of, (depending on source of data), from 58 to an intended 300 transmitters, spread across the USA, each with a tower 299-500 ft high.

  • ·       Three hundred (300) ft. of copper wire fans out in a spoke like fashion from the base of the underground system, interacting with the earth like a thin shelled conductor, radiating radio wave energy for very long distances through the ground.

  • ·       The USA bathes in this magnetic field which rises to 500 ft, even going down to basements, so everyone is subject to mind control.

  • ·       The whole artificial ground wave spreads out over USA like a web. It is easier to mind-control and hypnotize people who are bathed in an artificial electromagnetic wave."

  • ·       I.Judy Note:Ukraine-Russia War Update:

  • ·       In September 1941 German forces invaded the Soviet Union and took over the city of Kyiv, in what was known as the Russian Ukraine, and soon afterward, perpetrated on the Jewish people one of the most horrific acts of genocide in history. 

  • ·       By the end of World War II Ukraine was being set up as the Cabal’s Global Headquarters – which was jump started in 2014 by the CIA State Department Color Revolution. All of which was funded by Satan worshipping Illuminaiti Zionist Cabal Deep State Globalist George Soros.

  • ·       Eight years later in Feb. 2022 when Putin went in to liberate Ukraine from it’s Nazi pedophiles, the country was complete with underground tunnels that housed illegal US Bioweapon Labs and an international Child Sex Trafficking, Adrenocrome and Organ Harvesting Ring that ran beneath a 200 acre property owned by none other than Joe Biden.

  • ·       At a recent Switzerland conference US VP Kamala Harris announced that the US will give another more than $1.5 billion in aid to Ukraine. It was well known that most of that money would not make it’s way to aid for the Ukrainian people. Part would be used to fight and bomb Russia, which was destroying the illegal US Bio weapon labs and rescuing hundreds of children from the Cabal’s underground tunnels in Ukraine. The rest of the US taxpayer money would be laundered back to Ukraine Nazi Pedophile Oligarchs and Cabal-connected US politicians who voted for the bill.

  • ·       Vladimir Putin has promised to "punish" the West for funding Ukraine with long-term missiles (that have bombed Russian villages and killed innocent Russian citizens) and for using frozen Russian assets. On Sun. 16 June 2024 the nuclear-powered attack submarine Kazan was seen as it sailed just off the UK's west coast – which sparked an emergency meeting. A Russian Nuclear ship was already parked along the shores of Cuba.

  • ·       On Sun. 16 June 2024 Donald Trump announced that he would put an end to the United States funding Ukraine's war against Russia. “I think Zelensky is maybe the greatest salesman of any politician that's ever lived. Every time he comes to our country, he walks away with $60 billion."

  • ·       “Putin has offered Ukraine a “peace proposal” to permanently end this conflict and begin negotiations. Ukraine, (as headquarters of the Deep State) and instructed by their US-handlers, has already denied the proposal because they refuse to admit defeat. If Ukraine falls, the Deep State faces extinction.” …Clandestine on Telegram Mon. 17 June 2024


The TRUMP Rules: Congressional Reform Act of 2017: President Trump is asking everyone to forward this email to a minimum of 20 people, and to ask each of those to do likewise. In three days, most people in the United States will have the message. This is an idea that should be passed around, regardless of political party.

1. No Tenure / No Pension. A Congressman/woman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they're out of office. And, no more perks go with them.

2. Congress (past, present, & future) participates in Social Security. All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.

3. Congress must purchase their own retirement plan, just as ALL Americans do.

4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

5. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.

6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people (i.e. NO MORE INSIDER TRADING!!!).

7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen/women are void. The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen/women. Congress made all these contracts by and for themselves.

Serving in Congress is an honor and privilege NOT a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators should serve their term(s), then go home and go back to work … not get all kinds of freebies.

NO WONDER THEY’RE FIGHTING EVERYTHING HE TRIES! Pass it on!!!! Let's help TRUMP drain the swamp!!  Just hold your finger down then hit forward and send it to everyone you know.  Let’s help trump get the country straightened out.



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