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Friday 9-30-22

Summary as I am able:

9-29/30-22 Thursday/Friday

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💥God’s WORD for TODAY!

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in there at: because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

Matthew 7:13-14 KJV

… if my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV

Also, I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, here am I; send me.

Isaiah 6:8 KJV

For those interested in End-Times:

Here is a YouTube of several Good Pastors reviewing a Jewish Wedding [Galilean] part of Jewish Culture at the time of Christ... Wonderful insights to His return...

It can be ordered from Amazon:

Amazon for $12.95

enJOY… [Don Brooks]

Is the USA now a rogue state?

Salim Mansur:


Judge Andrew Napolitano writes, “[Edward] Snowden remarked that he’d rather be stateless than voiceless. Today, he is an American banished from his homeland. Yet, he remains a symbol of greatness of historic proportion and a reminder of the privations that heroes for the truth often must endure.”

Read the whole essay below and ponder over what has now become amply clear that what was once the greatest republic in history, the USA, has morphed into the world's leading rogue state with its endless wars beyond two oceans and a two-tier justice system at home.

I never imagined that I would see such a fall from grace of the republic founded in 1776. But then as God and history forewarns, the only good that is eternal is the goodness that flows from God and those who may abide by His laws.


Trump Just Won Major Court Ruling — Libs LOSE Their Minds!

Trump Wins Ruling in Rape Accuser’s Defamation Lawsuit

Radical Marxist, E. Jean Carroll, who rose to national fame as a fevered Never Trumper seeking revenge with lawfare over very curious claims of being raped in a public dressing room at a large Department store in New York City, has suffered a setback to her plans to ‘scalp’ Donald J. Trump.

A federal appeals court in Manhattan handed Trump a procedural victory Tuesday… in a defamation lawsuit after famed columnist E. Jean Carroll claimed that Trump had raped her in the 1990s.

When Carroll has first reported her suspicious story at a time she was promoting a book, Trump responded by denying he raped her, Carroll then added his response to her claims of outrage as ‘defamation’.

Carroll has made a lofty career over reporting on her attempts to sue Trump and punish him, and she will no doubt be able to turn this humiliating setback- back around for herself and still gets some clicks on her monetized stories from her loyal followers.

“Trump Wins Ruling in Rape Accuser Carroll’s Defamation Lawsuit,” Rita Li reported for The Epoch Times, adding:

In a two-to-one decision on Sept. 27, the panel on the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a lower court erred when it ruled that Carroll could sue Trump for defamatory statements during his presidency, given that a federal law, known as the Westfall Act, shields government employees from liability in work-related incidents.

Carroll, 78, sued Trump in 2019, claiming the Republican sexually assaulted her in the mid-1990s in a dressing room at a Bergdorf Goodman department store in Manhattan. Because the alleged attack happened decades ago, Carroll was originally barred from suing over the sexual battery, pushing her to sue for defamation over allegedly disparaging comments Trump made about the rape allegation.”

Trump denied her allegation at the time and accused her of using false claims as a way to promote her book.

“I’ll say it with great respect:

Number one, she’s not my type.

Number two, it never happened,”

Trump told The Hill in an interview at the White House in June 2019.

The D.C. Court of Appeals is now asked to weigh in on whether Trump was acting within the scope of his presidential duties when he denied raping Carroll and dismissed her during the interview. If Trump was, he would be entitled to immunity from the lawsuit, according to the ruling by the 2nd Circuit judges. And while the U.S. government can be sued over some wrongdoing by its employees, it is immune from defamation lawsuits, which would mean Carroll’s suit would fail.

In a majority opinion written by Circuit Judge Guido Calabresi on Tuesday, two members of the 2nd Circuit’s three-judge panel declined to further address the defamation action while the matter was “of extreme public importance.”

“We do not pass judgment or express any view as to whether Trump’s public statements were indeed defamatory or whether the sexualassault allegations had, in fact, occurred,” the judges said.

“In an opinion written by Judge Denny Chin, the third judge who dissented, he said that the law protecting federal employees from liability does not apply to Trump. He said it was only to protect low-level, rank-and-file government employees rather than the president,” Li reported, adding:

And he said at least some of the former president’s statements were not part of his official duties.

[Populist Press]

Join The Ronald Today!

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  1. IN DEPTH. 1. Final Q2 GDP Numbers Prove Recession 3 hours ago 2. Stocks Open Down on Thursday 3 hours ago 3. DeSantis Calls on Biden for Disaster Declaration 3 hours ago 4. Ian: “Fatalities Are in the Hundreds” After Hurricane 3 hours ago 5. Poll: Majority Have Doubts About Biden’s Mental Fitness 3 hours ago 6. GOP Mystified By Romney’s Ploy To Oust Mike Lee 3 hours ago 7. Trump Parts of U.S. Got Over Pandemic Job Losses Faster 3 hours ago 8. Kamala Gaffes During DMZ Speech 3 hours ago 9. Time for a Commitment to America 4 hours ago 10. John Stossel: School Choice Winning 4 hours ago 11. Fleeing Russians worry border will ‘close forever’… 5 hours ago 12. Fauci Net Worth Soared 60% During Pandemic… 5 hours ago 13. Bolsonaro vs. Lula: Referendum on Brazil’s young democracy… 5 hours ago 14. Bill to Let States Deport Illegals 5 hours ago 15. Who’s Behind the Nord Stream Sabotage? 5 hours ago 16. Biden’s Latest Gaffe… He Has Dementia 5 hours ago 17. Pending Cabinet Shake-up Has WH in Disarray 5 hours ago 18. Are Polls Understating Support for Republicans? 5 hours ago 19. OR Gov Race Getting Better for Repubs 5 hours ago 20. Biden Admin: Things are Just Fine on Border 5 hours ago 21. MSNBC Host: Floridians Escaping Hurricane Just Like Illegals Having to Travel 5 hours ago 22. States Struggling to Overcome Gerrymandering 5 hours ago 23. TN House: Stop Gender Surgeries On Kids 5 hours ago 24. Half of 23’s Diversity Visas to Be Given to Islamics 5 hours ago 25. Top Unions Lost 250K Members Following Court Order 5 hours ago 26. Gov. Younkin: “Children Don’t Belong to the State” 5 hours ago 27. Parents Win in Court vs School: Labeled 6‑Y/O “Transphobic” 5 hours ago 28. School District to Teach Gender ID Starting in Kindergarten 5 hours ago 29. Beef Prices Expected to Rise in Coming Years 5 hours ago 30. U.S. Fines Firms For Talking Trades on Personal Apps 5 hours ago 31. U.K.: TikTok £27M Fine for Failing to Protect Children’s Privacy 5 hours ago 32. WaPo: Actually, the Recession Is Good for You! 5 hours ago 33. Mortgage Rates May Soon Top 7% 5 hours ago 34. EUROPEANS BURNING TREES FOR ENERGY 5 hours ago 35. The Threat Central Bank Digital Currencies Pose 5 hours ago 36. Even WaPo Debunked Claim GOP Will End SS 5 hours ago 37. U.S. Announces Another $1B in Aid to Ukraine 5 hours ago 38. IG Report Details How Guns Stolen from ATF 5 hours ago 39. CNN Using Hurricane Ian to Push Climate Politics 5 hours ago 40. Audit Discovers IRS Sent Over $1.1B in Child Tax Credit Payments to Ineligible Taxpayers While Failing to Send $3.7B to Eligible Taxpayers 5 hours ago 41. After Ditching Arizona’s Blake Masters, McConnell Dumps Another Million Into Alaska to Save Murkowski 5 hours ago 42. YouTube Took Down CPAC Footage of Trump, Other Prominent Conservatives Due to “Misinformation” 5 hours ago 43. CIA Warned About Possible Sabotage of Nord Stream Pipeline Weeks Ago 5 hours ago 44. Russia’s Attack on Nord Stream Pipelines Means Putin Has Truly Weaponized Energy 5 hours ago 45. We Should Have Rebuilt the Twin Towers 5 hours ago 46. Watch: Russian Soldier Confirms Russia Deploying to Ukraine with ZERO Training 5 hours ago 47. Europe’s New Unholy Alliance Is a Threat to Italy 5 hours ago 48. The Horrendous Raid of a Christian Family By the FBI 5 hours ago 49. Is Putin Going to Change the Face of War? 5 hours ago 50. With Hurricane Ian Bearing Down on Florida, the U.S. Military Prepares 5 hours ago 51. America’s Prosperity and Charity Come from Entrepreneurship, Not Government 12 hours ago 52. Don’t Blame Me for ‘Pro-Business’ Policies. Blame Government Officials. 12 hours ago 53. Having It Both Ways on the Pandemic 12 hours ago 54. Is the Church in America Dying? 12 hours ago 55. Trump Needs to Stop Talking to the Liberal Media, But He Won’t 12 hours ago 56. Ron DeSantis Battles Nature and the Mainstream Media As Ian Slams Florida 12 hours ago 57. Practicing Safe Hurricane Reporting 18 hours ago 58. Let’s Do a Thought Experiment 18 hours ago 59. Kenneth R. Timmerman: Biden’s Iran Deal: It’s All About the Oil 18 hours ago 60. KJP Embarrassingly Attempts to Explain Away Biden Forgetting Congresswoman He Tried to Call on Is Dead 19 hours ago

Donald J. Trump’s legal team is objecting to multiple aspects of the review process proposed by “Special Master” Judge Raymond Dearie and his political opponents are very happy about what has been unfolding all week.

“Tuesday evening, former FBI counsel and Robert Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weissmann noted that Trump’s inability to find a document vendor is his own way of quiet-quitting his suit”

Trump team accuses special master Dearie of exceeding his authority in late night filing:

Donald J. Trump’s legal team is objecting to multiple aspects of the review process proposed by “Special Master” Judge Raymond Dearie and his political opponents are very happy about what has been unfolding all week.

“Tuesday evening, former FBI counsel and Robert Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weissmann noted that Trump’s inability to find a document vendor is his own way of quiet-quitting his suit,” Alternet reported.

“I think there is something we can take away from what seems like a small potatoes kind of thing,” Weissmann said. “I think what Donald Trump is doing is quiet-quitting. He brought this case and he realized he is worse off from having brought this case.”

[Republic Brief]

Media reports on new study showing Covid vax alters women's menstrual cycles with headlines that would have been banned last year:

Who could have seen this one coming?

Just yesterday, we told you that your crazy conspiracy theories about the Covid vax passing through breast milk actually turned out to be true.

Hey, guess what! Remember that kooky conspiracy theory where pregnant women were hesitant to get the vaccine because it might affect their baby?

And remember how people were mocked for saying that we didn't know all the possible side effects of the vaccine and that we should wait for more information?

Yeah, now if you're a breastfeeding mother it's become clear that you should hold off on the vaccine.

Even though we were told that this was almost certainly an impossibility.

Here's what Harvard Health said about this possibility a year ago:

It's unlikely and wouldn't be an issue.

The whole time we were told antibodies could pass through breast milk, but the vaccine itself wouldn't.

From the Daily Wire:

[Patrick Bestall]


  • · Of particular concern is that Russia has not only been strengthening its relations with old Latin American partners -- such as Cuba and Nicaragua, hailing back to the Cold War, and with Venezuela -- but that it is now forging new and stronger relationships with countries that were traditionally oriented towards the US, such as Brazil and Argentina.

  • · "Recent demonstrations of Russia's hostile intent toward the U.S. and our partners in the Western Hemisphere include Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov's January 2022 suggestion that Russia might deploy military forces to Venezuela or Cuba... and Nicaragua's June 2022 re-authorization for limited numbers of Russian troops and equipment to enter the country for training missions and other forms of support." — Dr. Evan Ellis, research professor of Latin American studies at the U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute and senior associate at the Americas Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere, July 20, 2022.

  • · Russia's actions in Latin America have been significantly deteriorating the security situation there, as well as enabling China to gain influence.

  • · In June, Putin and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro confirmed their intention to strengthen their strategic partnership.

  • · "In 2020, Russia Today (RT)'s Spanish-language media outlets more than doubled their social media followers from 7 million to over 18 million. These disinformation campaigns are just one part of Russia's broader efforts to influence national elections throughout the region this year. Russia's relationship with its key regional partners— Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua—allow Moscow to expand its air and sea access to project military power throughout the region." —

  • General Laura Richardson, Commander of U.S. Southern Command, testimony before the House Armed Services Committee, March 8, 2022.

  • · "Agreements with Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Brazil allow Russian warships to make port calls on short notice. Russia doubled its naval deployments in this region, increasing from five (2008-2014), to 11 (2015- 2020). Russia seeks inroads in the hemisphere by providing security training through $2.3 billion in weapons and military equipment sales in the last 10 years, to include direct sales to Venezuela." — Gen. Laura Richardson, testimony before the House Armed Services Committee, March 8, 2022.

  • · While 21 Latin American and Caribbean countries have signed onto China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Biden's Build Back Better World, launched in June 2021 to counter China, has not even taken off yet. Unlike the BRI, financed by the People's Republic of China, Build Back Better has to rely on private investors' willingness to take risks.

  • · So far, Biden has nothing to show... while Russia and China continue to consolidate their gains.

As early as March 2015, General John Kelly, U.S. Marine Corps Commander, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee, saying:

"Periodically since 2008, Russia has pursued an increased presence in Latin America through propaganda, military arms and equipment sales, counterdrug agreements, and trade. Under President [Vladimir] Putin, however, we have seen a clear return to Cold War-tactics. As part of its global strategy, Russia is using power projection in an attempt to erode U.S. leadership and challenge U.S. influence in the Western Hemisphere."

While Russia's engagement in Latin America is not comparable in volume to that of China, Russia has, in recent years, nevertheless been significantly deepening its influence in Latin America. Of particular concern is that Russia has not only been strengthening its relations with old Latin American partners -- such as Cuba and Nicaragua, hailing back to the Cold War, and with Venezuela -- but that it is now forging new and stronger relationships with countries that were traditionally oriented towards the US, such as Brazil and Argentina. [Gate Stone Institute]


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is refusing to release the results of autopsies conducted on people who died after getting COVID-19 vaccines.

The FDA says it is barred from releasing medical files, but a drug safety advocate says that it could release the autopsies with personal information redacted.

The refusal was issued to The Epoch Times, which submitted a Freedom of Information Act for all autopsy reported obtained by the FDA concerning any deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System following COVID-19 vaccination.

Reports are lodged with the system when a person experiences an adverse event, or a health issue, after receiving a vaccine. The FDA and other agencies are tasked with investigating the reports. Authorities request and review medical records to vet the reports, including autopsies.

The FDA declined to release any reports, even redacted copies.

The FDA cited federal law, which enables agencies to withhold informationif the agency “reasonably foresees that disclosure would harm an interest protected by an exemption,” with the exemption being “personnel and medical files and similar files the disclosure of which would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.” [The Epoch Times]

Mosquitoes turned into Vaccinators:

Anyone who thinks governments need to get your permission to release these bugs must be still watching mainstream news with a mask on. [Patrick Bestall]

Burglar pries open window in middle of day, climbs into home's back room — and meets elderly homeowner who shoots him dead:

Police identified the deceased burglary suspect as 32-year-old Scotty Villines, KJRH said in its story update. The station said the homeowner was taken in for questioning and later released.

Police added to KTUL that anyone with additional information about the incident or other suspects can call Tulsa Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.

How are folks reacting?

Tulsa police's Facebook post about the burglary and deadly shooting received well over a thousand comments — and many of them were happy about how things ended up. Here's a sampling:

· "Outstanding for the homeowner! Stand your ground! These thugs have gotten out of control with no consequences," one commenter wrote.

· "With crime so rampant, lots of people I know have loaded guns in their homes and carry when away from home. Criminals better take notice," another commenter said.

· "It's sad when you can't feel safe in your own home! I believe if you chose to break in[to] a house, then you chose your own death! You took that chance!" another commenter declared.

· "This is exactly what needs to happen," another commenter said. "We need to protect what we work for and not let these thieves take it."

· "Put a tombstone where he collapsed saying, 'This is where the last home invader died,'" another commenter quipped.

[The BLAZE Media]

G0 see Video Drive-through Washington DC:

The first 90 seconds shows it all. (Ignore the echo when his guest talks).

The Pete Santilli Show Episode 3142 6PM with special guest Lance Migliaccio the host of The Big Mig talks with Pete Santilli. Share this interview far and wide

Website: [Patrick Bestall]

Druthers Absurdity of the Day:

The US reports the first Polio case in nearly a decade, and they are using this case as an example as to why everyone should get vaccinated. The problem? The patient, from Rockland County, NY, was diagnosed with a vaccine-derived strain of the virus meaning — they caught the virus from a vaccinated person.

Fourteen Young Canadian Doctors Die After Getting the Shot This is a list of just the docs my doctor friend in Canada heard about passively. In the past 30 years, he’s never heard of a single death like this. Not one. Now there are at least 14. [DRUTHERS]

What Do You See?


Absurdity Observer Some of The Most Absurd Things That Have Happened in Recent Weeks:


Is the US on a War Footing?

Michael Snyder summarizes the demolition of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines well, with links to support what we do know so far. Did the US do it? Purposeful destruction of another country’s property and logistics, conducted in international waters 300 feet below the surface of the ocean is certainly an act of war. It is also in the sweet spot of false flag operations, needed when the real reason Washington wants a particular war is not domestically compelling or popular. Of course, many nations have admitted false flag events.

Tom Luongo writes that much of the US and British reaction to the Russian-Ukrainian war – a war the US has been part of since long before 2014 – may be about ensuring most of Europe bends the knee to Washington, rather than becoming more economically integrated with the modernizing and resource rich East.

It’s been months since stumbling Joe made clear on the presidential podium that the US would end Nord Stream 2. Joe’s handlers boldly insist that Germany and much of Europe buy overpriced, inefficiently shipped US product, or else face the US military destruction of a competing, lower cost, and efficient competitor. Maybe the boldness was based on something the CIA/Pentagon told Joe long ago. Badmouthing Nord Stream 2 has been common among the newer NATO members for several years. Victoria Nuland back in March of this year called Nord Stream 2 a pile of metal on the seabed.” Who knew she was so prescient?

I’m sure Joe doesn’t want to think he is a capitalist, or even a corporatist. But if it is shown that the US blew three (no, four!) monster holes in two Russian pipelines to dominate a market, he absolutely qualifies as a fascist. And a criminal, way past “10% for the Big Guy.”

Effectively demonizing Russia to the masses can be difficult in the streaming era. It’s hard to get people to pay attention to your propaganda these days. Even with the fabulous pan-government efforts during Covid-19, the results were not only mixed, but a portion of the populations are now permanently immune to future similar state messaging.

Joe insisted that Germany and other countries sanction Russia gas, a ploy that only raised Russia’s profits, as it did other oil and gas exporters (like the US). In a world of diffuse political parties and diffuse sources of information, US and NATO (apologies for the repetition) saying how helpful all of this is for Germany isn’t working. Germans themselves see and understand the reality of power; they know what the phrase “short end of a stick” means. Certainly the 2.7 million Turks, and other immigrants in the growing German underclass understand it from past experience.

Instead of strong, masterful, and liberty-loving, the US just looks guilty.

Thierry Meyssan has a good summary of our WWIII tinder, and there are some clear takeaways for Americans. Let’s start with three things all Americans already know:

1) our government doesn’t represent our interests;

2) our government is insolvent, and

3) our government lies constantly at home and abroad.

Some, but not all, Americans are concerned that the republic is dead, the central state has no limits to its power and militarism, and that friendly fascism is already deeply entrenched.

Here are two “new” things that all Americans need to know and understand right now, given the events of this week.

I. First, the US government is trying to survive, and it requires global monetary, and military might to do that. Let’s break it down. “Survive” is a word we use a lot, like “Whew, I survived the briefing, … the week, … the vacation….” But the powers that be in the USG are literally trying to ensure they not only stay out of jail, but off the rack and away from the guillotine. For political professionals and their sponsors, the trends don’t look good. The US is far closer to a kind of spinoff and central collapse than most people perceive. But the Federal Reserve has done the impossible. From a prosperous hard-working nation, it has built a house with only two doors: Zimbabwe or Venezuela. I’m personally going with Venezuela, but I can’t say which one the DC and bi-coastal elites are planning for – probably both.

What will the US government bring to bear in its battle to survive? Use of force and seizure of property, control of free speech and information, to include an internet kill switch, all integrated with a digital US currency. This currency will be experimental when it is deployed, much like the various government funded Covid vaccines. Complaining about and refusing to participate in the digital money rollout will be just as profitable to businesses and individuals as it was during Covid with the experimental vaccines. Another lesson we have been freely offered by our government is the aftermath of January 6, 2021. The ability of the state to do whatever it wishes if it aids the political survival of a candidate like Biden, or a political party, has been on full display for over a year and a half. Meanwhile, DC and Congress have expanded and armed a wide variety of federal agencies, from USDA to IRS to FBI to HHS, a trend that’s been observed and reported on for years.

II. Second, the US government can and must create a context in which the aforementioned and survival-driven monetary, military and communication controls will be nested. Usually, a natural or manmade crisis will work for small states, but for DC, it will take a massive war, one that will truly cause privation on the home front, and one that will capture the fearful imaginations of angry, hungry and confused people. The type of war best suited for US domestic fascismo is one fought overseas, and only enforced domestically, much as in World Wars I and II. If a war actually broke out or was waged on the North American continent, subunits of Americans, geographically, culturally and politically divided would accelerate and radically decentralize, choosing freedom and autonomy in many places, rapidly creating what would be known as the former United States.

What’s different now, radically different than even twenty years ago, is technology. The US government has the technology to manage and blackout communications and free speech, even a kind of internet kill switch. The US government, with its corporate contracts and dependents, conducts 100% surveillance of the domestic population. The US government has passed executive orders, like 13603, that streamlines federal controls over every person, place and thing in the country. The US government, and the Fed, will soon be able to enforce a state digital fiat for over 95% of the population overnight. The nukes are better now too – but if the answer is government survival and domestic control, the threat of nukes may be satisfactory. Or not.

The act of war committed by a state actor in the Baltic Sea this week may end up being blamed on everyone and confirmed by no one. But rest assured, Americans, your government is at war. You live under a federal government that is untrusted, incompetent, and completely fiscally exhausted and indebted – and this government is on a war footing. You are either with them, or you are against them.

Some commentators look at China’s drastic COVID lockdowns, which continue is various forms and places to this day, as a way China’s government is preparing for future privations, and possible war. Russia certainly planned defensive and offensive options, for decades, as it watched NATO expand eastward, and the US sponsor proxy wars continue apace long after the Cold War ended. Do we really think that our so-called “democratic” government in the US is not part of this tragic game? A trillion-dollar military and intelligence budget, most of it publicly lied about and some of it completely off the books, says different.

Karen Kwiatkowski, Ph.D. [send her mail], a retired USAF lieutenant colonel, farmer and aspiring anarcho-capitalist. She ran for Congress in Virginia's 6th district in 2012.

Copyright © Karen Kwiatkowski

Previous article by Karen Kwiatkowski: Biden’s World, and How it Ends [Lew Rockwell]

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The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Mainstream media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Much of the content of this BLOG is re-printed Material. Consider, do your own research, and make up your own mind.


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Here is what is circulating on the Inter-Net:

A quick Summary:

I have decided to not include the RUMOURS that are floating about… at least until some of them start to be realized.

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