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Wednesday 7-26-23

Wednesday 7-26-23

Verse(s) for today:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

John 1:1 KJV

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, And a light unto my path.

Psalm 119:105 KJV

But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass: for he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was.

James 1:22-24 KJV

Thought(s) for the Day:

Another Obama StoryThis is HUGE!

Remember Donald Young? Mysterious Death of Obama’s Chef Ignored by News Media (


Welcome to the dirty world of Barack Hussein Obama. And I mean dirty. If they made an movie of his real life you probably wouldn't believe it, or be alive to talk about it. I'm surprised Rick Wiles still is. God has his back.

Rick starts with the unanswered questions surrounding the death of Obama's chef. Correction; the unasked questions. And then goes from there, quoting from books by authors who met unexpected death.

The mysterious death of Barack Obama’s personal chef has been ignored by America’s news media. London’s Daily Mail and TruNews are the only two major news organizations reporting on the death of Tafari Campbell on Martha’s Vineyard. The news blackout only makes us more curious to know more about the drowning of a physically strong young man in 8 feet of water. TruNews is here to ask questions most news reporters are afraid to confront.

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 7/25/23

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Content Contributed By — TruNews Team

[Patrick Bestall]

Hometown Happiness! Bancroft and Apsley:

Trozzi Report: 2023-07-26

My Lord we had fun, spoke truthfully, and elevated each other’s spirits, in Apsley on July 12th! Thank You Wilma Brethour, No More Lockdowns Bancroft, and all who attended.

1. When covid-19 was launched, I lived and worked in Bancroft Ontario. I love the community and have always enjoyed taking tender care of our people in our hospital. On July 12th, Wilma Brethour and her group of truth and freedom lovers: No More Lockdowns Bancroft, hosted a full house in the Apsley Community center, just south of Bancroft. Barbara and I travelled there with our dear friend Ronnie Munro. It was an amazing gathering of energized people with open hearts and sound minds. I was very honored to be invited and to have this chance to speak with friends and community members who have held the ground in our hometown. I was elated to see friends who had kept informed, made wise choices, and thrived through these dangerous times. I was also very pleased to help bring solutions for the many injured loved ones among us.

Wilma, RIta, Ronnie, No More Lockdowns Bancroft, and others have worked hard to expose the truth, to keep vigil over the community, and to defend human rights.

Any good musician or orator may tell you that their performance is highly dependant on the quality of the audience. Here are some first video clips from July 12th in Apsley. I hope they will bring you knowledge and laughter; and if so please thank No More Lockdowns Canada and the good folk of my hometown.

2. Tonight is the night. Please join us online or in person in Toronto for the Bright Light News Restoring Ethics in Public Health & The War on Natural Healthcare Event with Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Dr. William Makis, Shawn Buckley & Dr. Julie Ponesse. You can get 20% off your ticket with code: savenhps

When covid-19 was launched, I lived and worked in Bancroft Ontario. I love the community and have always enjoyed taking tender care of them in our hospital. On July 12th, Wilma Brethour and her group of truth and freedom lovers: No More Lockdowns Bancroft, hosted a full house in the Apsley Community center just south of Bancroft. Barbara and I travelled there with our dear friend Ronnie Munro. It was an amazing gathering of energized people with open hearts and sound minds. I was very honored to be invited and the chance to speak with friends and community members, who have held the ground in my hometown. I was so happy to see friends who had kept informed, made wise choices, and thrived through these dangerous times. I was also very pleased to help bring solutions for the many injured loved ones among us.

Wilma, Rita, Ronnie, Lynn, No More Lockdowns Bancroft, and others have worked hard to expose the truth, to keep vigil over the community, and to defend human rights.

Any good musician or orator may tell you that their performance is highly dependent on the quality of the audience. Here are some first video clips from July 12th in Apsley. I hope they will bring you knowledge and laughter; and if so please thank No More Lockdowns Canada and the good folk of my hometown.

We will add more clips to this post over the days ahead, including full event livestream footage from Canadian Woman for Freedom.

A Sweet message from Wilma Brethour following the event:

Dear Dr Mark:

I just wanted to reach out to you to let you know how awesome the event turned out. The feedback is phenomenal. Everyone was so pleased to have a chance to hear you speak in person.

I can’t thank you enough for all you are doing, not only for Canada but the world. Your sense of what is right and just and your ability to stand and defend that is a testament to who you really are.

Your words and commitment to the truth will inspire many to continue the “Good Fight”. We will win because we have truth and light on our side. Having leaders, like yourself, to give us even more hope and strength to carry on, means a lot.

I have already had people requesting that we do this again,only in Bancroft next time. I hope you will be open to considering doing that this fall.

For now, I hope you and all of your family are blessed with peace, love and happiness.

Thank you.


Wilma Brethour


Please join Wilma and the team of No More Lockdowns Bancroft on FaceBook (NoMoreLockdownsBancroft) on Wednesday evenings as they continue this fight and also face new health threats from 5G in the Bancroft region and excess EMF levels in local playgrounds.

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Wilma is also co-founder of Grandmas Unite Now

Dr. Trozzi’s Covid Testimony from April 2021. The First Wave, Early Concerns, Censorship, and Personal Decisions

[Dr Mark Trozzi]


Sign Our Petition: Defeat Biden's War on Christians.

There's a massive storm brewing, and I'm gravely concerned that Christians aren't ready. President Biden is emboldening anti-Christian forces to severely deplete your religious liberty. It's a surreptitious war that could eviscerate everything we've fought so hard to protect.

Threatening to arrest a pastor for praying, confiscating the Bibles of kids and even military contractors, banning churches from utilizing their own property, attacking religious liberty in the military, calling ‘Christians’ "criminals" – this is just the first salvo.

We JUST helped defeat Biden's attempt at the Supreme Court to strip away your right to attend church on Sunday. But Biden is doubling down on his anti-Christian efforts.

I've never seen anything like it. We MUST act decisively now, or we could lose everything. We're your last line of defense in court. But to have the resources we need to defeat Biden's relentless attacks on your faith at the Supreme Court, we need your support.

Who will stand up to this attack on our Christian faith? We urgently need your voice in this fight today.

Sign Our Petition: Defeat Biden's War on Christians.

At the ACLJ, we're engaged in each one of these cases. And we're about to file a massive lawsuit against Biden's FBI over the targeting of Christians.

As we battle in court to defend your Christian faith from these endless assaults, take urgent action with us.

Jay Sekulow ACLJ Chief Counsel

Nothing, So Far:

Investigation into potential unmarked graves on First Nation comes up empty: RCMP


Mounties say after a yearlong investigation into potential unmarked graves detected in a western Manitoba First Nation, they have not found any evidence pointing to criminal activities.

Minegoziibe Anishinabe, also known as Pine Creek First Nation, requested the RCMP launch an investigation after it found 14 points of concern underneath the Catholic church in the community last year using ground-penetrating radar.

RCMP say in a release that officers interviewed community members, conducted surveys and followed up on other leads. Investigators were unable to uncover evidence that showed a crime occurred related to what was detected at the site. The community is set to begin excavating the area underneath the Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Catholic Church on Monday. Mounties say if anything is located in the dig that may be related to criminal activity, officers will continue with the investigation.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published July 21, 2023.

[Winnipeg CTV News]

Iowa Poll:

DeSantis Slips for 4th Time, Trump Up 27:

Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis' super PAC Never Back Down is dipping into its $100 million-plus to take the reins on its grassroots tour of Iowa for him, as he's shedding campaign staff, and it comes just in time.

DeSantis' support has fallen for the fourth consecutive time in the latest National Research Inc. poll of likely Iowa GOP voters, this time the largest dip of 6 points.

Former President Donald Trump remains steady at 42%, despite the expanding field, and maintains a 27-point lead over DeSantis and the field. It is Trump's largest lead yet over DeSantis and the field by this pollster.

DeSantis' slide has been consistent in the past four polls since May:

  • · 26%.

  • · 24% (-2 points).

  • · 21% (-3 points).

  • · 15% (-6 points).

There are 13% of GOP Iowa caucus voters still undecided in the poll.

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., is surging on DeSantis for second, potentially, coming in at 9 points.

"The poll results also indicate that television ads critical of Trump ads are hurting, rather than helping DeSantis," according to American Greatness poll analysis.

Even voters who are favorable toward the governor say they prefer Trump by 17 points (40%-23%). Among voters who give both Trump and DeSantis a favorable rating, Trump leads by 37 points (54%-17%).

American Greatness' polling of 500 likely Iowa GOP voters conducted by National Research Inc. from July 23 to 24 has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.38 percentage points.

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Washington Digest Media:


[Washington Digest]

Crown of Jerusalem presented to Trump:

“It is clear that many in the Orthodox community are very supportive of Donald Trump, and Donald Trump is very supportive of them,” Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) told JNS.

(July 16, 2023 / JNS)

“We all have great gratitude to this person,” Rabbi David Katz, executive director of the Israel Heritage Foundation, said from the podium, gesturing toward former U.S. President Donald Trump at his right.

“This is a person that doesn’t care only for himself but cares for the entire world,” Katz said. “Especially for the people in Israel and for the Jews in America.”

The rabbi extended the “blessings from Israel” and wishes for a long, healthy and sweet life to “the president, his family and all his friends.” Some 150 Orthodox Jews looked on at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster, in New Jersey, on July 10, as the Israel Heritage Foundation awarded the former president a Keter Yerushalayim (Crown of Jerusalem) award.

Longtime pro-Israel advocate Dr. Joseph Frager, executive vice president of the Israel Heritage Foundation, served as event emcee.

“The Israel Heritage Foundation strives to preserve the memory of the 6 million Jews murdered in the Holocaust by the Nazis. The Israel Heritage Foundation fights antisemitism day in and day out. And the Israel Heritage Foundation advocates for the land of Israel, especially in Judea and Samaria and even more especially, for sovereignty in area C,” Dr. Frager said.

He presented the award, a silver Torah crown contained in a glass box, along with Katz. An inscription quoted Psalm 136:1 and noted Trump’s “extraordinary and heroic efforts to help the State of Israel and the Jewish People.”

A JNS review of photos posted on the foundation’s website revealed that at least two members of Congress, Reps. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) and Josh Brecheen (R-Okla.), were on hand. Mort Klein, national president of the Zionist Organization of America, also attended.

“It is clear that many in the Orthodox community are very supportive of Donald Trump, and Donald Trump is very supportive of them,” Burchett told JNS. “The U.S.-Israel relationship was never stronger than it was under President Trump.”

A video recording of the event begins with a musician noting that despite live music being prohibited during this period of mourning for the destruction of the Temple—known as the Three Weeks—it was decided that “in honor of this prestigious event, and the attendance of President Trump, we have determined that live music accompanying the anthems will be befitting of this occasion.” Both the U.S. and Israeli anthems were performed.

“I’ve often heard the president lament that with all the great things he’s done for the State of Israel and for the Jewish people, why is his support so low, relatively speaking. Why doesn’t he get a tremendous amount of support from the Jewish people?” said Lewis Topper, a Florida businessman, introducing Trump.

“The only thing I can think of is that after seeing myriads of miracles, only 20% of the Jews left Egypt to follow Moses into the desert,” he added. “So, I think the president’s doing pretty well.”

Trump told the audience, “The United States backs Israel, but they back it less than they used to. I was having a lot of problems getting support for Israel and I can’t really understand it.”

If he decided to “give this up and go over to Israel,” he would be elected prime minister “very quickly,” he added.

The former president noted that he polls at 99% in Israel, but at only 26% or 28% among U.S. Jews.

“I should be at 100%,” he said.

Trump also told stories about the construction of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, discussed recognizing the Golan Heights as part of Israel and talked about the election being rigged. About moving the embassy and recognizing the Golan Heights, he said he was told the world would blow up if he did either. “Both of them I did, nothing happened,” he said.

Leading up to moving the embassy, Trump said the world’s most powerful leaders called him asking him not to do it.

“What I did is I turned off my phone,” he said. “I set a date for signing, which was a Thursday, and when people called, I said, ‘I’ll get back to you on Monday.’”

Trump applauded his administration’s work on the Iran nuclear deal but said that the Biden administration has since bungled things with Iran.

“That was the worst deal,” he said. “You cannot allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon.”

And of the Abraham Accords, Trump claimed, “We had four countries that we had them lined up to sign if that election were legitimate. If we were in there. We would have had virtually every country in the Middle East. You would have had peace in the Middle East.”

[Jewish News Syndicate]

The UN and ESG:

ESG EXPOSED - A $66 Trillion Dollar Weapon Used To Control Corporate America

Be aware we are moving rapidly towards insanity on wheels, with no limits on what they will do to accomplish their goals… see this video by Value Entertainment – Patrick Ben-David...

As he exposes that the UN is heavily bound to keep all peoples in line with the ESG...

I see E.S.g. as Evil, Satan, and (false) gods...

they only want one goal the total destruction of all humanity...that is because it is true

Evil is the name game, it is Satan's environment – why?, because Satan is the author of all, for he is the father of it....John 8:44

Satan is who they worship....worship is Worth ship....and because of the love of money they see him worth it all...1 Timothy 6:10

gods is what they play, and what they demons become the gods of this earth under their leader...Deuteronomy 32:16-18, so this follows what Jonathan Chan has stated the gods have returned to the free world.

Consider this article...regarding those who are invested in Anheuser-Busch stocks...

Ron DeSantis may have very well just driven the final nail in Bud Light’s coffin with this one epic move - Conservative Underground News

When those who commit to this WOKE agenda are listed in the Proverbs 6:16-19 passage.

Then those companies who commit to ESG over sound commitment to serving those who are their customers follows Proverbs 11:1-3.

Truth will never be mocked, but deceivers will continue to be deceive, and be deceived.

It is a downward spiral...Proverbs 19:1-7.

Is it any wonder that Satan's rule will last only seven years, and the last 3½ years will see a total spiral downward.

Consider this video also...the history of LGBTQ.....

LGBTQ Movement Exposed: Shocking History Behind It

see Our God is not the God of confusion...Mark 3:22-27

but Satan is the god of confusion, deception, lies, murder, and the whole gamut.

So those who are under his control will act like him, because they are enslaved to him.

So expect those under his control to act as such...including the UN, WEF, WHO, CDC, etc.

UN having a meeting on September 18, 2023 where they are asking all nations to commit the next seven years towards their goals of 2030.


Could this be a turning point? is Daniel 9:27 in play?

[Brian Plumb]

David YEO:

N33d3d Tr@!n!nG (1 Min)

!s Th3 D0n@Ld a H3R0? (4 Min)

T!KK T0KK Nur$3$ D@nC!nG F0r CL!M@T3 Ch@ng3 (1 Min)

C0nF!rM3d*CDC: J@B C@u$3d a 338% !ncr3@$e !n C@nC3R (45 Min)

M!nD C0NTr0L: C00P3R 0n Th3 #nD T!m3$ & Th3 AL!3N D3cepT!0N (10 Min)

B@k!nG $0DA (1 Min)

NYU PR0F N0T aLL0w3d Th3 TruTH (21 Min)

HuG000000: Tw!TT3R !s X**0$!R!$ R!$3N (5 Min)

D0n@Ld R3c3nTLy R3c!3ved Th3 Cr0wn 0f J3ru$@L3M (3 Min)

D0C Bh@kd!: Th3 J@B C@u$3d Br@!N & H3@rT D@m@g3 C0mB!n3d (7 Min)

Wh@T !s Th3 My$T3rY 0f Th3 #33? (1 Min)

WH!$TL3BL0w3R $c!3NT!$T: GL0b@L P0P $c@M (10 Min)

F0rm3R PR0 G0@L!3 C0LL@p$3s 0n A L!V3 T3L3c@$T (1 Min)

PR3- R@PTUR3? (1 Min)

M@$$ VXX $p0rT$ C0@Ch V!cT!M$ #5 (13 Min)

D0c S@M B@!L3Y: R$V J Up-VXX uP-$3LL (18 Min)

$h@K!nG: $h3's Th3 M@N**R3@L!z3**R3@L L!3$ (48 Min)

H0LLyW00D: !LLum!N@T3 (10 Min)

0ccuLT $ymB0L!$M 0f Th3 TW!TT3R X (22 Min)

NBA: L3Br0n'S $0n !njur3d By th3 M@g!C P0T!0N (1 Min)

H!$ En3M!3$ (! Min)

K!W!: $uppL3M3Nt$ & J@m!e F0XXX (62 Min)

L3Br0N J@M3$'s S0n H@s C@rD!@C Arr3$T (3 Min)

Cr0WN 0f J3ru$@L3M Aw@rD: D0n@LD S@Y$ !$R@3L !n B!G Tr0ubL3 (5 Min)


Trozzi Report: 2023-07-25

The persecution of Dr Trozzi | Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson

Canadians and people everywhere have been coerced, poisoned, and cut-off from safe ethical healthcare as medical regulators like the CPSO are persecuting all doctors who maintained ethics through covid.

Last night, Canada's beloved Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson hosted this conversation with Dr Peter McCullough, constitutional lawyer Michael Alexander, and me. This was twelve days after Dr McCullough testified in the CPSO verses Trozzi "hearing" being ruled over by the CPSO. The proceedings were dramatic, the revelations were profound, and the implications are extensive. Everything is at stake in terms of our health, freedom, and survival. This is a Canadian story, but this is a global agenda. We are at the tip of the spear. Please get your weight behind the spear and help shove it through the heart of the criminal covid enterprise. Truth matters. Life is sacred. Human rights are non-negotiable.

On july 24, Canada’s beloved Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson hosted this conversation with Dr Peter McCullough, constitutional lawyer Michael Alexander, and me, Dr Mark Trozzi. This was twelve days after Dr McCullough testified in the CPSO verses Trozzi “hearing” being ruled over by the CPSO. The proceedings were dramatic, the revelations were profound, and the implications are extensive. Everything is at stake in terms of our health, freedom, and survival. This is a Canadian story, but this is a global agenda. We are at the tip of the spear. Please apply your weight to the spear and help shove it through the heart of the criminal covid enterprise. Truth matter. Life is sacred. Human rights are non-negotiable.

Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Mark Trozzi and attorney Michael Alexander join Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson to discuss the persecution of Dr. Mark Trozzi by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) Be sure to View this Interview!

[Dr Mark Trozzi]

Newsmax Ratings Jump After Tucker Leaves Fox News:

The prime-time viewership for Newsmax more than doubled in the second quarter as the news channel held on to a good portion of the gains it made after Tucker Carlson left Fox News, The Wall Street Journal is reporting.

"We definitely saw a dramatic increase after Tucker," said Christopher Ruddy, Newsmax CEO. "The departure obviously jolted a lot of his strong supporters."

In all, Newsmax attracted 247,000 prime-time viewers in the period through June 25 — a dramatic jump from 111,000 in the first quarter.

Newsmax viewership soared after Carlson's last show aired on Fox News on April 21. Newsmax had averaged 334,000 during the last week in April.

The Journal noted that Newsmax's average rating in the second quarter topped the period of the 2020 election when it had gained viewers as a result of Donald Trump supporters upset about the election results.

Fox News' ratings fell by 22% in the second quarter to about 1.7 million prime-time viewers.

Fox News declined to comment on the Journal story, which pointed out that Jesse Watters took over Carlson's 8 p.m. ET slot and averaged 2.3 million viewers in the first week starting July 17. The number is higher than the 1.6 million who turned in the week before Watters moved to the time slot, but lower than Carlson's viewership.

Immediately after Carlson's firing Fox News witnessed a collapse in ratingsespecially in its 8 p.m. ET prime-time slot.

For years Carlson owned this prime-time slot for Fox News, drawing an average of 3.2 million viewers a night.

Less than a week after Carlson was ousted, Fox News saw a catastrophic drop to just 1.3 million viewers — a 59% drop from Carlson’s average rating.

NEWSMAX is the fastest-growing cable news channel in America!

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[News Max Media]

We have been HOAXED:

Did Elon Musk Create CBD Gummies that 'Reverse Dementia'?

A Facebook ad claimed that Musk was experiencing media backlash over a new business announcement.


Twitter owner Elon Musk created a line of CBD gummies that can "reverse dementia," a move that sparked a lawsuit with Fox News



In April 2023, a rumor began to spread that claimed Twitter owner Elon Musk had revealed a new line of CBD gummies that could "reverse dementia." According to the story, Musk's gummy product sparked a "huge lawsuit" with Fox News.

However, none of this was true.

Musk was simply the latest famous person to have his image and likeness used by scammers without permission in an attempt to push miracle promises about CBD or keto gummies. He has nothing to do with any of these products.

While the answer here is a fairly simple "it's all fake," the massive reach of these gummy scams might surprise some readers.

Musk's 'New Business Announcement'

As of May 18, the scam was still making the rounds in at least one paid ad on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. The ad on a Facebook page named Aromathy read, "Media Backlash Over New Musk Business Announcement”. Elon Has a Response. “His New Business Venture Has Been Under Scrutiny by Media."

The ad led to a fake article on that was designed to fool readers into believing they were reading from the Fox News website.

Many of the Facebook users who commented on the ad believed that the post was a real news announcement. For example, one person commented, "MEDIA IS AGAINST ANYTHING THAT IS GOOD!! IGNORE THEM!" Some users also appeared to think that Musk made the post himself, with one person writing, "Don't pay attention to the media! So many are fake and biased! Be true to yourself! I trust you."

In other words, Fox News and Elon Musk may have been included together by scammers to target easily influenced users who have conservative political leanings and a distrust of mainstream news media.

'Elon Musk Reverses Dementia'

To create the fake Fox News article, scammers copied the logo and article layout from and replicated it on the website. Scammers have been doing this design-replication process with the logos and designs of multiple publishers for years.

The article began with the headline, "Elon Musk reverses dementia, solution sparks huge lawsuit pressure on Fox, he finally fights back on air."

The body of the fictional story was a template that scammers had used many times before about various TV personalities who had their own shows. However, in this case, the article didn't really make sense to be used with Musk since he didn't have a show.

The fake article began as follows:

(Fox) - In an Exclusive Interview, Elon Musk, a business magnate and investor, CEO of SpaceX, Tesla, Inc. and Twitter, Inc. reveals that the show will be ending after his latest business sparks tension with Martha MacCallum.

During a heated episode last week, Elon Musk made headlines after revealing his new CBD line on Live TV. Martha MacCallum was outraged saying she will be filing a lawsuit against Elon Musk and Fox for violating his contract and 'scaring-off' sponsors. Elon Musk responded with this:

"I know Martha is just coming after my timeslot. I am not giving in to 'Cancel Culture'. When I started this whole thing back in 2018, it really was just a part time passion project and a way for me to give back. After being given so much, I figured there was no better time to make Impact Garden CBD Gummies available to everyone, as it can help thousands of people experience life pain-free and live much happier lives."

His product, Impact Garden CBD Gummies, has been flying off the shelves within minutes and Elon Musk says his number one struggle as CEO is being able to keep up with demand. His CBD wellness line is 90% cheaper and five times more effective than those being offered by Bayer and other "Big Pharma" companies.

Marthan MacCallum was furious after seeing multiple sponsors sue Fox News Network. Martha is now calling for Elon Musk to be indicted, saying: "I am happy Elon Musk found something to replace prescriptions, but his announcement was a direct breach of contract. Fox News should sue him immediately and he should formally apologize."


Elon Musk eventually admitted that although Martha MacCallum is enraged, other Fox hosts has been supportive of him. Tucker Carlson even went on Live TV to say that: "Impact Garden CBD Gummies has completely changed my life and it's clear that MacCallum is attempting a Coup."

Again, this article was fictional. The story about Musk, CBD gummies that can "reverse dementia," Fox News, Martha MacCallum, and Tucker Carlson all never happened. (Vitality Labs CBD Gummies, Organicore CBD Gummies, and other product names were also mentioned.)

If You Were Scammed

For more information on CBD and keto gummies scams, we recommend a recent story about Ree Drummond, another celebrity whose image and likeness were also used by scammers to push these products.

If any readers were scammed and ordered any gummy products after being led to believe that Musk or other celebrities endorsed them, we recommend filing a report with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

We also advise readers to call their credit card company to dispute the charges. It may be a good idea to block future charges from the sellers in question or to get a new card number altogether, as many of these scams sign customers up to be charged subscription fees of hundreds of dollars per month.

Bear in mind that, while it is rare, scammers sometimes use the exact name or a similar name of a real CBD company without permission to push these sorts of scams. In those minority of cases, there's no evidence that the company had any involvement in the activity.

Stranger Things

We've received word from users in recent months who said that they were being charged for these sorts of gummy products despite having no recollection of ordering them. Some people who left messages for our reporters even said that along with having no memory of ordering the products, they also had no charges on their credit card, yet still received the products at their doorstep.

It's possible that some of these apparently unauthorized purchases occurred in the aftermath of what's known as card skimming. The FBI has said of the practice, "Skimming occurs when devices illegally installed on ATMs, point-of-sale (POS) terminals, or fuel pumps capture data or record cardholders' PINs. Criminals use the data to create fake debit or credit cards and then steal from victims' accounts. It is estimated that skimming costs financial institutions and consumers more than $1 billion each year."

We are continuing to look into various aspects of these CBD and keto scams, including something associated with purported "fulfillment center" P.O. Box addresses in Smyrna, Tennessee, and Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as some activity apparently occurring in Tampa, Florida.


[Patrick Bestall]

Joe Biden’s Doctor went pale as a ghost after seeing what happened to the President:

Questions are swirling around Joe Biden’s fitness for office. It’s getting harder to hide his obvious deterioration.

And Joe Biden’s doctor went pale as a ghost after seeing what happened to the president.

Joe Biden and his wife Jill have been fighting against the truth that Joe Biden isn’t what he once was.

At 80 years old, Biden is the oldest sitting president and will be the oldest to run if he seeks a second term.

Conservatives have noted his freefall in mental and physical faculties.

Whether it was calling out for the late Rep. Jackie Walorski during a speech a month after her death…

Or his ability to walk up the stairs of Air Force One, there is no doubt he’s struggling.

But he left no room for speculation after making a bizarre statement in a recent speech.

During a rambling address in Philadelphia meant to celebrate the release of his annual budget proposal — which includes key components of his re-election campaign platform — Biden referred to himself as “400” years old.

“As you can tell, I’ve only been around a few years — like 400,” Biden said jokingly after declaring he’d “never been more optimistic about America’s future than I am today.”

Biden is already the oldest president in history, but he is preparing for a rematch with Trump, who is 76.

If he serves his entire second term, he will be 86 years old.

“I had a big fight with the former president — and maybe future president,” Biden said, adding as the audience booed, “Bless me, Father.”

“The big fight you may remember going on was was our good friend, the former president, decided all the inspectors general … he fired them all.

“I said, ‘You shouldn’t do that.’ Well, guess what? Now we’re finding out there’s billions of [COVID-19 relief] dollars were stolen.”

During his 53-minute speech, Biden wandered off script several times, beginning with a shout-out to Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.), who has been hospitalized since Feb. 15 for mental depression after having enduring hearing impairments since a stroke last May.

“John, if you could hear this at all, we’re with you, pal,” Biden said.

The president, who last year pushed through a $369 billion package of environmental projects, including electric vehicle subsidies — after blocking the construction of oil pipelines and new drilling projects — also predicted that the United States’ reliance on oil as an energy source would end in the near future.

“We’re gonna still need oil for the next 10 to 15 years,” Biden said — giving a more specific timeframe than in last month’s State of the Union address to Congress, when he said that “we’re going to need oil for at least another decade.”

Biden spoke shortly after White House officials revealed his budget proposals, which called for $5.5 trillion in tax increases over ten years, primarily on the wealthy and corporations.

Yet, that proposal has no chance of succeeding in the Republican-controlled House.

Biden and House Republicans are at odds over expanding the nation’s borrowing ceiling later this year, with conservatives demanding spending cuts in exchange for agreeing to increase the national debt.

[The Federalist Wire Media]

Kristi Noem on Twitter:

"My thoughts on “Try that in a Small Town”…. @Jason_Aldean^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1681656212499079172|twgr^9e856511f25f3b36b4fa03766a2a88b125f809aa|twcon^s1_&ref_url=

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Gov. of South Dakota, Kristi Noem. She kept her State open and no mandates during the scamdemic.

SD fared better than any other State.

Smart. Beautiful. God fearing. The triple threat

[Fil Beorchie]

Fox News just stabbed its audience in the back with one shocking betrayal:

Fox News is already facing a massive viewership exodus.

Firing Tucker Carlson led to 30 percent of the network’s primetime audience jumping ship.

And now Fox News just stabbed its audience in the back with one shocking betrayal.

Fox News bills itself as the voice of traditional America and bulwark against the woke Left.

But behind the scenes Fox News is taking the money it rakes in from cable subscriber fees and funds left-wing organizations like the Satanic Temple, the Trevor Project, and Planned Parenthood.

The Blaze reports whistleblowers came forward to reveal that Fox News subsidizes these left-wing groups through the “Fox Giving” app, which facilitates donations by Fox matching all contributions up to $1,000 to approved groups through the Benevity platform.

“While on its face, this appears to be little more than an attempt at corporate beneficence, the company is willing to match donations to the Satanic Temple, the Trevor Project, Planned Parenthood (and local Planned Parenthood branches), and the Southern Poverty Law Center – radical leftist groups antipathetic to conservatives and the values they hold most dear,” The Blaze reports.

The Satanic Temple supports killing unborn children, Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion mill in America, the Trevor Project promotes transgenderism to children and the Southern Poverty Law Center is a group that incited terrorism against conservatives by falsely labeling groups that support traditional values as hate groups.

One of the whistleblowers walked director of programming at Blaze Media Rikki Ratliff-Fellman through the process of logging in to the Fox Giving app and having the network match a donation to a radical left-wing political organization.

“I watched this source physically log in to their company portal at to confirm the giving app and to see some of the questionable charities and the donation match option for myself to verify nothing was photoshopped,” Ratliff-Fellman stated.

Those working inside Fox News are furious about the network’s hypocrisy.

“Fox pretends to care about Christians, but some of the stuff they push internally suggests otherwise. Glory holes, trans surgeries for kids, and potential donations to Satan are a huge slap in the face to every Christian at the company, and we resent it,” a current employee told The Blaze. “It offends me personally that this company acts like they support Christians and yet they’re literally willing to match $1,000 donation to the Satanic Temple.”

Fox will match donations to the Satanic Temple but will not match “donations made to organizations that are private and non-operating, or political, religious, or fraternal in nature,” which means private Christian groups are off limits.

Fox News viewership problems are not going away any time soon.

A large segment of its audience sees that behind the scenes management secretly hates the viewers it tries to cultivate.

[Patriot Pluss Media]


· Trump Gets Game-Changing News Right Before ‘24 Primaries

· Supreme Court Gives Trump HUGE Win - Case Has Been THROWN OUT

IN DEPTH:1. WH Press Sec Has Most Absurd Response When Asked About Biden Going After Home Appliances 43 seconds ago 2. Trump Gets Game-Changing News Right Before ‘24 Primaries New 3. BREAKING: DeSantis Involved In Horrifying Accident On Way To Campaign Event New 4. Supreme Court Gives Trump HUGE Win – Case Has Been THROWN OUT New 5. Spotify to Hike Prices for Premium Subscribers for First Time Ever 1 hour ago 6. AMC CEO Warns Company Could Run Out of Cash in Two Years If Not Allowed to Raise Money Through Stock Conversion 1 hour ago 7. 2x Boosted Dick Durban Announces He’s Tested Positive for COVID for Third Time in a Year 1 hour ago 8. Biden Admin Sued Over Alleged Harms of Biofuel Production 1 hour ago 9. Millions of Dollars in State Dept “Pet Projects” Under the Microscope 1 hour ago 10. Texas Governor Says He Will Defy Federal Agency’s Request to Remove Floating Barriers 1 hour ago 11. Speaker Mccarthy Says Biden Family Business Dealings “Rising To Level Of Impeachment Inquiry” 1 hour ago 12. Close Associate of Biden Family Worked With David Weiss When Inquiry Began 2 hours ago 13. Putin Signs Legislation Outlawing Trans Procedures 2 hours ago 14. Ex-Hunter Business Partner Devon Archer to Sit for Transcribed Interview Next Week 2 hours ago 15. “Rise of Fascism” Blamed by Researchers for Students’ Sarcastic and Mocking Responses to Their Woke Survey 2 hours ago 16. Greta Thunberg Fined by Swedish Court After Being Found Guilty of Disobeying Police Orders 2 hours ago 17. Insane “The View” Hosts Argue “All White People Continue to Reap the Benefits” of Slavery 2 hours ago 18. Robert Shiller Predicts Decade-Long Rally in U.S. Home Prices Is Coming to an End 2 hours ago 19. FedEx Pilots Reject Tentative Deal 2 hours ago 20. House Republicans Call on Senate to Pass Energy Bill and Revive American Mining 2 hours ago 21. There Is More Evidence To Impeach Biden Over Ukraine Than There Ever Was For Trump 2 hours ago 22. Biden State Dept Misses “Disinfo” Docs Deadline 2 hours ago 23. Does China Want a Mach 30 Space Attack Drone? 2 hours ago 24. Stephen Moore: Much of the Hot Air Is Coming From Washington 2 hours ago 25. Hungarian President Viktor Orban: World Heading for a Clash Due to U.S. Decline 2 hours ago 26. Hunter Biden’s Art Buyers Revealed — And There’s 1 Name That Should Raise Eyebrows 3 hours ago 27. Biden Admin Considers Dropping China Sanctions in Exchange for Cooperating to Fight Fentanyl Crisis 3 hours ago 28. Security for Jack Smith in Trump Cases Has Cost Taxpayers $2 Million So Far 3 hours ago 29. Standing With the Oppressed: AOC Pickets With Striking Multi-Millionaire Hollywood Actors 3 hours ago 30. Disability Claims Are Increasing at a Record Pace Under Biden 3 hours ago 31. FTC’s Khan Doubles Down on Banning Non-Compete Agreements, Fighting Junk Fees 3 hours ago 32. U.S. Army Hopes AI Will Provide Troops With an Information Advantage 3 hours ago 33. Brazil’s President Lula Limits Gun Rights by Decree, Pushes for a “Disarmed Country” 3 hours ago 34. Report: Mystery buyer scoops up $875,000 of Hunter Biden’s art 5 hours ago 35. Biden issues rules to put mental health care on the same level as medical services 5 hours ago 36. Jason Aldean’s ‘Try That in a Small Town’ rockets to No. 2 on Billboard Hot 100 5 hours ago 37. School Board That Recently Flipped Conservative Revokes ‘Anti-Racism’ Policy 5 hours ago 38. Crowd Cheers as Country Star Defends Jason Aldean During Concert: ‘Keep It Up, Brother’ 6 hours ago 39. Jeff Bezos’ WaPo Set to Lose $100M This Year – 40% of $250M He Paid for 10 hours ago 40. Hunter Biden Put Then-VP Dad on Phone in at Least 2 Dozen Calls to Overseas Biz Associates: Ex-Partner 13 hours ago 41. Trump Hints at What He Might Do Instead of Attending Fox News’ First GOP Presidential Debate 13 hours ago 42. Tom Brady Sends Bold Message After US Team Disrespects National Anthem 16 hours ago 43. Obamas’ Personal Chef Drowns Near Their Martha’s Vineyard Home 16 hours ago 44. Oppenheimer: Was Dropping Atomic Bombs on Japan Necessary? 16 hours ago 45. New App Lets You See Just How Left-Wing Products Are as You Grocery Shop 17 hours ago 46. Trump Shows Absolute Domination in Latest Harvard Poll: Beats Biden by 5, DeSantis by 40 18 hours ago 47. Watters Levels Liberal Co-Host: ‘I’m About To Smack You!’ 18 hours ago 48. Missing Paddle Boarder’s Body Pulled From Martha’s Vineyard Pond Next to Obama’s Home 19 hours ago 49. Joe Biden Participated in at Least 24 Calls With Hunter’s Overseas Business Partners 19 hours ago 50. 911 Called from Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard Estate as Tragedy Strikes in the Water Behind It: Report 19 hours ago 51. Disgraced US Doctor Ran Hospital Unit Like Jail, Patients Say They Were Kept Prisoner as He Scammed Medicaid 20 hours ago 52. Trump Loses It on Senate Republicans for Failure to Act 21 hours ago 53. Jim Jordan Drops Atom Bomb LIVE On FOX – ‘Important Final Stage’ 21 hours ago 54. Joe Rogan has Reportedly Been Turning Down Requests to Have Trump on His Show 21 hours ago 55. IRS Claims They’ll “End Most” Unannounced Visits to Taxpayers’ Homes 21 hours ago 56. Former Kmart in Portland Becomes Homeless Squat, Burns Down 21 hours ago 57. Sec. of State Blinken: U.S. Not Currently Discussing Nuclear Agreement With Iran 21 hours ago 58. Prosecutors Say FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried Is Harassing a Key Witness at His Upcoming Trial 21 hours ago 59. American Woman ‘Sassy Trucker’ Being Held in Dubai, Accused of Violating Behavior Laws by Screaming at Car Rental Worker 22 hours ago 60. 2024 Stunner! Liz Cheney Makes Insane Move 22 hours ago

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!


General Summary


Global Economic Crisis Looming!,

Benjamin Fulford

  • · Prepare for an unprecedented upheaval as the world faces a looming crisis of inflation, with the United States at the center stage. Get ready for an impending collision that will have catastrophic consequences, as the complex interplay between Covid-19, Fauci, CDC, NIH, NIAIH, WHO (under the influence of Gates), gain-of-function experiments, and the shadowy forces of Rothschilds and Rockefellers are about to be fully revealed.

  • · But that’s not all! Brace yourself for mind-boggling revelations as the plot of a stolen election unravels right before your eyes. Unveil the covert operations of the elusive C_a, the manipulative tactics of Facebook, Google, and other tech giants, and the sinister agenda that has ensnared the world in its grip.

  • · It is time to embrace the truth, my fellow seekers of truth, and spread vital information far and wide. The destiny of our nation, our freedoms, and our future lies in our hands. Patriots, come together in this battle for truth and justice!

  • · Raise the alarm! Let your voice resound! The time for awakening is NOW!

Restored Republic:

  • · JFK Jr. Private on Telegram. “I have known Donald J. Trump since I have known myself. Trump has been my friend for a long time. However, I didn’t expect that he would help me as much as he did. Trump warned me about the government and told me the government’s plans. He helped me get away. He helped me stay alive for so many years. Trump saved my life. Everything will be exposed on Fri. 4 Aug.”

  • · Sometime soon the Supreme Court would announce their decision on the Brunson Case and another 2020 Voter Fraud case before the Court. That decision was likely to reverse the 2020 Election due to massive Election Fraud. Such would then dissolve the Biden Administration and all of Congress and likely be accompanied by activation of the Emergency Broadcast System where the Military would take over for a short period of time until new elections could be held.

  • · Aug. 2023: Exposure, Arrests of Major Satanic Child Sacrifice and Pedophile Groups.

  • · Med Bed appointments could be made sometime soon.

  • · When Trump’s presidency ended, JFK Jr. would come in as President, while Trump would be elevated to Global Financial Ambassador to make the GESARA changes around the Globe according to Bruce.

  • · Fall 2023 Massive protests and riots were forecasted to shake Canada’s core, ushering in a winter of discontent in the latter part of 2023 and early 2024.

  • · 2026: U.S. (public) Tribunals slated for 2026 would coincide with Canadian Tribunals and World Tribunals that would connect everything from Deep State Human Trafficking, to World Plandemic Deep State Operations, to creation of the Virus.

  • · “Even this nation will be on the verge of crumbling to pieces and tumbling to the ground and when the Constitution is on the brink of ruin, this people will be the staff upon which the nation shall lean and they shall bear the Constitution away from the very verge of destruction.” …Joseph Smith, March 10 1844, from Archives of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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