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Labour Day 9-4-23

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Monday 9-4-23

Verse(s) for today:

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, And into his courts with praise: Be thankful unto him, and bless his name.

Psalm 100:4 KJV

The LORD thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing.

Zephaniah 3:17 KJV

But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God.

Acts 20:24 KJV

Don’t Mess with Old People:

You are going to enJOY this one… I laughed right out loud!

This is very funny. [Scott Card]

The Rise of Polarization in Canada:

The report, titled Far and Widening: The Rise of Polarization in Canada is the culmination of a months-long project in which the Public Policy Forum engaged communities across the nation.

A massive new study was published a month ago, identifying 17% of our young people who said "supplanting the global elites was key" to our future. That's no small number considering it's half the number of people who are deeply concerned about catastrophic health crisis such as a major pandemic (35%). You can no longer call us "fringe" who resist the implementation of "top down" planning. How could mass media miss discussing such a significant study? Would it have anything to do with the millions of dollars the federal government allocates to journalists of their choosing?

The study encompassed 319 cities, a total of 1,617 young adults across Canada: 117 in community round-tables and an additional 1,500 via a survey partnership with RIWI. It involved 10 researchers and writers, six community organizations, two think tanks and only one investigative journalist. You can download the whole pdf if you search for The Rise of Polarization in Canada.

[Patrick Bestall]

193 Blackacres Blvd.

London N6G 2H1

Jim Carrie gets Religion:

Jim Carrey is a multi-talented actor and comedian, known just as much for his visceral dramatic roles (THE TRUMAN SHOW and ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND) as he is his zany, off-the-wall comedic ones (LIAR LIAR and ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE). However, one thing the celebrity is not so famous for is his philosophical musings on forgiveness, grace and omnipresence. It’s little wonder a video containing his thoughts on those very subjects has gone viral.

“I believe that this room is filled with God,” Carrey said while addressing formerly gang-involved men and women at Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles. He went on to briefly reference his own personal struggles, then shared his thoughts on salvation.

“You’ve made the decision to walk through the gate of forgiveness to grace. Just as Christ did on the cross. He suffered terribly, and He was broken by it, to the point of doubt and a feeling of absolute abandonment, which all of you have felt. Then, there was a decision to be made. And, the decision was to look upon the people who were causing that suffering with compassion and with forgiveness, and that’s what opens the gates of Heaven for all of us. I wish that for all of you. I wish that for myself.”

Those sentiments alone allude quite strikingly to the Christian doctrine of soteriology, which holds that Christ’s death secures salvation for those who believe that “God raised him from the dead” (Romans 10:9). However, Carrey makes no mention of an individual’s salvation being found in Christ alone, but merely uses Jesus as an example from whom we can learn how to transcend (a word Carrey has used frequently in his various interviews over the years) suffering and embrace salvation and inner healing.

In fact, in his 2009 keynote talk for the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment, Carrey spoke about Jesus, and specifically his “puzzlement” concerning how he saved the world from sin.

“He freed the world from sin from his perspective. It’s up to each one of us to free the world from sin, from our point of view. And, with that comes freedom.”

Whereas the speech he delivered at Homeboys Industries contains biblical precepts as they relate to themes of mercy and forgiveness, the quote above flies in the face of Christianity’s paramount tenet, namely that apart from Christ, there is no freedom from sin.

At the end of Carrey’s talk at Homeboys, he brought up another theological doctrine, that of omnipresence. As you will see, his interpretation certainly doesn’t line up with Scripture.

“They talk about omnipresence in church, and nobody really thinks about what that means. What it means is every cell of your body is God. Everything is God. Everything is divine.”

This view is in accordance with the New Age religion where God is impersonal and omnipresent in the way Carrey describes. New Agers believe God is in everything (pantheism) and that all things are one (monism). Therefore, there is no difference between God and man; they are one and the same. The biblical view of omnipresence as one of God’s divine attributes is that God’s presence is continuous throughout Creation and that everything in Creation is immediately in God’s presence, including human beings. However, God is distinct from Creation because he is the creator of it. Nature itself is not divine.

One could describe Carrey’s talk as “Christ-centered” because, technically, Christ’s crucifixion drove home Carrey’s point of overcoming resentment and vengeance through grace and forgiveness. However, Christians must use spiritual discernment before they hail Carrey – or anyone else, for that matter – as a Christian role model. Just because most of what he said was biblically sound doesn’t mean he believes that Jesus is the Son of God and Savior of mankind. We have a responsibility to “test the spirits,” as the Apostle John wrote, and to “examine the Scriptures daily to see if these things [are] so” (1 John 4:1; Acts 17:11).

In a 2004 interview on 60 MINUTES, Carrey led correspondent Steve Kroft to a secluded place on his property where he goes to “hang out with Buddha and Krishna and you know, all those guys.” When Kroft asked Carrey if he was Buddhist, Carrey replied:

“I’m a Buddhist, I’m a Muslim, I’m a Christian. I’m whatever you want me to be. It all comes down to the same thing. . . . You are either in a loving place, or you are in an unloving place. If you are with me right now, you cannot be unhappy. It’s not possible, just try.”

This universalistic belief inarguably opposes the Word of God. Jesus made it clear that HE “the way, the truth and the life” and that “no one comes to the Father except through [Him]” (John 14:6). If there were other ways to the Father and multiple paths to eternal life, then God the Father wouldn’t have had to send His only Son to take our sin and shame upon himself and suffer the most excruciating death known to man. He would have left us to our own man-made idols, convoluted belief systems, and futile sophistry, knowing that no matter what road we took, we’d ultimately find our way to Heaven.

During his keynote speech for GATE, Carrey shared his answer to the age-old question, “What is the meaning of life?”

“The meaning of life. You wanna know what it is? Love yourself. That’s it. Love yourself.”

Today’s culture is saturated with this saccharine statement of self-love. I don’t think anyone can argue that self-acceptance and self-confidence are critical components to leading a content and fulfilling life, but truly loving yourself is not something humans can achieve by force of will. We must connect to the source of love, the embodiment of love, which is God himself. Apart from him, Jesus taught, we can do nothing, and that includes loving ourselves in a substantive, meaningful, and lasting way (John 15:5).

No one can peek inside a person’s heart and judge whether he or she has a relationship with God. Perhaps in the last few years, Carrey has indeed confessed his sins, repented and committed his life to Christ. It is very possible his unbiblical views will be corrected as the Holy Spirit elucidates Scripture and shows him the truth. Whatever Carrey’s beliefs, it is our duty as followers of Christ to pray for him and gently instruct him, as well as those who look up to him.

It is clear, as evidenced by the vitality of his talk at Homeboys Industries, that thousands of people are listening to what Jim Carrey has to say. What a marvelous thing it would be for his words to point others to the life-changing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

– Sources:YouTube, CBS News 11/18/04, Personal Spirituality 01/29/10.

Diana Anderson-Tyler is the author of multiple books on Faith and Fitness and she is a co-owner and coach at CrossFit 925. Diana can be found on Twitter here. [MovieGuide]

[Patrick Bestall]

Bill Maher & Joe Rogan Spar Over Trump Vs. Biden:

Bill Maher did not hold back about his thoughts on a Trump vs. Biden matchup for 2024 on Joe Rogan’s podcast The Joe Rogan Experience over the weekend.

Rogan told Maher Saturday that he believes Biden appears frail, that he’s “skeletal thin”, to which Maher essentially agreed that Trump looks “more hearty and robust. He’s a city roach. The worse things he eats the stronger he gets. You cannot kill him,” Maher said.

More from Deadline

“He’s also the only [president] who didn’t noticeably age,” Rogan interjected.

“No, we did,” Maher responded. “But he’s a criminal and he’s crazy and he’s stupid. And crazy and stupid are two different things … Stupid is ‘Frederick Douglass is alive’ or ‘the stealth bomber is literally invisible’ or “Nobody is health care is hard to solve. Crazy is ‘it’s important that the crowd at my inauguration was the biggest ever, and I’m going to make an issue of this for the first two weeks of my presidency despite photographic evidence of the contrary.’ Or ‘I’m going to steal these documents, and I’m going put them next to the toilet at Mar-A-Lago, and I’m going to fight you to take them back.’ Or not conceding the election. Those things are crazy or thinking I can charm Kim Jong-un in Korea, although that might be stupid, sometimes it crosses the line between both, but he’s both stupid and crazy and he’s also a criminal.”

Rogan then reeled off some of the charges Trump is facing in the Georgia Jan. 6 case. Maher noted Trump still has not conceded the election. “He tried every possible way of stealing this election,” Maher continued. “He tried to do it through the courts. He tried to do it through the legislators. He tried to do it through intimidating Mike Pence. He tried to do it through the Justice Department. They talked about seizing voting machines! They talked about using the Army! You can’t really believe this guy is not worse than Joe Biden. I agree — Joe Biden is not a great president. And the Hunter Biden stuff is a stinky scandal that stinks to the high heaven. But if you think that it compares to what Trump tried to do, then you just cannot tell unlike things apart.”

Rogan asks Maher, “Do you think he really believes they stole the election?”, to which Maher replied:

“Who gives a fuck? It doesn’t matter … all the people around him told him he lost. And one of his quotes they have on record was, ‘I don’t want people to know I lost this election.’”

“That’s kinda crazy,” Rogan acknowledged.

“He’s a clinical case of malignant narcissism,” Maher added. “It’s not a quirk. It’s actually in the big book of crazy. It affects everything he thinks and does. It’s why [authoritarian leaders] were able to curry favor from him — they kiss his ass and got whatever they wanted. I think [Russian President Vladimir] Putin had him as soon as he said, ‘I think Trump is a brilliant man.’ [Trump’s] a dangerous guy. Again, Biden is not my first choice — not my hundredth choice — but the other guy is a crazy stupid criminal.”

You can watch a clip of some of the interview below.

Infectious disease specialists say return to masking not needed:

Two prominent Canadian infectious disease specialists say mask mandates, including for schools and hospitals, do not need to be re-implemented this fall – amid concerns about new variants.

In recent days, legacy media outlets have reported on calls to bring back mask mandates, including from a group of BC healthcare professionals who have signed an open letter demanding masks, as well as testing and giving priority eligibility to children for Covid shots.

Other physicians, including Ottawa family doctor Nili Kaplan-Myrth, have also been calling for masks. The hashtag “#BringBackMasks” also trended on X (formerly Twitter) Friday morning.

However, Infectious Diseases Specialist and Medical Microbiologist Dr. Neil Rau and Infectious Diseases Physician Dr. Sumon Chakrabarti told True North the current situation does not warrant a return to mask mandates.

“I completely disagree with their perspective (and) with the idea that resorting to masks again at a population level or even a focus group level is the answer to controlling Covid,” Rau told True North.

Chakrabarti echoed Rau’s sentiments, and added that “what we’re seeing now is the vast majority of the population has immunity, whether through vaccination or exposure to the virus, or both. So you have great protection.”

“I see patients in the hospital and while we do still see Covid occasionally, the vast majority, even people who are older, and even people who have different comorbidities, they do fine with the virus,” he said.

Rau added that “the best we can do with Covid now is to vaccinate with a booster the highest risk people, give the antiviral medications to the highest risk people who come down with the disease… and then keep updating the vaccine if possible.”

“Let’s stop trying to stop the spread of Covid. Let’s focus on preventing the outcomes from Covid. We can’t stop the spread of covid.”

Both doctors are also not recommending that parents mask up their children for school this fall.

Chakrabarti noted that “in the real world setting where you have a class of kids who are sitting there for hours at a time together, kids can’t wear the masks properly, they don’t fit… eventually they’re gonna get exposed”

“Being in school (means) kids are exposed to viruses. It’s always been like that,” he added. “It’s unfortunate when kids get little flus and colds, but that’s part of being exposed to viruses. It builds immunity and I don’t think that this is something that is necessarily a bad thing.”

Masking children also comes with several downsides.

Rau noted that “a child has some loss in terms of wearing a mask, in terms of communication, being understood.”

“If their teacher were to mask, they also lose the visual sight of the teacher speaking… from an understanding of expression perspective, that can be a negative,” said Rau.

He also said that “if a child is a new Canadian and English is not spoken at home, the school is where they’re learning and mastering English or French. From a pediatric development perspective, putting a mask on everybody is not very helpful for language development.”

The Doctors also told True North they don’t believe it makes sense to bring back mandatory masking in hospitals, noting that there are already plenty of protocols in place to protect both healthcare workers and patients from disease.

New Variants

New variants have emerged in Canada, including the Pirola BA.2.86 variant and the EG.5 Omicron subvariant. However, both doctors said the new variants are not cause for panic.

Chakrabarti noted that, “We basically had variant stability, meaning the same overarching variant, dating back to about November, 2021. We’re coming up on two years.”

“Overall, yes, there are minor changes that are occurring, but what does that mean for us? Well, when people are getting sick with Covid, now the vast majority of people have minimal symptoms, said Chakrabarti.”

Rau added that variants are “like the iPhone.”

“The iPhone 12 is out into people’s hands, few people are interested in the iPhone 12. What do they have to do at Apple? They have to change the phone a little bit so that people get excited and want an iPhone 13 in their hands. And when the 13 is in too many people’s hands, what do they do? They make an iPhone 14. The virus is almost like this.”

“It doesn’t have the brain and mind of Apple executives behind it, but it has the ability to constantly modify itself in a random fashion until the right mutation is found to make it spread more easily to the right people.”

Fall booster shots

The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) is recommending that every age group who is approved for a booster this fall receive one. New updated booster shots are also expected this fall, pending approval from Health Canada.

Both doctors recommended that seniors and immunocompromised people get a booster, given that their immune systems are not as strong.

For Chakrabarti, his booster recommendation is “very similar to my answer that I gave for the third dose of vaccine, for the fourth and for the bivalent booster. You look at the highest risk populations; any kind of help you can give them would be beneficial.”

Rau, who supports vaccinations, added that “we have to be more nuanced about who gets the vaccine.”

“The idea of boosting children to me is absolute insanity, and I know some experts have called for it, I don’t agree with it at all. I think it’s a complete misuse of effort and resources,” said Rau.

“If we vaccinate a whole bunch of kids, you’re going to very temporarily reduce the risk of having the disease, but they’re ultimately gonna get it anyway.”

Ottawa based journalist.

[true North]

Do you Trust the CDC?

It’s been repeated countless times…

All the official statements made during the pandemic that turned out to be untrue.

You remember… Fauci begging people to stop wearing masks.

It was the first of MANY whiplash moments.

Before we knew it, there was Fauci, attacking people who weren’t wearing masks and defying mandates.

Then you had the roll out of the jabs. Talking news media heads were spouting it, health officials, politicians, celebrities, all the way up to the president himself.

“If you get the shot, you won’t get covid and you won’t spread it.” NOT TRUE

The fact that also turned out to be utterly false didn’t seem to ever matter though.

Fast forward to last week, after growing rumors of coming renewed mask mandates, the CDC finally stepped in to set the record straight.

Earlier last week, a CDC spokesperson told NBC News that there have been no agency discussions about bringing back mask mandates.

All the while, a growing number of cases of mask mandates are starting to pop up once again.

So here we are again, the CDC is making a pretty straightforward claim.

But is it really true? What are your thoughts? Hit reply to this email, we’d love to hear your thoughts if you’re up to sharing.

[The Real Anthony Fauci Movie Team]

Tucker Carlson just made one bone-chilling prediction on the Deep State’s next move against Donald Trump:

Democrats spent the past seven years launching witch hunt after witch hunt against Donald Trump.

But after two impeachments and four indictments, the former President is more popular than ever amongst Republicans. That’s why Tucker Carlson just made one bone-chilling prediction on the Deep State’s next move against Donald Trump. The Deep State has been trying to take down former President Donald Trump since defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election. They crafted the “Russian collusion” hoax, and then used Trump’s phone call with the President of Ukraine for their first sham impeachment.

Democrats used the events of January 6 as justification to impeach Trump for a second time.

Since the witch hunts were not enough to intimidate him into leaving politics and also failed to turn GOP voters against him, President Joe Biden moved forward with his plan to weaponize the justice system against Trump to remove him from the race. But four politically-motivated indictments from three Democrat prosecutors have only increased Trump’s lead over the rest of the GOP field.

Not only that, but the latest polls also show Trump leading Biden in national polls and some key battleground states.

The Deep State will stop at nothing to make sure Trump never sets foot in the Oval Office again. And this is one fact that has Tucker Carlson concerned for Trump’s life. During a recent interview with comedian and podcaster Adam Carolla, Carlson brought up the long string of witch hunts Trump has faced over the past seven years.

“Look, they protested him, they called him names, he won anyway,” Carlson said. “They impeached him twice on ridiculous pretenses, they fabricated a lot about what happened on January 6 in order to impeach him again. It didn’t work. He came back, and then they indicted him. It didn’t work. He became more popular. Then they indicted him three more times, and every single time, his popularity rose.”

Carlson said Democrats have only one option left since criticism, protests, impeachment, and indictments all failed to take down Trump.

“So if you begin with criticism, then you go to protests, then you go to impeachment, now you go to the ind,ictment, and none of them work, what’s next?” Carlson asked. “I mean, graph it out, man,” he continued, before predicting that “we’re speeding toward assassination, obviously.”

Carlson went on to point out that Democrats are trying to send Trump to prison—in a trial that will happen in the middle of the Republican Presidential Primary—for “complaining about the last election.”

Joe Biden and Democrats are hellbent on taking down Trump. And Tucker Carlson is sounding the alarm about how far he believes the Deep State will go to achieve this goal.

[The Underground News]

David YEO:

$hu$w@P (1 Min)

CL!M@T3 Pr0T3$Ter$ @ BurN!nG M@N (17 Min)

2019 D0cum3nT@rY: MKuLTr@ M!nD C0nTr0L (61 Min)

M@U!: R@nD0M TH!nG$ Th@T $uRv!v3d Th3 F!r3$ (4 Min)

FenT@nyL (4 Min)

Th3 B!G P!cTur3**923 (23 Min)

M@U!: 0p3r@T!0N BLu3 R00F (19 Min)

FuLLY VXXd J!mmY BuFF3T D!3$ @ 76 (1 Min)

M0r0CC0 Kn0W$ (1 Min)

H0W To Th3 F00L Th3 W0rLD (8 Min)

M@U!: Th3 B!gg3$T L@nD Gr@B Ev3R (3 Min)

BuRN!nG M@N Ev3nT: 73,000 P30pL3 $Trand3d W/0 F00D & W@T3R (20 Min)

R3-P0$T: "And h!s D3@DLY W0und w@s H3@L3D"**Pr3d!cT!v3 Pr0gr@mm!ng (5 Min)

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!


General Summary

The Real News for Sun. 3 Sept. 2023:

The United States is under Military Control.

  • · This EVENT has already happened. These operations and Continuity of government (COG) is the principle of establishing defined procedures that allow a government to continue its essential operations in case of a catastrophic event such as nuclear war.

  • · In the US, COG is no longer limited to nuclear emergencies.

  • · The Continuity of Operations Plan was activated following the September 11 attacks, more over these Operations coincide with the Department of Defense military laws of War that can be activated through Presidential Powers, Executive Orders that execute and addresses Military occupation Chapter 11.3 Laws of War COVERT and OVERT military operations.

  • · Trump, Musk and Tucker Carlson were working together behind the scenes.

  • · The US White Hat Military is controlling the Supreme Court SCOTUS.

  • · The Brunson case is being saved for the EXPOSURE of a military COUP that happened through 2020 stolen election.

Maui Massacre:

  • · “Biden’s Curtain” in Hawaii. New videos from Lahaina, Maui, show miles of black fences erected to keep people from seeing what is happening at the scene of the catastrophic fires in Hawaii. “No one can go in there, no one can photograph anything.” “There is a huge focus on making sure that the media and anyone else can’t see what’s going on there.” Drone flights over Lahaina are also banned. The fence has been dubbed the “Biden Curtain.”

Election Fraud:

Martial Law:

Martial Law is Coming, Civil War is Coming to America Just Like the Days of Hitler – The Warning Signs of Civil War & Martial Law – American Media Group ( Note: This Martial Law as planned by the Cabal (with a Wed. 4 Oct. start date), is different from the Continuity of Government Martial Law presently in place and soon to be announced by the White Hats.

The Warning Signs of Civil War & Martial Law

  • · Arms buildup within the government. The DHS has purchased 2.2 billion rounds of ammo, acquired 2700 armored personnel carriers, has 100,000+ armed enforcement agents and has acquired thousands of military vehicles. Almost every department of the government from the US Postal Service to the Social Security Admin to the national weather service, all have purchased weapons, immense amounts of ammo and they all have their own swat teams. Why do they need this unless they expect to have a war on their hands?

  • · Indefinite detention is now legal. The National Defense Authorization Act was passed by Congress allowing the arrest and imprisonment of an American citizen on US soil without habeas corpus. And we can now be held indefinitely without due process. This one act is usually the first thing that’s taken away with martial law—and it’s already gone.

  • · Americans can now be murdered “legally” by this President. Drones have been used on the President’s approval to kill Americans that were not convicted of a crime or act of terrorism, and who were not even involved in such an act. These killings include a 14-year-old American youth who was merely riding in a car. The memo that was used to justify these murders overseas has come out and it is blatantly unconstitutional.

  • · The DHS mission has now changed to one of domestic terrorism. The Department of Homeland Security recently sponsored a study which proclaims their mission is no longer foreign inspired terrorism. They’re now focusing on domestic terrorism by Americans against the US. In other words, they are now targeting law abiding Americans who are worried about their own government. The government views those of us who feel this way as the “new terrorists” to be dealt with.

  • · The government also sees armed forces veterans as potential resisters as 90 percent of the armed services are not in alignment with the agenda of our socialized government. So, the armed forces and the vets must be neutralized.

  • · Local police forces are being federalized (in violation of the 10th Amendment). All sorts of used military equipment is now being transferred to these city departments. Through this process the DHS will end up acquiring a national police force to enhance its already considerable national manpower to enforce martial law.

  • · Police forces are now engaging in consistent swat attacks for minor offenses. Last year alone it is estimated that 80,000 unannounced SWAT team invasions of homes occurred in the US. These involved breaking down doors, concussion grenades and the deaths of many pets and innocent occupants including many children who have also been injured or seriously traumatized.

  • · Limited-edition martial law lockdowns are happening throughout the US on a regular basis. The lockdown declared in Watertown area after the Boston bombing was a sort of “beta test” of the martial law process. During this attack innocent occupants of homes were forced onto the street with no opportunity to grab clothes, flashlights, cell phones or turn anything off inside their houses. They were forcefully made to place their hands behind their heads as they were crowded together.

  • · Simulated “terrorist war games” are now being held in many big cities as local police, DHS, and National Guard units all swarm in with helicopters and overwhelming firepower designed to make average citizens yield in fear the state.

  • · The President is already acting like a dictator. He now routinely disobeys and refuses to enforce laws he doesn’t like. He rewrites laws on his own that have been passed by Congress. He instructs the government to increase hardship on the American people for political reasons. He uses the IRS and other agencies to target and punish his enemies. He flaunts and simply ignores all the investigations into his law breaking.

  • · He has opened the borders telling our agents to stand down. Thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens (especially children) have been wooed in the Central American by the CIA, and escorted to our borders by paid guides (paid by the CIA) who have been told they won’t be asked to leave if they can get here. Aliens who have all sorts of diseases which is creating a humanitarian crisis. He has also invited the UN in to deal with this crisis (which is another act of giving away our sovereignty.

  • · And, of course, he has now written his own laws saying that these illegals have more rights than US citizens. They can get driver’s licenses, travel freely within the country, get society security cards and aid if they have no money. He’s also rewriting US foreign policy towards countries like Cuba and Iran with virtually no oversight allowed of Congress.

  • · Many martial law orders are already in place. This is an extremely compelling argument that we are on the edge of this declaration. It has already been planned and it will be totally “legal” when it happens. Multitudes of redundant executive actions can quickly be enforced and they will thoroughly lock down the country and put virtually everything under the President’s control. And I mean everything

The Value of Your Birth Certificate: €14,393.94 per month

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