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Wednesday / Thursday 11-23/24- 22

Summary as I am able:

11-23-22 Wednesday

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God’s WORD for TODAY!

A friend loveth at all times, And a brother is born for adversity.

Proverbs 17:17 KJV

Blessed are they that keep his testimonies, and that seek him with the whole heart.

Psalm 119:2 KJV

Every good gift and every perfect gift are from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

James 1:17 KJV

Breaking News from Newsmax

[News Max Media]

The Government Bought COVID-19 Vaccines before they were Approved:

I can show you data on how many Covid-19 vaccines the federal government purchased before they were approved by Health Canada. Today's information comes to us by way of an order paper question posed to the federal government by Conservative MP Colin Carrie.

He asked the federal government for data on the number of vaccines that were purchased by the feds and how many of those purchases were made in advance of Health Canada approval.

By my estimation, the federal government now has or had purchase orders for nearly 600 million doses of vaccine, with approximately 373 million of those doses purchased in advance of Health Canada approval. Pretty big gamble, but it's okay it's not their money. And it’s probably the reason these vaccines get approved regardless of their efficacy.

The response to Carrie's question was read into the House of Commons record this week. It goes on and on. But here's just a couple of examples.

For Moderna Spikevax, the date the initial agreement was publicly announced was November 16, 2020. The number of doses purchased was 44 million in 2021.

The initial agreement, after some options were exercised, was up to 25 million in 2022, up to 35 million in 2023 and up to 35 million in 2024. The date of initial approval by Health Canada was December 23, 2020.

By my math, that is 104 million doses just of Moderna - the vaccine with potentially serious myocarditis outcomes - with about 40% of that contract purchased in advance of Health Canada approval.

For Pfizer’s jab, the date the initial agreement was publicly announced was July 20, 2020. The number of doses purchased was 51 million in 2021.

The initial agreement, after some options were exercised, was up to 65 million for 2022, up to 60 million in 2023 and up to 60 million in 2024. The date of initial approval by Health Canada was December 09, 2020.

If I'm reading this right, this is 236 million doses of Pfizer, with 51 million of those purchased five months before the initial approval of the vaccine.

For the Sanofi vaccine, the date the initial agreement was publicly announced was July 29, 2020. The number of doses purchased was up to 72 million, and it is still under review by Health Canada

So, 72 million doses were purchased by the federal government of medicine that's still under review.

But I think this one is going to get approved because how could it not? Remember this?

I'm not entirely sure what Health Canada is reviewing. We know covid vaccines don'thave to work to receive approval. Just ask all the quadruple-boosted people, those multiple covid infection survivors like Trudeau, who are wasting all of our money on these things. [REBEL News Media]

A woman carrying concealed shot a gunman in the head after he tried to get into her vehicle on the south side of Chicago early Wednesday morning, WFLD-TV reported.

What are the details?

The 23-year-old woman was sitting in her parked car around 2 a.m. in the 1300 block of East 89th Street in the Calumet Heights neighborhood when four men exited a black sedan and one of them tried to get into her car while flashing a handgun, police told the station.

The woman then shot the gunman once in the head, police noted to WFLD, after which the gunman ran from the vehicle.

One of the men he was with started shooting at the woman, striking her once in the arm, police told the station.

What happened next?

Paramedics took the shot gunman to the University of Chicago Medical Center, where he was listed in critical condition, police added to WFLD.

The woman was taken to Trinity Hospital, where she was listed in fair condition, the station said.

The other three suspects fled the scene and are not in custody, WFLD reported, adding that detectives are investigating.

Anything else?

While the woman in this incident didn't come away completely unscathed, it certainly could have been worse had she not exercised her Second Amendment rights.

It's quite striking, too, in a city filled to the brim with crooks using guns illegally, that Chicago concealed carriers have been tallying numerous successes protecting themselves and others from the worst possible scenarios. Here's a sampling just from this year:

In September, gunmen opened fire at partygoers outside a Chicago home and shot a 13-year-old boy in the head, but the victim's 21-year-old cousin — a concealed carry license holder — pulled out his gun and shot back, after which the gunmen fled.

Also in September, a concealed carry license holder shot an armed 13-year-old boy in Chicago as the boy allegedly was breaking into the concealed carrier's car.

In July, a woman with a concealed carry license shot at a group of males who pointed a gun at her as they attempted to steal her car in Chicagoand a 13-year-old male who was with the would-be thieves was shot.

In February, a knife-wielding man in a Chicago alley approached a concealed carrier, who shot the man with the knife once in the leg. Police eventually used a Taser on the suspect and arrested him. [The BLAZE Media]

Controversial Doctor has an Urgent WARNING for Americans...

A Connecticut doctor who exposed Dr. Fauci for his lies related to the Covid-19 pandemic just issued a warning to Americans.

The liberal mainstream media won't cover this because it doesn't align with Biden and Fauci's vaccination propaganda.

He claims that Bill Gates and other billionaire elites are planning for a major crisis and ordinary Americans are going to be completely unprepared.

These questions are terrifying to consider.

I only raise them because they demand serious consideration.

Especially in light of what we’ve learned in the last 2 years.

Listen: If you’re a critical thinker who suspects that COVID-19 was not an accident

And you’d like to not only survive — but THRIVE — during the next pandemic…

Then keep reading because you’re about to discover…

  • · The true origin of COVID-19…

  • · Why COVID-19 is just the first of many 21st Century pandemics…

  • · How to protect yourself and your family during the next pandemic…

  • · And perhaps most importantly, the reason why…

But Why the Heck Would They Do This??

If COVID-19 was intentional, the obvious question is…

Why??? Why would world leaders and wealthy elites want to unleash a deadly pandemic on the world?

There are a few reasons…

  • · Consolidation of power to control the masses…

  • · Potential for massive profits through mandatory vaccines and digital IDs…

  • · And, perhaps most importantly, an opportunity to reduce world population.

If that sounds hard to believe, just know that many of the world’s elite believe the planet is overpopulated. They believe that reducing the world’s population is a necessity for the survival of the planet and the human race.

For example, during a 2010 TEDx Talk, Bill Gates said:

“The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower [world population] by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent.”

Wait, wait, WAIT…

Bill Gates wants to LOWER the world population by 10 or 15 percent through the use of new vaccines, health care, and reproductive health services??

Today, the world population is approximately 7.9 billion. So, a “small” 10 percent reduction would be 790 million people!

A little back of the napkin math tells me that…

They Failed to Achieve Their Goal!

If the primary purpose of the COVID-19 pandemic was to reduce world population by 10 to 15 percent, then they failed.

COVID-19 was lethal… it destroyed millions of lives… but it wasn’t that lethal.

And neither was the vaccine, which has claimed “only” about 500,000 lives in the U.S. 10

What does this mean?

It means the people behind the COVID-19 pandemic will attempt to cause another one — except the next one will be more lethal.

For context, COVID-19 has an estimated mortality of 0.1%. 11

Ebola, on the other hand, has a mortality rate as high as 90%. 12

But if mortality is too high, the virus can’t spread. It kills the host before finding new hosts.

I know this sounds morbid, but the “sweet spot” for a pandemic to have maximum impact is around 2-3%.

This allows the virus to spread far and wide while still having the intended effect.

Now I know what you might be thinking…

“Okay, Dr. LaGuardia, this is all really interesting, but what does this have to do with ME???”

The answer? EVERYTHING!

First of all, I know for a fact you were directly impacted by COVID-19.

I hope the impact was minimal, nothing more than having to wear a face mask. But I know for some families the impact was absolutely devastating…

Lost jobs, lost years, lost lives.

Not that I want to dredge up any of that.

What’s happened is in the past and we can’t change that now.

But probably the biggest takeaway from the COVID-19 pandemic is that…

Millions of People Discovered They Had

Prepared for the Wrong Thing!

Prior to 2020, Americans had prepared for just about every scenario EXCEPT a pandemic.

They’d prepared for:

  • · Y2K

  • · EMP / grid down

  • · Dollar collapse

  • · Food shortages

  • · Martial law

  • · And more.

Despite localized disasters (like the recent Texas freeze of 2021), none of the planned-for disasters have been nationwide.

In fact, the ONLY widespread scenario that has affected ALL the states to a greater or lesser degree was…

The COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020, which we’re only just now coming out of.

But I hope I’ve made it clear from what I’ve already shared that we have not seen the last of pandemic hysteria.

In fact, I think there’s a very good chance The Powers That Be are going to launch another pandemic right after the 2022 midterm elections.

Case in point…

“We’ll have another pandemic. It will be a different pathogen next time.”

~ Bill Gates, February 18, 2022 13

Bill seems quite confident, doesn’t he?

But whether it’s a new variant or an entirely different pathogen doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you and your family are prepared for whatever “they” try to throw at us next.

Fortunately, there’s one reliable way to prepare and it doesn’t involve vaccines or government-forced medical procedures…

I’m offering all of my secrets for a powerful immune system to the general public.

Until now, the only way to get all of this information was to visit me at my Connecticut medical clinic.

But for the first time, I’ve put together the entire system into one book.

That’s every component of my program for a healthy immune system that’ll drastically lower your odds of catching Covid or any other virus.

My clinic in Connecticut

I even lay out for you the BEST regimen for protecting yourself against Covid. The specific medication and vitamins…

And exact dosages… in my brand NEW book…

  • · The patients who thrive during a pandemic all have this ONE THING in common! (See p. 24)

  • · Where drug-resistant superbugs come from – and why they’re so devastating to human health. (p. 30)

  • · The collateral damage that comes from treating any infection. (p. 42)

  • · The painful truth about why the last Covid wave was an epidemic of the vaccinated.(p. 15)

  • · Spanish flu came in waves, 1 year apart, killing 50 million total… THIS is what finally saved the day.(p.11)

  • · The shortcomings of multivitamins – what they’re missing.(p. 73)

  • · Western medicine plays offense, attacking the attackers. My methods play defense too… build a bigger, stronger “wall” so the attacker can never get in!(p. 97)

  • · The prescription and over-the-counter drugs that millions of Americans are taking right now that are destroying your immune system. (p. 16)

  • · The perfect immunity/sterilizer that is sitting in your yard right now. (p. 53)

  • · People with cancer are almost always deficient in this one element. (p. 79)

  • · Most people with severe reactions to the virus were low in these three essential vitamins and minerals. (See page 56.)

  • · What an “antioxidant cascade” is and why it matters. (p. 59)

  • · These delicious foods can boost your immunity and keep yourself incredibly healthy.(p.63)

  • · How to tell the difference between an upper respiratory tract infection and a more dangerous lower respiratory tract infection. (p. 56)

  • · The amazingly potent and totally safe antiviral that supercharges your white blood cells making them killing machines against all viral invaders.(p. 66)

  • · The reason why cold and flu season is only during the winter, and how you can easily avoid both. (p. 72)

  • · How the color of your SNOT tells you what your body is fighting. You need to know this! (p. 56)

  • · Raise levels of this essential nutrient to lower your chances of cancer, stroke, and heart attack. (p. 69)

  • · Which vitamin is known to activate your immune system’s killer T cells. These cells are like deadly assassins who hunt down invaders and take them out! (See page 68.)

  • · How your water is probably destroying your thyroid, and the $2 fix for it. (p. 81)

  • · How one of the most commonly prescribed medications on the planet is actually destroying your body's ability to produce energy as well as impairing your immune system, and how to fix it: (page 73).

  • · Why the world is slowly losing IQ, and how to avoid getting dumber like the rest of the population. (p. 83)

  • · This element was the best defense against the Spanish Flu pandemic in the early 1900’s, and is still used extensively in hospitals/clinics to this very day. It also is known to raise the IQ of children whose mothers use it during pregnancy by an incredible 20 points! (p. 82)

  • · The solution that was so powerful the government forced the maker to reduce its potency – but it still works. (p. 87)

  • · Meat is a far better source of this essential family of vitamins, than any plant, and I will show you the delicious way to supply your body with them all. (p 99)

  • · The incredible algae is 6000x more powerful than vitamin C (p104-5)

  • · The $40 gadget that can knock out any respiratory infection in minutes (p. 123)

  • · My pneumonia protocol (you can get everything from the grocery store) on page 139.

  • · Everything you need to know about healthy mushrooms, including what the Inuit call “the mushroom of immortality.”(pp.108-110)

  • · 23 foods that boost your microbiome.

  • · An entire chapter on treating a respiratory tract infection, like COVID - page 115

  • · My flu protocol that I have used with great success for decades. (p. 157)

  • · The truth about Ivermectin. See page 172.

  • · Coming down with something? Take this immediately.

  • · Bad _____ = bad health, 100% of the time. (p. 171)

  • · “The Gang of Seven” everyone needs to stockpile for the next pandemic. (p. 177)

  • · How “The Gang of Seven” works on all viruses, pages 174-176.

  • · Finally, the one thing that makes ALL treatments more effective. (p. 178)

This is just a small taste of what’s included in my new book INFECTED: Secrets from The Medical Underground.

[Self-Rely Media]


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