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Monday / TUESDAY 1-24-23

Tuesday 1-24-23

Verse(s) for today:

A man's heart deviseth his way: But the LORD directeth his steps.

Proverbs 16:9 KJV

Thine, O LORD, is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty: for all that is in the heaven and in the earth is thine; thine is the kingdom, O LORD, and thou art exalted as head above all.

1 Chronicles 29:11 KJV

Then said Jesus unto his disciples, if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

Matthew 16:24 KJV

A much-needed investigation of the Trudeau-McKinsey contracts:

In light of the news that there has been an exponential increase in contracts to the management consulting firm McKinsey and Company under the Trudeau government, a parliamentary committee announced last week that they will be looking into the matter.

Under Trudeau, the controversial firm received a thirty-fold increase in funding when compared to the previous Harper government. There remain many unanswered questions – including the measurable impact of the contracts, the extent of McKinsey’s involvement in the government and why couldn’t the public service fulfill the services contracted out to the consulting firm.

Anthony Furey says Canadians deserve answers about the Trudeau-McKinsey contracts.

Further News from True North Canada

[True North Canada Media]

Watch Pfizer CEO’s face… when asked the One Question he Fears:

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a clip of Rebel News’ Ezra Levant and Avi Yemini asking all the hard questions about COVID transmission and vaccine efficacy of Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

To enjoy more honest conversations, free speech, and big ideas with Dave Rubin, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

[The BLAZE Media]

Freedom Convoy2022 Anniversary Rally and Chuck's Roadhouse:

Hello everyone!

As you can see, we are holding an Anniversary Rally for the Freedom Convoy on Saturday, January 28th at noon.

Simply go to your nearest highway overpasses, gather together and wave your Canadian flags both in memory of the past and in HOPE for the future. Let’s show everyone that this is not over…and it never will be!

After the rally, we are planning on going to Chuck's Roadhouse on Richmond at Pall Mall.

At this point, I just need you to send me email confirmation if you intend to go to one of the events or both.

Thanks, so much, guys!


[Jenni Prenger] <>

Here's another rally! Hope to see you there!

[Jenni Prenger] <>

Biden Scandal Explodes:

Real news and great shows:

[Red Voice Media]

Speaker McCarthy highlights key detail in Biden classified doc’s scandal:

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has just raised an important question about the ongoing classified documents scandal involving President Joe Biden.

McCarthy did so on Friday during an appearance on the Fox News Channel's Jesse Watters Primetime.

The backstory to McCarthy's interview is that, just before the 2022 midterm elections, members of Biden's legal team apparently discovered that classified documents were improperly being kept in Biden's possession at the Biden Penn Center in Washington D.C.

Subsequently, in December, more classified documents were found in Biden's possession at his residence in Wilmington, Delaware - and even more documents were to be found in the residence thereafter.

The key question that McCarthy raised during his Fox News Channel interview on Friday is "who told the attorneys to look" for the classified documents?

"Somebody else knew the documents were there all along, otherwise, why would the attorneys even look?" McCarthy said.

It is a fair question, and it is a question that has not been adequately answered by the Biden administration - although there has been much speculation about the answer.

McCarthy went on to argue that this is "a pattern" that we have seen from Biden throughout the first two years of his administration.

McCarthy also condemned the two-tier justice system, which is treating Biden differently from the way it has treated former President Donald Trump - as evidenced by the FBI raid, in August, of Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort.

McCarthy's interview took place before the weekend when it was revealed that the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), on Friday, had conducted a consensual search of Biden's Wilmington, Delaware, residence.

Bob Bauer, Biden's personal attorney, provided some details about the search, in which the DOJ - unlike the Trump raid - allowed members of Biden's legal team and the White House Counsel’s Officer to be present.

Bauer revealed:

[The] DOJ took possession of materials it deemed within the scope of its inquiry, including six items consisting of documents with classification markings and surrounding materials, some of which were from the President’s service in the Senate and some of which were from his tenure as Vice President.

This comes after the DOJ launched a special counsel investigation into the Biden classified documents scandal. House Republicans, with their new majority, are conducting an investigation of their own into the matter. The Republicans, led by McCarthy, have vowed to get to the bottom of the situation.

As time goes on, the scandal appears to just keep growing larger and larger.

[American Digest]

Another scandal for the Trudeau Liberals?

Two Liberal ministers are in hot water after it was revealed that they awarded government contracts to a firm with family ties to a senior staffer. Is this yet another scandal in the making?

Plus, new reports from a Canadian think-tank argue that the country needs to do more to address its declining birth rate and that policies in European countries offer a path forward.

.Also should Canada consider even more private healthcare options as the country’s hospitals deal with long waitlists and many Canadians struggle to find a family doctor?

Tune into The Daily Brief with Anthony Furey and Andrew Lawton!

See ITEM #1 for more DETAILS: [The Daily Brief]

Dr Yeadon and 17,000 doctors call for Indictment of Big Pharma:

2023-01-23 Dr Yeadon and 17,000 doctors call for indictment of Big Pharma Dr Yeadon and 17,000 MDs and Scientist declare fraud and call for criminal prosecutions of Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech, Jannsen, Astrazenica and their enablers. Here is a two minute video in which Dr Yeadon calls for criminal charges of the perpetrators and profiteers of the covid-19 bioweapon injections. His statement comes from the declaration of more than 17000 scientists and MDs including myself: the Global Covid Summit, which is also linked to in today's post: Also, on January 28th in Oakville and January 29th in Windsor, Dr Paul Alexander, Dr Charles Hoffe, Dr Christ Shoemaker, Michael Alexander, Jody Ledgerwood, nutritionalist B-Love, and myself will present empowering information on health, law, and global events. There will be lots of Q&A and photo opportunities too. I hope to see you there, and look forward to meeting you! Finally, you are warmly welcome to today´s World Council for Health general assembly. It starts at 2PM EST. [Dr Mark Trozzi]

David YEO:

FE !n 60 $3cond$ (1 Min)

M0nT3rry P@rK: P0$T3d B4 Event (2 Min)

Dr. $h3rr!: 4 Typ3$ 0f W@xxene D3@Th$ (3 Min)

J3$U$ Th3 CHR!$T vs Th3 C0py-C@T Chr!$T$ TH30Ry (59 Min)

M@gn3$!um Def!3ncy (10 Min)

N0, 'Ya C@n'T CaTch a C0LDD' (14 Min)

Th3 D!mm!ng**CL!m@Te Eng!n33r!ng**D0cum3nt@ry (117 Min)

FE: Humpb@ck Wh@L3$ (6 Min)

N0T $ur3 Wh@T H@pp3ned H3re (2 Min)

B!LL H!cK$ !s AL3X Jon3$**ConTr0LL3d 0PPo$!tion (25 Min)

Xp3rt 0n Gr#v!Ty (6 Min)

NFL: W@$ H3 !n th3 Build!ng? (1 Min)

NFL: A D@m@r H@mL!n C0n$p!r@cy Th30ry (6 Min)

$t3W: D0c W@de 0n M0d3rna*C@rd!@c EvenT$ @b0und (17 Min)

Pr!$c!LLa & L!$a-M@r!e SL!P Ups (15 Min)

M0nT3rry P@rK**CR!$!$ AcT0r H3r0 (6 Min)

3ND T!M3$: Ph@rmak!@, Drug$*BL@ck M@g!c (15 Min)

Majority of Americans support investigation into Anthony Fauci over pandemic management and inconsistenttestimony, national study shows:

A new national study conducted by the Trafalgar Group has found that the majority of Americans surveyed would support an investigation into Dr. Anthony Fauci's testimonies and his overall management of the pandemic.

In a national survey of over 1,000 likely voters in the general election, respondents were asked if they support an investigation by Congress into Fauci's "inconsistent testimony about his research leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic" and his "actions in managing the pandemic."

Over 52% of respondents said "yes," with nearly 46% responding with "no." Just over 3% said they were "not sure."

The responses across party lines were wildly different but still resulted in a majority in favor of such an investigation. Just 25.5% of Democrats supported an investigation, with a resounding 70% against.

For Republicans, the gap was even wider between the responses. Over 80% of GOP members were supportive of Congress looking into Fauci, while just under 17% were not.

Respondents who do not identify with either major party, who made up a significant portion of those surveyed (25.1%), were still in favor of an investigation by a majority of 56%.

The majority of those surveyed were women (53.3%), and Democrats represented the largest portion of party members who participated (39.3%).

The survey was conducted between Jan. 9 and 12, 2023, approximately a week before it was revealed that Dr. Fauci made efforts to shut down theories around the origins of COVID-19, in unredacted emails between himself and the National Institutes of Health.

The NIH emails revealed that some officials thought that the COVID-19 virus seemed to be "engineered."

Actor and political commentator Russell Brand interviewed a whistleblower who said NIH "leadership and 2,400 of its scientists" have benefited from "$1.4 billion of these hidden, secret third-party royalties" over the past 12 years.

The man, Adam Andrzejewski, also said that the billions in grants and funding that the NIH receives each year buy a lot of influence, alleging that Fauci has massively benefited from public money for his own inventions.

"In 2005, the Associated Press got an unredacted database and they found that Fauci had burned down all the firewalls. He had received $45,000 of royalties for an AIDs therapeutic that he had invented," Andrzejewski said.

Adding that Fauci "had invested another $36 million of taxpayer money to enhance his invention. And once this was exposed, he said he would donate his royalties to charity." [The BLAZE Media]

Photo gallery: how the Monterey Park shooting unfolded.

Posted: Jan 23, 2023 / 08:49 AM PST

Updated: Jan 23, 2023 / 07:59 AM PST


IN DEPTH. 1. Threats and Menaces as Iran Tries to Stop Blacklisting of Revolutionary Guards New 2. Fox News Meteorologist Adam Klotz Assaulted on Subway, Suspects Released Without Charges 4 hours ago 3. Biden Lies About History of Border Visits 4 hours ago 4. Suspect Identified in Monterey Park Shooting That Killed Ten 4 hours ago 5. Deranged Leftist Protesters Return to Justice Kavanaugh’s Home 4 hours ago 6. Two-Thirds of Americans Say Biden Shouldn’t Run Again 4 hours ago 7. Rep. Greg Steube Out of Hospital After Accident at Home 4 hours ago 8. Seattle Running Out of Dead Body Storage Due to Fentanyl ODs 4 hours ago 9. George Soros Spent $40M Getting Lefty District Attorneys, Officials Elected All Over the Country 4 hours ago 10. Charles Lipson: The Think Tank Implicated by Biden’s Classified Documents 4 hours ago 11. DOJ considers other locations… 5 hours ago 12. Dems turn critical of president… 5 hours ago 13. BOOM: CITADEL BOOKS RECORD $16B PROFIT FOR CLIENTS… 5 hours ago 14. TOPS PAULSON’S ‘GREATEST TRADE EVER’… 5 hours ago 15. UPDATE: White House chief of staff out… 5 hours ago 16. Hawaiians flock to Vegas for affordable living… 5 hours ago 17. Yuma on brink of collapse under ‘unprecedented’ migrant surge… 5 hours ago 18. FOX analyst was booted from Miami cafe. Then came drama and harassment… 5 hours ago 19. Thousands of churches closing every year in USA… 5 hours ago 20. Trump team struggles to muster support ahead of SC event… 5 hours ago 21. DEEPFAKE PEOPLE WILL SOW CHAOS IN ’24… 5 hours ago 22. Billionaire era of news ending… 5 hours ago 23. ‘INFINITY POOL’: X‑Rated Romp Disturbing Sundance… 5 hours ago 24. Brazil and Argentina discussing whether to combine currencies… 5 hours ago 25. LAPD ban of ‘thin blue line’ flags latest salvo in culture war… 5 hours ago 26. Pickups have gotten bigger, higher-tech and more dangerous? 5 hours ago 27. Sue Thy Neighbor: Homeowner Spats Get Nastier… 5 hours ago 28. Peru closes Machu Picchu as anti-govt protests grow… 5 hours ago 29. Mindfulness exercises can be as effective as anxiety drugs… 5 hours ago 30. George Santos Said He Did Dress Like a Woman, But “Wasn’t a Drag Queen” 5 hours ago 31. Dems Silent on Violent Anti-Police Riots in Atlanta 5 hours ago 32. Even Bill Maher Is Slamming Biden’s “Shady” Handing of Classified Docs 5 hours ago 33. Biden Special Counsel Hasn’t Even Started Yet 5 hours ago 34. DOJ Prosecutors Mull Second Search of Biden’s Home 5 hours ago 35. Son of Dem House Minority Whip Arrested for Allegedly Assaulting Cop at Boston Antifa Event 5 hours ago 36. Illegal Alien MS-13 Member Arrested for Murder of 20-Year-Old Woman With Autism 5 hours ago 37. VP Harris Omits “Right to Life” From Declaration of Independence During Abortion Speech 5 hours ago 38. Asia’s Richest Man Plans IPOs for at Least Five Companies 5 hours ago 39. Far-Left Pro-Pedophile Group “Prostasia” Presents Itself as “Child Protection Group” 5 hours ago 40. Farm Group Calls for Investigation Into U.S. Egg Price Surge 5 hours ago 41. Abbott Labs Being Investigated Over Baby Formula, Company Says 5 hours ago 42. Tech Industry Job Cuts Come Rapidly and in Big Numbers 5 hours ago 43. Manchin Looks to Strike Deal With McCarthy on Wasteful Government Spending 5 hours ago 44. Stamp Prices Increase as Postal Commission Approves USPS Cost Hikes 5 hours ago 45. $190 Billion in COVID Relief Funds to School Districts Both Bonanza and Burden 5 hours ago 46. Tax Filing Season Starts Today 5 hours ago 47. Germany to Coordinate With Allies on Ukraine Weapons Decisions 5 hours ago 48. B‑45 Tornado: The Forgotten Air Force Bomber? 5 hours ago 49. Burmese Army Torches Catholic Church and Convent in Burma, Burning Them to the Ground 5 hours ago 50. With COVID Death Toll Rising, Chinese Pray for Health in Lunar New Year 5 hours ago 51. The West Isn’t Scared of Ukraine Beating Russia Anymore 5 hours ago 52. Previously Peaceful Stockholm Witnesses Five Incidents Including Bombings and Shootings in One Night 5 hours ago 53. Michael Goodwin: Classified Docs Scandal Is Unboxing the Biden Family Business 5 hours ago 54. Five Ways Joe Biden has Dropped the Ball on Africa 5 hours ago 55. Kevin McCullough: No Doubt: The Squeeze Is On, Now What? 5 hours ago 56. Rep. Scalise Says Series of Border Bills Are Coming 6 hours ago 57. LA Rams Tells Fans to Support Anti-Gun Group 6 hours ago 58. CNN: Violent Atlanta Riots Aren’t Violent 6 hours ago 59. Investors Unsure When to Dive Back Into U.S. Stocks 6 hours ago 60. Women’s March Returns to DC 6 hours ago [TRUMP]


Despite their frequent pledges of transparency, the White House and DOJ apparently conspired to keep President Joe Biden’s confidential document controversy hidden from Americans until it leaked to the media.

The DOJ and White House not only tried to keep the scandal hidden from the public eye, but they also refused to reveal that the second trove of classified files had already been discovered at Biden’s home in Wilmington, NC when CBS News first talked to the White House regarding the initial leak of confidential documents that were illegally kept at the Biden Penn Center, the report from the Washington Post continued: “Early on, Joe Biden’s attorneys and Justice Dept. investigators both felt they had a common understanding about keeping the subject secret,” the Post revealed, referring to the Biden administration’s attempt at concealing news about the second trove of hidden records.

“CBS News was the first news outlet to hear about the situation, calling the White House on January 6 to inquire about the Penn Biden Center materials,” according to the report. “White House officials verified the scoop, but because the investigation was still underway, they chose not to provide any further details — including the vital fact that a second batch of files had been found at Biden’s residence.”

The Biden administration’s attempt to conceal the issue runs counter to its claims of transparency.

“When these materials were found, there was transparency in doing what you are supposed to do,” White House media secretary Karine Jean-Pierre asserted falsely on January 12.

The White House has given little openness since the Justice Department named a special prosecutor. “I’m simply going to be cautious here. I’m going to allow this ongoing review — this legal process — to proceed under the supervision of the special counsel. We are not going to remark from here,” Jean-Pierre stated.

“Look, folks, you can ask me this 100, 200 times if you want. I’ll keep repeating the same thing,” she continued. “I understand your question. It has been asked. It has been addressed. It’s been noted.”

Critics have wondered why Biden’s personal attorneys were first looking for illegally stored papers. The White House has yet to offer an explanation for the initial purpose or cause of the search.

[Author: Steven Sinclaire]

[Streetwise politics]

Are they turning on Biden?

Democrats get honest about Classified Doc’s Scandal:

'He should have a lot of regrets':

After yet another discovery of classified documents at President Joe Biden's private Delaware home, Senate Democrats made it clear on Sunday that Biden can no longer excuse his way out of the scandal.

On Saturday, the White House announced another set of classified material improperly in Biden's possession, again found at Biden's Wilmington, Delaware, home. The Justice Department had conducted a "consent" search (the White House claimed the administration requested it) and discovered more classified material, even some dating to Biden's days in the U.S. Senate.

What are Democrats saying?

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), the No. 2 Senate Democrat, admitted on CNN's "State of the Union" that Biden can no longer attack Donald Trump for the Mar-a-Lago classified document snafu.

"Let's be honest about it: When that information is found, it diminishes the stature of any person that's in possession of them. It's not supposed to happen," Durbin said. "Whether it was the fault of a staffer or an attorney, it makes no difference. The elected official bears ultimate responsibility."

Durbin also said:

There's a standard that we follow when it comes to members of Congress and classified information. The door to my office is closed. The person who presents the document to me takes it out of a locked briefcase, hands it to me and watches as I read it, when I finish reading it, and he takes it back and puts it in the briefcase and leaves the scene.I mean, that's how carefully we review these documents. To think that any of them ended up in boxes in storage one place or the other is just unacceptable.

\u201c\u201cTo think that any of them ended up in boxes and storage in one place or the other is just unacceptable.\u201d\n\nSen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) reacts to FBI investigators finding additional classified material at President Biden's Wilmington, Delaware, home. #CNNSOTU @CNNSotu\u201d

— CNN (@CNN) 1674400974 [The BLAZE Media]

Alec Baldwin plays victim after ‘sexually suggestive innuendo’ included with photo of wife and son:

As actor Alec Baldwin’s legal troubles mount regarding his role in the on-set death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, his social media activity raised more than eyebrows after a post featuring his wife and son was considered at the least “tone deaf” but, more broadly, “creepy” and “disgusting.”

Last week, Sante Fe, New Mexico prosecutors announced Baldwin and armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed were being charged with involuntary manslaughter after she provided the actor with the loaded gun he fired on the set of “Rust,” ultimately killing Hutchins. Even if he weren’t facing a potential minimum sentence of five years should he be convicted, the sexual innuendo in Baldwin’s first post on Instagram following the charge was viewed as wildly inappropriate.

In the image, the actor’s young son can be seen looking at the camera while he appears to be giving his mother a back rub. The now edited caption reads, “The old ‘let me give you a back rub’ ploy. Potato chips to follow.”

The “potato chips” portion was added hours after the original caption and Baldwin commented, “I adjusted the text. I guess because…you know…there is so much of that Reddit trash out there.”

That “Reddit trash” dig referred to the mounting backlash from critics who looked on with disbelief as the actor made a suggestive reference to initiating intimacy deserved of Freudian analysis.

“Imagine being indicted for involuntary manslaughter and the first post you make after the announcement includes a picture of your attention-seeking wife, posed with your young son, and captioned with a sexually suggestive innuendo,” one user wrote as another slapped down the usage and commented, “The back rub ‘ploy’ is a joke between grownups not mother/son omg google it or something. Someone please tell him!”

Without finding fault one way or another in the charge against Baldwin, another person said, “Does anyone else think this is creepy af with the caption? Pic is sweet. Caption makes it weird.”

“Tone deaf, if nothing else,” another contended as someone else invoked the same sentiment considering Hutchins was survived by her child. “If I accidentally took the life of a parent, I certainly wouldn’t be posting pictures of my spouse and child. Then you make a sexual comment on such a moment? It’s not a good look. Find humility.”

As is often the case, fans of Baldwin could find no fault and defended the actor and his post and instead criticized detractors for perverting the post. Meanwhile, one individual took a different tact and mocked the actor’s wife, Hilaria Baldwin, who once again had been caught using a “fake” Spanish accent.

“Only ploy is your wife’s accent,” the remark said of the celebrity spouse and mother of seven who was born and raised in Boston as Hillary Lynn Hayward-Thomas.

Hilaria Baldwin’s ‘fake’ Spanish accent resurfaces as she deflects reporter inquiries about embattled hubby.

— Conservative News (@BIZPACReview) January 23, 2023

In addition to the charges against Baldwin and Reed, Assistant Director Dave Halls also pleaded guilty to the negligent use of a deadly weapon.

[American Wire News]

You Don't Have to Do It Alone – Survival by Community

A couple years ago I read a horrific account of one man's survival through months in a worn torn country. We're talking a serious "SHTF" scenario.

There was one big take away from reading that man's experience.

When it comes to surviving the unknown dangers of potential societal collapse or a serious emergency... YOU CAN'T DO IT ALONE!

Survival and prepping are a "team sport".

I've had several conversations with my friend Joshua about this, and it's something he is extremely passionate about; helping freedom lovers to prepare for emergency and find and form survival groups to support each other.

So we're bringing him on to do a LIVE Virtual Workshop this Sunday afternoon on LibrtiLearn.

How to Form a Survive & Thrive Group You Can Rely on… With Joshua Lemmens

About the Course

Are you missing a vital component to your post-disaster survival? A prepared and strong community may be the deciding factor in how successfully you will emerge from future hardships. Every successful emergency plan should include a network of people who, collectively, have all of the skills, talents, and resources needed to THRIVE during a disaster. It is no secret that we are intended by nature to live in groups and rely on one another for existence. People have lived in small groups or tribes throughout history for security, friendship, division of labor, food, and shared abilities. Banishment from the tribe or group was a death sentence in ancient times. When a group of people works together, the chances of survival increase dramatically. This course will teach you everything you need to know about forming a “Survive and Thrive” emergency preparedness group.

If you are interested… The Cost for the Virtual training is $29.00 USD.

DATE: Sunday, January 29th, 2023 TIME: 11am PST / 2pm EST [Virtual Learning] DURATION: Approx. 4 hours

[Patrick Bestall]


This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU must make up YOUR OWN MIND!

The Real News for Mon. 23 Jan. 2023:

· Former boss of two major mainstream media organizations admits they openly lie to push their own agenda.

· General Berger Wounded, But Recovering:

· Counterintelligence Agent Arrests Collapse RussiaGate: A former high-ranking FBI agent who was a key player in the Russia hoax was arrested today for being a paid minion of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, reports retired Col. John Mills. With his extensive knowledge of counterintelligence, Mills claims that this arrest permanently destroys the Democrat/Deep State narrative against President Trump.

Jan. 22, 2023:

Thoughts on FRN’s, USN’s and NEER “Catch-22 Currencies”

Danlboon What is the dilemma we are getting into with the Federal Reserve Notes being removed yet in the mean time NO United States Notes are made available?

· Posted; “As of Wed. 1 Feb. 2023, any fiat US Dollar printed prior to 2021 will no longer be accepted as legal tender anywhere in the world according to a US Treasury Letter, although this date may be moved further back a few days. …Bruce, MarkZ” fiat currencies were set to be pulled out of banks and stores. …Bruce”

· Posted; “By Feb. 2, 3 fiat currencies were set to be pulled out of banks and stores. …Bruce”

· Posted; “People report not being able to withdraw large amounts of cash from their bank accounts – the banks saying they just don’t have the cash.”

· Posted; “MZ: Stop worrying about if you will have time to turn in your current fiat bills. We will have plenty of time…..I am told that once it starts….ideally they would like to keep it to 30 days to get them all out of circulation. But I was told it will be more like 90 days.”

· Posted; “Sheila: It just happens that the US is last. The month of January is a transition for us. Even in foreign news articles I have seen them say “The US will transition from their old dollar to their new dollar as of Jan. 31st” They may announce it between now and the 31st to the people , but they have 60 days to transition over to that.”

· Posted; “Sheila: it is very public knowledge that banks have new printed Treasury notes in their vaults. This is tier 1 banks only…that I know of…. it could be more now but at the particular moment I heard it- it was tier 1 banks only.”

· The Catch-22 is exchanging all these Notes with-in 2-5 days with about 200,000,000 people trying to do it at ten percent of the banks and credit unions in business right now, and that is where the FRNs cannot be used and the USTNs are still not available for transactions, and therefore the ‘digital bank card’ is the only thing we are to be using. Is this the Motto of 2023: “NO CASH! Go Digital!”?

· According to the NESARA Law we are to have one full year to exchange, 365 days, however maybe the White Hats got the info that there was way too many of the FRNs out there with the bad guys and the best way to make sure of those peoples’ losses are just to have just a few days coming up to exchange them all, like for normal We The People being able with the fewer amounts. Most likely the bad guys’ fraudulent debts will NOT be Cleared.

· Maybe during these few days suitcases and briefcases of stored up FRNs will be accepted for exchange on the basis of your QFS account is to be going to you and will be opened, thus your ID and other verifiable info is required. And for the capture of the criminals trying to make these exchanges there will be much more security/police at the ready.

· Now is it that only the top Tier 1 banks will have the New USTNs and if you do not bank there too bad for you, you cannot exchange? I live in a small town with about 1,700 people and the nearest city with banks and food stores is 25 miles away with 25,000 people and they have one Bank of America, one Wells Fargo ATM and 5 federal credit unions thus the nearest walk-in Tier 1 bank is over 100 miles away. Or is this where you can only go to a Tier 1 bank to open your QFS account?

· And by the way I will give $10,000 of USTNs to anyone who can show me any printed 2021 Federal Reserve Note, not a 2017 one printed in 2021, with the Biden Administration officers’ names on it. That would be a collector’s item and also be fraudulent. …Danlboon







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