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4-9-21 Friday -


The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Main-Stream Media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Much of the content of this BLOG is re-printed Material from the “Restored Republic” report issued by Judy Byington. Consider, do your own research, and make up your own mind.

There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

Romans 8:1 KJV

As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.

1 Peter 4:10 KJV

“I’m a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down.”

Abraham Lincoln


For your ease in getting to Information that you are interested in… I have divided the following Material into three Groups: It is not necessary that you read every Article… scroll down and pick what interests you! Little to none of these are found in the Main-Stream media {MSM}…

Disclaimer: All articles, videos, and images posted in this BLOG – site, are always presented as unverified and should be discerned by the reader. We do not endorse any opinions expressed in this BLOG and we do not support, represent, or guarantee the completeness, truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of any content posted herein.

Sections divide Material into meaningful Groups:

First… PRAISE:


#2. COVID-19



💥 💥This is FANTASTIC: 💥 💥

Former FEMA Operative, Celeste Solum, Tells Us What’s in The Bill Gates Vaccine and The End Game to Totally Enslave Us! The Nano Tech in The Covid Shot. Weaponized Food. Must See Banned Videos! | Christian News

Dr. Ryan Cole is the CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics, one of the largest independent labs in the State of Idaho. Dr. Cole is a MayoClinic trained Board-Certified Pathologist.

He is Board Certified in anatomic and clinical pathology. He has expertise in immunology and virology and also has sub-specialty expertise in skin pathology.

He has seen over 350,000 patients in his career and has done over 100,000 Covid tests in the past year.

💥 💥This is FANTASTIC: 💥 💥

💥 💥Harris Goes Back to Oakland... and No One Cares!

America Doesn’t Care for Our Veep! Nobody Shows up During Harris’ Return to Her Hometown

Major Event - End the Lockdown Protest - April 23, 2021:

[Patrick Bestall]


Following in Georgia’s footsteps,

Texas Senate passes bill to make it ‘easy to vote and hard to cheat’:


Ron DeSantis goes on Fox to blast biased CBS coverage:

The United States Department of Homeland Security could soon continue construction on the border wall, according to Breitbart News.

An Iranian ship has been attacked; experts point to Israel:

Biden administration caves on border wall due to migrant crisis:

The United States Department of Homeland Security could soon continue construction on the border wall, according to Breitbart News.

Texas Gov. Abbott

Slams Biden Over Sex Abuse Claims at Migrant Center:

Top Republican [Mark Brnovich] challenges Kamala to take a trip to southern border:

However, Harris hasn’t yet held an official meeting or press conference to assure concerned Americans of her plan to tackle the issue, which is why according to the Daily Wire, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich (R) penned a letter to the vice president asking her to visit the border and adding that he can make himself available anytime to accommodate her.

All Hell Will Break Loose” Top BLM Chief Declares Fate of Minneapolis After Chauvin trial

Coons says bipartisan compromise likely on Biden infrastructure plan:

Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) said Wednesday that Congress is more likely to approve a smaller infrastructure plan and to not raise corporate taxes to pay for it, given a small number of Democrats who have come out against the $2.3 trillion proposal by President Joe Biden.

TruNews Part two April 7:

MIXED NEWS (30 min segment)

I think the King of Jordan is the "king of the south" since he has bloodline claim to the throne of Islam. Erdogen is the "king of the north" since he wants to be head of the end times Caliphate that defeats Christianity. Jordan has been a friend of Christianity, even publishing stamps with their king and the pope together.

Interesting how no media blamed Israel for blowing up the Iranian ship even though Israel admitted it.

Did you know that Kiev is only 500 miles from Moscow? No wonder Russia doesn't like NATO military buildup along the border!


Fox News Host [Tucker Carlson] Makes It Official – He’s Really Going to Do It


Joe Biden NAILED – He Lied to America


Top Lawmakers [Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL)] Exposes Dems Sick Plan – The Turn Stuns Nation

Christian Values & Freedoms are Under Attack in America


Biden Sets Horrific Illegal Immigration Record:

Ashli Babbitt's Death is Now Determined to Be 'Homicide':

An HBO filmmaker [Cullen Hoback] may have uncovered the identity of 'Q' the shady figure behind QAnon:

Putin invites EU to partner:

Interesting development

Reporters HAMMER Psaki Over MLB Moving All-Star Game and Costing Georgia MILLIONS

TX Dem Border Sheriff is BEYONDFed Up with Biden’s Border Crisis

Twitter Blocks Archiving of Trump Tweets on Its Platform:

Boehner Hits Right Wing, Ignores His Own Lack of Character:

#2. COVID-19

Carolle makes an excellent point that Twitter wants cancelled:

Carolle got banned from Twitter and she wants you to circulate the following info to as many people as possible so that everyone knows just how complicit Twitter is...

This is what I posted on Twitter................

@Covid19Critical Now we know why Ivermectin, Bromhexine, and Hydroxychloroquine are being ignored!! A Pandemic can only be called a Pandemic if there is no known cure! For the vaccine to continue to be used for emergency use, there has to be a Pandemic.

It's interesting because all I was doing is giving directdefinitions from the dictionary!!!

What happened?

We have determined that this account violated the Twitter Rules. Specifically, for:

We understand that during times of crisis and instability, it is difficult to know what to do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Under this policy, we require the removal of content that may pose a risk to people’s health, including content that goes directly against guidance from authoritative sources of global and local public health information. For more information on COVID-19, as well as guidance from leading global health authorities, please refer to the following links: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public from the WHO

As a result, we’ve temporarily limited some of your account features. While in this state, you can still browse Twitter, but you’re limited to only sending Direct Messages to your followers –– no Tweets, Retweets, follows, or likes. Learn more. Your account will be restored to full functionality in: 12 hours and 0 minutes.

You can start your countdown and continue to Twitter once you:

· Remove Tweets that violate our rules

If you think we’ve made a mistake, you can appeal the violation. [Patrick Bestall]


Hand Signs & Fake Jab (2 Min)


Dr. True Ott:

Interview on VXXs have Always been Poison (54 Min)

Family under House Arrest (3 Min)

The 'Real Deep State' with the true power (15 Min)

Brazilian President Bolsonaro says he won't take VXX. No Lockdowns.


President Bolsonaro refuses to take the VXX and wants to see Alternatives (16 Min)


This is Criminal:

Gangster CDC will release biowarfare pathogens to punish Texas and Florida:



Exactly how I Feel / Emotional Must Watch…

Incredibly Dishonest:

CNN’s Don Lemon kamikaze’s journalism career by covering for Biden’s blatant lies:

CNN’s Don Lemon has found himself accused of being “incredibly dishonest and openly partisan” on Monday after his assertion that President Joe Biden “misspoke” about Georgia’s new voting law, according to Fox News.

Video Scam of $50 Plastic Notes:

There's a shortage of $50 bills in Canada after pandemic hoarding…


Manchin will not support Biden’s infrastructure bill in current form, says corporate tax hike is too high

According to Breitbart, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) — a moderate Democrat with elevated power at the moment, given the 50-50 Senate split — indicated that he and a handful of his colleagues will not support the new bill because they oppose raising the corporate tax rate to the 28% target that Biden is shooting for. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is Furious!


Coach fired for objecting to Critical Race Theory curriculum sues school district:

Former Dedham, Massachusetts high school football coach David Flynn was fired from his position earlier this year for objecting to the history curriculum being taught to his daughters within the same school district, but with the help of conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, he has filed a federal lawsuit against those responsible.

Church shutdowns:

Church shutdowns are inconsistent to keep you off balance and easily controlled, so says the devil. I’m referring to a famous book on Propaganda written decades ago by Jacques Ellul. He said the first stage in mass mind control is confusion.

St. Michael's parish here in London is closed for weekday Masses. St. Michael's parish in Oakville is open for 15% capacity as allowed under Ford's new "Stay at Home" rules. Confused?

CBC reports that Fairview Baptist Church and Street Church in downtown Calgary are open in "actively opposed [to] health restrictions". Meanwhile RCMP build a double barricade around Grace Church west of Edmonton. Confused?

Fallout from Alberta's closures is a "full on [party] caucus revolt" with 15 MLA's publicly dissenting. But meanwhile in Ontario, Ford shows support in his ranks.

Confused? Don't be. Keep your head in the bible and not the news. People who spend the most time with the latter are the ones most easily influenced. That's another quote from the book by Jacques Ellul. That's why I still do bible study with others 5 days a week, plus prayer twice daily, plus researching bible history and prophecy. Is that bragging? No, I'm promoting peace of mind. [Patrick Bestall]

"For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints." - (1 Corinthians 14:33)

A UK article but this is going on everywhere (except Russia). Brainwashing is easiest when people are confused.

Vaxx and masks will get us back to normal - no, there are varients coming - but new tests and tracing will keep us safe - but cases are up again - but some doctors say herd immunity is here - and some states have no restrictions...etc.

YouTube censors DeSantis COVID-19 roundtable challenging lockdown consensus

YouTube removed a video of Gov. Ron DeSantis' discussion with credentialed medical experts, saying it violated Community Guidelines!

While Obama Made Millions off the Presidency, New Report Says Trump Lost $1.1B:


Police vs. Pastors in Canada (Apr 7):


[Patrick Bestall]

Biden administration announces sky-high border numbers, looks to blame Trump

Nearly 19,000 unaccompanied children were encountered in March, the largest monthly number in more than a decade!

Odds Are Increasing’:

Could Donald Trump Be Back in Office Soon?

Rep. Dan Bishop:

Trump ‘Visionary on Border Security’:


Why this Virus?

The worldwide transfer of wealth by the elites - The Global Reset:

Trudeau calls for global response as UN warns of looming debt crisis - The Transfer of Wealth

London, ON councilors dismiss motion to research consequences of lockdowns - Outside of City Councillor Michael van Holst, the London, Ontario City Councillors don't care about the 4 million calls by kids to the suicide hotline as a result of governments diabolical demands. They don't care about family breakdowns, domestic violence, depression, suicides, drug and alcohol abuse, loss of businesses and incomes and on and on and on. They don't care. They won't even conduct a study. I guess that would make them actually face reality!

Press Release:

Protest the Censoring of Nurses

Apr 14 Nurses united against censorship… Rally at 101 Davenport Rd. Toronto, between 11:00 am until 2:00 PM:

Nurse interview 15 minutes. She's the wife of Pastor Coates - interviewed while he was in jail, before his church was barricaded by RCMP. Good insight into Coates' character. He's not a "freedom fighter" but a church loyalist.

If you are free on Wednesday… JOIN, the Rally in Toronto between 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM


Alberta RCMP called by TruNews:

TruNews called Parkland RCMP detachment, who were responsible for barricading Grace Church. Nobody answers the phone. 825-220-2000 if anyone else wants to try.. or 825-220-7267 "for complaints".


Patrick Howley of joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the stories of AL Senator hopeful John Merrill being caught in a sordid affair at taxpayer's expense, and how Nancy Pelosi is renting to a pedophile connected group.

37 minutes - Victory over Evil PTL!


Chemical cocktail found in face masks:


5 Separate Government Agencies May Be Spying on You Right Now... Including One You’ve NEVER Even Heard Of…

[BEWARE] Biden is about to activate "Stingrays" all over the US!

Good information here… however: Skip the Sales Pitch…

Judicial Watch slams US Supreme Court for behavior in Hillary Clinton case:

Fauci, WHO say no to vaccine passports:



For your ease in getting to Information that you are interested in… I have divided the following Material into three Groups: It is not necessary that you read every Article… scroll down and pick what interests you! Little to none of these are found in the Main-Stream media {MSM}…

Disclaimer: All articles, videos, and images posted in this BLOG – site, are always presented as unverified and should be discerned by the reader. We do not endorse any opinions expressed in this BLOG and we do not support, represent, or guarantee the completeness, truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of any content posted herein.

Thurs. 8 April Fleming’s Military Intel Contact: On Tues. 6 April Baghdad and Kurdistan concluded a new HCL oil profit sharing agreement increasing Kurdistan’s share to 13.5%, which took time to be approved by Iraqi President Saleh and turned over to the Finance Ministry to start implementing from today Thu 8 April onward Wed 7 April Iraqi news: Thurs. 8 April US VP John F. Kennedy Telegram: Frogs destroy all the enemies of this country. GAME OVER! I never thought I’d see the day when liberals applauded mass censorship and the stifling of free speech. Is this communist China? Rhetorical question. But don't worry, in the end victory is for us. DC Antifa Continues Threats Against Conservatives. To be clear, this is not about racism; this is about an attack on anything that has to do with Christianity and American history. The Left is erasing both from our country. Liberal institutions like Harvard are run by Leftists who believe only Liberals have the right to free speech. ISIS plotted to send terrorists through US-Mexico border. They are idiots, we know their plan. What I find interesting about the intolerant Left’s claim that anyone who disagrees with their positions, policies or practices is a HATE group, especially when the intolerant Left is consumed with HATE. Each of us must promise God, ourselves and each other to reject being controlled by fear. I feel like today is the best day of all days to remind everyone: Joe Biden hates black people. He is a racist. CBS 60 minutes is off the chart propaganda. It’s 100% wrong and middle America normies are watching this and believing it’s the truth. A helpless feeling to sit and watch and realize they are emboldening a greater divide. The entire world knows that Trump won the election and Biden cheated, the only people trying to push this through are the media, big tech, and Politicians. If you think nothing is coming. Then You're not paying attention... The stimulus package is over 5,000 pages, but can be summarized in 5 words: We Need A New Congress If you are a Elected Official or anyone who is saying we will fix this election later, you are a Treasonous Coward! We will not fix this later, we will fix this NOW! We have one shot at this and it's not later! Don't listen to cowards! Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott demanded that the White House close a San Antonio facility housing migrant children Wednesday following allegations that children there were being sexually assaulted. During a Wednesday evening press conference, Abbott said he received tips that alleged the children at the Freeman Coliseum facility were being sexually abused and were not eating enough. "These problems are a byproduct of President Biden’s open border policies and the lack of planning for the fallout for those disastrous policies," Abbott told reporters. The left is fine with Vaccine Cards but NOT Voter ID .....paying attention yet ? What a ridiculous policy! The Silent Majority has only grown but will make itself known soon. I hope the world is watching. If Joe Biden can’t handle the debate stage—he can’t handle the world stage. Thurs. 8 April Michael Flynn Telegram: BREAKING:

Former senior White House adviser Stephen Miller to launch "America First Legal," a new legal group that will challenge the Biden administration's policies – WSJ Patriots Unmute the channel ... next few days follow very important news. #MAGA ❤STOP THE STEAL Thurs. 8 April Charlie Ward:

The Great Reveal With Ann Vandersteel & Charlie Ward Wed. 7 April Darkness on Full Display:

Charlie Ward

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