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Wednesday 8-17-22

Summary as I am able:

8-17-22 Wednesday

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💥God’s WORD for TODAY!

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

Revelation 21:4 KJV

… according as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue:

2 Peter 1:3 KJV

Blessed be the Lord, Who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah.

Psalm 68:19 KJV

‘Teatime’ Episode 46: Canada’s Uprising with James Topp + Pastor Art Pawlowski

James Topp and Arthur Pawlowsi, today’s guests on “Tea Time,” are not letting tyranny hold them back from physical, emotional, and mental exertion for the sake of freedom and truth.

1. First, James joins in from the road as he continues his miles and miles of walking to bring advocacy to the people of the country.

2. Then, Pastor Pawlowski describes his ongoing fight with the government and his decision to run for office and make change. This is an episode that viewers won’t want to miss!


[Dr. Reid]·

Apple Just Fired an Economic Warning Shot:

Apple (AAPL) is making moves behind the scenes to prepare for a downturn...

Bloomberg reported last week that the tech giant plans to freeze hiring in some divisions while remaining cautious on spending through next year.

And the thing is, Apple isn't alone...

In recent weeks, many companies have started to tighten their belts.

For example, in late June, Meta Platforms (META) founder Mark Zuckerberg bluntly said during a Q&A session...

"Realistically, there are probably a bunch of people at the company who shouldn't be here... [And] I think some of you might decide that this place isn't for you, and that self-selection is OK with me."

Now, we're talking about two of the world's largest companies by market cap.

If Apple trims its expenses, the stocks of companies related to those expenses will likely start to fall.

And the company's hiring freeze could slow down consumer spending across the board. After all, unemployed people tend to spend less.

Investors are hunkering down, too... that's clear on Apple's price chart.

I sounded a warning about Apple a couple months ago. And sure enough, after the latest news, the next phase of this breakdown is already playing out.

If you have any serious assets in the market, there is ONE critical step you must take now...

A man who predicted the 2020 crash and famously called the overnight collapse of Priceline on CNBC has been sharing a public warning with the full details...

Including how to predict which stocks could soon plummet next, and which could boom in the coming recession.

[Pete Carmasino] [Chief Market Strategist, Chaikin Analytics]


Biden Finally Caught in Afghanistan ScandalHere’s The Proof

A new report from House Republicans has formally accused President Joe Biden of knowingly misleadingAmericans about the reasons for the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The 100-page report found that “none of these claims were accurate, and worse, President Biden was likely aware they were not accurate when he made his case to the American people.”

Many Americans were aware that the President wasn’t being 100% clear with the nation. That feeling only grew after the evacuation took a disastrous turn and the Taliban seized the country in a matter of weeks.

Worse yet, a deadly terrorist attack at the evacuation in Kabul left 170 civilians dead and 13 U.S. service members dead.

The report stated, “The [Biden] administration repeatedly delayed critical action that was necessary to mitigate the likely consequences of the decision. The result of their inaction was a chaotic Non-combatant Evacuation Operation where 13 U.S. servicemembers lost their lives. [Daily Conservative]

Lisa LaFlamme Fired:

Lisa LaFlamme, chief anchor of CTV National News, was unceremoniously and clumsily firedbecause she pushed back against one Bell Media executive, say several sources with firsthand knowledge of the situation.

Michael Melling, vice president of news at Bell Media, is responsible for ousting LaFlamme, multiple sources tell Canadaland.

Melling did not immediately respond to emails requesting comment.

One high-level CTV National News source provided Canadaland with a thorough account of today’s events, aspects of which were corroborated by other sources.

CTV National News staff found out about LaFlamme’s exit at the same time as the public, stunning CTV team members who were spoken with for this story.

LaFlamme clashed with Melling on two key issues:

· one, as previously reported by The Toronto Star, was a dispute about the size of the budget CTV News had dedicated to coverage of the Ukraine war LaFlamme wanted more resources than Melling wished to provide.

· In another instance, LaFlamme stood up for her executive producer Rosa Hwang when Melling tried to shuffle her off of the CTV National News broadcast and into a role at their local Toronto news channel, CP24.

But the issues that CTV journalists have with Melling run deeper. “He’s a company man,” says the high-level CTV source. “He does not stand up for the journalists…He doesn’t like it when women push back, and he brags about how he’s destroyed careers of anyone who dares push back.”

Melling also allegedly interfered with CTV’s news coverage, breaking a promise Bell Media made after a prior incursion from an executive into the newsroom.

In April of 2015, Bell Media’s then-president and CEO George Cope ousted Bell Media president Kevin Crull for interfering in CTV News coverage, and vowed that “the independence of Bell Media’s news operations is of paramount importance to our company and to all Canadians. There can be no doubt that Bell will always uphold the journalistic standards that have made CTV the most trusted brand in Canadian news.”

Our high-level source at CTV National News alleges that Melling broke this vow today, when he seized control of the newsroom to shape its coverage of LaFlamme’s ousting.

Melling determined the copy that went into the show about LaFlamme’s departure,” they tell Canadaland.

Also, “he wanted a talkback with Omar (Sachedina),” LaFlamme’s replacement.

However, the newsroom resisted this directive, feeling that it would be inappropriate and disloyal to LaFlamme for CTV to include a segment with her replacement while denying her the opportunity to address her viewers.

Melling conceded the point, Canadaland is told.

Finally, our high-level source questions the official reason Bell Media gave LaFlamme for firing her. [News Brief]

[Patrick Bestall]

This Food is for the Birds:

Be careful of what your liberal friends serve. Soon these products will show up in schools I bet.

Major companies are quietly adding insects to their food products, implementing a goal established by the World Economic Forum that seeks to have humans eat bugs as one of its purported keys to a sustainable planet.

On Sunday, carnivore diet guru Dr. Shawn Bakertweeted a photo of a bag of cheddar cheese puffs, only instead of being made of corn meal these snack foods were chock-full of insect protein.

See pictures following: [Patrick Bestall]

Discovering Racism in the Schools:

I didn't realize our Teacher's Unions were racist and needed equity training and mandates just like in the States.

Teaching Nomad isn’t an outlier. Teach Away, a competitor in Toronto, has worked with local recruiters and partner schools in China that categorize candidates by race: A 2019 spreadsheet seen by Bloomberg had a column labeled “skin color”—with A for Black, C for White, and B for the rest. Teach Away said in an email that since August 2018, it’s required all clients to accept a school diversity pledge and that schools which don’t follow best practices on diversity and inclusion risk having their contract canceled.

SO MUCH WINNING! Another RINO’s Career is Over After Betting Against President Trump

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -U.S. Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington state on Tuesday conceded defeat in her Aug. 2 open primary to fellow Republican Joe Kent, a candidate endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

Kent, a former Green Beret, will advance to the general election on Nov. 8 for the congressional seat.

Herrera Beutler was one of 10 House Republicans to vote for Trump's 2021 impeachment.

"I'm proud that I always told the truth, stuck to my principles, and did what I knew to be best for our country," Herrera Beutler said in a statement.

Kent will face Democrat Marie Gluesenkamp Perez in the November election.

With 99% of the estimated voted tallied, Gluesenkamp Perez placed first with about 31.1% of the vote, Kent has 22.7% and Herrera Beutler has 22.3%.

(Reporting by Moira Warburton and Jason Lange in Washington, editing by Ross Colvin and Alistair Bell) [Patrick Bestall]

[Family Survival Headlines]

Globe & Mail:

Morning Update:

Quebec Cardinal Marc Ouellet accused of sexual assault in class-action lawsuit:

A prominent Vatican cardinal from Quebec, long considered a top candidate for the papacy, is one of dozens of clergy members facing allegations of sexual assault as part of a class-action lawsuit against his former diocese.

The cardinal, Marc Ouellet, a former archbishop of Quebec City and a member of Pope Francis’s inner circle, is accused of inappropriately massaging and touching a woman’s lower back over the course of several public events between August, 2008, and February, 2010. She was an intern at the time, serving as a pastoral agent in the diocese.

Her allegations are contained in a statement of claim made public Tuesday as part of the class-action lawsuit. The plaintiffs allege that at least 85 members of the Quebec City diocese committed sexual assaults from the 1940s onward against more than 100 victims, most of whom say they were minors when the attacks took place. The allegations have not been tested in court.

Must-See Video:

Anne Heche Fights to Escape Body Bag After Suspicious Crash

They killed her. She was in an upcoming movie with Alex Baldwin. She had a pink dot on her driver's license. They immediately wanted to chop her up and use her organs. She was in a lesbian relationship with Ellen Degenerate. Watch the movie "Coma" with Michael Douglas. This is very disturbing to see that she was actually trying to get out of there. But it was too late. Was she chased? Is that why they claim she was totally drunk? Granted women can't drive very well anyways, but the way they deal with people these days... how they have killed so many people due to Covid, which also, were chopped up and used for organ transplants (usually overseas or on the black market). [Free World News]

Will Catastrophic Crop Losses In 2022 Lead to Unprecedented Shortages In 2023?

Crops are failing all over the globe this summer, but most people don't even know that this is happening because the big television news channels aren't talking much about it. Instead, they remain intensely focused on politics day after day.

Without a doubt, the political realm is important, but there should also be plenty of time to discuss a raging global crisis which is going to deeply affect all of us. The food that is not being grown this year is not going to be on our plates next year, but the vast majority of the population doesn't understand this. They see plenty of food in the stores now and they just assume that everything is going to be okay.

Unfortunately, everything is not going to be okay. Over in the UK, a major British news source is warning of "widespread crop failures across England"...

Experts have warned of widespread crop failures across England, as charities and farmers criticized water companies for dithering over hosepipe bans despite drought being declared across much of the country.

So, what sort of losses are we talking about?

Well, it is now being projected that losses could reach up to 50 percent for a wide variety of crops...

Half of the potato crop is expected to fail as it cannot be irrigated, and even crops that are usually drought-tolerant, such as maize, have been failing. The group was told "irrigation options are diminishing with reservoirs being emptied fast", and losses of 10-50% are expected for crops including carrots, onions, sugar beet, apples and hops. Milk production is also down nationally because of a lack of food for cows, and wildfires are putting large areas of farmland at risk.

The British are assuming that they will just get enough food to feed their population from someone else.

But that is what everyone else is assuming too. [Prophecy News Watch]

Canada is Killing Disabled People:

Tristin Hopper wrote an insightful article that was published in the National Post on August 15 titled: Canada is getting comfortable with killing its disabled.

Hopper focuses on several stories concerning people with disabilities who have been pressured to die or have died by euthanasia. Many of these people have disabilities and were also living in poverty. Hopper writes about Roger Foley of London, Ontario, who did not ask for euthanasia but was urged to ask for it. Hopper writes:

This week, a feature by the Associated Press quoted secretly recorded audio from a London, Ont. hospital that appeared to show a medical ethicist raising the subject of euthanasia with a disabled patient, Roger Foley, after reminding him that he was costing the system “north of $1,500 a day.” Foley told the AP that he had never previously expressed a desire for medically assisted death, and began recording the staff after they kept mentioning it to see if he had “an interest.”

There are people with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) who were approved for euthanasia because they couldn't afford a clean place to live. Hopper writes:

There was “Sophia,” a 51-year-old Toronto woman with severe chemical sensitivities who took MAID after she was unable to find an affordable home free of the smell of smoke or chemical cleaners. “Denise,” a 31-year-old Toronto woman, similarly pursued euthanasia as a result of what she called “abject poverty” preventing her from securing appropriate accommodation for a variety of chronic conditions.

View this Article for many EXAMPLES! Here:

David YEO:

DOC Mocks* Now DEAD (1 Min)

Germany: Excess DEATHS +16% (11 Min)

16 Experts of Trudeau did Not Support the JAB f/ AIR Travel (2 Min)


BUS VAXX-ident? **Crashes into House (2 Min)

0ntario Doc takes Stand against CPSO f/ His Health Approach (11 Min)

CARTOON: LITTLE Demons (2 Min)

Kr!$$ $k!!: Bru+@lly fr@nk on T@mara & m0r3 (47 Min)

$h@K!ng: An AnG3L R!d3$ !n th# wh!rlw!nd & D!r3c+$ Th!$ $T0rm (35 Min)

Luther & the Ethiopian Church:

Forgotten Church History

David Daniels has suggested that the Ethiopian Church has had a stronger impact on the Reformation than most scholars acknowledge. For Martin Luther, who spearheaded the Reformation, Daniels says "the Ethiopian Church conferred legitimacy on Luther's emerging Protestant vision of a church outside the authority of the Roman Catholic papacy" as it was "an ancient church with direct ties to the apostles".[23] According to Daniels, Martin Luther saw that the Ethiopian Orthodox Church practiced elements of faith including "communion in both kind, vernacular Scriptures, and married clergy" and these practices became customary in the Lutheran churches. The Ethiopian church also rejected papal supremacy, purgatory and indulgences, which the Lutherans disagreed with, and thus for Luther, the Ethiopian church was the "true forerunner of Protestantism".[23] Luther believed that the Ethiopian church kept true apostolic practices which the Lutherans would adopt through reading the scriptures.[24]

In 1534, a cleric of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Michael the Deacon, met with Martin Luther and affirmed the Augsburg Confession as a "good creed".[25][23] In addition, Martin Luther stated that the Lutheran Mass agreed with that used by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.[23] As a result, the Lutheran churches extended fellowship with the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.[23][26]

[Patrick Bestall]

The Destruction of Everything Considered Normal Has Created Division, Hate, Instability, and Chaos:

The Marxist position concerning the social nature of man as opposed to the individual is fatally flawed if decency, respect, morality, and freedom are sought, regardless of the lie that Communism is for the benefit of the people. Once the individual is sacrificed and is forced to conform to the wishes of society, any system of decency breaks down. In other words, rule based on the majority position, and administered or “made to coincide with the interest (so-called) of humanity,” that referred to as the group called society, necessitates force and aggression from either societal or state enforcement, and therefore negates all that is right.

Read this in your browser at Wednesday, August 17th, 2022

Robert W Malone MD, MS

Douglas Young

The HighWire

Jon Rappoport

Steve Kirsch

Nick Giambruno

Bionic Mosquito

Douglas French

Jeff Thomas

John O'Looney

Dr. Joseph Mercola [Lew Rockwell]

Just under 1,000 people a day moved to Florida last year:


Do these people see more FREEDOM there in FLORIDA than the State that they moved from?

The Sunshine State is hot, and not only the weather, but also as an attractive destination for people relocating. According to the state’s Office of Economic and Demographic Research, an estimated 329,717 new residents settled in Florida between April 2020 and April 2021.

The website reported that Florida was the No. 1 destination for relocating Americans in 2020. The website used internal metrics, U.S. Census Bureau data, and a Pollfish survey of 700 U.S. adults to determine each state’s popularity.

And according to U-Haul, the state was the third most popular place to move during Covid, based on migration stats compiled from more than two million customer transactions. [Patrick Bestall]


My loyal patriots, you have been patient and stayed with us for the months that it has taken to solidify our action plan. As we have said

in other emails, our goal was to collect critical mass, our last tour across Canada will do just that. We will be meeting with provincial leaders, who now have the full plan in their hands and are securing their supporters for our day of

action. We are very happy at this time to reveal to you the entire plan in full detail. On Friday, September 9th a convoy will come out of the East and assemble at a designated point in Manitoba, on the same day a convoy

will come out of the West and assemble at a designated point in Alberta. On the morning of Sunday, September 11th these two convoys, East and West, will converge on the RCMP Training Depot in Regina,

Saskatchewan. On this same day, simultaneously across every town, city, and province of Canada, at noon Central Time, organized

groups of freedom fighters will descend upon their local RCMP and local Police Stations for a peaceful stand for justice. We have chosen this day of 911 as a symbol to our action. Canada is in trouble, it has been infiltrated and now terrorized by a foreign

entity known as the WEF. This has forced us, as Canadian patriots, to stand and take immediate action, we are calling 911 in the hopes

that our Canadian dedicated men and women of law enforcement will come to our aid. We will peacefully request that they will honour

their oath to uphold the law, and we wish for the arrest of those who are responsible for attrocities to the Canadian people. This action

will be taking place across the entire country. It will be coordinated by group leaders, who have been working hard with me over the

past few months dedicated to seeing an end to this tyranny. To keep our action congruent, we will all have the same information package full of evidence, affidavits, and testimonies, to deliver to

the commanding officers of each detachment. If you intend to put a group together for your local law enforcement movement, send

us an email and we will get you on the list for the information package. These packages will be out near the end of August.

I realize there has been so much push back in social media on myself and the thought that my intentions were violent. Many months

ago, I did a speech in Hundred Mile House in front of a log cabin. It was tapped, put onto social media and went viral.It hinted to the

fact that I would be causing an aggressive movement against the so-called leaders of this country. Although now I do regret the

content of that speech, it was the turning point that woke up so many to see that there was a problem brewing. In direct relation to

that video I was contacted by several key people in Canada and the USA that in turn became the very support needed for the peaceful

action we are taking now. At this time, I want to make it perfectly clear to all who are reading this, we have one chance. It is up to you to spread the word to all freedom fighters that on September 11th, we will have one opportunity as a nation, to stand for our freedom and the futures of our children.

We leave it up to you to find the leaders in your area and register yourselves for this event. If you wish to be a part of the convoys to Regina, send your name and phone number and we will connect you with convoy leaders. Evil can only win if good men and women stand by and do nothing. There are no second chances here, there are no do-overs, no dress rehearsals, there is only one chance to get this right. If Canada does not stand united on 911 our country and our children's futures will be lost. United we stand for freedom . . . United we stand in peace. [Marcus Ray]


REGINA – A man leading a group that planned a peaceful protest at the RCMP Training Depot in Regina – and every police station across Canada – on Sept. 11 has stepped down from the leadership role.

“I’ve decided to step aside,”Marcus Ray told in a phone interview late Wednesday.

Ray said other freedom activists and groups have chosen to “crucify” him on social media and it’s hurting the movement.

“What they are doing is going against the team that has been working so hard,” he said. “They’ve chosen to single me out. And they’re lying. They’re lying. There’s nothing I can do. I can’t do anything about the lies.”

The groups have attacked Ray personally. [Marcus Ray]

"Stop the Shots!" - 42 Doctors in 9 minutes:

2022-08-17 "Stop the Shots!" - 42 Doctors in 9 minutes May this video help us to wake up more innocent people, save more lives, and restore justice

The days when there were just a few of us speaking out has passed. There is a massive swell of honest scientists and medical doctors across Canada and the world, who are telling the truth and fighting to stop the injections. For instance, here are 42 covid-truth-telling MD's and PhD's presented in just 9 minutes. May this video help us to wake up more innocent people, save more lives, and restore justice. [Dr Mark Trozzi]

Trump: FBI Raid 'Grabbed Everything' Like a 'Common Criminal':

The Department of Justice has returned former President Donald Trump's passports, but only after they "grabbed everything" while raiding his Mar-a-Lago home last week like a "common criminal," Trump wrote Tuesday evening.

"The DOJ and FBI just returned my passports," Trump wrote on Truth Social. "Thank you!"

"Unfortunately, when they raided my home, Mar-a-Lago, 8 days ago, they just opened their arms and grabbed everything in sight, much as a common criminal would do," Trump's statement continued. "This shouldn’t happen in America!"

Trump first raised the issue of his passports being "stolen" from his home Monday night, and NBC News' Norah O'Donnell tweeted a claim to the contrary which would ultimately prove misleading.

"NEW:According to a DOJ official, the FBI is NOT in possession of former President Trump's passports," she tweeted. "Trump had accused the FBI of stealing his three passports during the search of his Mar-a-Lago home."

After O'Donnell's tweet, Republicans and defenders of the former president noted her tweet "not in possession" missed the real news that the FBI or DOJ did indeed seize three Trump passports as he claimed.

"This is how Fake News works, folks," wrote Taylor Budowich, Trump's Save America PAC director of communications, in a tweet linked to a redacted email from a DOJ official acknowledging the seizure of the passports. "Biden admin actively feeds half-truths and lies that the media willingly amplifies — advancing a partisan narrative to attack Trump. @NorahODonnell, did your 'source' read you this email? Did you bother asking if they indeed seized the passports?" [News Max]

Rasmussen Poll: 36 Percent Have Favorable View of AG Garland:

Forty-two percent of likely voters have an unfavorable view of Attorney General Merrick Garland, according to a new poll by Rasmussen Reports.

The figure is up from the 39% who said they had an unfavorable opinion of him in an October poll.

The poll was taken after the FBI raided the South Florida estate of former President Donald Trump.

The poll shed light on how voters felt about the attorney general across party lines:

· 36% say they have a favorable impression of Garland — up from the 30% who viewed him favorably in October.

· 22% of Republicans view him favorably, compared to 60% who have an unfavorable opinion of him.

· 59% of Democrats have a favorable opinion of Garland, while 23% see him unfavorably.

· 26% of independents view him favorably, compared to 48% who have an unfavorable opinion of him.

· 26% of all those polled say he is better than previous attorneys general. But 38% say he is worse than those who held the post before him.

The survey, conducted Aug. 11-14, polled 1,000 likely voters. The margin of error is plus or minus 2 percentage points.

Related Stories:



The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Mainstream media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Much of the content of this BLOG is re-printed Material. Consider, do your own research, and make up your own mind.


Here is what is circulating on the Inter-Net:

Current Suppositions:

The following is Rumour… make up your own mind:

News for Tues. 16 Aug. 2022:

· Space Force Takes Over All Military Satellite Communications: The Army has also transferred roughly $78 million of its budget to the Space Force for 2022 to help expand the service’s infrastructure.

· What Elon Musk has exposed is that Twitter is not a real company – it’s a global censorship operation.

· According to Jim Jordan, 14 FBI WHISTLEBLOWERS HAVE NOW COME FORWARD – ‘There are lots of good people in the FBI, It’s the top that is the problem.

· Rand Paul Moves to Pull Rug Out from Under DOJ, Leave Them with Nothing Usable from Mar-a-Lago Raid:

· Evidence confirms that TWA Flight 800 was shot down by the U.S. military, followed by a massive coordinated cover-up – DC Clothesline:

The Plan is already in motion and assets are in place.

Trump confirmed and released the plan. If you ever wanted to really help the mission – this is your chance. Highly classified information has been posted directly by the Trump Team on this 3 channels. If you want to help, join and share these channels with everyone. Learn to discern the truth from the lies and read between the lines. 3 Days. If you are one of us you will know.

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