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Monday... already

Summary as I am able:

2-28-22 Monday

Thoughts for TODAY!

“Why do we close our eyes when we pray, cry, kiss or dream? Because the most beautiful things in life are not seen but felt by the heart.” [Denzel Washington]

Verse(s) for today:

He that followeth after righteousness and mercy Findeth life, righteousness, and honour.

Proverbs 21:21 KJV

The fear of man bringeth a snare: But whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe.

Proverbs 29:25 KJ


Finally, Some REALLY Good News:

New Zealand High Court ENDS Jacinda Ardern’s Vaccine Mandate: “It’s a Gross Violation of Human Rights”

The landmark case means that the police and NZDF cannot be fired for refusing to take the experimental vaccine. This case will be used to overthrow all of Ardern’s illegal mandates in New Zealand. Justice Francis Cooke ruled that ordering frontline police officers and Defence staff to be vaccinated or face losing their job was not a “reasonably justified” breach of the Bill of Rights. reports: The lawyer for the police and Defence staff at the centre of the claim is now calling for the suspended workers to return to their jobs immediately, saying many have given decades of service to their community and are still committed to their jobs.

The challenge, put forward by a group of Defence force and police employees, questioned the legality of making an order under the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act to require vaccination for frontline employees. Read more at the above LINK


More good news!

Read more at the above LINK [Patrick Bestall]



My father-in-law is retired RCMP. I already know the RCMP broke their oaths. So do its members.

RCMP Code of Conduct Removed from Web Page

SAD day in CANADA… does not bode well for our FUTURE!

Highlighted comment [Patrick Bestall]

[Scott Card]

My father-in-law is retired RCMP. I already know the rcmp broke their oaths. So do its members.

No no, you misunderstood. The RCMP no longer HAVE a code of conduct.

Speaking as an outsider down here in the USA it certainly appears as if they have no code of conduct. That was some pretty intense police brutality over some bouncy castles and insults at the soy boy Trudolf. Here in the US we know some things about police brutality. Most violence here occurs from departments whose leadership is appointed , not elected. Like large urban departments. Most times elected sheriff's won't allow their officers to act that way. The Sheriff has to face the people at election time.

Read more

Keep the faith! Truth will come out. Stand united, praise God; let us continue to be strong together. HE is Faithful; count on HIM. Love and prayers from WA State.

That's funny to me in a very sad way. Clown World: where they don't even try to hide their nefarious deeds.

You’re an amazing, strong, powerful, beautiful human being. Thank you for all you’re doing for us.

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right." -Orwell 1984

Read more

You have to call Klaus Schwab to get the RCMP new code of conduct. Don't bother though because it's simple. Klaus says, just do what I tell you, and you will be happy.


Policies The policies and directives for the V&E program are intended to provide guidance to all employees Force-wide in carrying out their responsibilities in accordance with the RCMP's core values. The policies and directives are also intended as a mechanism to allow the RCMP policy centres to effectively manage the V&E program. The audit found that the policies and directives are documented and approved in the RCMP's Administration Manual (AM). They include: Code of Conduct for RMs and CMs (AM ch.X) Public Service Employee Code of Conduct (AM ch. XII.13) Ethics (all categories of employees) (AM ch.XII.12) Conflict of Interest Directive (COI Directive) (all categories of employees) (AM ch.XVII.1) Internal Procedures for Implementation of the PSDPA (all categories of employees) (AM ch.VIII.9)

Read more

Wow. Just tried looking that up too. It's getting pretty real, really fast

They have no code of conduct. Only disdain for people who don't obey.

This is the reason police won't be held accountable for their actions. Sad day for Canadians.

Code of Conduct obviously rescinded. Can't violate a policy, if one is not in place.

You have to wonder if the RCMP were the ones that hacked GiveSendGo.

Keep them coming, Canadian Girl! YOU ARE A VOICE FOR TRUTH AND FREEDOM️🇺🇸🇨🇦

"The use of excessive force in apprehending the peaceful truckers.....has been APPROVED."

If they were to actually allow their code of conduct to be printed and shown to the public they would be vilified and embarrassed to the highest degree. Remorseless shame and utter disregard would have to be exhibited in order to commit the crimes they were ordered to commit. It's the only way they can hide it. I'm sure it is printed somewhere it just needs to be found.

US Embassy in Ukraine - evidence of Biolabs:

But don't worry - the US was just tracking infected migratory birds. Yeah, like the bats in China.


The documents removed confirmed that, despite the fake news reported by Politifact, there are indeed Biolabs in Ukraine—at least there were.

Politifact, and several other mainstream media outlets, have attempted to debunk the claim that the US and Ukraine were working together to advance mutual interest in the domain of bioweapons production, saying that the facilities are part of the U.S. Department of Defense Cooperative Threat Reduction Program. In short, while the program identifies, collects, secures, and develops treatments for pathogens—according to official statements on the US Embassy site, these programs are not involved in bioweapons manufacturing… TRUST US – have we ever lied to you before???

[Patrick Bestall]


· “While the world is distracted by the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, WHO is trying to become a new format health organization, as it seeks to “facilitate” the introduction of digital vaccination certificates to its 194 member states. “Such a system can be easily adapted to other conditions of international travel, which will create a global social credit system.” WHO Director-General Gebreyesus: “The fifth priority is to urgently strengthen WHO as the leading and guiding body in the field of global health, located at the center of the global health architecture. The first meeting on this issue will be held on March 1, 2022. A “gateway” will be created to standardize the issuance of QR codes that endow their owner with a privileged health status. Deutsche Telekom’s subsidiary T-Systems has been selected as an industry partner to develop vaccination confirmation services. If WHO has anything to do with it, it will certainly affect everyone.”

Trump interview at CPAC just dropped many nuggets:

  • · DJT called President Zelenskyy an “Actor” (Actors gotta Act – Q)

  • · DJT said China / Taiwan is just like Russia / Ukraine (So look for action)

  • · DJT pointed to future action with North Korea (So look for a possible nuke threat to “Biden”)

  • · DJT points to “Swift” as something to resolve things. Gutting banking systems. (Clean and Swift – Q)

  • · DJT: “They use Big Tech to censor you, the Deep State to spy on you, the intelligence agencies to frame you, the media to slander you…they rig elections to disenfranchise you…all the while they claim they are the ones defending democracy and justice. It’s all a bunch of bull__it.”

  • · DJT argued that President Joe Biden and NATO acted “dumb” compared to “smart” Russian President Vladimir Putin and claimed Russia’s conflict in Ukraine would not have happened under his presidency.

  • · DJT: “We’re going to end Nancy Pelosi’s career and then we’re going to kick the Biden Crime Family out of the WH in 2024 or sooner.”

💥💥Russia and Ukraine agree to peace talks: 💥💥💥


Also on this website, China speaks out against sanctions over Ukraine and lifts restrictions on Russian wheat. [Patrick Bestall]

💥💥💥 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 💥💥💥

Patrick asked this question yesterday… Here is a response from Steve Wang

Muslims slaughter Christians every week in Nigeria. Israel bombs Syria every week. Israel is hit by rockets from Gaza every week. China invaded Hong Kong and Taiwan is probably next. The list does on. What's so special about Ukraine that it gets daily front page coverage on all media? I agree with Alex Jones. It's a deliberate distraction from the left-wing failures of the jab and Democrat policies. If you listen to the new media instead of the old boys' media, you can get a ton of info now about fatalities and adverse reactions from the jab. They can't keep it hidden any longer and they knew last year it would all come out in the wash. Thus, all the warnings and escalation of arms to the neo-Nazis in Ukraine to push Russia into a "clean-up" invasion., It squeezes out talk about Dr. Fauci and the revelations about him in that new book… a worthwhile read! People have grown weary of news about the pandemic and want something new to get excited about. [Patrick Bestall]


There is much more going on in UKRAINE than anyone knows… Oh! Maybe the BIDEN Family KNOW!!!

You may not listen (read the English translation) to the whole hour disclosing documents of US-Ukrainian corruption and money laundering, but it sure seems like they "got the goods"on the Biden family. No wonder Joe is hanging on so tight to that country. And then there's all those US biolabs...

w tx to Steve

[Steve & Patrick]

PS - "DS" is short for Deep State

From the X22 Report: 💥💥💥

This was recent press release of the documents showcasing the US-Ukrainian corruption and money laundering…


A good Summary up to date:

Turkey is blocking Russian ships!

More detail at the above LINK

💥💥💥2022-02-27 Omicron | A Gift and Warning

Omicron is very mild but confers great natural immunity. It also is a sign of the forced injections driving SARS C0V2 evoluion in dangerous directions.

Today we have a concise new article by Dr Trozzi. In it, he explains that omicron is both a gift as well as a warning. You will be very surprised at who appears to support omicron's benefit as a way to develop robust immunity to SARS C0V2. While omicron is a very mild disease, an analysis of its evolution, warns us of another important danger from the forced injections: coronavirus evolution. Here it is: [The Trozzi Team]

Guide for Spiritual Care in Times of Disaster:

Here's an essential guide you should know about. It's used by many faith groups in the USA.

See my excerpts in the attachment. [Patrick & Don]

I have attached a Copy of this GUIDELINE to Notice of my BLOG


Salim Mansour:

Youtube video: "War in Ukraine | Putin's defense against globalism and the Great Reset":


The eventual settlement following the Russian military operation, or invasion, into Ukraine will come about once talking between Ukrainian and Russian diplomats begins as announced on Monday, Feb 28, in Belarus with likely ceasefire and then mutually arranged security guarantees that puts to an end any further attempt by Kyiv to be goaded into NATO by the Uniparty war hawks in Washington. This is the outcome I see ahead, and the deadly theatrics of the past week and more with the outbreak of shooting were brinkmanship and avoidable if only the Western leaders were not out to humiliate even further Putin and the Russian people by drawing a dagger pointed at their jugular vein.

My view is simply to ignore the vilifications, especially in the West of painting Putin as Darth Vader, and understand the geostrategic chessboard in which Moscow alone on one side has been confronting Washington with its European allies on the other side. There is a limit beyond which a great power, even if much reduced in terms of its capabilities, as is the case of Russia, will not be pushed against the wall without pushing back. The shootout in Ukraine is the Russian bear pushing back.

In my youth we, my family and I along with millions of my compatriots in Bengal or former East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, were squeezed, raped, murdered, by the ruling military government of Pakistan in 1970-71. Ten million Bengalis sought refuge in India, as did members of my family in escaping the killing fields of Bengal. I recall this to not only underline how I relate with empathy to the tragedy that has unfolded for the common Ukrainian people squeezed between the power play by Washington and the push back by Moscow, but also to observe the lesson that is as old as the Peloponnesian War I learned about since surviving the 1970-71 tragedy for the people of Bengal.

I have neither looked back with a chip on my shoulder and bitterness in my heart against the United States for its role in Bengal and South Asia during that period of mass murder and war in my youth, nor the rule of Britain and its role in partitioning India in 1947 that has since then been toxic for the people in the region. In graduate school I studied Thucydides and, as an academic, I made my students read Thucydides with special attention to the “Melian dialogue” that he reported between the Athenian delegates and the representatives of Melos in the midst of the war between Athens and Sparta some 25 centuries ago; and the lesson of that dialogue is as relevant in our time as it was for Thucydides who, as an Athenian, fought in the Peloponnesian War.

The island of Melos was a colony of Sparta and sought to remain neutral between Sparta and Athens during the first years of their war that spread across the region. Athenians finally sent their delegation to speak with Melians in giving them an ultimatum to make a pact with Athens against the Spartan league or face the consequences of their refusal. The “Melian dialogue” is a long exchange that Thucydides reported in Book Five of The Peloponnesian War, and it became in the centuries since a required reading for students of political and legal philosophy, history, and diplomacy.

The Council of Melians at the end of the discussion with the Athenian delegation refused to join the Athenian league and paid the price of the utter destruction of Melos as punishment.

At the heart of the “Melian dialogue” were these words of the Athenian delegates to the Council: (i) “[W]e on our side will use no fine phrases saying, for example, that we have a right to our empire because we defeated the Persians, or that we have come against you now because of the injuries you have done us – a great mass of words that nobody would believe… [W]e recommend that you should try to get what it is possible for you to get, taking into consideration what we both really do think; since you know as well as we do that, when these matters are discussed by practical people, the standard of justice depends on the equality of power to compel and that in fact the strong do what they have the power to do and the weak accept what they have to accept” (emphasis added).

The Melians advanced the argument for “fair play and just dealing.” The departing words of the Athenian delegates to the Melians were, “[W]hen you are allowed to choose between war and safety, you will not be so insensitively arrogant as to make the wrong choice. This is the safe rule – to stand up to one’s equals, to behave with deference towards one’s superiors, and to treat one’s inferiors with moderation. Think it over again, then, when we have withdrawn from the meeting, and let this be a point that constantly recurs to your minds – that you are discussing the fate of your country, that you have only one country, and that its future for good or ill depends on this one single decision which you are going to make” (emphasis added).

In my thinking over the years the “Melian dialogue” stands as a marker in our world of great power diplomacy, statecraft, and geopolitics. The people of Bengal, poor and in a remote part of the world, unbeknownst to them bore the fate of the Melians in high-stake diplomacy during the height of the Cold War decades. President Nixon on winning the 1968 election decided to pursue in secrecy an opening to Mao’s China, which culminated with his journey to Beijing in February 1972. During the preparation for this historic meeting of Nixon and Mao Zedong, the military rulers of Pakistan became the secret intermediary and Islamabad was used by Kissinger for his carefully disguised trips to and from Beijing. And in return, the military overlords of Pakistan were given the American protection and support in their campaign to suppress the people of former East Pakistan and nullify their votes in the 1970 election in which their party in winning a majority of seats in the national assembly would have formed the government.

The cost in blood and mayhem for the success of American diplomacy on the geostrategic chess board was paid by the people in Bengal. Bengalis (now Bangladeshis), however then and unlike the Melians, had no choice; they were simply pawns. A similar cost is at present being paid by the Ukrainians, but like the Melians they were presented with a choice and their leaders chose wrongly. The unavoidable lesson from Thucydides is that minor actors, as Melos was in ancient Greece, in the milieu of great powers and their rivalries must know their position on the board, their proximity to the great powers and their respective spheres of influence and, accordingly, make decisions prudently relative to their interests and security.

Whatever be the sentiments of people in the West witnessing the military intervention, or invasion, or “rape” of Ukraine, as reported by the legacy mainstream media, there is another perspective that cannot be avoided or ignored. Russia is to Ukraine, what Athens was to Melos.

This conflict over Ukraine’s future is also a pivotal point in the shaping of the multipolar post-Cold War world going forward. The past three decades since the end of the Cold War has been a unipolar moment in global politics, and the over-reach of America as an empire to impose on others their version of neo-liberal rule-based order has met the predictable response from those who are unwilling to concede to American hegemony.

The UN Security Council vote on the American draft-resolution censuring Russian military invasion of Ukraine was vetoed by Russia, as expected. But China’s abstention, followed by the abstentions of India and the U.A.E. as non-permanent members, were indicative of the American over-reach with their New World Order vision and the resistance to it that had been mounting got exposed over the conflict in Ukraine.

My conversation in the YouTube video below and released today by Robert Vaughan of the Just Right Media is in long form in which we trace the backstory of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. In an earlier conversation, we talked about the fabricating of the Ukraine crisis by the Biden administration as a distraction for the American people ahead of the upcoming mid-term election and the cratering of support for the Democrats. [Salim]



T0P Advisor in 2020 (6 Min)

A Pandemic 0f The unVaccinated? (16 Min)

Russia Invades? More 0n VIDEOS R From Vide0 Games (9 Min)

M0VIE: WAG The D0G (4 Min)

Humans are Transforming (12 Min)

BIRDS Effected by EMFs Around Earth**Zombie Invasion (4 Min)

Recycling The NEWS (1 Min)

Actor Zelensky Playing The R0LE 0f President 0f Ukraine (2 Min)

Freedom Truckers: 0ttawa C0PS are giving back the Trucks They stole (1 Min)

'It Doesn't Exist.' (5 Min)

Who's Really Pulling the Strings (9 Min)

This is the Best Explanation I’ve SEEN yet.

Brian Clement PHD: H0W 5G Radiation Attacks The Body (5 Min)

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