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Tuesday... things are imminent!

Summary as I am able:

5-24-22 Tuesday

馃挜 馃挜

馃挜馃挜 馃挜

馃挜Thoughts for TODAY!

Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

Hebrews 4:16 KJV

For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.

Habakkuk 2:14 KJV

Monkeypox Stories鈥is this the next GLOBAL Planned PANDEMIC?

Take the time to get educated:

"Veerrry Interesting"

Russian analyst Professor Alexei Fenenko suggested that the war in Ukraine will allow Vladimir Putin to compare his weapons against NATO's ahead of a future global conflict The invasion of Ukraine has been described as a mere "rehearsal" for a far bigger World War by an analyst on Russian state TV.

Professor Alexei Fenenko, a leading research fellow at the Institute of International Security Studies, teased that this future conflict may be against NATO.

The Kremlin is yet to officially describe the conflict in Ukraine as a war, instead sticking to their "special military operation" line used by Vladimir Putin when he announced the invasion on February 24. [Russian State TV]

News channels in Russia are controlled by the state and rarely deviate from what the Kremlin wants them to say. [Patrick Bestall]

DAY 1 ROUNDUP: Rebel News at the World Economic Forum:

Rebel News has sent our fearless Australian reporter Avi Yemini, Lewis Brackpool, Jeremy Loffredo, Rukshan Fernando, Sophie Corcoran, and America's star reporter Savanah Hernandez, to Davos, Switzerland, to cover the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2022.

Here are a few of the stories we've been following so far. Stay tuned to for continued coverage all week.

"We don't see any change..all our governments have to do something," a frail-looking climate activist told Rebel News' Lewis Brackpool at a street protest in Davos, Switzerland. Click here for the full story.

This mission is probably the most important journalism we鈥檝e ever done at Rebel News. But we need your help.

Between the flights, the Airbnb, the car rental, and meals, this project will cost us more than $14,000, even though we鈥檙e going economy class all the way.

If you think our independent journalism is important, then please help us cover the cost of our citizen journalism by making a donation here.

Rebel News is entirely viewer funded, and we can't do it without you. Thank you.

P.S. The UN鈥檚 World Health Organization is trying to make governments follow its rules on how to respond to pandemics. If you think this is wrong, please sign our petition at [Rebel News]

Smugglers Overrun Texas Town as Judge Blocks Biden Administration

A Texas police chief said Monday that his city is facing huge human smuggling operations and without the help of Gov. Greg Abbott's Operation Lone Star initiative to deal with illegal migration, his city would be overrun.

As of March 4, 2022, state troopers and National Guard members serving under Operation Lone Star have arrested 208,000 migrants and filed more than 11,800 criminal charges, including roughly 9,300 felony charges, The Texas Tribune reported.

Dilley, Texas, Police Chief Homer Delgado told the "Fox & Friends" program, "I don't think I can actually fathom what the impact would be looking at what we have today [without Title 42]. If it were to double, we would just be inundated with more people than we could handle coming through here."

Title 42 allows the government to deport illegal migrants because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Judge Robert Summerhays, in the Western District of Louisiana, granted a preliminary injunction on the Biden administration's plan to end Title 42 on Monday. It was in response to a lawsuit by two dozen Republican states, led by Arizona, Louisiana, and Missouri, reported.

The police chief said his small city of about 4,000 people has received assistance from the Frio County sheriffs' office, Texas Highway Patrol, and Operation Lone Star which was created by Gov. Abbott. Delgado said he and other south Texas officials feel "abandoned" as they deal with the border crisis.

U.S. Border Patrol agents are encountering near-record numbers of people who either crossed on their own or were allowed to enter under various Title 42 exemptions, The New York Times reported. A total of 234,088 migrants crossed the southern border in April.

Related Stories:

'Baghdad Bob': WH chief of staff served humble pie after trying to spin poll called 'devastating indictment' of Biden:

White House chief of staff Ron Klain desperately tried on Sunday to positively spin a new poll that was described as a "damning indictment" President Joe Biden's presidency.

But his attempt completely fell flat.

What does the poll show?

The CBS News/YouGov poll shows that Biden's approval is under water 12 points; just 44% of respondents said they approve of his job as president, while 56% of respondents said they disapprove.

But it gets worse: Nearly three-fourths of respondents (74%) said things in America are going badly, 69% said the economy is bad, and an overwhelming majority of respondents expressed pessimism over the direction of the economy over the next several months. A majority of respondents (65%) also said Biden is "slow to react" to important issues. [The Blaze News]

Canada鈥檚 Biggest Problems:

Reclaiming our FREEDOMS:

Canadian PM Candidate Pierre Poilievre:

This conversation was recorded on May 9, 2022. Pierre Poilievre, a life-long conservative, is the current front-runner in the Canadian federal Conservative Party's leadership race, and a contender for the next Prime Minister of Canada. Mr. Poilievre has served as a trusted senior cabinet minister in Prime Minister Stephen Harper鈥檚 government and as a Member of Parliament for seven terms. He grew up in Calgary and graduated from the University of Calgary with a degree in International Relations. We discussed his election efforts, Canada鈥檚 energy infrastructure and economic policy, as well as Poilievre鈥檚 mission to tackle the housing crisis, lower the cost of living, defund Canadian media, and develop Canadian natural resources. [YouTube]

[Carol Roch]

The View's Whoopi Goldberg blasts San Francisco Bishop for denying Communion to Pelosi: 'This is not your job, dude!'

Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of "The View," lectured the Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco on Monday about what is and is not his job after he announced that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is to be denied Holy Communion in his archdiocese because of her support for abortion rights.

鈥淭he abortion rights battle is starting to blur the lines between church and state. The archbishop of San Francisco is calling for Speaker Nancy Pelosi to be denied receiving communion because of her pro-choice stance. He鈥檚 one of the priests who also called President Biden to be denied sacrament," Goldberg said at the beginning of the segment.

"This is not your job, dude!" she furiously exclaimed. "That is not, you can't, that is not up to you to make that decision."

"How dare you," she said to Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone, who on Friday announced that he informed Pelosi she would not be admitted to Holy Communion after she resisted pastoral counsel on her support for abortion rights "for too long."

[The Blaze Media]

CNN anchor rushes to defend Nancy Pelosi after she is denied Holy Communion. But Pope Francis says not so fast.

CNN anchor Jim Sciutto rushed to defendHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday after San Fransisco Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone barred her from receiving Holy Communion.

Even worse, Sciutto claimed Pope Francis does not support banning pro-abortion politicians from receiving the sacrament which is not true.

What is the background?

Cordileone announced on Friday that Pelosi has been barred from receiving Holy Communion in the Archdiocese of San Francisco. Cordileone cited Pelosi's increasingly "extreme" position on abortion.

"Unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi鈥檚 position on abortion has become only more extreme over the years, especially in the last few months," Cordileone explained in a "letter to the faithful."

"Just earlier this month she once again, as she has many times before, explicitly cited her Catholic faith while justifying abortion as a 'choice,' this time setting herself in direct opposition to Pope Francis," he added.

Pope Francis directly addressed this issue last September, definitively saying that participation in Holy Communion is reserved for church members "in the community." But politicians who support abortion, he said, are "outside of the community."

Francis described communion as "not a prize for the perfect," but he called it a "gift, the presence of Jesus in his Church, and in the community."

"This is the theology," Francis said. "Then, those who are not in the community, cannot receive communion. ... Out of the community: Excommunicated, it鈥檚 a harsh word, but they don鈥檛 belong in the community, because they were not baptized, or because they are estranged from it."

"Those people who are not in the community cannot take communion, because they are out of the community," he explained. "It is not a punishment: Communion is linked to the community."

Francis also addressed abortion in the same interview 鈥 and he did not mince words.

Francis called abortion "more than a problem: It鈥檚 a homicide. No middle terms. Whomever does an abortion, kills," adding that an unborn child is a "human life" and a "person" who must be "respected." [The Blaze Media]

Archbishop Vigano warns us not to sign the W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty:

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigan貌 released a memo on Sunday warning nations who are considering joining the World Health Organization鈥檚 (WHO) Pandemic Treaty that handing over sovereignty to the global body constitutes the 鈥渃rime of high treason.鈥

鈥淚n the coming days, the Nations that adhere to the World Health Organization will vote on resolutions regarding the WHO鈥檚 management of pandemics,鈥 Vigan貌 wrote. 鈥淭hese resolutions will transfer sovereignty regarding the health of citizens to a supranational body that is largely financed by the pharmaceutical industry and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.鈥

Vigan貌 explained that should nations give up their sovereignty to determine public health decisions for citizens, unelected 鈥渢echnocrats鈥 at the WHO will have unilateral control to impose more lockdowns, more vaccines, and Orwellian vaccine passports on a global scale.

鈥淚f these resolutions are approved by a majority, the WHO will have exclusive international authority in the case of a pandemic to impose all the rules, including quarantines, lockdowns, obligatory vaccinations and vaccine passports,鈥 he wrote.

鈥淚t should also be borne in mind that this organization enjoys immunity, and thus its members cannot be either tried or convicted if they commit crimes. Unelected technocrats will paradoxically have more power than that which citizens confer on their representatives by means of their democratic vote.鈥

Given that the yielding of sovereignty is considered the crime of high treason by the laws of every nation, and that Parliaments may not legislate against the interests of the Nation, much less violate the natural liberties and fundamental rights of the citizens whom they represent, I believe that it will not escape anyone鈥檚 notice that this attempt by the WHO to appropriate a power that properly belongs to individual Nations is intended to impede any sort of opposition to the Agenda 2030, which in the field of healthcare also aims to accomplish the drastic reduction of medical and hospital services, the privatization of the health industry, and disease prevention by means of vaccines. [American Faith]

[Patrick Bestall]

John Durham Flipped Peter Strzok & Lisa Page! Cooperating Witnesses to Take Down HRC, Obama & Biden! MUST WATCH!! (Video)

Today We鈥檒l Discuss How John Durham Flipped Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok and Former FBI Lawyer Lisa Page! They Are Both Cooperating Witnesses Now Working to Take Down Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and The Rest of The Deep State D.C. Swamp! Plus, Former Blackrock Portfolio Manager, Ed Dowd, Discusses The Purposeful Collapse of The Econony to Usher in A New Monetary System. He鈥檚 Predicting Monkeypox Will Be Used for An Attempted Lockdown Just Before The Midterm Elections! Hopefully Fed-up Americans Will Finally Take a Stand Against [Their] Tyranny! The Cabal Has Partnered with Corrupt Politicians, The Propaganda Media, Big Tech, Big Corporations and The Hollywood And Entertainment Industries to Destroy Our Great Nation! We鈥檙e Truly in A Battle of Good vs. Evil. It鈥檚 The Battle of Our Lives to Save Our Country, Our Children and Our Future! Spoiler Alert: In The End, God Wins! The Best Truly is Yet to Come!

A D5 Avalanche [Think DECLAS] is Coming! It鈥檚 Checkmate on The Deep State Cabal and Nothing Can Stop It! Nothing!

Those Responsible for The [Coup Attempt] Against President Donald J. Trump, Will Not Go Unpunished! And Treason Is Only The Beginning! Corrupt Politicians and Their Fake News Propaganda Media Partners Will All Be EXPOSED For Their Crimes AgainstHumanity! Soon [They] Will Not Be Able to Walk Down the Street! [beforeitisNews]



The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Mainstream media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Much of the content of this BLOG is re-printed Material. Consider, do your own research, and make up your own mind.

馃挜 馃挜 CAUTION:

Here is what is circulating on the Inter-Net:

Monkey Pox:

This Cabal has created several viruses to feed pandemics about to be released on the general population, their vaccines embedded with the actual viruses they supposedly sought to control. They also, and very timely, produced a Pfizer pill that contained a Microchip 鈥 that could be activated to control One鈥檚 thinking.

Last year the Wuhan Lab was experimenting with Monkeypox, while the World Health Organization ordered millions of vaccine doses for a planned Monkeypox Pandemic 鈥 the vaccines of which included AstraZeneca that actually contained Monkeypox.Bombshell Report: Monkeypox Appears to Be 鈥楲ab Strain With Unknown Characteristics,鈥 Says ECDC Source

Cabal controlled Belgium has become the first country to introduce mandatory Monkeypox quarantine as global cases rise.

The DAVOS Group will discuss ways that the World Health Organization can implement the New World Order and have complete control over society through Military powers and Pandemic mandates.

Several world leaders and Global Elites have declined to attend the DAVOS meetings this year. With no A-listers, can Davos still play a part on the global stage? The Guardian

WHO, Fauci and the Cabal were controlled by the DAVOS Group and were playing their last cards: the Monkeypox Pandemic.

Last year Bill Gates warned several times of a worldwide Smallpox or Monkey Pox outbreak and WHO ordered millions of vaccine doses for Monkeypox. AstraZeneca and other vaccines actually contain Monkeypox.

During the 1918 鈥淪panish Flu鈥 epidemic only the vaccinated died (and the flu was found spread by face masks):

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