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Monday 5-8-23

Monday 5 - 8 - 23

Verse(s) for today:

casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

1 Peter 5:7 KJV

I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: For thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety.

Psalm 4:8 KJV

I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless, I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.

Galatians 2:20 KJV

And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

John 1:14 KJV

Thought(s) for the Day:

Col Douglas Macgregor - the unfiltered truth teller:

Many of you, if not all of you, I believe, know of and have heard Col. Douglas Macgregor on podcasts over the past year. In this podcast interview -- (the interviewer's voice is only heard) -- the good Colonel does not pause or hesitate to call a spade a spade. He is totally unfiltered in calling out America as the Empire of Lies and giving his views from experience as a soldier, a veteran of wars, and a highly regarded military historian. Col. Macgregor goes well beyond describing the reality of the US/NATO led proxy war in Ukraine against Russia to discuss the domestic situation within America and what it all means for the collective West in which America is practically broken as a coherent society, a republic based on rule of laws, in which the ruling elite has let loose a war against the American people as they have squandered the country's wealth, its productive capacity and well-being for their own gains. I trust you will find or make time to listen to the good Colonel -- (in today's America any soldier above the rank of colonels, i.e. flag officers, are not soldiers but politicians serving the military-industrial complex for a lifelong sinecure after taking off their uniforms) -- and, as you draw your own overall picture of the situation in America and our situation in Canada is far more dire, take note that Colonel Macgregor is not alone from the uniform ranks in speaking truth bombs of how the country he served as a patriot has come to this ignoble and wretched state of affairs. [Salim Mansur] [Jim Dimanis]

Turning the ‘Other’ Cheek:

Scripture talks about what to do when ‘struck’ on the cheek, by turning the other cheek…

A group of pro-life Christians in France pray across the street from a church whose Pastor was murdered by an immigrant. A migrant tries to interrupt with rap music, purposely blasting his tunes to antagonize the small group. One guy doesn't like that very much… he miss-interprets Scripture by hitting the offender on his cheek!

[Les Breznyansky]

David YEO:

F@LL3n 0N3$ (1 Min)

3NoCH & Th3 D0m3d E@RTH (11 Min)

M33T Cr!$!$ AcT0R $Tev3n (1 Min)

$T3W G03$ H3@D +o H3@D w/ BBC (65 Min)

W@TCH 0uT 4 Th3 $naK3$**T3X@$ M@LL HXX (4 Min)

Add!c+$: C@n Y0uR Br@!N H3@L? (1 Min)

0Z: B!G CL@$$ ACT!0n L@W$u!T F!L3D (10 Min)

W@$H!nGT0N DC: Fr33M@$0n!c A$tr0Logy $ymb0L$ (11 Min)

W!LL!@M M@K!$**CDN MD**GL0b@L Ep!d3mic 0f $udd3n D3@TH$ (42 Min)

AnG3L$ CL0$3 +o G0D (1 Min)

B3neF!T$ 0f R3b0uD!nG EX3rC!$4 (8 Min)

P@nd3m!c 0f P0$T VXX Turb0-C@nc3r (13 Min)

F!R3$ !n C@nad@**N0Th!ng +o Th0u$@nds 0f Acr3$ (2 Min)

May 19 FREE SPEECH lecture for all in London:

SAFS: Society for Academic Freedoms and Scholarships

Patrick Bestall: tx to Concerned Citizens Assoc of London I got this email. If you want to find out more about CCAL, let me know. They meet every two weeks.

Joanna Williams “Sex, gender, and the limits of free speech on campus” The Fifth Annual Chris and John Furedy Lecture on the Contemporary University 6:30 to 8:00 pm, Friday 19 May 2023 Gunnery Ballroom, Delta Hotels London Armouries, 325 Dundas Street, London, Ontario Joanna will explore what can and cannot be said in higher education today, who gets to decide and on what basis those decisions are made. This is a public lecture. Free of charge and everyone welcome! [S.A.F.S.]

Let there be light:

1. Radio Elliptical – The Thunderbolts Project™

Double layers and plasmoids expand and explode, throwing off plasma that can accelerate to near light-speed. Jets from opposite poles of a galaxy end in energetic clouds emitting X-ray frequencies, or radio waves. Those phenomena are based in plasma science and not gas kinetics, gravity, or particle physics. Astrophysicists see magnetic fields but not the underlying electricity, so they are at a loss to explain them.

2. Michael Clarage: The Light of Life | Thunderbolts

Life emits light. There is even proof our eyes emit light. To a physicist this is possible since all receivers are also transmitters—a radio antenna can send or receive the same signal. The rhodopsin molecules in the retinal cells absorb and emit the same visible light. Michael Clarage, PhD, Astrophysicist and Lead Scientist of SAFIRE, explains how we could not have organic life without cells, chemicals, light, electricity, or the ecosystems of the Earth and Sun—all levels of the hierarchy communicate and exchange energy.

Just maybe there is a God who spoke all of this into being… If so, shouldn’t we want to know more about Him?

[Patrick Bestall]

Will Communism fall in China as it did in the USSR?


2. 400 Million People Quit the Chinese Communist Party: Rally

How to eat an elephant? One bit at a time – And that’s how one brave group is undermining the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) totalitarian control over the people of China.

According to activist reports, as of August 3 [2022], more than 400 million Chinese have renounced their affiliation with the Chinese Communist party (CCP).

The Chinese word for ‘quit the party’ is ‘Tuidang’, and the movement to leave the Party is growing.

The Tuidang movement began in 2004, after the release of the “Nine Commentaries of the Communist Party,” a book first published by the Chinese language edition of The Epoch Times detailing the brutality and lies perpetrated by the CCP.


Yi Rong: We have over 100 places outside of China. We have truth-booth in all the large cities, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Europe, European countries, the United States, Canada, Japan...many, many countries, and we have over 100 places, and truth-booth. People, volunteers are doing the same thing for the past 15 years.

Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan offered his “lesson number one about America” in his farewell address to the nation: “All great change in America begins at the dinner table.” The same is true in China.


The government [CPP] plans to increase investment in high-standard farmland to an annual average of 3,000 yuan per mu nationwide, which requires a yearly investment of at least 75 billion yuan for 2023-2030. However, current investment significantly falls short at only 1,458 yuan per mu, less than half of the target, due to local government fiscal difficulties and declining central government subsidies.

[Patrick Bestall]

Food Distribution Program:

Dear Members and friends of FGBMF London:

On Friday May 12 at the Youth For Christ building 254 Adelaide St. we will be holding the monthly meeting

of FGBMF of London . The resume of our speaker is enclosed. He is the brother of Randy Collins at Hully Gully. Doors open at 5:30PM dsgingerMay 5 to tell me that you are coming.

Please send me the fee of $35.00 per person as soon as you can. We were $250.00 short last month because people said they were coming and then did not show up.

548 688 2565

Chelsey Park Retirement Home , 312 Oxford St, West Suite 3 A

Call Dr. Reid if you are planning to come!

London Ontario, N6H 4N7


Robert L. Reid

Now I know what Robert meant by "dsgingerMay 5". That was the cut-off date! But he said that he would take bookings from latecomers today and tomorrow. No video because his IT guy is too busy.

[Patrick Bestall]

[Jim Collins]

Free food for the hungry in SW Ont - direct from the farmers:

This coming Friday evening, learn about Harvest Hands and the man who started it a couple of years ago in St. Thomas.

Harvest Hands Canada Home - Harvest Hands Canada

Jim Collins is the brother of Randy Collins at Hully Gully.

He is the guest speaker at the upcoming FGBMF dinner.

On Friday May 12 at the Youth For Christ building

254 Adelaide St. Doors open at 5:30PM


548 688 2565

Secret Canadian military operation:

New details emerge of Canadian military’s plans to suppress popular opposition amid COVID-19 pandemic.

Just like Mission Impossible; "We will deny any knowledge of your actions."

Gosselin also reports that the propaganda operation was neither requested nor authorized by any branch of the Justin Trudeau-led Liberal government—be it the cabinet, the Prime Minister’s Office or the defense minister.

So, how did this scheme go forward? Who authorized it and who paid for it??? [Patrick Bestall]

GREAT Videos:

Thanks Michael. It's a fantastic journey through time. You can never look at the news the same way again.

[Michael Dunne]

The latest on Josh Alexander:


2. Stand with Josh Alexander against school that allows boys to use girls' bathrooms

3. Defend Josh Alexander, Student arrested after opposing Gender Ideology

TWITTER from Josh Alexander: I have been informed that both my mother and father have been put on leave and removed from the classroom. My parents are under attack simply for having raised me. They couldn't get to me, so they've attacked my family. I recently had the opportunity to tell the world.

It’s pretty sad when a school board consisting of supposedly well educated adults can be so easily influenced and intimidated by a small minority of “hired” misfits who’s sole purpose is to “divide” the families and their children, using the children as a sacrifice to destroy this country and all the people within it.

What cowards these school boards truly are. Both of Josh Alexander’s parents are teachers, but now the School Board has stepped in to stop them from teaching. The misfits demand this ….. and the school boards buckle. There’s our FREEDOMS disappearing – our history being removed and the propaganda crap to destroy the future. The children ARE NOT SAFE in the schools ….. especially now when you see those in charge of the schools haven’t got the integrity to stand up for what is right. Therefore, with this kind of behaviour THEY show, you can well imagine how the misfits control what should be taught to the children. The LGBTQ+ whatever else they go by are FUNDED by the Liberal government ….. and THEY are the ones that are controlling what the children learn. The schoolteachers are instructed to follow their agenda.

[Josh Alexander]


IN DEPTH: 1. Researchers Put Grocery Store Drinks Through Lab Analysis, Make a Shocking Discovery New 2. Op-Ed: Suspicious Pattern Emerges as Another Elite Race-Faker Admits to Being White 1 hour ago 3. ‘Blessed by God’: 2‑Time Super Bowl Champ Gives Excellent Advice for All Graduates 2 hours ago 4. Ron DeSantis Breaks Silence on Tucker Carlson Ouster 2 hours ago 5. TUCKER CARLSON READY TO DROP THE HAMMER ON FOX NEWS 3 hours ago 6. Burger King Plans Mass Closure of Stores: ‘Reclaim the Flame’ 4 hours ago 7. Greg Gutfeld Goes Viral for Second Defense of Tucker Amid Leaked Clips 5 hours ago 8. Billboards Pop Up All Over U.S. With 3 Words That’ll Cause Outrage 6 hours ago 9. Hunter Biden’s Legal Team Clashes With White House 6 hours ago 10. Joe Biden’s King Charles Coronation Stunt Breaks Over 100-Year-Old American Tradition 7 hours ago 11. Kayleigh Hit With Ridiculous Allegation Before Taking Tucker’s Spot 7 hours ago 12. Biden Admin Backs Down in Standoff With Catholic Hospital Over Chapel Candle Following Widespread Protests 7 hours ago 13. California’s Reparations Task Force Votes in Favor of $800 Billion Plan 7 hours ago 14. Biden Offers Change of Tune Over Relationship With McCarthy as Debt Ceiling Fight Favors GOP 7 hours ago 15. White House Unveils New Rules Targeting Journalists They Consider Unprofessional 7 hours ago 16. Barbara Lee Praises California’s Reparations Proposal 8 hours ago 17. New York Times Editorial Board Calls for Dianne Feinstein’s Resignation 8 hours ago 18. Oklahoma Bans 13 Companies From State Business Over ESG Policies 8 hours ago 19. Colorado Teachers Union Adopts Resolution Opposing Capitalism 8 hours ago 20. Bud Light Drops Ad Agency Tied to Dylan Mulvaney Disaster 8 hours ago 21. Smith College Removes Word “Field” From Social Work Program Due to “Racist Connotations” 8 hours ago 22. Artificial Intelligence is Mostly Just a Left-Wing Narrative Device 8 hours ago 23. Media Matters Gets Bad News After Publishing Leaked Tucker Carlson Videos 8 hours ago 24. Biden Admin “Building Lawful Pathways” for Immigrants After Title 42 Ends: Mayorkas 8 hours ago 25. Senators Question Why Biden’s “Rush to Green Energy” Is Leaving Nuclear Power Behind 8 hours ago 26. California Defaults on $18.6 Billion Debt, Now Businesses Have to Pay 8 hours ago 27. Wall Street Isn’t Celebrating the Fed’s Latest Rate Hike 8 hours ago 28. Just How Bad Is the RESTRICT Act? 8 hours ago 29. Heritage Foundation President Says Chinese Communist Party “Has Infiltrated Almost Every Country” 8 hours ago 30. 8 Killed in Texas Mall Mass Shooting 9 hours ago 31. Biden Says His Age Has Brought Him Honor and Wisdom 9 hours ago 32. Biden Pushes Major Tax on Cryptocurrencies 9 hours ago 33. Eight Dead, Seven Wounded After Gunman Attacks Mall — Cop on Unrelated Call Intervenes with Fatal Firepower 9 hours ago 34. Retired Army Rangers Blast the Pentagon for Removing Confederates from Ranger Memorial 9 hours ago 35. Ukraine Claims to Have Downed Hypersonic Russian Missile With U.S. Air Defense System 9 hours ago 36. Biden Can’t Counter China on His Own 9 hours ago 37. North Korea’s New Solid Fuel ICBM: A Game Changer? 9 hours ago 38. Withdrawal from Afghanistan Decimated U.S. Intelligence Gathering 9 hours ago 39. Forget Ukraine: Did Russians Try to Kill Putin? 9 hours ago 40. Newt Gingrich: Debt Ceiling Negotiations: 316 to Zero 9 hours ago 41. Feeling is believing: Inside the abbey for king’s coronation 10 hours ago 42. Mexican families get quick reunions with migrant relatives 10 hours ago 43. BMW issues ‘do not drive’ warning for some older models due to explosive Takata airbags 10 hours ago 44. PHOTOS: From Charles to Derby, day for fancy hats to rule 10 hours ago 45. Taylor Swift returns to Nashville, reveals ‘Speak Now’ date 10 hours ago 46. Tennis, or terriers? U.S. Open’s home hosts famed dog show 10 hours ago 47. PHOTOS: Kentucky Derby hat styles — Bigger is often better 10 hours ago 48. US-Made Patriot System Activated in Europe — Hostile Hypersonic Missile Downed 11 hours ago 49. Do They Have Any Fans Left? ‘Extinct’ Bud Light Now Facing Second Boycott, But from Leftists This Time 12 hours ago 50. Soros Group Preparing to Swoop in and Buy Major Media Company Out of Bankruptcy: Report 13 hours ago 51. Crowd Gives a Standing Ovation as Tucker Carlson Makes First Public Appearance Since Fox News Firing 13 hours ago 52. Hunter Biden Clashing with His Dad’s Administration Over a Key Move as the Walls Close In: Report 14 hours ago 53. Saturday Morning Shock: Hours Before Kentucky Derby and Following Five Thoroughbred Deaths, Another Horse Will Not Be Racing 15 hours ago 54. Trainer Suspended Following Suspicious Horse Deaths Days Before Kentucky Derby: ‘Something’s Not Right’ 15 hours ago 55. ‘I Hope It’s Racial’: Howard Stern Torched After Revealing What Happened to Him at NBA Game 16 hours ago 56. ‘My Son’s Done Nothing Wrong’: Joe Biden Defends Hunter In MSNBC Interview 18 hours ago 57. Critical Injuries Reported After Disaster at US Resort 18 hours ago 58. Elites Behind the ‘1619 Project’ Will Hate This Movie: It Exposes Them 20 hours ago 59. FBI Seizes Couple’s Life-Savings Without Charging Them of Crime — Here’s How It’s Completely Legal 20 hours ago 60. Marvel Superstar Pens Scathing Post in Defense of ‘Pick-Up Truck’ Brand of Masculinity 21 hours ago

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!

General Summary:

The Real News for Sun. 7 May 2023:

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