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Updates for October 11th 2020

Sealed Indictments Breakdown by State:

Right after Trump took office he tasked US Attorney General for Utah John Huber and 174 investigators to look into Chi_ld Traffic_king. From 30 Oct. 2017 to 30 Sept. 2020 they held Grand Juries and filed 203,495 sealed indictments in federal courts across the nation (verifiable through website). By March 2021 we should see Disclosure of the names of political and global elites arrested, tried and executed, including videos of their confessions. Charlie Ward on the Virus, Reset and NESARA/GESARA: Military Tribunals: Bloodlines of the Illuminati: Payseur Family History - Magic, Movies and Mystery,,,

Fritz Springmeier wrote a magnificent book about the Bloodlines of the Illumi_nati. It was even published on the internet by the CIA (no mis-direction there then!).

COVI_D Deception:

Western Civilization Succumbs to Mass Delusions: The absurdity of the Corona Delusion is pushing the Western World toward total destruction while pretending to protect the people. World Health Organization Confirms Covi_d is No More Dangerous than the FLU!

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