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Tuesday / Wednesday 11-14 / 15-23

Updated: Nov 16

Tuesday/Wednesday BLOG 11-14/15-23


Verse(s) for today:

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

2 Corinthians 3:17 KJV


Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: For thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day.

Psalm 25:5 KJV



My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.

1 John 3:18 KJV


Yes, you can know the things that are to come:




Thought for today:

“The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.”…Wayne Dyer




Trozzi Report: 2023-11-12

Here is a generous gift from Bright Light News

While I am facing a penalty hearing today, many injection victims are facing cancer. Here’s insight, hope and solutions. 

 On September 20th 2023, Glen Jung hosted Dr Robert Malone, Dr Jill Malone, Dr Byram Bridle, and myself, with a great gathering of truth and freedom lovers at the Grand Eglington Theater in Toronto. 


Here are some super short clips of each speaker, as well as the entire event in four parts. This was both Dr Malones first speaking engagements in Canada. The event was titled “Fifth Generation Warfare”  May you find useful alerts, complexities, challenges and tips for survival. 

Here is your invite to join the World Council for Health Better Way Live tomorrow at 1 PM EST (Toronto).

The livestream is found here:                                                                                [Dr Mark Trozzi]

Links and Related Material:

Dr. Chris Milburn, Dr. Laura Braden, Dr. Aris Lavranos, and Dr. Mark Trozzi




Jack Smith Lashes Out with Recent Court Filing:

In a sudden and unexpected turn of events, former President Donald Trump has switched his stance on the broadcasting of his upcoming felony trial, a move that has sparked off a legal tussle.

Special Counsel Jack Smith has filed a motion flagging this reversal, indicating that Trump now supports the idea of cameras in the courtroom after taking no position.


Earlier this month, Trump's team had asked the government to clarify that their client was indifferent towards the idea of having his trial televised. The request was made amid a contention with media outlets seeking permission to broadcast the trial, set to take place in Washington, D.C.


Change of Stance Stirs Controversy

However, last Friday, Trump's legal team made a sudden U-turn and communicated their support for the media's attempts to televise the proceedings. This change of heart was met with concern from Special Counsel Smith.

Under current U.S. judiciary rules, photography or video recording is prohibited inside federal courthouses, barring a few specific situations. Smith has voiced his apprehensions about this, indicating that the presence of cameras could potentially lead to witness intimidation.


Smith's Concern Over Administration of the Case

Reacting to Trump's sudden reversal, Smith filed a motion on Sunday. He sought to quickly register a detailed government response, highlighting the former President's changed stance.

Trump's legal team defended their position with a statement. Special Counsel Jack Smith was quick to respond, challenging the claims made by Trump's representatives.

As per the statement by Trump's legal team, "The prosecution wishes to continue this travesty in darkness. [Former] President Trump calls for sunlight."


Rebuttal From Special Counsel Jack Smith

In his motion filed on Sunday, Smith disagreed with the alleged implications made by Trump's team. He criticized their defense for lacking engagement with the Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure and not citing any relevant case law.

Smith was particularly concerned about the false claims about the administration of Trump's criminal case, as referenced in the defense's statement. He voiced his objections in the motion, saying:

"[Trump's] response did not engage with the relevant Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure or cite any applicable case law, and instead made false and incendiary claims about the administration of his criminal case."


Upcoming Trial Looms Amidst Controversy

As the controversy unfolds, the focus now shifts to the upcoming trial. Trump is facing felony charges in connection with the Capitol attack and his alleged attempts to overturn the election results.

While the debate over the televising of the trial continues, how this development will impact the proceedings and the public's perception of the case remains to be seen.


As the nation waits with bated breath, the legal battle promises to be a significant event in the unfolding narrative of America's political landscape.


  • ·         Earlier this month, Trump's legal team requested the government to represent that their client took no position on the broadcasting of the trial.

  • ·         Last Friday, Trump reversed his position and expressed support for media applications to film the trial.

  • ·         On Sunday, Special Counsel Jack Smith filed a motion indicating concern about Trump's change of stance and the implications it might have on the administration of the case.

  • ·         The trial, set to be held in Washington D.C., will hear felony charges against Trump related to the Capitol attack and his alleged attempts to overturn the election results.

About Robert Cunningham

With years of experience at the forefront of political commentary, Robert Cunningham brings a blend of sharp wit and deep insight to his analysis of American principles at the Capitalism Institute.

[Robert Cunningham]

[Capitalism Institute]




Recent Supreme Court Ballot Decisions Could Impact Trump’s 2024 Campaign:

The political landscape is witnessing a significant shift following a recent ruling by the Minnesota Supreme Court.

A lawsuit to bar former President Donald Trump from appearing on Minnesota's ballot was dismissed, raising questions about similar efforts in other states. 

The lawsuit, grounded in the 14th Amendment's provisions against those involved in insurrection holding office, cited Trump's alleged role in the January 6 Capitol riot. While the ruling in Minnesota does not preclude future legal actions to keep Trump off ballots, it does set a critical precedent.


Legal Experts Weigh in on the Implications.

Legal professionals are keenly observing the impact of this decision. It's not just about the immediate case but also how it influences similar lawsuits in states like Colorado and Michigan. These cases are closely linked to Trump's eligibility for future presidential runs.

A federal judge in New Hampshire recently dismissed a similar lawsuit, adding to the situation's complexity. These dismissals indicate a growing trend that could make it increasingly challenging to use the 14th Amendment in this context.


Understanding the 14th Amendment's Role

The 14th Amendment, originally designed to prevent those engaged in insurrection from holding office, is at the heart of these lawsuits. Its interpretation and applicability to the presidency are pivotal in these legal challenges.

Former assistant U.S. attorney Andy McCarthy expressed his views on the matter, highlighting the nuances of legal precedent and its impact on similar cases. According to McCarthy, while judges are not strictly bound by precedent, the Minnesota ruling provides persuasive authority that could influence future decisions. He further stated:

"It gets to the concept known in the law as persuasive authority. The law distinguishes between binding authority in a jurisdiction and persuasive authority, which means if you’re going to go against it, you better have a good reason or a persuasive argument for why you’re going to do it."


Debating the Amendment's Applicability

The interpretation of the 14th Amendment, especially regarding its relevance to the presidency, is a contentious issue. McCarthy further elaborates on this, questioning the amendment's direct application to presidential eligibility.

His perspective brings a new dimension to the debate, considering the specific language of the amendment and its historical context. This aspect of the discussion is crucial as it influences how legal challenges against Trump's candidacy are framed and argued. McCarthy explained:

"In my mind, the 14th Amendment, Section 3, doesn’t even apply to the presidency because it itemizes the list of offices that people are not eligible for, and it doesn’t mention the president of the United States or the vice president of the United States, which is a strange omission because it does mention electors of the president and goes through pains of mentioning senators and members of the house."


Timeline of Legal Battles and Implications

The journey to this legal juncture has been a series of significant events, starting with the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021. This event is a cornerstone in the argument against Trump's eligibility.

In September 2022, a watchdog group in Colorado filed a lawsuit under the same premise. The following month, a New Hampshire judge dismissed a similar case. As we reach the end of 2022, the Minnesota Supreme Court's decision adds another chapter to this ongoing legal saga.

With the 2024 general election on the horizon, these legal challenges and their outcomes could significantly influence the political landscape. The decisions made in these cases will not only impact Trump's candidacy but also set a broader legal precedent for future electoral disputes.



  • ·         The Minnesota Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit aimed at barring Trump from the ballot, citing the 14th Amendment.

  • ·         Similar lawsuits in Colorado and Michigan are pending, potentially affecting Trump's 2024 campaign.

  • ·         Legal experts note the significance of these rulings in setting precedents, although they do not strictly bind judges.

  • ·         Trump's unique position as a former president facing criminal charges adds complexity to the situation.

[Robert Cunningham]

[Capitalism Institute]



Biden Appears Confused During Veterans Day Event:

A moment of apparent confusion by President Biden during a Veterans Day celebration was caught live on C-SPAN.

The event, steeped in tradition and reverence, took an unexpected turn when the 80-year-old President, after laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, seemed momentarily disoriented.

This prompted an Honor Guard member to guide him back to his position, a moment that has since resonated across various media platforms.


Public Reaction and Media Coverage

Following the ceremony, social media platforms and news outlets were quick to highlight this incident. Critics and observers used this instance to further question President Biden's suitability for office, given his age and recent history of similar occurrences.

President Biden, who has faced scrutiny over his public appearances in the past, found this latest episode adding fuel to ongoing discussions about his age and mental fitness. This comes at a crucial time as he prepares to seek a second term in the White House.

Such incidents have not been isolated, with Biden having experienced several stumbles and verbal gaffes in previous public appearances. These moments have progressively contributed to a narrative of concern regarding his overall capabilities to lead.


Age and Politics in the Spotlight

Age has always been a sensitive topic in politics, but it has gained particular prominence in the context of President Biden's tenure, Breitbart reported.

Polling data suggests that a significant portion of the electorate, including Democrats, views his age as a potential impediment to effective leadership.

In an Associated Press-NORC poll conducted in August, approximately three-quarters of adults expressed concerns about Biden's age impacting his ability to serve efficiently. Even among Democrats, 69% shared this sentiment, revealing an internal party dilemma regarding his candidacy for a second term.

The issue of age and fitness for office is not unique to Biden but is noticeably less pronounced in discussions about his potential 2024 rival, former President Donald Trump.

"While Biden has stumbled and fumbled around a stage many times, the latest incident comes as more questions are being raised — including by Democrats — about Biden’s age as he seeks a second term in the White House."


Contrasting Public Perceptions

The difference in public perception between President Biden and former President Trump is noteworthy. Trump, despite being of a similar age, does not face the same level of scrutiny regarding his mental fitness and age-related abilities.

This divergence in public opinion reflects a broader discussion in American politics about the role of age and mental acuity in determining a candidate's suitability for the highest office in the country.

As the 2024 presidential election looms, these perceptions and narratives are likely to play a significant role in shaping the political landscape and voter decision-making processes.


Political Implications and Future Outlook

The implications of this incident and the broader concerns about President Biden's age are far-reaching in the context of American politics. They raise important questions about the criteria for presidential fitness and the expectations placed on public figures in high office.

With the 2022 midterm elections having concluded recently, where Democrats outperformed expectations yet lost control of the House, the focus is increasingly shifting to the upcoming presidential race.

As President Biden confirms his intention to run for re-election in 2024, the discourse around age, mental fitness, and leadership capabilities is set to intensify, shaping not only his campaign but the overall narrative of the election.


Biden's Challenge Ahead

For President Biden, the path to re-election is intertwined with overcoming the growing perception of his age as a hindrance. This challenge is compounded by the need to address these concerns in a manner that resonates with both his supporters and skeptics.

Developing a strategy to tackle these perceptions will be crucial for his campaign. Biden will need to reassure voters, including those within his own party, about his capability to lead effectively for another term.

The unfolding narrative around Biden’s age and mental fitness is more than just a political issue; it reflects broader societal attitudes towards aging, capability, and leadership in the modern world.



  • ·         President Biden exhibited a moment of confusion during a Veterans Day ceremony, sparking debate about his age and mental fitness.

  • ·         Significant portions of the electorate, including Democrats, express concerns about Biden's age impacting his ability to serve effectively.

  • ·         Former President Trump, despite being of a similar age, is perceived differently regarding age and mental acuity.

  • ·         Biden's re-election campaign faces the challenge of addressing these perceptions and proving his capability for another term.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

[Victor Winston]

[Capitalism Institute]

Internal State Department Memo Accuses Biden of ‘Misinformation’

By Jerry McConway, updated on November 14, 2023

There is a bit of unrest in the Biden State Department regarding the stance of this government in backing Israel in its war against Hamas.

A scorching internal State Department memo was published on Axios this week calling out Biden, accusing him of being "complicit in genocide."

Talking Points…

1.       The memo

2.       State Department response

3.       Analysis


The Memo

The report on the memo was first reported on Axios.

A total of 100 State Department and USAID employees signed the memo, strongly urging the reassessment of the United States' policy regarding Israel as well as demanding a cease-fire in its war against Hamas.

The language reflects the rhetoric we have heard from members of the Squad and other progressive Democrats in Congress.

While the memo did not cite a specific example, it did charge Biden with "spreading misinformation in his Oct. 10 speech" supporting Israel.

The memo goes on to criticize Biden for questioning Hamas’ death count in Gaza.

There is also a critique of the administration regarding the lives of Palestinians, stating:

"Members of the White House and (the National Security Council) displayed a clear disregard for the lives of Palestinians, a documented unwillingness to de-escalate, and, even prior to October 7, a reckless lack of strategic foresight."


State Department Response

For the most part, the State Department has tried to play this off as though it is a good thing to have State Department employees supporting Hamas rhetoric and challenging our allegiance to our biggest and most important ally in the Middle East in the name of diversity.

While the White House has not yet directly responded, State Department Spokesman Matthew Miller issued a response on Monday:

"One of our strengths as an organization is that we have that diversity of views and that we welcome people to make those views known. The secretary has met with a number of people from all ranks of the department, from different bureaus in the department to hear exactly what they think about our policy, both with respect to Israel and its conflict with Hamas, and with respect to other matters, including very controversial matters. And he encourages people to provide feedback. He encourages people to speak up if they disagree.

"It doesn't mean that we're going to change our policy based on disagreements. He is going to take their recommendations and make ultimately what he thinks is the best judgment and make his recommendations to the president about what we ought to do."



The fact that we have so many State Department employees not on board with supporting Israel in this war is rather bothersome, and I would imagine the overwhelming majority of Americans feel that way.

This also needs to be taken into context with the recent reports that Biden has Iranian sympathizers in the State Department who were pushing policies that had the interests of Iran over those of the United States.

You cannot write this off to diversity in the administration, and the fact Biden’s spokespeople are doing this is infuriating.

When this war first broke out, the Biden administration immediately came out and said there was only one stance here, and that was to back Israel.

If that is true, the 100 names on that letter should be terminated and removed from government service immediately.


About Jerry McConway

Jerry McConway is an independent political author and investigator who lives in Dallas, Texas. He has spent years building a strong following of readers who know that he will write what he believes is true, even if it means criticizing politicians and his follower’s support. His readers have come to expect his integrity.

[Jerry McVonway]



Michael Cohen's Testimony Sparks Call for Charges:

Two Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee issued a criminal referral letter to the Justice Department recommending charges against Michael Cohen for his contradictory testimony in court last month.

Cohen, former attorney to former President Donald Trump, testified under cross-examination last month that he lied under oath before the House Intelligence Committee in 2019 when asked in a deposition about Trump's personal financial statements.


House Intelligence Chair Mike Turner, R-Ohio, and committee member Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., who chairs the House Republican Caucus, sent the letter accusing Cohen of committing perjury and of having  "knowingly made false statements" before Congress four years ago.

"That Mr. Cohen was willing to openly and brazenly state at trial that he lied to Congress on this specific issue is startling," the letter reads, according to The Hill. "His willingness to make such a statement alone should necessitate an investigation."


In 2019, Cohen told a House panel that Trump did not direct him to inflate financial statements for Trump Organization assets. He testified in Trump's New York civil fraud trial last month that he lied under oath in 2019, claiming that Trump "speaks like a mob boss" and gives directions "without specifically telling you" what to do.

Theodore Bunker, a Newsmax writer, has more than a decade covering news, media, and politics.

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Special Links:

[News Max Media]

[Theodore Bunker]


David YEO:


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Kn0W H!$T0rY**Th3!R PL@N !s an 0rD3r UnD3r LUC!F3R!@N!$M  (13 Min)

FBI Turns on Their Own – Raids Top Agents Home Who Spoke About Agency’s Secret:

According to reports, the residence of an FBI agent who asserted the potential compromise of Rudy Giuliani by Russian intelligence operatives during his tenure under former President Donald Trump has been subject to a raid by federal officials. According to a story presented by Mother Jones on Tuesday, a search warrant was executed at the residence of FBI Special Agent Johnathan Buma in Southern California on Monday.

The purpose of the raid was to investigate any violations of federal laws pertaining to sensitive data by Agent Buma. According to Scott Horton, the attorney for Buma, the search warrant was handed to his client at the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s field office located in Orange County.


According to Horton, it has been claimed that law enforcement agents conducted a search at Buma’s residence, during which they seized laptops and other belongings. However, their search yielded no sensitive materials but rather only revealed an unclassified whistleblower complaint submitted by Buma. The attorney contended that the raid was orchestrated as a retaliatory measure in response to the whistleblower charges and constituted a kind of severe harassment perpetrated by the FBI. In a correspondence addressed to the Senate Judiciary Committee in July, Buma asserted that there was a possibility that Giuliani was potentially utilized by Russian intelligence in an endeavor to support Trump’s cause by undermining the credibility of President Joe Biden.


In contrast to prevailing conservative narratives that assert prejudice within the FBI against President Trump, Buma contended that the FBI impeded his inquiry into Giuliani, while certain individuals inside the bureau advocated for investigating the incumbent president and his son, Hunter Biden. In his correspondence addressed to the Senate committee, Buma asserted that he had experienced retaliatory actions from unidentified individuals within the FBI. These actions manifested in the assignment of “surveillance missions” that were unrelated to his professional domain.

Buma attributed this retaliation to his exposure of the purported connection between Giuliani and Russian intelligence.


“I do not fully understand why I have been singled out for this treatment nor who exactly is driving it,” Buma stated. “But my strong suspicion is that one or more of my sources provided truthful, accurate information that is harmful to a person or persons that higher ups in the Bureau are trying to shield.” In addition, Buma asserted that he was presented with a monetary offer amounting to $14,000 in order to withdraw his allegations as a whistleblower in February. This offer came subsequent to his submission of an Equal Employment Opportunity complaint following his reassignment some months prior.


Moreover, Buma, who claims to have discovered pertinent evidence involving Hunter Biden and the Ukrainian energy business Burisma in conjunction with Giuliani’s assertion, purportedly expressed his willingness to provide testimony as a whistleblower during the Republican-led House hearings concerning the alleged “weaponization” of the federal government.

Per The New Yorker, Buma’s attempt to communicate with House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan in April was disregarded. This disregard may have been a result of Buma’s assertion regarding the FBI’s efforts to investigate the Bidens, which contradicted the Republican assertion that the bureau was primarily focused on attacking Trump.

In related FBI news, we reported early this month that “Brianna Suggs is a prominent fundraiser and close advisor to Mayor Eric Adams. The FBI raided her residence. The news comes amid mounting hostilities between Joe Biden and Mayor Adams, especially since the latter was kicked off of Biden’s campaign leadership team over open differences over border policies.”


Neighbors claimed to have heard screams coming from Suggs’ house during the early Thursday morning raid in Brooklyn. As a major contributor to Adams’ political network, Suggs received over $150,000 from the mayor’s campaign.

The New York Post was informed by one of Suggs’ neighbors, “I heard screaming maybe two or three hours ago.” They said, “I heard helicopters (also)…” in addition. The home has boarded up doors.

The precise factors for the raid’s occurrence remain ambiguous; nonetheless, it is certain that this event will exacerbate the existing tensions between the Biden administration and Mayor Adams. Notably, Mayor Adams had a scheduled meeting with the Biden administration in Washington D.C. today; however, the meeting was unexpectedly canceled in response to the aforementioned event.

According to a source knowledgeable about the operation, agents affiliated with the public corruption unit within the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s New York division engaged in communication with Suggs while conducting the examination of her domicile. According to a statement made by an FBI spokesman to the New York Times, law enforcement activities are now being conducted at the residence of Suggs in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn.

According to a story from The New York Times:

In the past two years, Mr. Adams’s re-election campaign has paid Ms. Suggs nearly $100,000 for fund-raising and campaign consulting services via her company, Suggs Solutions, according to city records.

His first mayoral campaign paid her more than $50,000.

[The republic Brief]




Trozzi Report: 2023-11-15


Children “Shot” Dead

Data and graphs are important, but they don’t relay the reality, of dead children and mourning families.

Thanks to We the Patriots USA for this excellent documentary. This is a very tasteful combination of stories told by courageous mourning parents, and medical experts explaining what is happening. This includes Dr Peter McCullough, Dr James Thorpe, Edward Dowd, and others. As we continue to fight against the criminal covid enterprise, none of our losses compare to the death of children and the pain and loss of their parents.


P.s. If you are unable to access today´s post by clicking the link above, please copy and paste the full URL into your internet browser for access to today´s material.   

Data and graphs are important, but they don’t relay the reality, of dead children and mourning families.

Thanks to; ‘We The Patriots USA’ for this excellent documentary. This is a very tasteful combination of stories told by courageous mourning parents, and experts explaining what is happening. This includes Dr Peter McCullough, Dr James Thorpe, Edward Dowd, and others.    As we continue to fight against the criminal covid enterprise, none of our losses compare to the death of children and the pain and loss of their parents.

Related Material:

Dr Paul Alexander and Dr Mark Trozzi trying to stop this since 2021. Children Should Be Freed Now and Never Covid-Injected    

Line in the sand | Children, War, and Duty. Stopping the assault and killing of our children, and ourselves.   

Dr Bridle | Parents guide to Covid-19 “Vaccines” & Children  

Protect Our Children from Harmful Injections. Dr Trozzi with Iron Will  

Global Child Alert from the World Council For Health. Warning: WHO’s post-plandemic “Big Catch Up” vaccine program. Immunization Agenda 2030. Plus a brief look at 100 years of evidence against vaccines.   

Dr Plothe | Covid “Vaccines” Destroying Human Fertility   

Covid shots make Thalidomide look like Flintstone Vitamins.

Covid shots make Thalidomide look like Flintstone Vitamins  

Who’s pushing the agenda I Ontario and fighting against the doctors who have tried to prevent this and are still trying to stop it  

More Dr Trozzi material to protect and serve your children  

Take Action. Destroy the WHO because they are the conduit for imposing this agenda on us all  

Please sign this petition. 

Tell Ontario’s CPSO to stop promoting the deadly jabs and enforcing the covid agenda in Ontario.  

                                                                 [Dr Mark Trozzi]


Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC's) defined in law:

1.       Exploring the Risks of a Digital Dollar - Walters Law Group (

No court need be consulted if the government controls the digital dollars used for commerce.

The temptation to abuse direct power over digital cash will likely be too much for the government to resist. Naturally, the potential censorship concerns resulting from this power extend far beyond the online entertainment industry and could be utilized against any person or business who refused to toe the line and submit to the government orthodoxy of the day. Recall how government actors claimed the authority to declare certain businesses “essential” and allowed them to operate during the initial months of COVID pandemic, while others were forced to shut down. With direct control over currency, the government could simply declare that money does not work at certain businesses, or for certain transactions. This government takeover of fiat currency is so radical, even the American Bankers Association  opposes it.

The ability to privately transact business in cash, cryptocurrency, or electronic transfers without governmental approval is an essential freedom that should not be easily relinquished. Once we hand over direct control of our money to the government, there is no return.


2.       The world's going cashless – but you should not - LifeSite (

3.       Nigel Farage warns 'cashless society' could usher in Chinese-style 'social credit system' - LifeSite (

[Patrick Bestall]

The coming War between Sharia Law and EU Law:

Young Muslims in Germany and all across the planet now pushing for global Sharia Law in the latest alarming evidence the ‘New World Order Beast System’ will be ‘martial law’ (

Under Sharia Law it's illegal for banks to control your money (such is possible with Central Bank Digital Currency).

[Patrick Bestall]





Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND  



There is a lot of INFORMATION here... Things are happening FAST!





  • ·         The Storm was scheduled for Wed. 8 Nov. to Sun. 19 Nov.

  • ·         Fri. 17 Nov. was the Green Light to launch Space X Starship, break Earth’s Firmament

  • ·         On Sun. 19 Nov. all banks must be compliant with Basel 3 and ISO20022, the global standard for financial information over the new Global Financial System on the new Star Link Satellite System. If not, they cannot function as a bank. ISO2002 was set to revolutionize the way financial transactions were communicated, enhancing efficiency and reducing riskAlso on Sun. 19 Nov. was the Global Currency Reset implementation date for HSBC, JP Morgan, Citi Bank, Credit Swisse, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and other major financial institutions around the World.

  • ·         On January 20, 2024 the fiat US Dollar would be replaced by the gold/asset-backed US Note; all such gold/asset-backed currencies across the Globe would be on par 1:1 with each other, Social Security benefits will be much higher and the SS R&R payments would start on a monthly basis.

  • ·         In three to six months the Rodriguez Trust will begin to administer “universal basic income” for citizens of all GESARA-compliant countries. The amount per individual or family will depend on the status, needs, employment level and age of the person/family and will work to encourage people to work if they can.

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