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Wednesday... Half-way through the Week!

Wednesday 5-29-24


Verses for today:


Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, And a light unto my path.

Psalm 119:105 KJV


Heaviness in the heart of man maketh it stoop: But a good word maketh it glad.

Proverbs 12:25 KJV


For I have satiated the weary soul, and I have replenished every sorrowful soul.

Jeremiah 31:25 KJV



Trading Post Newsletter for 1st June:

Something different.  No hall meeting. 

First Saturday in June (that's this Saturday) we're holding an ALL-DAY GARAGE & YARD SALE 8 am to 5 pm in the east end of London at 11 Bonaventure Dr. (near Trafalgar & Veteran's Memorial Parkway)


Trading Post members can use TP$ credits for partial payment (bring your card).  

Bring your own table and chair if you also want to barter or sell for cash.


We hope to see you all there... Lord Willing!

Don & Patrick


New Attack on Russian Early Warning Radar, More:

That, I think has to be the big story:

Glenn Diesen @Glenn_Diesen 


In another likely US-led attack, a second Russian early warning radar has been hit that warns if Russia is under nuclear attack.

- Russia's nuclear doctrine permits the use of nuclear weapons when its existence is threatened

KYIV, May 27 (Reuters) - A Ukrainian drone targeted a long-range radar deep inside Russia on Sunday, the second such strike in a week on infrastructure used by Moscow to monitor Ukraine's military activities, a Kyiv intelligence source said.

The source said the strike was aimed at a "Voronezh M" radar near the city of Orsk in the Orenburg region some 1,500 km from the closest territory held by Kyiv's forces.

The source, who declined to be named, did not say if there was any damage, ...

There was no immediate comment from Moscow on the matter, although Russia's Izvestia newspaper and other media outlets reported that a drone had come down in the Orenburg region on Sunday and that no civilian infrastructure had been hit.

The Kyiv source also confirmed reports of an earlier Ukrainian drone attack on a "Voronezh-DM" radar in southern Krasnodar region on May 22.

10:30 AM · May 28, 2024

This is very provocative stuff—clearly the US is seeking to either elicit a major response from Russia or, possibly, to bluff Russia into giving up its long term aims. I’d be surprised if Russia takes the bait either way. Russia recognized long ago that they’re in a war with NATO and has been preparing for it.

To judge just how provocative this is, watch this 7 minute video—it’s excellent but, unfortunately, I can’t embed Rumble videos. In objective terms, as Chas Freeman put it today, the US is attempting to degrade Russia’s defenses against a nuclear attack by the US:

Brace yourselves! Regarding Reuters reporting that “There was no immediate comment from Moscow on the matter …” Freeman stated:

CF: I had a friend in the Chinese people's Liberation Army who had the temerity to ask [his leadership]--China has a no first use policy on nuclear weapons; they won't use them against a non-nuclear power and they they won't use them unless they themselves are under nuclear attack--and my friend asked this question. He said, 'Now that the United States has precision guided munitions and it can attack our nuclear deterrent with conventional warheads, what's the difference between that and a nuclear attack? If the Americans are trying to to take out our nuclear deterrent using conventional weapons, is that different from attacking us with a nuclear weapon?' His answer was, 'No.' ... Well, we've just done the same thing to the Russians--not theoretically but actually. This is a very, very dangerous moment.

Did you understand what Freeman said? He said that the US has—at least arguably—launched the equivalent of a nuclear strike on Russia. If we degrade their early warning system (which is NOT as robust as ours) sufficiently, we would be in a position to launch a successful first strike. We know what we are threatening, and so do the Russians.

DD: On this point I've actually been a little bit surprised, at least publicly, [there has been] a very muted response from the Russians why why do you suppose that is?

CF: Because they're figuring out what to do, that's why. Years ago a very wise Foreign Service Officer, when I became alarmed about a lot of vociferous talk in Sudan about a coup against the then democratic government, he told me: Don't worry about it. As long as they're talking vociferously they're not going to do anything. But you really have to worry when they go silent. So I'm not reassured by the relative silence of the Russians. It is not an indication of a decision one way or another, but they have to make a decision. They can't allow us--through our Ukrainian proxies--to take apart their nuclear deterrent and the infrastructure that supports it and enables it. If I'm correct I believe I saw that there were only actually 10 of these stations surrounding Russia, and two of the 10 have been hit. It doesn't appear that the damage is that severe, but the fact that they've been hit at all is obviously sending significant alarms into Moscow, into the Kremlin, as it would into the Pentagon and into Washington if the reverse had happened.


Great Britain, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Finland, France, the Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia have allowed Ukraine to strike targets inside the Russian Federation with their weapons.

So, the West wants war. C'est la vie.

Did you notice what country isn’t on that list? Germany. Hmmm. Romania, to my surprise, is also absent. But the absence of Germany is the important fact for now.

Wag the Dog? Hey, Israel kicks its Dog. Please notice who the news readers are here. We’re talking the Dem base. Now, for Israel that doesn’t matter, at least not now, because they own the Uniparty, not just one or the other branch of it. The Zionists have shredded American credibility in front of the entire world, and they couldn’t care less.

Some developments on the Houthi front seem significant. First, the Houthis have, for the first time, struck a vessel in the Mediterranean, using cruise missiles:

Megatron @Megatron_ron


 For the first time Yemen hit a ship in the Mediterranean heading to Israel

The Yemeni Armed Forces announce:

"Carrying out 6 military operations that targeted 6 ships violating Yemen's port blockade on Israeli ports.

This includes 3 ships in the Red Sea, 2 ships in the Arabian Sea & a ship in the Mediterranean Sea."

The ship "MINERVA ANTONIA" in the Mediterranean Sea with a number of cruise missiles.

8:41 AM · May 29, 2024

Second, the Houthis reportedly downed another MQ-9 Reaper drone—the sixth so far. This time, however, it appears that the drone—with its state of the art surveillance equipment—is basically intact:


Yemenis have got their hands on an American MQ-9 drone that is in perfect condition and equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance systems

Iran will soon unveil an improved version of the MQ-9

Lastly, Georgia stood up for its sovereignty, resoundingly slapping down the veto of its Foreign Agent law by their French president:

Glenn Diesen @Glenn_Diesen

Georgia votes 84 in favour versus 4 against the new transparency law for NGOs.

- Georgia will not outsource its civil society to the US & EU, and instead remain a sovereign democratic country. The US is preparing to retaliate with sanctions.

4:30 PM · May 28, 2024

Democracy. Just another word for, ‘Do as we tell you’.

 News Roundup

Meaning In History




Kayla was left an incomplete quadriplegic after receiving the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, and she is now making it her life's mission to expose what happened to her and inform others.


Kayla's early years were marked by unspeakable cruelty and suffering. As an infant, she endured the horrors of severe abuse, including broken bones, cigarette burns, and bruises inflicted upon her helpless body by her parents. Her distressing situation prompted the intervention of family and children services, ultimately leading to her placement in a caring, loving and supportive home. 

As she grew older, Kayla dedicated the majority of her younger adult years to behavioral training of exotic animals. However, she eventually made the decision to resign from this profession after having her son, recognizing the inherent risks of the job. Kayla eventually ended up in the small town of Mount Albert, Ontario, where she co-raised her son after a separation. She worked as a casual educational assistant at Robert Munsch Public School, assisting kindergarten children.

Her home was conveniently located right next to the school. Kayla's son attended the same school where she worked, and she expressed her love for her job and the positive direction her life was heading. Describing herself as fit, healthy, and very active, Kayla enjoyed hiking, being outdoors, gardening, and going places with her son.

Doctors Admit a Link Between Kayla'sQuadriplegia and the COVID-19 Vaccine...

Kayla is Suing Moderna for $45 million

On February 22, 2024, a lawsuit seeking $45 million in damages was filed on behalf of Kayla Pollock against Moderna. The claim seeks physical, emotional, and psychological damages, loss of past and future income, future cost of care, pain and suffering, as well as aggravated and punitive damages.

Kayla has been left to fend for herself, failed by the Canadian healthcare system. She's on a waiting list for vaccine injury compensation, a process that could take 18 months to 2 years. So far, she's raised just over $140,000 from generous donors from around the world, enabling her to purchase a specialized service dog that once finished training will be able to assist her with daily activities. 

Kayla has been left to fend for herself, failed by the Canadian healthcare system. She's on a waiting list for vaccine injury compensation, a process that could take 18 months to 2 years. So far, she's raised just over $140,000 from generous donors from around the world, enabling her to purchase a specialized service dog that once finished training will be able to assist her with daily activities. 

Donna Warren


72 hours:

‘They’ are back with a modified / Watered-down Version that ‘They’ are now trying to pass! Help STOP ‘Them’ NOW!

I’m writing to you from the United Nations assembly hall in Geneva. Day 3 of the World Health Assembly is about to start, and things are still pretty tense in here.

I'll cut straight to the chase: Despite the efforts my team and I are making here in Geneva, supported by you and millions of citizens worldwide, the global elites have not yet given up.

In my email to you yesterday, I did try to warn you, that this was looking likely. 

They are pushing to approve a draft of the Pandemic Treaty to avoid the embarrassment of leaving empty-handed. 


At times like these, fueled by rage and frustration, they are more dangerous than ever.

Remember - a diluted draft is still a threat to our freedoms!

This morning, while reviewing the newspapers, I realized that their desperation has driven them to blame us for their failures, labeling us as a far-right force in the newspapers… WOW!


Your efforts are rattling UN bureaucrats and globalists at the WHO—a bloated, unelected body that undermines national democracies and individual freedoms.

But there is something that worries me:

Whatever parts they manage to get through on this occasion, will serve as a foundation to ratify the entire Treaty, only a few months later. 


They already said they will get back to negotiations, as soon as the Assembly is over!

What’s more - from what I am being told here, they seem confident that the amendments to the International Health Regulations - the parallel, more worrisome document, will STILL go ahead THIS WEEK.

The set of global governance rules that legally bind the Pandemic Treaty, and allow them to declare a pandemic when they please.


That, and so much more - there is little to celebrate just yet.

We’ve fought so hard to stop this Pandemic Treaty that I can't bear the thought of losing victory at the last minute.

Time is running out. In 72 hours, a decisive agreement will take place. If this treaty passes, your freedoms will be at serious risk.

If you help in these critical final hours, your contribution can help us reach more delegates, amplify our message, and stand firm against a treaty that threatens our freedoms. 


Can you chip in during these crucial hours to help us stop this?

Outside and inside this building, the CitizenGo team is tirelessly fighting for our freedom.

Our bus with 'No to the Pandemic Treaty. STOP the UN power grab' circulates Geneva, earning support and attracting photo-seekers day and night.

UN officials want us silenced, but we're not backing down.

We're here for you, for the entire week, standing up for what's right.

We need your support now to sway undecided delegates. Global elites are pouring in billions to corrupt the process. We must act quickly.

One last determined effort to support those of us on the front lines here in Geneva, ready to give it our all to derail this UN power grab exploiting pandemic fears, would mean the world to us.


Can you chip in during these crucial hours—a last effort to stop the Pandemic Treaty?

Let me leave you with one final thought. 

You and I both know this isn’t about health.

This is about citizens becoming puppets of a globalist power that controls our health, the vaccines we must give our kids - even when they're not effective -, lockdowns, economic standstills, and limits our freedom to move and live as we wish.

You have a golden opportunity to stop them now.

If YOU don’t act, they’ll use this treaty to cut your freedoms—just like they did during the pandemic—and defending your rights will be much harder later.

So, help me spoil their plans today.


Can you chip in during these crucial hours—a last effort to stop the Pandemic Treaty?

Thanks for standing with us,

Sebastian Lukomski and the entire CitizenGo team

P.S. Imagine not having control over your health decisions. This isn't science fiction. It happened during the COVID pandemic, and it could happen again. This isn't just about health; it’s about control. Time is of the essence. 


Will you help us stop the Pandemic Treaty with your donation NOW?

Sebastian Lukomski,



Marjorie Taylor Greene sounded the alarm on this bone-chilling plot against Donald Trump

Donald Trump is facing an unprecedented weaponization of the justice system against him.

But no one ever thought it would get to this level. 

And Marjorie Taylor Greene sounded the alarm on this bone-chilling plot against Donald Trump.


Majorie Taylor Greene warns Biden Justice Department and FBI want to take out Donald Trump:

The FBI’s unannounced raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in August 2022 was unprecedented. Attorney General Merrick Garland approved a raid on the chief political rival of his boss, President Joe Biden. FBI agents spent 10 hours at Mar-a-Lago searching for classified documents.

Trump’s legal defense team has revealed some alarming details about the raid from court filings in the classified documents by Special Counsel Jack Smith.


Smith conceded in a court filing that the FBI staged the infamous photo of classified documents scattered across by putting fake cover sheets with classified markings.

Trump lawyer Todd Blanche found the orders that were given to FBI agents who were taking part in the raid on Mar-a-Lago.


“The Order contained a ‘Policy Statement’ regarding ‘Use Of Deadly Force,’ which stated, for example, ‘Law enforcement officers of the Department of Justice may use deadly force when necessary,” Blanche wrote. “The agents planned to bring ‘Standard Issue Weapon[s],’ ‘Ammo,’ ‘Handcuffs,’ and ‘medium and large sized bolt cutters,’ but they were instructed to wear ‘unmarked polo or collared shirts’ and to keep ‘law enforcement equipment concealed.’”

Armed FBI agents who raided were authorized to use deadly force against Biden’s political rival.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said on social media that the FBI and Biden Justice Department were planning on assassinating Trump.


“The Biden DOJ and FBI were planning to assassinate Pres Trump and gave the green light,” Greene wrote. “Does everyone get it yet???!!!! What are Republicans going to do about it? I tried to oust our Speaker who funded Biden’s DOJ AND FBI, but Democrats stopped it.”

Armed FBI agents launching a surprise on Mar-a-Lago created a potentially combustible scenario with armed security and Trump’s Secret Service protection.

The staging of the classified documents by the FBI confirmed that the entire raid was political from the beginning.

But things could have been worse than anyone ever imagined with the deadly force orders for FBI agents.


Trump reacts to Biden’s FBI given the go-ahead on using deadly force

Greene said that she informed Trump of this bombshell news while he was attending his Soviet-style show trial in Manhattan.

“WOW! I just came out of the Biden Witch Hunt Trial in Manhattan, the ‘Icebox,’ and was shown Reports that Crooked Joe Biden’s DOJ, in their Illegal and Un-Constitutional Raid of Mar-a-Lago, AUTHORIZED THE FBI TO USE DEADLY (LETHAL) FORCE. NOW WE KNOW, FOR SURE, THAT JOE BIDEN IS A SERIOUS THREAT TO DEMOCRACY. HE IS MENTALLY UNFIT TO HOLD OFFICE — 25TH AMENDMENT!” Trump wrote on his Truth Social platform.

Democrats have been trying to stop Trump from becoming President since the 2016 Election cycle.

Now they’re ramping up the weaponization of the justice system to a terrifying level to keep him out of the White House.

The Unmuzzled News


David YEO:


N3W BR@!N AR3A (1 Min)


P!CTUR3$ 0f TH3 D0M3 (25 Min)


AR3 T@TT00$ P0!$0N0U$? (3 Min)


D0N@LD'$ $P33CH**B!0M3TR!C$ N33D3D (1 Min)


R0CK $T@R**BRUC3 $PR!NG$T33N**P3PT!C ULC3R (1 Min)


X-N!H H3@D ADM!T$ K0V!D P0L!C!3$ L@CK3D EV!D3NC3 (10 Min)


N33D a C@TH0L!C PR!3$T? (1 Min)


TH3 $UMM3R 0f D3C3PT!0N !s C0M!NG (20 Min)


TH!$ F!T$ TH3 $CR!PT H@PP3N!NG !N !$R@3L (11 Min)


AC@D3N!C $CH0L@R D!3$ 0f TURB0 C@NC3R @ 57 (4 Min)


T!K T0K**"TH3 ENCYL0P3D!A BR!T@N!CA S@!D WH@T?" (23 Min)


$H@K!NG**TH3 AM3R!CAN's TR@N$F0RMAT!0N DR3@M XP0$3D (64 Min)

David YEO

Answer to Prayer:

The Vehicle is almost READY!

“It is just about done, still have to get the fridge all hooked up and solar to it. That's the biggest thing to be praying for right now for Terry. Who is going to be working on it? The knowledge and wisdom that he will need that will be reasonably priced”.

Anne McLachlan




Israel is under tremendous attack.

Hamas fired a new round of rockets into Israel. The International Criminal Court (ICC) is seeking arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is issuing rulings intended to smear and malign Israel and prevent it from defeating Hamas.

Also, Biden has been funneling money to pro-Hamas causes through climate and environmental groups.

It's outrageous. We're about to file a major FOIA against the Biden Administration over this treachery. And if the anti-Israel Deep State doesn't comply with the law, we'll go to court.


We're preparing to defend Israel before the ICC, sending demand letters to President Biden that the U.S. put sanctions on the ICC, and filing federal legal complaints against universities that are allowing violent protests targeting Jewish and Christian students.

We must not allow Israel's enemies to utterly destroy her. Israel needs us, and we need you.


Jordan Sekulow

ACLJ Executive Director


Oak Centre BulletinMay 2024


Inklings Conversations – Spring 2024

How the Collapse of Cultural ChristianityLed to the Dominance of the LGBT IdeologyThursday, May 30th, 2:00 – 4:00 EST



Jonathon Van Maren is a public speaker, writer, and pro-life activist. He has served for more than ten years as communications director at the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, a national pro-life organization. He has delivered speeches and lectures on various cultural issues in Canada, the United States, and Europe. His work has appeared in First ThingsNational ReviewThe American ConservativeChristianity Today, and the National Post, and he is a contributing editor at The European Conservative, one of Europe’s premier journals of politics and culture.Jonathon is the author of several books, including The Culture WarSeeing is Believing, A Guide to Discussing Assisted Suicide, Patriots: The Untold Story of Ireland’s Pro-Life Movement, and most recently, Prairie Lion: The Life and Times of Ted Byfield. For a collection of  Jonathon's recent essays see The Bridgehead with Jonathon Van Maren


According to a 2019 poll, between 20% and 25% of American adults now identify as ‘nones’ (meaning that they do not identify with any religion), a percentage higher among younger adults than older adults and likely indicative of a long-term trend.

According to a 2020 Politico/Morning Consult poll, 49% of voting-age Gen Z (those born after 1996) respondents identified as either agnostic or atheist—a sea change in religious identification.Even those who still identify as Christian are abandoning any semblance of orthodoxy, with 40% of American Christians claiming that the Bible is ‘ambiguous’ on abortion, 34% rejecting the biblical definition of marriage, and another 34% claiming that abortion is morally acceptable.

For example, around a quarter of Gen Z identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or ‘genderqueer’—while just a few years ago, less than 3% of the population identified as on the LGBT spectrum. Politico reported in 2020 that “a third of Gen Zers say they know someone who uses gender-neutral pronouns to refer to themselves and nearly 6 in 10 say forms or online profiles should allow more options than ‘man’ or ‘woman’” and that consequently, “religious liberty, particularly as it relates to discrimination against LGBTQ people … does not at all resonate with younger Americans.” Identification with the LGBT movement is undergoing an astronomical rise; identification with Christianity is plummeting. 

Indeed, dozens of new sexual and gender identities have recently been invented, allowing straight people to claim LGBT status as well. In 2023, 38% of Brown University’s student population identified as LGBT—with many simply identifying as ‘other’—up from 14% a decade earlier. An overwhelming majority of those identifying as non-heterosexual in name, however, are only interested in relationships with the opposite sex in practice.Eric Kaufmann told one media outlet. “What we find instead is that identity is rising much faster than behaviour, indicating that people with occasional rather than sustained feelings of attraction to the opposite sex are increasingly identifying as LGBT.”

What is even more likely is that vague terms like ‘queer’ are allowing straight kids to obtain the status and privilege that now come with identifying as LGBT without actually engaging in same-sex behaviour. Some have argued that the skyrocketing rates of young people identifying as LGBT indicate a social contagion. There is truth to that analysis. But these stats also reveal the sheer scale of the LGBT movement’s near-total victory in not only mainstreaming their ideology but achieving cultural dominance in key institutions.

A crucial sign of that dominance is the fact that so many young people desperately want to identify with their movement. At the same time, cultural Christians are rapidly disappearing.

In this lecture, Van Maren will explore the root causes of these dramatic cultural shifts and asses the implications of this rapidly changing cultural context for Christian witness and ministry.                                                                                                              [*] Based on an article by Jonathon Van Maren in the European Conservative

Don McNally,

The Oak Study Centre


Online News Act has crushed local news outlets:

Trudeau’s Online News Act has crushed hundreds of local Canadian news outlets: study

Trudeau's Online News Act, framed as a way to support local media, has hurt small media outlets while giving massive payouts to legacy media, a study has found.

Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators urging them to stop more online censorship laws


TORONTO (LifeSiteNews) — According to a new study, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Online News Act has successfully crushed local media outlets while mainstream media has remained relatively unaffected.  

According to an April study from the Media Ecosystem Observatory, Trudeau’s Online News Act, also known as Bill C-18, has caused a 84 percent drop in engagement for local Canadian outlets, as Big Tech company Meta – the parent company of Facebook and Instagram – has refused to publish links to Canadian news outlets on their platforms.


“We lost 70 per cent of our audience when that happened,” Iain Burns, the managing editor of Now Media Group, which manages news posts for outlets serving smaller communities, revealed. He further explained that he experienced a 50 percent loss in revenue following the move. 


“We’re not the only ones. Many, many outlets are in this situation,” Burns added.

The Online News Act, passed by the Senate in June 2023, mandates that Big Tech companies pay to publish Canadian content on their platforms. While the legislation promised to support local media, it has seemingly accomplished the opposite.  


While Meta has blocked all news on its platforms, devastating small publishers, Google agreed to pay Canadian legacy media outlets $100 million to publish their content online. 

The study, a collaboration between the University of Toronto and McGill University, examined the 987 Facebook pages of Canadian news outlets, 183 personal pages of politicians, commentators and advocacy groups, and 589 political and local community groups.  


“The ban undoubtedly had a major impact on Canadian news,” the study found.  

The study found a 84 percent drop in engagement for Canadian outlets, with small local news outlets being the most affected compared to larger government-funded outlets.  

Life Site News


ALERT – Alert - ALERT – Alert - ALERT – Alert

Don't Call Back:

Phone scams have become more sophisticated and frequent, with fraudsters devising new ways to trick unsuspecting victims into revealing personal information.

This can open doors to sensitive data and, even worse, unrestricted access to your bank accounts.

Fortunately, with a few simple precautions, you can protect yourself from these scam calls and keep your information safe.


'Wangiri' Scams: A Single Call Could Cost You Dearly

According to Dagens, one of the most widespread scams right now is the "Wangiri" scam, where the fraudster calls briefly and hangs up after the first ring.

This trick preys on people's curiosity or the expectation of an important message.

When the recipient sees the missed call, they might feel compelled to call back, which triggers the trap and can lead to hefty phone bills or the activation of costly services that drain the victim's bank account.

More DETAILS at above LINK

Also read



According to Dagens, one of the most widespread scams right now is the "Wangiri" scam, where the fraudster calls briefly and hangs up after the first ring.


This trick preys on people's curiosity or the expectation of an important message.

When the recipient sees the missed call, they might feel compelled to call back, which triggers the trap and can lead to hefty phone bills or the activation of costly services that drain the victim's bank account.

Scammers often change their phone numbers to avoid detection. However, there are some international prefixes that should raise suspicion if you see them on your phone.


These prefixes include +255 (Tanzania), +371 (Latvia), +375 (Belarus), as well as +44 (United Kingdom) (If you are based in the UK, please disregard this), +53 (Cuba), +216 (Tunisia), +373 (Moldova), and +383 (Kosovo).

               Patrick Bestall






Rumors – Rumors - Rumors – Rumors – Rumors


RUMOURS Circulating out there...:

You need to MAKE-UP Your own MIND!



The Real News for Tues. 28 May 2024




Must Watch Videos:


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