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Friday 9-29-23

Friday 9-29-23

Verse(s) for today:

Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

Matthew 22:37-39 KJV

Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for their's is the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 5:10 KJV

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Matthew 5:9 KJV

Trump Fires Back at GOP Opponents Who Attacked Him During the Debate:

By Jerry McConway, updated on September 28, 2023

On Wednesday night, the second GOP debate took place, and everyone was looking to take a chunk out of Trump's massive lead.

Trump opted out of attending the debate to defend his record, but he responded to some attacks against him.

Talking Points…

  • · Trump hit hard at GOP debate.

  • · Donald Trump responds.

  • · My Two Cents…

The Debate

Two of the most potent attacks against Trump came from Governor Ron DeSantis and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Christie spoke directly to Trump during the debate, stating:

"Donald, I know you're watching. You can't help yourself. You're ducking these things. And let me tell you what's going to happen. You keep doing that, no one here's going to call you Donald Trump anymore.

"We're going to call you Donald Duck."

He would have been far better off leaving the last part out of that statement because the first part resonated with voters on social media.

Ron DeSantis also hit Trump, stating:

"Donald Trump is missing in action. He should be here on this stage tonight. He owes it to you to defend his record."

DeSantis specifically pointed to the massive deficit spending under the Trump administration.

Trump Responds

Fox News contacted Trump to discuss the attacks and why he was not at the debate.

Trump responded:

"I thought it was much more important, considering I have a 56-point lead, for me to be dealing with the UAW and the fact that the Biden administration is going to destroy their jobs over the next two years by going all electric vehicle."

When Trump was directly asked about the Donald Duck line by Christie, he responded:

"Anybody that would come up with that nickname shouldn't be running for president."

My Two Cents…

Christie is only in this race to go after Donald Trump, but his attack was effective.

Will it hurt Trump in polling? Well, the man has such a significant lead, I doubt it will make that much of an impact, but these candidates continue to bring up valid points and voters, at least on social media, are starting to ask more and more questions.

I think Ron DeSantis really hit home, portraying Trump as a bit of a coward for not showing up to take questions regarding his record.

Again, however, even if DeSantis eats into that lead, it means nothing unless this becomes a head-to-head matchup.

DeSantis suggested to Sean Hannity that he would love for him to set up a debate with Trump, but I just don't see Trump being willing to do that.

The real problem for me, however, is that these debates are almost unwatchable. The only reason I stayed tuned in for the entire debate was because I had to write about it, but the bickering and lack of actual debate is beyond annoying.

I would rather have fewer questions that everyone gets to answer than one question to a candidate where nobody is given a chance to respond.

And these candidates need to stop acting like petulant children, hurling insults and talking over each other like a schoolyard fight. DeSantis even played the adult in the room at one point telling them all to stop.

They have one debate left, and that one will be for all the marbles, so they better get this figured out before then if they really want to make an impression.

I would also suggest that DeSantis' prep team needs to do a much better job. When DeSantis was challenged about the uninsured in his state, he was clearly caught off guard. He also needs to do a better job of explaining his oil drilling and fracking position since he has been governor because simply saying someone is lying about his record is not going to do the trick.

He needs to own his position and fully explain it, or it will be a constant point of attack against him.

As far as Trump is concerned, I still believe not attending these debates is a mistake, especially when these candidates are bringing up valid points to the American people.

If Trump is so confident, why not attend the third debate and end this race, or is he really afraid to explain his record when he can be directly challenged?

He also needs to be asked, point blank, in front of the American people, what he will do if he goes to jail or if he somehow loses this primary election. Polls are now saying that more than 70% of all voters will not vote for him if he is convicted, which means he has no path to victory if he is convicted on a single charge before the general election.

What will you do, Mr. Trump? It's time for you to answer that question.

My final note on this is that I am sick and tired of pundits, and Donald Trump, for that matter, justifying Trump not debating these candidates. All people like Kellianne Conway continue to say after the debate is that the big winner of the night was Donald Trump. Well, you can't win if you don't play.

First, as noted above, it is not all just about debating the candidates because he needs to answer questions about his record.

Second, Trump and his surrogates keep pointing to previous candidates who did not debate, but they were all incumbents being challenged in the primary, and Trump is not an incumbent.

Thirdly, we all hammered Democrat candidates in 2020 and 2022 for not debating opponents, but now, suddenly, it is okay not to debate simply because it is Trump. I don't buy that. If there is one thing I pride myself on, it is being consistent with all parties regardless of whether I support them or not.

You have to earn this nomination, and right now, quite honestly, Trump is not putting in the work. This works for his base, but it will not work for the voters he still needs to win over.

[Capitalism Institute]

Biden's Department of Justice Ordered President's Name Removed from Warrant:

Joe Biden's impeachment inquiry is now officially underway, but we are quickly finding out this goes much deeper than Joe's alleged ties to Hunter's business.

I have long maintained that Biden ran to protect his family and himself from prosecution.

Allegations made by House GOP members have me more convinced than ever this was the case.

Talking Points…

  • · The warrant

  • · The allegations

  • · The orders

  • · The inquiry

  • · My Two Cents…

The Warrant

A search warrant was issued in relation to a Foreign Agents Registration Act probe as part of the IRS investigation into Hunter Biden.

Joe Biden's name was nowhere to be found in that warrant, even though the ties between Hunter and Joe Biden have been shown from the laptop emails and texts.

According to GOP House officials, that is because the Department of Justice allegedly ordered the FBI and IRS investigators working the case to have any reference to Joe Biden removed from the documents.

The Allegations

IRS Whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler have blown the lid off this scandal with allegations of special treatment throughout this probe.

They were blocked throughout the investigation, including being told to stand down when they were getting ready to interview Hunter Biden.

Their collective testimony to the House Ways & Means Committee is at the heart of the allegations made by GOP House members against Joe Biden.

The Committee stated:

"The Biden Administration — including top officials at the Justice Department — lied to the American public and engaged in a cover-up that interfered with federal investigators and protected the Biden family, including President Biden himself."

The Orders

One of the documents that was released by Republicans specifically calls for the removal of Political Figure 1, which is Joe Biden.

In one email referring to the draft of the warrant, Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf wrote:

"As a priority, someone needs to redraft attachment B. I am not sure what this is cut and pasted from but other than the attribution location, and identity stuff at the end, none of it is appropriate and within the scope of this warrant.

"Please focus on FARA evidence only. There should be nothing about Political Figure 1 in here."

That is but one example of how far they were going to protect Joe Biden.

In another exchange, there is mention of possible campaign finance violations by Biden, but the agents were ordered NOT to look into those allegations.

The Impeachment Inquiry

Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO) will be leading the impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

He will be joined by House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) and House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH).

Smith stated:

"The growing body of evidence further calls into question the Justice Department's attempted sweetheart plea deal for Hunter Biden, and the reasons for appointing the architect of that plea deal as the special counsel for Hunter Biden's case, in light of officials' efforts to protect President Biden and his son.

"This evidence makes clear Hunter Biden's business was selling the Biden' brand' and that access to the White House was his family's most valuable asset — despite official claims otherwise."

My Two Cents…

I want to play off my belief of why Joe Biden ran for office here.

Joe Biden always maintained that the DOJ would be its own entity in his administration, but that is something that I never believed.

At the very least, I believe that Biden, when meeting with Merrick Garland for the position of Attorney General, gave him very specific instructions on how this was all going to go down.

On the off chance, that there is no communication between Biden and Garland now, it does not mean that guidelines were not put in place when Garland accepted the appointment, nor does it mean Biden's advisers are not whispering in Garland's ear now.

Biden knows the impeachment will die in the Senate, but that does not mean it will not make a lasting impression on the American people.

I have openly admitted this impeachment is a very risky roll of the dice for Republicans. In poker terms, they have just pushed all in with a set while there is an open-ended straight and possible flush sitting on the board with a turn and river card to still come.

Make no mistake about it, my friends… this impeachment, one way or another, is going to determine the outcome of the 2024 election.

[Capitalism Institute]

David YEO:

Th3R3 are N0 GL0B3 Ph0T0$ 0f E@rTH (20 Min)

J3FF & J0$H: ANT!F@ @TTaCK CDN ChR!$T!@N$ (14 Min)

$h@K!nG: D0CT0R $L33P & Th3 $P!R!T 0f $LuMB3R**!+'$ T!M3 (62 Min)

D!3T C0K3 DRK (1 Min)

Cr3@T!0N: Wh@T @b0uT Th3 F!RMaM3nT? (14 Min)

C0RB3TT: Th3 GL0b@L $c@Md3M!C D!$$3cT3D (79 Min)

F@LL3N W0RLD P!cTuR3$: Th3 D3V!L'$ D3@L**Y0UR $0UL (18 Min)

N3!L McC0Y-W@RD: 19 CL3@R W@rN!NG$ 0f an Ec0n0M!C C0LL@P$3 (23 Min)

H! FLY3R (1 Min)

Wh@T R $uN D0G$? (7 Min)

P3GGY: J3FF B3Z0S-M@U! C0NN3CT!0N (33 Min)

$Tr@nG3 Ev3nT$ !n $KY**D@LLA$ Dur!nG W3@Th#R (16 Min)


Morning Update:

Saskatchewan to invoke notwithstanding clause over school pronoun policy:

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said he will use the Constitution’s notwithstanding clause to override a judge’s decision to pause a government policy that requires parental permission for students under 16 who want to change their names or pronouns at school.

Earlier yesterday, Court of King’s Bench Justice Michael Megaw granted a request from an LGBTQ advocacy group for an injunction to put the policy on hold until a constitutional challenge could be heard in court.

Moe said in a statement that he was “extremely dismayed by the judicial overreach” concerning a policy that he felt had strong support in the province, including among parents.

[Globe & Mail]

Reporting back from the UN - Together we are stalling the Pandemic Treaty!

The tide is turning, and it’s thanks to you! Having just returned from New York, I am eager to share with you firsthand the news emerging from last week’s High-Level Meeting on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness, Response at the United Nations, and the current state of the dreaded WHO Pandemic Treaty. I would like to start by thanking you by saying: Your voice is echoing loudly - it is making a resounding impact, causing doubts and disarray among decision-makers, who have really started to feel the pressure. Your support, persistence, and generosity played a pivotal role in ensuring that our message, backed by more than 300,000 of your signatures, echoed through the corridors of the UN Headquarters. Watch the video of the CitizenGO team’s actions, outside the United Nations Headquarters in New York As you know, the UN had called for a first-ever emergency head-of-state summit on pandemic preparedness at the United Nations General Assembly, with the aim of expediting negotiations and injecting a sense of urgency into the proposed Pandemic Treaty. Last week leaders approved a political declaration that spells out their commitment to the upcoming negotiation process and the milestones to set the accord in motion. However, the fear of not securing a global agreement on time is setting in deeper and deeper for the WHO and the many globalist advocates of the Pandemic Treaty. The anticipation was initially to move forward with a final draft by October. Yet, skepticism looms as states grapple with the vastly divisive elements of the treaty - there are now serious doubts about meeting the 24 May 2024 deadline for adoption. Despite the urgency and the concerted efforts from various nations, the meeting hit some big roadblocks. Controversies and complexities about the Treaty are making progress slow, and we don't even have a final draft to start negotiations. This is all good news! They know that millions of common citizens and defenders of freedom like you and I, are rising up strong against this totalitarian power grab that threatens our basic freedoms and health choices. I have always believed strongly in the power of our collective action at CitizenGO, and once again, our joint efforts are making a striking impact. Now, more than ever, talking to people, and seeing what is taking place inside the decision rooms, I am witnessing firsthand the mighty force of our collective voice and what we are achieving! Our dedicated CitizenGO team (Manuel, Niccoló, Anna, Ignacio, and myself) took to the streets of Manhattan, where vans circled the UN Headquarters with a clear message opposing the UN’s power grab. As heads of state and delegates walked in and out of the General Assembly, our message was made visible, for the leaders of every nation to see! Check out these and all the other pictures here. Our team at the UN Headquarters worked non-stop to reach delegates and let everyone hear our voices against the pandemic. They also put-up tons of posters around nearby streets, making it impossible for delegates and passersby to miss our message. And that’s not all. We delivered impactful flyers containing crucial information on the Pandemic Treaty directly into the hands of delegates and Permanent Missions to the UN. We did everything possible to point out to them the drastic dangers that this accord poses, and why it is an outright attack on individual liberties and national sovereignty. Despite the deliberate attempts by the ideologically driven United Nations and local law enforcement to silence your voice, we prevailed. Their endeavors to censor us, diverting and blocking our vans, were squarely aimed at keeping our messages away from the most powerful politicians in the world. In defiance of their attempts to sideline us, the CitizenGO team delivered your message, clear and resounding, to the very heart of UN decision-making. The evident fear within the United Nations is a testament to the power of our collective voice and unyielding resolve. What Next? As doubts persist as to whether the WHO member states will be able to agree on a pandemic treaty with any significant impact, and as the deadline totters, we must not let our guard down. I am encouraged by the fact that despite the globalists’ agenda and their wicked endeavors, they are tormented right now by unease and mistrust. I believe the treaty is at its most vulnerable, and we are the ones who can stop it. I have seen the hesitations and the disagreements among the delegates. We must capitalize on this moment of weakness. The World Health Organization is now confronted with a colossal task ahead … but so are we, and we cannot do this without your support. It is crucial that we keep the pressure on and do everything possible to exploit the Treaty’s weaknesses and work to make them fall off track, once the negotiations commence in Geneva next month. WHO's Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stressed the need to “break the cycle of panic and neglect” and hopes for “productive negotiations in the upcoming months”. Well, let’s do everything possible to stall them! While we have successfully disrupted the timeline and brought crucial issues to the forefront, it's vital to acknowledge that the path ahead remains an uncertain one, and the big players will do everything possible to get this through, in whatever way possible. They will turn to desperate measures if they need to. We must remain vigilant and be prepared for anything. There is now even a mounting call for an independent body, potentially under the UN Secretary-General’s office, to monitor and implement the pandemic accord! They are not giving up, and neither can we! As the negotiations continue, our efforts must match them stride for stride. Your support has been the backbone of this endeavor, and it will continue to be the pillar that propels us forward. Please stay engaged, stay hopeful, and most importantly, stay with us. Our collective action can shape a safer and freer future for us all. Thank you for your support in this vital campaign. Your role in this fight is invaluable. Sebastian Lukomski and the entire team at CitizenGO PS: The battle isn't won yet. Our freedoms are on line, and this is not the time to step back. Your support strengthens our resolve to ensure our shared voice bounces off the walls in the rooms where global decisions are made. Let us stand firm and resolute against these trials we face. Your constant support really matters! Thanks for standing firmly with us. But we need your help to keep fighting against the Pandemic Treaty. Please consider making a donation to help us continue our important work. Every dollar counts, and we greatly appreciate your generosity. Your contribution will directly enable us to keep fighting for our cause. Stand with us, and let's make a difference together! References: UN High Level Meeting Approves ‘Historic’ but Non-Binding Declaration on Pandemic Preparedness and Response UN Draft Pandemic Declaration Offers ‘Little Hope’ for Strengthening Global Preparedness UN General Assembly 2023: Political declaration on pandemics approved, critics call it 'rhetoric'

CitizenGO is a community of active citizens that works to ensure that human life, the family and our freedoms are respected worldwide. CitizenGO members live in every nation of the world. Our team is spread across 16 countries on 5 continents and operates in 12 languages. Learn about CitizenGO here or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.


Summer Bootcamp for Russian Teens:

Re my questionnaire about Putin vs Zelenksy. Only a few of my readers thought Putin was the "bad guy" compared to Zelensky. I think Putin is another Constantine who will be good to the Church despite his flaws. He fits the traditional descriptions of a great European Warrior King expected by Catholic seers to save Christendom before the final battle with Satan. Of course, first he has to take Europe.

Thousands of Russian schoolchildren will be sent to military-patriotic camps to undergo fire and tactical training.

2016 report:

Priests dressed in the robes of the Orthodox clergy presided over the latter camp, taking the campers to pray at pilgrimage sites in the mornings and then judging their competitions in knife fighting and marksmanship in the afternoons. “It was a bit surreal,” says Blesener. “The Orthodox religion was mixed into the military training, which I’ve never seen before.”

There is more to Putin than the Main-Media is publishing...

More MUST READ from the TIMES:

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· Want Weekly Recs on What to Watch, Read, and More? Sign Up for Worth Your Time

[Patrick Bestall]

Russia taking care of surrenderingUkrainian Soldiers (15 minutes)

New reports show Ukrainian forces are laying down their western weapons and surrendering by the thousands using an emergency radio frequency. The surrendered forces are being fed and given medical attention and they're handing over vital troop movement data to Russian forces. This is the end.

You need to view this VIDEO: [Patrick Bestall]

'Trudeau Was High, Plane Was Full of Cocaine,' Ex-Diplomat Makes Stunning Claims | Details.

Ex-Diplomat Deepak Vohra made some bizarre claims about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He said that when Justin Trudeau came to India for the G20 this month, his plane was apparently ‘full of cocaine’. He further claimed that Trudeau missed the G20 dinner because he was 'high on drugs and did not come out of his room for two days’, leaving him unable to attend G20 programmes. Watch this video to know more.

[Patrick Bestall]

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND


General Summary

Note: “They destroyed Julian Assange because he knew too much and spoke against the same people that we are fighting today. There is no society anymore, just a transnational Elite that’s busy carving up the world with your tax money!

“To combat that Elite, we must NOT petition, we must take them over! We must form our own networks of strength and mutual value that can challenge these warmongers!

“These warmongers have formed an international alliance to take your tax money and launder it through wars such as in Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia. Those Elites wash your taxpayer money with people’s blood. Please be educated. Help us fight this evil that has taken over the world.”

‘WARNING’ on Wed. 4 Oct. EBS Test – Understand. Prepare. Take Action. With the U.S. on the cusp of a monumental shift, we’re entering uncharted territory as new EBS Alert System Protocols are activated in anticipation of a mysterious EVENT.

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