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Considering the OPTIONS! Where to from here?


Texas Refuses to Back Down,

Fights for Freedom and Honesty

*** This is not over yet!

Although the Texas lawsuit against four Key Battleground states was dismissed by the Supreme Court, on that same Fri. night 13 Dec. Attorney Sydney Powell tweeted: "We made emergency filings in #SupremeCourt tonight for #Georgia & #Michigan. will file #Arizona, #Wisconsin shortly. These cases raise Constitutional issues and prove massive #fraud. Our plaintiffs have #standing #WeThePeople will not allow #rigged elections."

==> Thurs. 10 Dec. a leaked audio came out where Biden admitted, “They Beat the Hell out of us,” referring to the 2020 Election:

==> Watch "China is “incurably militant” under communism:

Gordon G. Chang with Ezra Levant" on YouTube [Thank You – Carol Roch]


Election Comeback Confirmed – White House Cheering


Flies Over DC Ralliers in Marine One


Sarah Sanders Makes It Official – The Coverup Is Real

Half of America believes election fraud was ‘likely’ to have occurred, poll shows

‘That is unacceptable’:

Pelosi blasts Trump over proposed revisions to COVID relief package

Supreme Court

Denies electoral vote delay in Pennsylvania

Joe Biden

Deflects questions, speculation about investigations into family’s business dealings

President Trump

Tears into Bill Barr over Hunter Biden investigation

Republicans Are Blowing It in Georgia, and We May All Pay the Price


Fumes over GOP lawmakers that signed on to Texas election challenge

Media cover-up

Of Hunter Biden activities, investigation exposed


Election Interference BOMBSHELL – Trump Is FURIOUS


Removal Announcement Just Confirmed – Nation Stunned


Revealed to have had personal relationship with suspected Chinese spy who helped him reach Congress


Top City Cuts MILLIONS from Police – America Shocked

Judge rules

Against Michigan sheriff’s suit alleging officials destroyed evidence of election fraud

GOP lawmakers block resolution identifying Biden as ‘president-elect’

Federal judge finally dismisses Flynn case after Trump pardon

I never thought I'd see this on Fox News! Preach it brother!

[Thank you – Donna Fawcett]

Harvard doc

Issues terrifying "immunity warning"



‘Biden Administration Will Be a Scandal Plagued Mess for Years to Come’

Liberals announce a vaccine-harms compensation program | National Post

[Thank You – Carol Roch]

The President of the CBC Lives In Brooklyn

She's been back and forth throughout the pandemic [Thank You – Carol Roch]

Leaked Documents Expose Plandemic!

The Deadline for Trump's Executive Order in US Elections Silently Approaches.

House Democrat Urges Pelosi To Punish, Retaliate Against Republicans Who Supported Texas SCOTUS Lawsuit


He ADMITS Mental Decline – Removal from Office Shocks Democrats

Rush Limbaugh shocks with declaration that US is ‘trending towards secession’

We've Seen This Movie Before

Proof! Democratic Election Fraudster Destroyed Election Fraud Evidence

Congressional Republicans Furious with Top Official


'We trusted you!'Trump fans heckle Fox News star Griff Jenkins at Georgia rally as they chant that the network is 'fake news' and full of 'traitors' - amid President's ongoing feud with the conservative TV channel

· President Trump turned on Fox News after they became the first network to declare Joe Biden had won the state of Arizona in the presidential election

· Since then, the Commander-in-chief has repeatedly lashed out at the network, attacking their ratings, and accusing them of 'election interference'

· Supporters of the President also appear to have abandoned Fox

· On Saturday, crowds of Trump fans chanted 'Fox is Fake News' as they waited for POTUS to arrive at a Georgia rally

· Network reporter Griff Jenkins was also heckled by people in the crowd

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