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FRIDAY... The week-end is here!

Friday 5-17-24


Verses for today:


There is that scattereth, and yet increaseth; And there is that withholdeth more than is meet, but it tendeth to poverty.

Proverbs 11:24 KJV


...for every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

Matthew 7:8 KJV


And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.

Luke 1:45 KJV


And Ruth said, Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God:

Ruth 1:16 KJV




BIG WIN! Trudeau Delaying On-line Censorship Law:

The Trudeau government is BACKING AWAY from its online censorship law, Bill C-11.You knew this law could block what you can see, share and say online.You signed the petition and blasted politicians to push back against this legislation.


The feds are now kicking the can on this issue. News reports say the government won’t implement the law until “late 2025.” So, these online censorship rules are on hold until after next election.That essentially means the government is giving up on this legislation, at least for now.Celebrate this victory – you deserve it.One more thing. Let’s celebrate today, but let’s also send a message to the government that you are NOT taking your eye off this issue.

You can send a message to Heritage Canada and tell the bureaucrats to bury the whole idea of online censorship behind the Bill C-11. And when you use the automatic link below, it’ll also send us a copy because it helps us to know what people are telling politicians.

Will you send an email to Heritage Canada and tell bureaucrats to back away from online censorship?

No – I’d rather not send a note today (if you want to let us know why, just click here)

Congratulations again on the big win. You’re making a difference.   

Kris Sims

   CTF Alberta Director

PS: Sending an email only takes a minute. Here’s that address again:

Donna Warren



U.S. Military completes Temporary Pier off Gaza; deliveries to start within days:

Thousands of tons of aid are on the way, one week after the IDF closed a key land corridor.

The U.S. Army has completed a temporary pier on a Gazan beach; trucks should begin hauling away the first 500 tons of aid for civilians within days, with thousands more tons in the pipeline, Pentagon officials said Thursday. 

“We've been working closely with the Israeli Defense Force for six weeks to ensure every aspect of logistics, operations, command-and-control, communications, and force protection are in place. IDF engineers prepared the beach of Gaza and secured the temporary pier to the beach. This group of engineers were specially trained for this mission by U.S. Army engineers,” Vice Adm. Brad Cooper, deputy commander of U.S. Central Command, told reporters on Thursday.


Here’s how it works: humanitarian assistance comes to Cyprus, where it’s placed on pallets and loaded onto commercial and military vessels. These sail 200 miles to a large floating platform that the U.S. has assembled several miles off the coast. 

“The aid goes from the floating platform, to trucks that are on the small ships, to the floating causeway, down the causeway on the land, and then the commodities are dropped off,” said Cooper. 


The aid is to be distributed by the United Nations and other non-governmental  relief organizations.

Northern Gaza is currently in a state of “full-blown famine,”  UN officials said last week.

The group Human Rights Watch has documented eight IDF strikes on aid workers in Gaza since October. 

The D Brief

The D Brief:

Gaza Pier opens; Israel closes border crossing:

“There is a very insecure operating environment. And the deconfliction measures are not where they need to be yet given the complexity of the environment,” Sonali Korde, the assistant to the administrator of USAID's Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance, told reporters on Thursday.


Last week, the IDF closed the border crossing in Rafah in the southern portion of Gaza, which has also limited the delivery aid into the region. 

“What I can say is that there's been a series of things that have happened and which have exacerbated the [humanitarian] needs in the past few weeks and we need to have everything open, all routes open, all crossings open. They need to be maximally utilized. And the maritime corridor is a very important new route to get additional assistance,” Korde said


The U.S. military says its temporary pier to deliver aid to Gaza is now complete. Central Command personnel anchored the pier to the beach at 7:40 a.m. local, U.S. officials announced Thursday. That’s almost exactly what military officials had predicted shortly after the project was announced by President Biden in March. 

The project is known as JLOTS, or a Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore capability. And it’s designed to accommodate U.S. or allied forces at a “floating platform,” or an at-sea assembly point, a few miles off the coast of Gaza. Those troops link up with sorted and palletized aid bundles delivered by ships traveling 200 miles by sea from Cyprus.

“The aid goes from the floating platform to trucks,” and then from the trucks “to the floating causeway, down the causeway on the land and then the commodities are dropped off,” CENTCOM’s Navy Vice Adm. Brad Cooper told reporters on Thursday. 


Critical element of the pier plan: No U.S. troops are expected on the ground at Gaza (tying down equipment or fixing anchors, etc.) at any point in the process, White House and military officials have repeatedly stressed over the past two months. 

“We've been working closely with the Israeli Defense Forces for six weeks to ensure every aspect of logistics, operations, command and control communications, and force protection are in place,” Cooper said. U.S.-trained Israeli engineers “prepared the beach of Gaza and secured the temporary pier to the beach,” he explained.

Next up: Trucks carrying about 500 tons of humanitarian assistance are expected to begin moving ashore in the coming days, CENTCOM and U.S. officials said Thursday. United Nations personnel are then planning to receive the aid and coordinate its distribution into Gaza.

How badly does Gaza need more humanitarian aid? The northern part of Gaza is currently experiencing a “full-blown famine,” UN officials said last week. 

Can those aid trucks even get to GazansIt’s not 100% clear, U.S. officials said Thursday. After all, “There is a very insecure operating environment. And the deconfliction measures are not where they need to be yet given the complexity of the environment,” Sonali Korde, the assistant to the administrator of USAID's Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance, told reporters.

Complicating matters, the Israeli military last week closed a key border crossing in Rafah, in the southern portion of Gaza, which has also limited the delivery aid into the region. “What I can say is that there's been a series of things that have happened, and which have exacerbated the [humanitarian] needs in the past few weeks and we need to have everything open, all routes open, all crossings open. They need to be maximally utilized. And the maritime corridor is a very important new route to get additional assistance,” Korde said.

Developing: Israel’s military chief released a rare message of dissent Wednesday, expressing Defence Minister Yoav Gallant’s reservations about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans—or apparent lack of plans—for post-war Gaza. 

“We must dismantle Hamas’ governing capabilities in Gaza, [and] the key to this goal is military action, and the establishment of a governing alternative in Gaza,” Gallant said in a televised message.

“In the absence of such an alternative, only two negative options remain: Hamas' rule in Gaza or Israeli military rule in Gaza,” he said, and added he would not support Israeli military of Gaza since functioning as an occupying force could very likely foment insurgency. Reuters has more.  

In case you missed it: The White House is moving forward with nearly $1 billion in arms sales to Israel, including $700 million in tank ammunition, $500 million in tactical vehicles and $60 million in mortar rounds, the Wall Street Journal and Associated Press reported this week. 

Big-picture consideration: “Seven months into the war, Hamas is far from defeated, stoking fears in Israel that it is walking into a forever war,” the Journal reported separately on Wednesday. “Even if you erode the terror activity, still you have the societal structures, the sense of Islamic brotherhood, the ideological and religious elements,” said a former chief of Israeli military intelligence. “That’s not something that can be easily rooted out.”

The D Brief



Pastors remain silent as Canada Perpetrates a mass anti-Christian hate crime:

Many Christian leaders would never say this out loud, but they have largely adopted the left’s view of the West and treat the historical dominance of Christian culture as a source of great shame.


The Canadian government and media have colluded in a mass anti-Christian hate hoax that resulted in the burning of more than 80 churches. In any other circumstance, this vicious display of religious persecution would be held up as a horrendous violation of human rights, but you will not hear a single word from the many charities and watchdog organizations dedicated to monitoring such abuses.


This pogrom against Christian churches was instigated by a wide range of Canadian elites, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, but the event is unlikely to get so much as a mention from pastors in the United States this Sunday. Instead, American congregations are likely to hear lectures about the evils of holding political power and the dangers of Christian nationalism, even as their brothers in Christ watch sacred places of worship burn to the ground with the approval of the secular state.


More DETAILS can be found at the above LINK:

The BLAZE Media

Senator Romney Believes Biden Made ‘Enormous Error’ in Not Pardoning Trump:

 May 16, 2024

As most of you recall, when Donald Trump was indicted in four separate federal cases, there were a lot of questions about Joe Biden pardoning him because he is a former president.

According to Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT), Joe Biden made a significant mistake by not doing so.

Talking Points…- Donald Trump cases- Romney says Biden made 'enormous error'- Analysis


Donald Trump Indictments

Currently, Trump is on trial in the hush-money case and it has become quickly apparent that this case is put together with matchsticks and Elmer's glue. The statute of limitations ran out on the misdemeanor charges that would have typically been pursued in a case such as this, so Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg was forced to create felony charges, which still have not been fully explained to the jury.


Donald Trump also has two cases being prosecuted by Special Counsel Jack Smith: the classified documents case and the January 6 election interference case. Both of these cases are currently on hold due to Trump's pending case before the Supreme Court on presidential immunity. While I do not believe Trump will get blanket immunity, SCOTUS is likely to kick the case back to the lower courts for a ruling on the acts by Trump as crimes, then it will head back to SCOTUS, so I am not expecting either of these cases to be in the courtroom before the election.

The final case is the Georgia RICO case brought by Fulton County DA Fani Willis.

Willis has her own legal problems, so this case has also been delayed, and no current trial date has been set. This case can also be tied to presidential immunity, and of all the judges that Trump has gone before, Judge McAfee appears to be the most level-headed and fair judge, so I am not expecting this case to hit a courtroom until all these other matters are settled.


Romney Says Biden Made 'Enormous Error'

Joe Biden could have pardoned Trump in any of these cases, but he chose to let them play out. Knowing how Donald Trump has parlayed these cases into fundraising gold, Biden could have cut that off at the path, but he chose to allow the cases to move forward, which Romney believes was a significant miscalculation on his part. He stated:

"He should have fought like crazy to keep this prosecution from going forward.

"It was a win-win for Donald Trump."


Romney called this an "enormous error" on the part of Joe Biden. Romney believes this was an opportunity for Biden to try to unify the country, but he fed right into the narrative that Trump was hoping for, and it has clearly backfired on Biden. Romney continued:

"You may disagree with this, but had I been President Biden, when the Justice Department brought on indictments, I would have immediately pardoned him. I'd have pardoned President Trump. Why? Well, because it makes me, President Biden, the big guy and the person I pardoned a little guy.

"I have been around for a while. If LBJ had been president, and he didn't want something like this to happen, he'd have been all over that prosecutor saying, 'You better not bring that forward, or I'm gonna drive you out of office.'"


Romney also took a shot at members of Congress attacking the legal system as well as GOP officials who are flocking to the trial to show support for Donald Trump. He stated:

"I think it's a terrible fault for our country to see people attacking our legal system — that's an enormous mistake.

"I think it's also demeaning for people to quite apparently try and run for vice president by donning a red tie and standing outside the courthouse. It's just — I'd have felt awkward."



Biden always took the position that nobody is above the law to justify not pardoning Trump, but we all know the real reason. I have firmly believed from the outset that Democrats were hoping that Trump would win the nomination, then these cases would hit, and Trump would be taken out of the race by a guilty verdict, but that does not now seem likely. Even if Trump loses this Bragg case in court, it appears to be ripe to be overturned on appeal, which will make the entire Democrat Party look foolish and ignite Trump supporters like we have never seen.

Capitalism Institute


Warsaw Mayor Trzaskowski bans Crucifixes 'Religious Symbols' from Public Buildings -

The Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, signed an ordinance regarding standards of equal treatment in the capital city hall. This is an internal document and applies to people working at the city hall. It specifies, among other things, a ban on displaying religious symbols on desks or walls, and obliges employees to use equality language.

“Gazeta Stołeczna” was the first to notice the order of the mayor of Warsaw on this matter. The document introduces “Standards of equal treatment in the Warsaw City Hall”. They arise from the city's social diversity policy which the capital's councilors adopted in October 2022.


Equal treatment for all

“These standards will strengthen efforts to promote equal opportunities and equal access to city services and resources for all residents of Warsaw,” we read in the president's order of May 8, 2024.

It is an internal document of the office, addressed to people working there. It concerns the conditions that should be met so that the principle of equal treatment is maintained in the implementation of municipal tasks. It is not only about the relationship between the official and the person using the office's services, but also about the relationship between employees.

The standards are to be applied in the areas of: employees' attitudes, their knowledge and skills, regulations and compliance with procedures and guidelines. The document also defines the area of ​​the so-called inclusive design. The idea is to make the services provided by the office available to everyone, regardless of their individual characteristics. There are also standards defining the principles of monitoring and evaluating equal treatment.


Secular nature of the office

The adopted standards include: those relating to religious neutrality. “In office buildings accessible to outsiders and during events organized by the office, no symbols related to a specific religion or denomination are displayed in the space (e.g. on walls, on desks),” we read in the document. It is further noted that this does not apply to religious symbols worn by office employees, e.g. medallions, crosses or tattoos.

In addition, all events organized by the office must be secular in nature.


Language is important

Great emphasis was placed on the use of equality language, i.e. language that “recognizes and takes into account social diversity”. A person working in an office should take into account the requests of people who want to be addressed in a specific way. “In the case of a transgender person whose appearance may differ from stereotypical ideas related to the gender recorded in official documents, address him or her with the name or gender pronouns that he or she indicates,” the document states.


There are also recommendations that should be applied to non-binary people. “Although they must provide data in official forms in accordance with the documents they use, there is no reason why, in direct communication with them, we cannot use forms that they feel comfortable with, even if they are non-standard,” the guidelines emphasize.

Office employees should not use expressions such as: victim of violence, disabled person or mentally ill. Instead, use: a person experiencing violence, a person with a disability, a person in a mental health crisis. The document encourages them to use feminative and gender-neutral terms, e.g. people living in Warsaw, instead of residents.


The official must be flexible

The standards state that an official must follow specific procedures and regulations, but should avoid routine actions and be flexible. A good example is a situation in which we are dealing with an architectural barrier (high stairs, no elevator). If a person visiting the office has problems with walking, the official should go down to the ground floor and find a place where he can talk about the matter he came to talk about.


Attention was also paid to the issues of same-sex relationships, e.g. those raising children together. “A person may authorize a same-sex partner to collect documents on his or her behalf or to contact the school, psychological and pedagogical counseling center or other institution regarding the child,” it was emphasized.

The document notes that people working in the office have access to educational materials and e-learning training on equal treatment and respect for diversity. Compulsory training is also organized. Employees are encouraged to constantly improve their knowledge and competences in the field of equal treatment policy.


The document, which is an annex to the order of the President of Warsaw, is available in the Public Information Bulletin of the capital city hall. The standards are to be updated as needed, but at least once every two years.




'Shark Tank' Star CONFESSES - Fans ROCKED By Findings (Developing)

Kevin O'Leary Criticizes Biden's Tax Plan Amid Inflation:

As reported by Daily Mail, Kevin O'Leary recently voiced serious concerns over President Joe Biden's tax proposals, fearing additional burdens on an already pressured middle class.

Amid rising inflation, O'Leary warns that President Biden’s proposed tax hikes could further strain middle-income earners.


In April 2023, U.S. inflation rates indicated a slight reduction, marking a decrease from 3.5% to 3.4%, primarily influenced by changes in gasoline prices and housing costs.

This economic climate sets the background for O'Leary's vocal criticisms. As an acclaimed investor, O'Leary believes the Biden administration's tax proposals — particularly an increase in capital gains tax — could exacerbate financial pressures on middle-class Americans.


Understanding the Concern Over Inflation as a Hidden Tax

O’Leary elaborated on his point by labeling inflation as a "hidden tax" that discreetly extracts financial resources from middle-income families.

With the current inflation rate marginally reduced yet persistently high, he argues that any additional tax could further dampen economic growth and consumer spending.

"The president intends to up the capital gains tax to an unprecedented 44.6% next year," O'Leary explained, highlighting the substantial increase from current rates. Combined with state taxes, rates could surpass 50% in states like California, New York, and New Jersey.


Analysis of Biden's Tax Proposals and Timing

O’Leary criticized the strategic timing of these tax proposals, suggesting they are influenced by the political calendar aimed at appealing to voters by taxing the wealthy.

However, he claims these strategies fail to consider the broader economic repercussions.

"You do this because you’re in an election cycle and taxing the rich is always a good message," O'Leary said, reflecting his skepticism about the motivations behind these fiscal measures.

As part of his critique, O'Leary also pointed out the scheduled expiration of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provisions in 2024, which would naturally lead to tax increases.


Errors in Federal Spending and Policy Impact

Further discussing the impact of recent legislation, O'Leary mentioned the Chips Act and the Inflation Reduction Act, suggesting that such bills contribute to inflation.

"It is a very simple equation: when the government takes money from the individual, they can no longer invest that in a business, or their retirement, or anywhere else," he stated, indicating the negative outcomes of what he considers "wasteful" government expenditures.


Response from the Biden Administration

In defense of the proposed fiscal changes, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen assured that the tax plans would not affect families earning less than $400,000, focusing tax hikes only on the higher income bracket. Despite this, O'Leary remains unconvinced about the overall impact of such policies on the economy.

"A separate proposal would first raise the top ordinary rate to 39.6 percent … An additional proposal would increase the net investment income tax rate by 1.2 percentage points above $400,000," cited from the General Explanations of the Administration’s Fiscal Year 2025 Revenue Proposals, provides a clearer picture of the administration’s approach.


Why This Story Matters

This developing situation holds significant implications for the economic stability of countless American families. As new tax policies are debated and potentially implemented, understanding these dynamics becomes crucial for voters and investors alike.

The potential for stifled economic growth underscores the importance of a balanced approach to fiscal policy that ensures equitable growth and fairness across all income groups.

In summary, Kevin O'Leary argues that Biden’s tax proposals would extensively burden the middle class, strained by ongoing inflation and unfavorably timed policy changes.

With critical fiscal decisions on the horizon, the implications of these changes demand careful public scrutiny and informed debate.

Related Posts


Bethan Moorcraft



Big Win for Trump’ — Incredible News Out Of Supreme Court!

Carr has already disagreed with BideIn a Fox News program, Jonathan Turley, a law professor at Georgetown University, asserted that the U.S. Supreme Court needed to find a middle ground in the presidential immunity case so that future commanders in chief would be safeguarded but also held responsible if they deviated from established guidelines.


On Thursday, the justices heard arguments from former President Donald Trump’s attorneys as well as prosecutors from the office of special counsel Jack Smith. The complaint is based on accusations made by Smith in Washington, D.C., against Trump for, among other things, allegedly attempting to obstruct Congress’ certification of the results of the 2020 election.


“There is a slippery slope on both sides, but I was surprised with the three justices on the left, is that they didn’t seem at all concerned about how extreme that argument would be — leaving a president with no protection,” he told anchor Shannon Bream. “So the question that most of the justices were struggling with, and I thought they were doing in good faith, is how do we find a more balanced, nuanced approach here?”


“The government made a major concession to Justice Gorsuch when he said there are things you can’t criminalize that a president does, and the government said yes,” he continued. And he said, ‘Doesn’t it sound a lot like immunity? Isn’t it our job to try to define where that is?’ It was a devastating moment.


“So, there is a real chance that this could be sent back to the trial court, to say we need more information of which of these acts were part of an official function, and which were not,” he added. “That will take time and likely derail any effort to try Trump before the election in Washington, D.C.”


Turley similarly criticized the so-called “hush money” trial earlier this month, labeling it “legally absurd” and based on 34 felony counts Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg brought against the former president.

“I’m going to put up this letter, this is from Stormy Daniels that President Trump posted, I know you’ve seen this, it says, ‘” said Fox host Maria Bartiromo to start the story.


The truth is that all parties to the alleged affair have denied its existence in 2006, 2011, 2016, 2017, and now again in 2018, according to Stormy Daniels. I refuse to retract this affair only because I received hush money. Stormy Daniels writes, “I’m denying the affair because it never happened.” Sir?

“Yeah, everything about this case is, in my view, legally absurd. You know, this case is basically a state misdemeanor that had run out under the statute of limitations,” Turley began.

“Bragg was forced, after he declined for a long time to bring this charge, to do so. His predecessor rejected it. So, they took a dead misdemeanor and bootstrapped it into effectively trying a federal crime. But the federal crime here under election law was rejected under the Department of Justice,” Turley continued.


Turley added, “They did not feel that this should be charged. So, you have this crazy case that’s going to go forward and it’s going to turn on the testimony of people like Michael Cohen. And Michael Cohen just recently had a judge call him a serial perjurer, and he is going to appear as the center of this case.”


Trump recently issued a serious warning:

“Just four years ago I was a very popular and successful President of the United States, getting more votes than any sitting President in history,” he wrote. “Tomorrow morning I’ll be in Criminal Court, before a totally conflicted Judge, a Corrupt Prosecutor, a Legal System in CHAOS, a State being overrun by violent crime and corruption, and Crooked Joe Biden’s henchmen ‘Rigging the System’ against his Political Opponent, ME!”

“I will be fighting for myself but, much more importantly, I will be fighting for our Country,” he wrote.

The Republic Brief


Prominent Clinton & Obama Officials DEAD Under Mysterious Circumstances:

Two well-known Bay Area politicians lost their lives in a horrific accident late Friday night on a normally peaceful rural road in San Diego County. A head-on collision between a Chrysler sedan and a Jeep pickup happened on state Highway 76 close to Fallbrook, south of San Diego. Four people were killed in the collision, including a couple who were well-known for their political advocacy and community development work.


Both Hope Wood, 48, and her spouse Peggy Moore were declared deceased at the scene. They were well-known for their extensive civil rights and public service work. Wood was honored by the San Diego County Medical Examiner and was praised in particular for her creative organization and strategic efforts. Moore was a catalyst for change in Oakland and the East Bay, having served as president of the East Bay Stonewall Democratic Club.


The lesbian pair had a tremendous influence on numerous political campaigns and civil rights movements during their decades of service. Highlights of Moore’s career included leading Libby Schaaf’s 2014 mayoral campaign in Oakland and serving as a key senior consultant for Hillary Clinton during her California primary campaign.


From an early age, Moore and Wood’s lives were entwined with politics; they initially collaborated on President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign. This prompted them to start Hope Action Change in 2019, a consulting business that promotes coaching and organizational growth.

“It took you two hours to walk anywhere with Peggy — maybe more, because she knew everybody,” Schaaf said according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The former mayor continued, “I’m in such deep grief for myself personally because she’s someone I loved and admired so much. And I’m in grief for democracy. (Moore) is someone who believed everyone should have a voice in government. She never gave up in the beautiful essence of democracy, even when it gave up on her. She infused this nuclear love into everything she did.”

Friends, colleagues, and politicians expressed their sorrow over the loss of such influential figures. Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) remarked on their lasting impact, writing, “Both Peggy and Hope made an impact on our community, on our city, on our state, and on our nation that will be felt for generations to come.”

“These were two almost twin flames that couldn’t bear to be apart in this life or in the other, and they really just had to be together when they left,” friend Kimberly Ellis of the pair told NBC San Diego.

“It’s an incredible loss, not just in the professional political world, but in our personal world as well.” Ellis described Moore as a “giant” in political circles and noted, “She has helped people like former President Barack Obama.”

Local authorities are still looking into the crash’s specifics and haven’t yet revealed the identities of the other victims. According to early reports, the deadly incident was caused by the Chrysler car swerving into the Jeep’s lane.

The Republic Brief


David YEO:


AR3 W3 P3RF3CT? (1 Min)


"G0D !s D3@D"**F@L$3 PR0PH3T 0f R3V 13? (22 Min)


CL!M@T3 CH@NG3: Gr3TA !s $CR!PT3D P$Y-0P (5 Min)


TRUM@N R3C0GN!Z3D !ZR@3L**D0N@LD AGR33$ (12 Min)


"M0D3RN $C!3NC3*R3@LLY R00T3D !n TH3 0CCULT" (21 Min)


$H@K!NG**$T@ND!NG 0n TH3 $H0ULD3R$ 0f G!@NT$ (54 Min)


TH3 R0L3 0f M0ULD (1 Min)


D0N@LD's CULT $CR!PT3D (1 Min)


WHY WA$ TH3 C3RN $U3D? (32 Min)


!s TH3 D0N@LD TH3 G0LD3N C@LF? (3 Min)


C0N$T3LL@T!0N$ H@V3 N0T CH@NG3D !n 5,000 Yrs.(19 Min)


C-!9 J@B$**H!GH3$T 'K!LL R@T3' !n M3D!C@L H!$T0RY (12 Min)

David YEO


The continuing persecution of one City Councilor:

O’Hagan, a 33-year-old high school teacher who previously served as chair of the committee, said they’ve written to council numerous times outlining concerns around Stevenson’s comments on funding for SafeSpace London and even submitted an integrity commissioner report about her posting of the faces of homeless people, for which she was later reprimanded by colleagues.


Too bad Counillor Susan Stevenson can't find a "safe space" for her views in a city council dedicated to diversity and inclusion.

Too bad the London Free Press doesn't print both sides of the story.  That's why it's half as thick as it used to be.

Patrick Bestall


LFP rips MP for right-wing joke:

I've got one too, "cardboard boxes for the homeless" to replace all the plastic tents.


Seriously, Trudeau is bought and paid for by the globalists who want to boss us into accepting no more plastic, no more gas engines, no more real meat, no more thinking a man's home is his castle etc. etc.

London Free Press


June 3 - Keep your Kids from School:

In 2023, on the heels of a budding parental rebellion against school board indoctrination of children with LGBT propaganda, we launched the first ever National “Pride” Flag Walkout Day to coincide with the first day of June.

It is TIME to DO-IT-AGAIN...

Campaign Life Coalition's Jeff Gunnarson has announced the second annual National 'Pride' Flag Walk-Out Day on Monday, June 3, after participation in last year's inaugural walkout far surpassed expectations.

Make it Humble Pie Day.  Have one delivered to your school trustees.

Life-Site News Media

Canadians losing their Cool?

Anger in Canada towards government, economy, and policies reaches record high:

The level of anger felt by Canadians towards the government, economy, and current events is increasing, reaching record levels, according to Pollara’s Rage Index.


The index asks Canadians about their levels of pleasure with the federal and provincial government, the national economy, Canadians’ personal finance situation, the types of changes happening in Canada, and the latest stories in the news.


The average percentage of Canadians annoyed or angry about the six topics in the Rage Index was 58%, a 5% rise since January. The number of Canadians who were very angry about the six topics saw a 4% rise to 21%.  

“The Rage Index hit a new high in April, with record levels of anger about the Canadian economy, and both federal and provincial governments,” said the report.


The highest levels of anger or annoyance came towards the Canadian economy, followed by the latest stories in the news, with 67% and 63% having an overall annoyed or angry sentiment towards the two.

The poll also found that only 31% of polled Canadians were familiar with the details of the 2024 federal budget.

TRUE North News Media


"Kill the Indian in the Child":

What?  They used to say this back in the day! 

Yes, according to this recent article about locals who have been searching for the past two years to find dead Indians buried and forgotten at the former Mount Elgin residential school.


They haven't found any yet, but Cristina Stanciu has found enough anecdotal stories of cultural abuse to fill a book someday.


Putting aside the abuse of white people in foster homes that was never recorded, I must conclude the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Despite the best intentions by Christians who started out to treat the Indians as equals entitled to the same education as whites, things went south when the Spanish Flu hit and Ottawa took over the residential schools.


Sort of like the way things are going south today as big government takes over the education of our children and forces a new progressive woke culture on us with entirely different values from what I grew up with.

Patrick Bestall

193 Blackacres Blvd

London N6G 2H1

Originally from Romania, Stanciu’s love of American literature took her first to the works of William Faulkner, whose stories of the U.S. south include Indigenous characters. When Stanciu moved to the U.S. and took courses to learn more about Indigenous people, she quickly realized the stories behind those characters were false.


“So, then, my question became, what about the real people behind those stories? I made a complete switch from what I was studying at the time to Indigenous literature,” she says. Since then, Stanciu has added to and shared her knowledge of Indigenous stories. She is an associate professor of English specializing in Indigenous and ethnic studies in literature at her university in Richmond, Va., and is the director of the school’s Humanities Research Center.

She’s written or co-written four books, more than a dozen papers and been a Fulbright scholar in Romania.

Her work has led to researching the stories of survivors in the U.S. of the Indigenous boarding system and in Canada of the residential school system.

Taken from their families, and separated from their languages and culture, more than 150,000 First Nations, Inuit and Metis children were forced to attend Canada’s network of church- and government-operated residential schools during the 1800s and 1900s, as the federal government sought to assimilate Indigenous people.

Nearly 1,000 children attended the Mount Elgin school, on the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation. One of the earliest and longest-running residential schools, Mount Elgin operated from 1851 to 1946 and was used as a day school after 1967.

But it was sitting down with survivors and their families, and teachers in London and neighbouring First Nations, that opened her eyes the most.

“The knowledge I acquired by sitting down with people and by visiting residential school sites has been, hands down, the most valuable experience of this trip,” Stanciu says.

The Fulbright program, a prestigious American educational and cultural exchange, supports students and scholars in research, teaching and studying around the world.

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Rumors – Rumors - Rumors – Rumors – Rumors


RUMOURS Circulating out there...:

You need to MAKE-UP Your own MIND!



Thurs. 16 May 2024 Trump on Draining the Swamp, Charlie Ward:

  • ·        It’s time to address this commonly used anti-Trump talking point about his inability to drain the swamp in his first term.

  • ·        Trump’s first term was completely hamstrung by the Mueller Investigation and the MSM had the public convinced Trump was literally a Russian agent… Then as soon as he got past the Russia hoax, they released a biological weapon, shut the world down, and stole the election.

  • ·        If Trump would have gone in day one, and started arresting people, he would have looked like a totalitarian dictator, and would have caused massive uprisings and legitimately a civil war. The public were not even awake yet at this point.

  • ·        The same people criticizing Trump for not draining the swamp, didn’t even believe the swamp was real back in 2016. The MSM still had the overwhelming majority of Americans under their spell.

  • ·        So, while it’s real easy for RFK Jr. supporters to criticize Trump now, the majority of them didn’t even know this war with the Deep State was going on, and they would have criticized Trump for draining the swamp if he did it, and called him a dictator.

  • ·        The world wasn’t awake then. Now they are. This is why Trump is going to finish the job this time. Because the public have been shown how deep the corruption goes. They are ready.


The Real News for Thurs. 16 May 2024:



Global Currency Reset:


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