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It just keeps UNFOLDING!

Status Report 11-18-2020


LILLEY: Trudeau has eyes set on a great reset for Canada [Thank You - Carol] [Thank You – Pauline]


Following ballot-counting delay, Trump declared winner of North Carolina race: Reports

[Thank You – Peter Black]

Shocking! Federal Agents Intimidate U.S. Postal Service Whistleblower to Withdraw Ballot Fraud Charges

This is why Donald Trump is Amazing. He is a Gift From God:

Trump lawyer SydneyPowell on Newsmax:

*** Frankfurt just DID THE SAME FRAUDULENT-VOTE-SWITCHING IN THE USA so that the Fake Stream Media and Joe Biden claimed unconstitutionally that Biden was “President-Elect.***

Steady. Be patient. Every lie will be revealed. . . PAY CAREFUL ATTENTION

Dead people voting in Georgia

Election Fraud Witnesses now secured:

Sidney Powell to Newsmax TV: Dominion Designed to 'Rig Elections'

Sydney with Mark Levin at DuckDuckGo

Joe [B]iden Con Artist, NY Post:

Anti-Trump Voting System Dominion Security Chief has been found to be colluding with Antifa:

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.- Proverbs 1:7

25 Important Bible Verses About Fools (Shocking Truths To Know)

[Thank You - Patrick]

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