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Friday 9-15-23

Friday 9-15-23

Verse(s) for today:

Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, All ye that hope in the LORD.

Psalm 31:24 KJV

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.

John 5:24 KJV

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Romans 12:2 KJV

Thought for this Morning:

The General Public Doesn’t Know What’s Happening And What’s Even Sadder Is That... The General Public Doesn’t Know That It Doesn’t Know

More Importantly... the Same Applies to their Eternal Destiny

I Believe that Our Saviour’s last Command was this...

Go Find the New Citizens for My Kingdom that the Holy Spirit

Is Wooing & Drawing... Share this Good News...

“Christ is the Solution to the Problem of SIN occasioned by Adam!”

“He is the Messiah... The Lamb-of-God... Who Accomplished...

What We Could Not Do for Ourselves... OUR SALVATION!

Man’s inhumanity to his fellow Man:

The two thousand or so missing children of Maui remain a mystery after Lahaina Hawaii was burned to the ground on Aug. 8. The high school and junior high students were in school and left in school busses. Twelve school busses (72 students each) were videotaped taking students past the bordered off escape route before the fires went out of control. The busses were found empty locked in containers on the Lahaina Dock.

Residents reported seeing white vans rounding up children who were home alone during the fire. Some say they were killed in the fire, but no bodies have been produced.

Others say the Global Alliance Military White Hats were investigating an international Child Sex Trafficking Ring centered in Lahaina. We know the White Hats have been pro active in rounding up and taking care of Maui fire perpetrators.

Some say the children may have been rounded up for human trafficking. Dr. Jan Halper reported that the children were safe but gave no further information.

No one in authority will talk about the missing children – not the governor, nor mayor, nor police chief, nor Maui Survivors, nor Global Alliance Military. And certainly not the Fake News Mainstream Media... Please Pray!

Our Current Understanding:

Breaking News:

Auto workers head for picket lines at three plants:

Limited walkout at three plants will up pressure on President Joe Biden to work with both sides to avert a full-blown strike.

The United Auto Workers went on strike at three plants across the Big Three car manufacturers on Friday, the union’s first offensive after its existing contracts expired without a new deal.

While the limited nature of the walkout will spare the economy a potentially heavy hit for the time being, it will put more pressure on President Joe Biden to work with both sides to avert a full-blown walkout by nearly 150,000 union members across several other states.

The move follows through on UAW President Shawn Fain’s threats to stop work at Ford, General Motors and Stellantis upon the expiration of the UAW’s contracts with the automakers at 11:59 p.m. Thursday, as the union rebuffed the latest offers from the three companies.

The strike will initially target GM’s Wentzville Assembly plant in Missouri, Stellantis’ Toledo Assembly in Ohio and Ford’s Michigan Assembly in Wayne, Mich., Fain announced on a live stream a little after 10 p.m.

Fain directed union members at other facilities to continue working without a contract for the time being.

The work stoppage is just a fraction of the size of a full-scale strike by workers covered under the expiring contracts. As such it won’t have the same immediate economic hit to auto-producing regions, or the overall economy, while giving the union the ability to raise the temperature on the car companies.

The Biden administration has been working to avoid a strike, which could roil the economy just as Biden’s reelection effort heats up.

The strike marked the first against all three major Detroit automakers simultaneously, Fain said, paving a new front in the union’s battles with the car companies.

Fain teased the plan, a novel tactic the union is dubbing a “stand up strike,” Wednesday evening without revealing how many sites or which locations would be involved in the initial wave. During Thursday’s announcement Fain gave no hint about when other sites might join the strike or how they’d be determined, other than urging members to be ready “at a moment’s notice.”

“This strategy will keep the companies guessing. It will give our national negotiators maximum leverage and flexibility in bargaining,” Fain said. “If we need to go all out, we will.”

In the past, the UAW typically singled out one company to direct its efforts toward. For instance, during the most recent strike in 2019, the union stopped work at GM and put nearly 50,000 workers on the picket line for 40 days before reaching an agreement.

The strategic ambiguity of the new tactic, however, will also weigh on Biden, who has been eager to head off a strike amid the country’s economic uncertainty and the approach of his reelection bid in 2024.

The White House has stepped carefully during the tense negotiations, closely monitoring developments in the weeks leading up to Thursday’s announcement and urging a deal, while not directly intervening in the process.

The union has sought pay boosts of as much as 40 percent above the just-expired terms, in addition to cost-of-living adjustments, eradication of a two-tiered wage structure and certain rights in the event of plant closures.

The companies have submitted a battery of counter proposals, though none have come close to matching the union’s terms. On Thursday, GM offered a 20-percent raise for more-tenured workers spread out over the life of the agreement, a proposal CEO Mary Barra said in a video message was a “compelling and unprecedented” deal for UAW members.

Fain has been dismissive of the offers, often calling them “insulting.”

The Wentzville plant employs 4,100 and produces mid-size trucks and full-size vans, including the Chevrolet Colorado and Express and the GMC Canyon and Savana. Stellantis Toledo has 4,420 employees and makes the Jeep Gladiator and Jeep Wrangler, including its electric version, the Wrangler 4xe.

Ford Michigan employs 4,900 and produces the Ford Ranger and Bronco models. It’s not clear how many of the employees at each of the targeted plants are UAW members or how many employees work on the final assembly and paint lines at Ford Michigan.

Stellantis’ Toledo plant and Ford’s Michigan facility are located in counties that voted for President Joe Biden in 2020, while GM’s Wentzville plant is in a county that voted strongly for former President Donald Trump. None of three plants are located in so-called right-to-work states where union organizing is more difficult.







GM said in a statement that it was “disappointed by the UAW leadership’s actions, despite the unprecedented economic package GM put on the table, including historic wage increases and manufacturing commitments.”

Stellantis said it had put the company in “contingency mode” and would make “appropriate structural decisions to protect our North American operations and the Company.”

“We are extremely disappointed by the UAW leadership’s refusal to engage in a responsible manner to reach a fair agreement in the best interest of our employees, their families and our customers,” Stellantis said.

In a statement Thursday evening, Ford said it had only received its “first substantive counterproposal” from the union at 8 p.m. but it “showed little movement from the union’s initial demands.”

Fain appeared on the picket lines at the Ford Michigan plant shortly after midnight. Michigan Democratic Reps. Debbie Dingell and Rashida Tlaib also joined the striking workers, the Detroit News reported.

While the clash between the UAW and the automakers has centered on traditional issues like wages and benefits, Biden’s push to put more electric vehicles on roadways was a significant subtext, with the UAW viewing the move as posing risks to unionized jobs. That push, backed by the $369 billion in clean-energy subsidies in Biden’s signature climate law, is a centerpiece of the administration’s efforts to arrest global warming.

Acting Labor Secretary Julie Su and other top administration officials like senior adviser Gene Sperling have repeatedly expressed confidence in the talks — as has Biden, who on Labor Day expressed skepticism a strike would come to fruition — and vowed not to step in unless requested by one or both sides.

At the same time, liberal lawmakers have become increasingly vocal in their support of the UAW’s stance against the big car companies as the standoff has come down to the wire.

Biden in mid-July met privately with Fain at the White House, and the pair spoke over the phone Thursday to discuss the state of play. The president spoke with the leaders of the three companies on Thursday as well.

The fledgling union leader and the labor-friendly president have, at best, an uneasy alliance. Sperling, a born Michigander who served on the Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry from 2009 to 2010, was tapped by Biden to be the administration’s point person keeping up with negotiations.

Fain has criticized the administration’s handling of incentives to support the transition from internal combustion to electric vehicles, among other issues, and the UAW has pointedly withheld support for the president’s reelection.

The White House insists that its twin aims of strengthening organized labor and addressing climate change are not mutually exclusive and that it has pushed car companies to put pay and benefits for EV jobs on par with traditional assembly line work.

The UAW is skeptical of those arguments, countering that EVs require fewer workers than traditional cars and that many of the new plants have cropped up in states that encumber union organizing efforts. The union has called on the Biden administration to do more to ensure that unionized labor is not crimped by the transition.

Donald Trump has tried to capitalize on those anxieties by lambasting the push toward EVs, and Biden’s climate agenda more broadly. However, Fain has said that another Trump term would be disastrous, all but slamming the door on the former president’s entreaty for a UAW endorsement.

Individual members of the union could find Trump’s pitch appealing, though. He drew a significant number of votes from union households during his successful 2016 run, and did so again in 2020.

The former president on Wednesday urged UAW members to lean on leadership to support his 2024 election bid, or alternatively, “drop out of the Union and start a new one that’s going to protect your interests right.”


Josh Alexander update:

Rebel News:Calgary Police got it wrong. Only the Supreme Court can order a journalist to hand over information

Earlier this month, an Ontario court ruled in favor of Alexander, saying the Catholic school board which suspended him because he said there are only two genders must hear his appeals regarding his many suspensions.


It’s happening again.

The Trudeau government is not allowing True North to cover the news.

The Prime Minister’s Office is refusing to accredit me to cover the Liberal Caucus Retreat in London, Ontario and isn’t even providing the reason.

As you may recall, the government didn’t allow True North to cover the leaders’ debate in 2019 and we were forced to take the Leaders’ Debate Commission to court – and won.

What is the Trudeau government so afraid of?

We’re not going to these events to protest or call them names. We just want to report on the news.

We’re not activists. We’re journalists.

We’ve demonstrated this time and time again – True North has been to international events with world leaders, campaign events of all parties, press conferences of various politicians and much more.

At the end of the day, our goal is to report on the news that matters most to Canadians.

[Andrew Lawton]

[Managing Editor]

Federal judge makes a game-changing decision on Trump indictments:

Donald Trump has to clear his name in the court room. Especially before the Republican primary.

And now a federal judge has made a game-changing decision on the Trump indictments.

It’s obvious to so many Americans that the Democrats are doing everything they can to take Donald Trump out of the picture for the 2024 election season by attacking him relentlessly with legal battle after legal battle.

They’ll absolutely try to throw him behind bars, but the true motivation is to tarnish his name. They think that Americans will be turned off of the idea of seeing Donald Trump in court leading up to the next Presidential election.

But there’s one major problem with their plan based on what the federal courts have decided to do in Trump’s upcoming federal battles.

Under new guidelines for remote access to federal courtrooms that were issued on Tuesday, former President Donald Trump’s federal criminal prosecutions will not be televised.

On Tuesday, over forty Democrats in the House requested the Judicial Conference, the policymaking body behind U.S. federal courts, to consider allowing live broadcasting of Trump’s two future federal criminal prosecutions.

According to a news release, the new rules will “permit judges presiding over civil and bankruptcy cases to provide live audio access to non-trial proceedings that do not involve witness testimony.” In addition, “The change approved Tuesday does not extend to criminal proceedings.”

The Judicial Conference of the United States today approved a change to its broadcast policy that expands the public’s access to civil and bankruptcy proceedings.

— United States Courts (@uscourts) September 12, 2023

Both Democrats and some Republicans have urged the chamber to create narrow exceptions allowing cameras in the federal district court hearings related to Trump’s criminal charges including allegations of trying to manipulate the results of the 2020 election and allegations of mishandling of secret data.

While the federal proceedings against Trump will not be broadcast online, the Fulton County racketeering trial against him for allegedly trying to sway the Georgia race might put him in front of the cameras. The ex-president is considering asking the judge to move the matter to federal court, where it would be out of the public eye.

There was a meeting of the Judicial Conference, an administrative body with 26 members, in a secret location within the Supreme Court because its members have “deep concern” about upcoming congressional appropriations legislation regarding funding for the Judicial Branch.

The fact of the matter here is that Democrats are not going to get their sick wish of seeing Donald Trump sitting in the defense chair and broadcasting it for everyone to see, but that’s not going to happen now.

No doubt, the most serious charges being made against Trump are the ones being brought by the federal government which involve the classified document case and the January 6, 2021 case.

While the Georgia indictment trial may well be televised when the time comes, most legal experts believe that the Georgia indictments simply do not have as much of a threat against Trump as the federal cases do.

So for Donald Trump, this is a huge win. He can avoid the unnecessary clown show, for now, and focus on trying to win the court cases and win the Republican nomination in 2024.

Whether the cases end up hurting him in the polls is something yet to be seen, though. It’s possible that conservative voters get turned off of all of the drama and switch to another candidate like Ron DeSantis or Vivek Ramaswamy when it comes time to vote in the primaries.

Though the polls at this time seem to indicate that Donald Trump is faring as well as ever despite all the indictments and legal drama.

Democrats may want to rethink their strategy because it is not nearly as effective as they were hoping it would be at this point.

[DC Daily Journal]

Good and Bad news for Air Travelers:

"I'd say it's a highly competitive market," said chief executive Michael Deluce, who also expressed doubt about how long the system can hold.

"I think the current set of competitors is not a sustainable long-term proposition. I'm not going to highlight which carriers I think will not be here 12 or 24 months from now," he added.

"The anadian market this fall on travel, you'll get a hell of a deal," Gradek said.

Outside of Mexico and the Caribbean, supply for international trips still falls short of demand, pushing fares ever higher.

The price of round-trip flights this fall rose 22 per cent for Europe, 16 per cent for South America and 32 per cent for Africa and the Middle East compared to 2019, according to Hopper.

It shot up 45 per cent for Australia and a whopping 121 per cent for Asia, with flights between China and Canada numbering 10 per week versus 100 per week in 2019, according to Transport Canada.

Pray that it won't become necessary to mask or vax. [Patrick Bestall]

News Max:

Breaking News:

Watch Trump Speech Live! 9pm ET tonight fmr. President Trump speaks at the Family Research Council’s “Pray Vote Stand Summit” in Washington, D.C., and Newsmax is there live! Tune in tonight and make sure your cable company carries Newsmax, call them today if they don’t at 844-500-6397!

[News Max Media]

Twin legs of the statue: [Daniel]

A timely survey of radical spirituality and political activism in Islam and the West over the last century and a half, The Crescent and the Compass uncovers numerous previously unknown and unexplored connections between European, American, and Muslim movements, organizations, secret societies, and thinkers. Subjects covered include Ayatollah Khomeini and Islamic mysticism; Sufism and Shi'ism; the influence of the ideas of René Guénon, a former Catholic and Freemason, and convert to Sufism; and Charles, the Prince of Wales, Traditionalism and Islamic spirituality. At the heart of the book, however, are the many connections, during the 19th and early 20th centuries, between various Muslim revolutionaries and Freemasonry, a fraternal movement that was influential in the spiritual and occult avant-garde of Western Europe and America.

The Crescent and the Compass: Islam, Freemasonry, Esotericism and Revolution in the Modern Age Hardcover

CNN summarizes Biden's fake memory:

The fix is in to dump Biden and Trudeau.

[Patrick Bestall]

Trudeau's unconstitutional gift to London:

No mention of the fact that our constitution says housing is a responsibility of the provinces. Why look a gift horse in the mouth? This fund was originally announced in 2021 but not allocated until now. It has strings attached. London must "relax zoning restrictions" meaning it must go along with the globalist plans for high-density "15 minute cities" most of which have failed if you do a search of failed Utopian cities, and look up sociological research on the devastating effects of restricted living space for any animal population. Premier Ford won't object because he gets to move ahead with unelected regional governments in six new areas, one tier over elected municipal governments. And "strong city mayors" will not object if they want to keep the power the Premier gave them to over-rule city councils. Want to stand up to these heavy top-down move like they did in Peterborough?

Join Concerned Citizens Association of London. I did.

PS - This will make ACORN look good for their lobbying on behalf of the poor who need decent housing. More votes for the socialists they support. Less money for hardworking taxpayers. Good reason to join a union or vote for a guaranteed minimum income. Less reason to expect Christianity to help you like it did in past centuries when they voluntarily started programs to help the poor and vulnerable with welfare, juries, hospitals, and schools.

[Patrick Bestall]

Librti this Week:

  • · UN To Declare Permanent Worldwide Covid Measures 2023;

  • · Western U Continues White Racism;

  • · How Can Parents Get SOGI Out of Our Schools?;

  • · We ARE the Majority;

  • · Is Being a Man Making a Comeback?

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A heartfelt thank you to all of you that have and continue to support Librti Social.

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Dr Trozzi Responds to Twitter Suspension

Yesterday Twitter suspended our account. More than 10,000 Twitter followers began the migration to join our larger audience who subscribe to our newsletter and follow us with no interference at

Here are the details of twitter’s notice of suspension, and my concise video response (under 2 minutes) that I hope you will post on Twitter:

Exposing covid crimes, pursuing justice, restoring human rights, re-establishing the rule of law, and providing vital health information for everyone, especially victims of the covid-19 injections; all must continue, regardless of the censors.

Differentiating the call for lawful justice, from inciting violence

Yesterday Twitter suspended our account. More than 10,000 subscribers began the migration to join our larger audience who subscribe to our newsletter and follow us with no interference here on my website.

Please download the video here and upload to your Twitter channel and other platforms.


I will also write twitter, and trust Mr Elon Musk and his staff to restore this account so we can include twitter among the platforms where we provide important life saving information and resources.

Here is Twitter’s notice of suspension:

Exposing covid crimes, perusing justice, restoring human rights, re-establishing the rule of law, and providing vital health information for everyone, especially victims of the covid-19 injections; all must continue, regardless of the censors.

Important Related Material:

Dr David Martin | Covid Terrorism, Murder, and Racketeering. The weaponization of the spike protein of the WIV1 Wuhan virus has a paper trail. The covid enterprise is a case of premeditated mass murder. Trudeau is deeply involved.

Nooses for Narcissists. Dr Mark Trozzi. September 8, 2023. New Zealand PM Chris Hipkins should join Jacinda Ardern, Trudeau, and other self serving political narcissists on route to the gallows for their roles in covid crimes against humanity.

The Nuremberg Code 75th Anniversary Today. A 3 minute message from my friends and colleagues: Dr Tess Lawrie, Dr Ryan Cole, Professor Martin Haditsch, Dr Ronald Weikl, and Professor Sucahrit Bhakdi.


And HERE is the OPPOSITION that they are FACING!

Seemingly baffled, Ontario Superior Court Justice Edward Morgan didn’t quite know what to say when told only one of the four defendants for a hearing showed up.

It was a landmark hearing for Ontario. Four doctors — Rochagne Kilian, Mary O’Connor, Mark Trozzi and Patrick Phillips — had been scheduled to appear to fight legal proceedings brought by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) late last year.

Trozzi, O’Connor and Kilian have been accused by the CPSO of failing to comply with investigations into allegations they issued false medical exemptions for the COVID-19 vaccine. Phillips, the CPSO says, is threatening to re-release a tranche of confidential documents on Twitter.

But on Jan. 7, only O’Connor, and her lawyer Michael Swinwood, showed up on Zoom to argue their case.

“Alright. Um, ah, okay,” Morgan said, after being informed that Trozzi and Phillips’ lawyer, Michael Alexander, had decided to “withdraw” and would not be appearing at the hearing, despite CPSO counsel telling Alexander this was not allowed under civil procedure.

Conversation then turned to Kilian. Her lawyer, Rocco Galati, had been hospitalized and was in intensive care with an undisclosed illness, resulting in her case being rescheduled.

The prominent anti-vaccine lawyer has frequently represented groups and individuals challenging vaccine mandates and has described vaccination as “experimentation.”

Morgan wished Galati good health before deciding to press ahead with the hearing.

What followed was a journey down a rabbithole of anti-Covid-19-vaccine rhetoric, conspiracy theories and one claim that the pandemic was a “planned exercise in population control.” It concluded with an argument from defence lawyer, Swinwood, that Canada’s COVID-19 restrictions are akin to Nazi Germany regulations.

But these views from licensed medical professionals — seemingly at odds with the science that an education in medicine preaches — are not confined to this one virtual court hearing in Ontario. A small but vocal minority of doctors across Canada is attempting to sway public opinion to oppose COVID-19 vaccines.

Many are being investigated or have had their medical licences suspended. Many have not.

Experts are concerned that these doctors — speaking at rallies and promoting their views in widely shared videos — are lending weight to the anti-vaccine cause. “It’s definitely harmful to the public. I think it’s absolutely connected to the vaccine hesitancy rates that we’re seeing,” Queen’s University assistant professor and family doctor Michelle Cohen says.

“They’re just adding to the infodemic and to this sludge of disinformation … that’s just flying around and making it very confusing for many people to figure out what is accurate and what is not.”

At first glance, it seems that these doctors are acting independently.

But Global News can reveal that many are connected.

Enable Air: selling exemptions 'for a fee'...

According to court documents from Jan. 7, Kilian is alleged to have provided vaccine exemptions through a website called Enable Air, which works with “licensed physicians” to grant vaccination and mask exemptions for an undisclosed fee.

As a result, the Owen Sound family doctor had her certificate of registration suspended late last year.

Enable Air was taken down late last year after media inquiries into its operation. It later re-launched, with an added footnote about media “corruption.”

The website does not disclose the physicians who are issuing the exemptions. Nor does it disclose its organizers.

The HTML code on the Enable Air website lists a phone number linked to former B.C. physician Gwyllyn Goddard.

But upon investigation of an archived version of Enable Air’s original website, the mobile number listed in the HTML code under the “Message us on WhatsApp” widget can be matched with publicly listed contact information for a B.C. physician. His name is Gwyllyn Goddard.

Goddard’s website describes him as, among other things, an entrepreneur, humanitarian and family physician.

But, Goddard’s College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC (CPSBC) listing shows he resigned in 2016.

When contacted, Goddard said he had “no idea” what Enable Air is. When asked why his number was listed on its website, he said his phone number “is part of an email group that I sold into a company like 10 years ago and they’re all managed by one company, so I get a free cellphone basically.”

When asked to explain what he meant, he repeated a similar answer but said it was 15 years ago.

Goddard then said he had to go and hung up.

Half an hour later, Enable Air’s website was taken down. But the exemption form, a Google document, remains active.

Lawyer Rocco Galati has also been connected to the website.

In an archived page from July 2021, the website states 50 per cent of the “post administrative fees” for the Enable Air medical exemptions go to Galati, who is also the executive director of the Toronto-based Constitutional Rights Centre, “to pay for the fees required to win cases that support employees and other people’s rights to informed medical consent.”

Global News called Galati’s office and sent multiple emails to his associates but has not received a reply.

Rocco Galati has been linked with Enable Air, as an archived page from the website shows. Screenshot

[By Ashleigh Stewart Global News]

"Climate breakdown has begun" (Why?):

Last time I sent you this (on Aug 17) I said, "I don't expect you to explore this man's website". Maybe this time you will, in light of what David Strock just sent me. This month the UN secretary general tells us "Climate breakdown has begun". Maybe it has, but not for the reasons the UN gives us:

Carbon emissions have nothing to do with it! Read my previous email below.

Sent: Thursday, August 17, 2023 at 08:01:49 a.m. EDT

Subject: Weather modification projects all over the planet!

Friends, I don't expect you to explore this man's website. It's overwhelming. Save it for a rainy day (or a thunderstorm from hell). Meanwhile just look at the pictures I captured and pasted below.

There are so many people experimenting with what they can do to manipulate nature, it's almost impossible to keep track of them all.

[Patrick Bestall]

David YEO:

*** M@$K? (1 Min)

M0R@L R!gHT? (1 Min)

J0HN: Nur3mBurG C0D3 (17 Min)

NFL: Th3 D@MaR H@ML!N P$Y0P (1 Min)

"Th3 F@CT Th@T Th3Y T3LL U 0n3 Th!nG, U B3TT3R B3L!3Ve Th3 0Th3r" (15 Min)

C@M3Ra? (1 Min)

Wh@T !s Ph@rMaK!a? (7 Min(

R3-P0$T: HuGGG0000: M!nD C0nTr0L W@TcH (18 Min)

*** H0T3L M@U!-F0rN!c@T!0N: U C@N Ch3CK 0uT @ AnyT!m3 (23 Min)

D@N: H3@LTH C@NaDA H@$ Appr0v3d N3W J@B**XP3RTS S@Y N0! (13 Min)

V3TeRaN P!L0T (1 Min)

*** M@U!: TruTH**M!$$!nG Bu$3S & K!D$ (23 Min)

** Th3 !LLuM!n@T! UnM@Sk3d**B@NK$T3R$ PL@N (3 Min)

*** M@U!: 0Pr@H R3$p0Nd$**"Th3 W0rLd H@$ +o Ap0L0G!z3 (22 Min)

Th3 $@M3 G0D? (1 Min)

1,ooo Yr 0LD AL!3N$? (1 Min)

D3@TH-B3D C0Nf3$$!0N 0f C!A @G3NT (12 Min)

R!CH!3: M@U!**B@TTL3 B3Tw33N 'G00D & 3V!L' (19 Min)

$!L!C0N V@LL3Y (1 Min)

N@$A S@!D WH@T? (5 Min)

Th3 'BurN!nG M@N' 0p3R@T!0n !s Pr0paG@nda (1 Min)

Wh@T D!D B0BBY S@Y @b0uT CDC Qu@R@NT!n#$? (1 Min)

Qu@NTuM My$T!C!$M**$C!3nT!$M & Th3 Gr3@T !nv0C@T!0N (34 Min)

M!r@CL3 G@M3 (1 Min)

M@rBL3: Th3 F@K3 GL0B3 (3 Min)

M@U!: "Th3 P0W3R W3nT 0uT" (40 Min)

$T3W: 'Du$T!F!c@T!0N on **9*!*!* BLD$ (41 Min)

*** TucK3R: R3$3@rCH @B0uT J@B & Th3 !mmun3 $y$T3M (2 Min)

$H@K!nG H3@D: 10-4 0v3r & 0uT**F*E*M*A*M3$$@G3 R3C3!V3d (32 Min)

This One Made Me LAUGH Right Out Loud!

EnJOY a good LAUGH............................................................................................................................. Tx Dan [my Son]

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!


General Summary


  • · For all of you who have ridiculed social media and been called “crazy” for years, but still stand up for what you believe in and try to spread the truth to the public.

  • · You who lost friends and family, were ridiculed and yet still speak your truth. For all the Lightworkers, Starseeds, Wayshowers and Alternative

  • · Therapists who always felt alienated and different, but never stopped being that person who tries to offer another perspective to things.

  • · You learned about energy healing, crystals, mother GAIA and healing therapy while people around you laugh. You were different, weird and you never conformed/adjusted to this situation without remorse.

  • · For the sensitive whose hearts break upon learning about human trafficking and pedophile rings, harm to our children and much more.

  • · The awakened ones who realized what was going on in the world and had to have their hearts broken into a million pieces while everyone in their lives just thought they were losing their minds. You had to face all of this alone and it broke your heart, but you did it and you faced the DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL!!

  • · For those Old Souls who try every day to help humanity who feel isolated and different and who have lost many friends and family in the awakening process.

  • · Those who don’t go out anymore, those who investigate until the days go by, those who get up and dare to say what no one else would.

  • · You dedicated your life to this ascension process. I honor each and every one of you. This process is the hardest thing anyone has ever had to do and you did it first. Every day more and more people are waking up.

  • · I know it is difficult and you feel exhausted and sometimes drained by the negative response you are receiving, but stay strong because soon this battle will end and soon the world will know WHAT WE DO AND WHY WE DID IT.

  • · Where one goes, we all go. This time will be mentioned in history and your efforts to awaken and heal humanity will affect not only our existence on planet Earth, but will affect everything in the entire Universe.

  • · This is a GALACTIC EVENT and you chose this task before incarnating on this timeline. You chose to be here and now.


The Real News for Wed. 13 Sept. 2023:

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