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1-21-21 Thursday


The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Main-Stream Media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Consider, do your own research, and make up your own mind.

Revelation 18:23

And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

Isaiah 44:3


"At first I was disappointed by today's events and then I realized why the military wanted B*iden sworn in - and Q told us why this HAD to happen. Like many of you, I am shocked by today's events and then I realized why it had to happen and that Q told us it would happen and why this HAD to happen. Q told us that a SHOCKING EVENT would be necessary. Well, are you guys scared yet? 1.) Q Posts 4821 and 4822, dated October 7, 2020, told us that Biden would be sworn in and that the countries he took bribes from would then have control of the government. [Important point to which I will return].

In 1871 the original US Republic Constitution of 1776 was changed so as to pay US Taxpayer monies to private individuals such as the Rothchilds, Rockerfellers and bankers of the US Inc. Since then until Trump’s presidency in 2016, US taxpayer monies have been sent to the Queen’s City of London, the Vatican Bank and on to Central Banks across the globe. About a month later, the monies returned to the Central Bank of NY, where they charged the US government interest to use it’s own money. In 2008 the so-called “Mortgage Crisis” occurred. It was actually a bankruptcy of US Inc. because it had used up all it’s gold and was functioning on fiat currency. As a result, the BRICS Alliance formed (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). They set the grounds for a Global Currency Reset by evaluating gold and assets of 209 countries around the world. During the four years of Trump’s presidency and in preparation for that Global Currency Reset and new US Note, US gold and assets were returned from foreign countries, especially trillions in gold from the Vatican Bank, to a new US Treasury in Reno and elsewhere in the US. On Nov. 2 2020 the US Inc. Bankruptcy was finalized. On Sat. 16 Jan. as a result of foreign interference in the 2020 Election, POTUS declared the nation in a State of Emergency. He invoked the Insurrection Act that allowed Martial Law – meaning Trump would have to remain as US President until all criminals were arrested. Since then, the Military has been in control of the nation, alongside the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). On Tues. 19 Jan. many media stations were told to anticipate a public declaration of Martial Law any time over the next five days (from now through Sun. 24 Jan.). The Emergency Broadcast System would take over all US TV networks some time from Tues. midnight EST 19 Jan. on. When that would actually happen was the decision of head of the military General Flynn and dependent upon the different network’s cooperation in truthfully broadcasting events of the day. After the EBS took over the Military would produce all TV programming for at least the next 72 hours. That programming would begin with Trump saying, “The Storm is Upon us.” He would give out seven more messages over the next 72 hours. The networks could be criminally liable if they did not allow the feed to air.

As of 12:01 am EST Wed. 20 Jan. the Military began making Mass Arrests. On Wed. 20 Jan. 2021 Trump resigned as the last President of US Inc, while Joe Biden was inaugurated as president of a bankrupt US Inc. Juan O Savin said that Trump transitioned to the Military with Gen. Mike Flynn leading to mop up the Swamp for a while. Trump would be back as part of the 1776 Constitution or Patriot Party.

Last Feb. 2020 the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) invaded the US with a COVID-19 Pandemic. In Oct. 2020 the CCP bought the Dominion Voting machines and with the help of the CIA and several other nation’s communist parties, were able to swing Trump votes to Biden to steal the 2020 Election – all covered up by the CCP paid off Mass Media.

There were said to be Chinese and Iranian sleeper cells in every state and three dirty nuclear bombs were found near the Capitol building. Right now, 25,000 **Chinese troops were sitting on the Canadian Border and 75,000 Chinese Troops on the Mexican Border. They were awaiting in ships 100 miles off both the East and West Coasts in international waters. It was the CCP’s long term plan to invade the country after Joe Biden was sworn in as US President at noon Wed. 20 Jan. US Ships off the West Coast:

** I only have one source for this statement This past week the Military has 60,000 National Guard Troops (who were about to become federalized), 40,000 Law Enforcement and 50,000 Special Forces occupying the District of Columbia, with 28,000 troops sworn in as Marshals to help with Mass Arrests. General Flynn was in charge, along with General Hyten as Chairman of the Pentagon Joint Chief of Staff. Trump appointed Christopher Miller and Pete Gaynor headed FEMA.

FEMA tents, FEMA Personal and FEMA vehicles were all over Capitol Hill right now. On Jan. 27th 2021 the US Dollar would revalue into a gold/asset-backed US Treasury Note. A new election and restored Republic grounded in the original Constitution would be installed by March 2021.

Wed. 20 Jan. Letter from Trump to Biden: Simon Parkes was sent this at 5 pm British time. This letter on official White House stationary, was left on the President's desk for Biden:

The following is significantly IMPORTANT!

1.) Q Posts 4821 and 4822, dated October 7, 2020, told us that Biden would be sworn in and that the countries he took bribes from would then have control of the government. [Important point to which I will return].

2.) Biden had to fly to Washington, D.C. on a private jet and was not sent a government plane. This was the first time in history that this happened [Again, I will come back to this].

3.) Many of us assumed that when Trump and those in his administration referred to the next administration, it meant the military. We expected him to step down (to remain neutral, as Q said) while all this was going on. Trumpsaid the next administration would take over at noon today


Charlie Ward received a video of the complete Biden Inauguration at 7am Spain time Wed. 20 Jan. (1:00 am EST). The ceremony was pre-recorded. The TV stations put it out as live, but it was not.

Remain calm. The Military were in control. The Military/FEMA heads Pete Gaynor and Christopher Miller were running the US right now.

Tues. 20 Jan. from Charlie Ward’s Mel K:

“We are not there yet... keep the faith guys! It had to be this way. We are watching the most corrupt treasonous sub-humans on this planet do their final victory lap taking over the Corporation of the United States that is currently bankrupt and has always been a foreign run and never for We the People. The Republic of the United States, our original Constitution, and God will prevail. Breathe, go take care of yourselves today, and know that the best is yet to come. In the fog of war all seems confusing, but the fog will lift, and light will shine on us all finally. This I believe! Love to you all!” ..… Mel K

By Sun 24 Jan things should become clearer.

The illegal presidency of Pedo-Satanist Joe Biden should begin to be disclosed, along with the disclosure of the crimes of many other traitors / criminals in DC (including crimes of embezzling trillions in govt funds, many pedo-satanic "leaders" who committed torture, rape, & murder of babies and children, identity fraud e.g., Obama born in Kenya, Kamala Harris NOT natural born citizen, etc. conspiracy to murder and assassinate Americans [Bush Sr key planner to murder JFK in 1963, etc.]. Over the past weekend the Marines raided the CIA Langley VA headquarters and came out with huge amounts of damning and incriminating evidence of treason and crimes against humanity done by the CIA in cooperation with the FBI and in cooperation with 95% of CCP compromised, bribed, and blackmailed politicians and bureaucrats in DC. From that raid at CIA headquarters they now had clear proof that

(1) the COVID-19 pandemic was a manufactured crisisto implement mail-in ballot and electronic vote switching election fraud, with the goal of

(2) wearing down the USA economically, and creating a draconian Deep State COVID-19 vaccine ID system

Trump may use the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) or Space Force's "Global Broadcast System" (GBS) to broadcast messages to the American people and the world about the crimes of the elite politicians and bureaucrats like the Biden crime family, the Deep State Dem's and the GOP RINOs who have been bribed or blackmailed and extorted by CCP China, forcing them to serve the globalist NWO anti-human COVID-19 and other goals of the globalist Deep State.

Over the last 24 hours the White House issued Continuity of Government Continuation Warning text messages and emails to key federal govt employees preparing to make an emergency move to alternate sites (outside of DC).

(1) that there will be a transition to an interim govt backed by the military and

(2) that DC will no longer be the location of the govt of the restored Republic which will be located somewhere else other than DC.

Our guy appreciates everyone’s prayers. He wanted to remind you that we can be very confident that the White Hats and Good Guys were winning, though it may look like the opposite for a few days. As POTUS Trump said, “The Best is Yet to Come.” H. Lin Wood:

In recent days, I sometimes wonder what was in the minds of our forefathers of 1776. They faced a stronger enemy. They were outnumbered. Their resources paled in comparison to the might of England. Against all odds, they won. And because of their sacrifices then we are free now. They prevailed because they were inspired by God and the spirit of freedom, He instilled in each of them. Our enemies should not be fooled. That spirit of freedom still lives and burns bright in the hearts of tens of millions of Patriots. Forget the odds. Never give up. God is with us. God plus one man is a majority. We shall prevail. All will be well.

*** MI Judge Orders Democrat Sec of State to Release All Communications with Dominion, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google

Will China be too busy to bother with the USA?

Interesting prophetic vision (above). There are rising tensions between China and Japan over ownership of those little islands in the East China Sea. Japan had a mutual defense pact with India which has fallen apart, forcing Japan to seek an ally in Australia. China will not tolerate such an alliance. Will this drain China's interest in war with the USA? What will Biden say? I've been thinking for years that we don't need to worry about China which has more Christians than Communist party members, and Iran which has more Christians now than militant Muslims.

[Patrick Bestall]

Every Person Is Made in the Holy Image of God:

President Trump Declares National Sanctity of Human Life Day


Biden Inauguration Bankrolled by Major Companies

Anti-COVID Game plan:

Dear Friends

If you have the time to read it, this is an extremely revealing and truthful treatise on Covid-19.

Sincerely, Robert L. Reid

Trump declassifies more Crossfire Hurricane documents in final hours of Presidency.

Jordan Peterson to Justin Trudeau "You weasel" [Patrick Bestall]

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