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Friday 5-5-23

Friday 5 - 5 - 23

Verse(s) for today:

casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

1 Peter 5:7 KJV

I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: For thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety.

Psalm 4:8 KJV

I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless, I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.

Galatians 2:20 KJV

And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

John 1:14 KJV

Thought(s) for the Day:


Morning Update:

Here is an [A-I] Comparison: Canadian officials are considering retaliating against a Chinese diplomat who they say was working to threaten and intimidate a Canadian MP and his family. Earlier this week, the Globe and Mail reported that Chinese diplomats were working to collect intelligence on Canadian politicians, including the families of MPs, as part of an effort to silence criticism of China. The news contradicted what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday, that a report on the matter was never shared outside of CSIS. But Conservative MP Michael Chong said Thursday that the current national security and intelligence adviser to the prime minister, Jody Thomas, told him Thursday that CSIS shared its 2021 assessment with relevant departments and with her predecessor. The prime minister has said he is directing Canada's spy agency to share more information with the federal government about threats to members of Parliament. And Canada's intelligence agency says it knows Beijing officials have travelled to Canada to threaten and intimidate Chinese Canadians and permanent residents into returning to China.

Conservative MP Michael Chong has contradicting advice with Justin Trudeau regarding an alleged plot by Chinese officials to target MPs and relatives. Earlier this week, The Globe and Mail published a top-secret report stating that China’s intelligence agency was in search of information about the relatives of unnamed Canadian MPs who may be located in China for further potential sanctions. After Prime Minister Trudeau claimed the information had never left CSIS, Mike Chong argued current national security adviser Jody Thomas notified him that CSIS share pertinent elements of its 2021 assessment with relevant parties including her predecessor as well as distinct departments. In addition, it has been said Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly confirmed the incident's truthfulness at a committee meeting saying “what has happened is completely unacceptable.”

Here are the DETAILS:

New questions about how the federal government handled a reported Chinese government plot to target MPs are being raised after Conservative MP Michael Chong said Thursday that a 2021 intelligence report on the matter was shared with the prime minister's national security and intelligence adviser.

The news contradicts comments Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made Wednesday.

Earlier this week the Globe and Mail published an article, citing a 2021 top-secret CSIS document, saying that China's intelligence agency was seeking information about an unnamed Canadian MP's relatives "who may be located in the PRC, for further

A national security source reportedly told the Globe that the MP targeted was Chong and that Zhao Wei, a Chinese diplomat in Canada, was working on this matter.

Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly seemed to confirm the reporting Thursday when she told Chong during a committee that "what has happened is completely unacceptable."

The prime minister said Wednesday that the information about Chong was never shared outside of CSIS.

"We asked what happened to that information, was it ever briefed up out of CSIS? It was not. CSIS made the determination that it wasn't something that needed be raised to a higher level because it wasn't a significant enough concern," Trudeau said.

But Chong shared new information during the question period on Thursday suggesting that is not true.

The MP said the current national security and intelligence adviser to the prime minister, Jody Thomas, told him Thursday that CSIS shared its 2021 assessment with relevant departments and with her predecessor. Thomas took over the position last year.

"This report contained information that and I and other MPs were being targeted by the [People's Republic of China,]" he said.

"This contradicts what the prime minister said yesterday."

Chong also called out Liberal MPs for suggesting he had been fully briefed on the matter for years.

While Chong has said CSIS briefed him, he described the conversations as general in nature and said they didn't tell him that Zhao was collecting information about his family.

CSIS has not yet responded to CBC's requests for comment.

Ottawa assessing blowback from expelling Chinese diplomat

Joly says her government has summoned China's ambassador and is reviewing the likely consequences of expelling the Chinese diplomat accused of helping to target Chong's family.

"We're assessing different options, including the expulsion of diplomats, because it is important that we take a decision," Joly told the foreign affairs committee Thursday.

But her comments did little to appease Chong, who accused the government of sending the wrong signal to foreign adversaries by not acting more swiftly and decisively on foreign interference.

"We are basically putting up a giant billboard for all authoritarian states around the world that says we are open for foreign interference threat activities on Canadian soil targeting Canadian citizens, and you can conduct these activities with zero consequences," he said.

"That's why this individual needs to be sent packing."

Joly said the government summoned China's ambassador Thursday morning and is weighing the potential economic, consular and diplomatic consequences of taking punitive steps.

"This is about you, but it's also about the interest of the country," Joly told Chong.

"What we're doing right now as a government is assessing the consequences that we'll be facing in case of diplomatic expulsion, because there will be consequences. I think it's important that Canadians know what we've learned from the two Michaels experience is that, of course, China and the PRC will take action."

Chong fired back, saying the federal government's first concern should be for the security of its citizens.

"This individual, Mr. Zhao Wei, should be on the first plane out or declared persona non grata," he said.

"Why is this diplomat still here? A diplomat who has more rights and immunities than the Canadians around this table to go around and conduct his foreign interference threat activities. He has diplomatic immunity. He cannot be criminally prosecuted."

Joly said the government's decision "will have the best interest of Canadians and our democracy in mind" and told reporters a decision will be made "very soon."

Margaret McCuaig-Johnston, a senior fellow at the graduate school of public and international affairs at the University of Ottawa, said Zhao should have been kicked out of the country by now.

"He should have gone two years ago," she told CBC News Network.

"Assuming that key people in the government hadn't known two years ago and therefore didn't make the decision, he should have been on a plane on Monday night. The fact that we're sitting here Thursday afternoon and that we're still talking about it is really concerning."

McCuaig-Johnston said that if Canada does make a move, Chinese retaliation can be expected. But she said she doesn't think that payback would be as serious as the arbitrary detentions of Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor.

"If there is anything beyond sending a Canadian diplomat home, it might be trade sanctions or something like that," she said.

"Frankly the government of China doesn't get to veto Canadian policy. So we must make our decision and whatever the consequences, we'll withstand that. This has just gone too far."

Chinese officials have threatened, intimidated Canadians: CSIS

Canada's intelligence agency says it knows Beijing officials have travelled to Canada to threaten and intimidate Chinese Canadians and permanent residents into returning to China. That's raising questions about the ability of police to investigate foreign interference.

CSIS tabled its latest annual report in the House of Commons Thursday. In it, CSIS confirms it has known for some time about sub-national affiliates of the People's Republic of China's police service, the Ministry of Public Security, operating in this country without the government of Canada's permission.

"CSIS has observed instances where representatives from various investigatory bodies in the PRC have come to Canada, often without notifying local law enforcement agencies, and used threats and intimidation in attempting to force 'fugitive' Chinese Canadians and permanent residents to return to the PRC," said the 2022 annual report.

The House of Commons has been seized with the government's response to so-called Chinese government "police stations" operating on Canadian soil.

Conservative MP Michael Cooper faced off with Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino last week during a committee meeting on the issue. He accused the government of taking "no meaningful action."

While the minister repeatedly said the clandestine stations in Canada have been shut down, two Montreal-area community groups under investigation for allegedly hosting secret Chinese government police stations say they continue to operate normally.

The RCMP said Thursday it continues to investigate the "police stations."

"Based on current information, there is no 'police station' related activity being conducted at the previously reported 'police station' locations in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia," said spokesperson Robin Percival.

"It is important to note that some of the activity the RCMP is investigating was occurring at locations where other legitimate services to the Chinese Canadian Community were, or are being, offered."

Mendicino stressed to reporters that police decided to lay charges independent of government.

"There are many provisions under the Criminal Code which may apply, depending on the facts on the ground," he said.

Last month, U.S. authorities announced they had shut down what they referred to as a Chinese police station in lower Manhattan and had charged two American citizens using a legal tool that Canada doesn't have yet: a foreign agent registry.

In other countries, such registries compel people who act on behalf of foreign states to advance their goals to disclose their ties to the governments employing them.

The recent criminal charges laid in the U.S. were against two American citizens who allegedly failed to register their work on behalf of the People's Republic of China.

Mendicino has said the government hopes to bring in legislation to create a foreign agent registry soon after a consultation period ends on May 9.

Trudeau said Wednesday he is directing Canada's spy agency to share more information with the federal government about threats to members of Parliament.

A spokesperson from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China denied the allegations.

"We never interfere in Canada's internal affairs and have no interest whatsoever in doing so," said Mao Ning.

"At the same time, we are resolute in defending our sovereignty, security and development interests and opposing actions that interfere in China's internal affairs and harm China's interests."

Expulsions of foreign diplomats by Canada are rare. In 2018, Ottawa expelled four Russian diplomats over the poisoning of an ex-spy in Salisbury, U.K.

In 2012, the Conservative government joined its international allies in a coordinated expulsion of Syrian diplomats after killers allied with the Assad regime murdered more than 100 people, including 49 children, in the Houla region of Syria.

[The Globe & Mail Media]

MORE Globe & Mail Media NEWS:

1. First Nations police forces sue Ottawa over stalled funding talks

Three First Nations police forces in Northern Ontario are suing Ottawa, saying they will have to stop operating – leaving those communities without security – because government grants to fund those forces have run out.

The Indigenous Police Chiefs of Ontario say the situation threatens to shut down patrols and create a “public safety crisis” with “significant, long-term consequences” and they have taken the federal government to court. They are alleging an impasse in negotiations of new funding has led Ottawa officials to cease sending money to three of the province’s nine Indigenous police forces.

A police roadblock is set up at the James Smith Cree Nation, Sask., on Sept. 6, 2022.


2. Trudeau pledges to run against Poilievre and his ‘brokenist’ policies in next election

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau kicked off the Liberal national convention on Thursday evening with a pledge to lead the party into a fourth election, and attacked Pierre Poilievre over his “brokenist” Conservative politics.

By staying at the helm, Trudeau is attempting to do what no Prime Minister has done since Sir Wilfrid Laurier more than a century ago: win four consecutive mandates. Even without that historic challenge, Liberals face an uphill battle, with Nanos polling in April showing the Liberals at 30 per cent, compared with Poilievre’s Conservatives at 35 per cent.

Read more:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes a keynote address at the 2023 Liberal National Convention in Ottawa, on May 4, 2023.


3. For French purists, the ‘coronation quiche’ is undeserving of its name

When King Charles and Camilla, the Queen Consort, announced a “Coronation Quiche” last month, it was meant to be something fun and simple that people could cook during the weekend celebrations.

They hoped the quiche would be a centerpiece for street parties across the country during the coronation weekend and find a permanent place in the British diet. But the quiche has caused an uproar.

The French keepers of Quiche Lorraine have slammed the royal recipe, saying it’s not a true quiche but a tart, and a pretty bland one. A senior Tory MP and royalist, Jacob-Rees Mogg, has also said he’d never eat quiche and food reviews have been mixed at best.

Read more:

Also on our radar

1. TD, First Horizon terminate US$13.4-billion takeover, halting TD’s expansion in the U.S. southeast: Toronto-Dominion Bank’s US$13.4-billion deal to buy Tennessee-based First Horizon Corp. has been called off, allowing it to walk away from an ambitious takeover that some investors had soured on.

2. BoC needs to stay the course, though banking stress could affect monetary policy, Macklem says: Bank of Canada Governor Tiff Macklem said stress in the global banking system could tighten credit conditions in Canada and affect the path of interest rates, but he added that his chief concern is still inflation proving more stubborn than expected.

3. Biden authorizes sanctions in Sudan’s war as UN prepares for 860,000 refugees: U.S. President Joe Biden has signed an order authorizing sanctions in Sudan as his intelligence officials cast doubt on any hope of an early end to the heavy fighting between military and paramilitary forces that has devastated the country and forced more than 440,000 people to abandon their homes.

4. Shopify to lay off 20 per cent of global work force, sell logistics operations: Shopify Inc. is slashing nearly 20 per cent of its entire work force and selling off its delivery and warehousing operations, as the Ottawa-based company strives to recapture momentum in its core e-commerce business.

5. BCE, Telus report lower profits in first quarter as telecoms prepare for stiffer competition: BCE Inc. and Telus Corp. reported lower first-quarter profits as they brace for heightened competition from Rogers Communications Inc. after the completion of its takeover of Calgary-based Shaw Communications Inc.

[GLOBE & MAIL Media]

David YEO:

$yr!@ Und3r ATT@CK (3 Min)

Th3 B@NK$ R B3!Ng Br0ughT D0WN by D3$!gn (19 Min)

J@N3 & $@$ha: VXXN L0T # Ch3ck, VA3R$ T4@cT!0n$ (14 Min)

Who RuL3$ E@rTH (1 min)

Z!0N!$M UnM@$k3D !n 10 Min. (10 Min)

Fr0m $TaG3 3 C@Nc3r +o N0 C@nc3r D3T3cTed (32 Min)

UK MP XP0$es Th3 C3NTr@L BAnK!ng $y$T3M $cAM (2 Min)

D@hB007: !T'$ G0!ng D0WN**T0T@L C0LL@P$3 0f R3G!0n@L B@nK$ (3 Min)

TRUTH SUMMIT UPDATE. RICHARD GAGE, AIA, Architect - exposing the truth about 9/11:

June 12-23. 2023. 20 FREE Interviews with Truth Tellers who have dared to explore and expose so many of the truths massively denied by the mainstream.

Two days ago, I introduced you to Diana West. The truth about the death of the grown-up. The truth about American betrayal.

Today, an introduction to Richard Gage.

RICHARD GAGE, AIA, Architect. From a good everyday life to truth warrior for 9/11. 18 years of truth telling. And the story continues, now with: 9/11: CRIME SCENE TO COURTROOM

Richard Gage swallowed every bit of the mainstream story about 9/11. He didn’t suspect a thing. He was an architect, but not a structural engineer.

He was living a good everyday life, with a happy marriage. That continued for years after 9/11, and his beliefs might have continued unchallenged, except that one day he happened to be listening to a radio show. He heard things about 9/11 which sounded like wild conspiracy theory to him but were so disturbing that he pulled the car into a parking lot, so he could listen more closely.

That day his life changed profoundly.

His dedication to getting the truth out about 9/11 continues to this day. There is a current video project: 9/11: Crime Scene to Courtroom.

For the video interview, come to the Truth Summit - June 12-23. In the meantime, CLICK HERE for the page where I will be adding the people being interviewed:

If you received this in an email, you’re registered for the Truth Summit. If someone forwarded this to you, CLICK HERE to register:

And welcome to the Truth Summit! [Richard Gage]

"Israel New Law Bans Preaching About Jesus While America Encourages Preaching a Fairy Tale Jesus" on YouTube:

Israel trying to pass a new law banning preaching about Jesus in the Holy land. In the meantime, America is encouraging preaching about Jesus, but it is a gummy bear unbiblical Jesus. We are living in the end times. Wake up and see that the Bible is unfolding in front of our eyes. [Debbie Mattson]

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!

General Summary

  • · An FBI Whistleblower Has Dropped Bombshell Evidence

  • · Proving Joe Biden Committed Treason

  • · Massive Surge of Migrants in Texas

  • · Costa Rica: Illegal immigrants have loaded 24 busses that are heading for the USA.

  • · Supreme Court Now Considering Brunson Case that Could Take Down Congress

  • · Banks insolvent, Tanking Worldwide

  • · Crypto Currency Imploding

  • · A World-Wide Call for Fast and Prayer

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