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Much to be revealed - this week!

2-16-21 Tuesday -


The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Main-Stream Media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Much of the content of this BLOG is re-printed Material from the “Restored Republic” report issued by Judy Byington. Consider, do your own research, and make up your own mind.

I Chronicles 19:13 NASB

Be strong and let us show ourselves courageous for the sake of our people and for the cities of our God, may the LORD do what is good in His sight.

1 John 5:14 KJV

And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us:


"We are all going to pay for it (60,000,000 murdered babies). You know Israel was destroyed for this very sin... the killing of its children... Our only hope is Revival... Repentance.... to walk and live in His Spirit... as we have never done before...." Jonathan Cahn


For your ease in getting to Information that you are interested in… I have divided the following Material into three Groups:



#2. COVID-19


We found ANOTHER Radisson quarantine hotel! Check out what’s inside:

Radisson Hotel may have just cornered the quarantine hotel market in the Greater Toronto Area.

We were recently tipped off that, just like the Radisson Hotel we visited near Toronto's Pearson International Airport, the Radisson Hotel at 175 Derry Road East in Mississauga is being used as a quarantine facility.

Are the people there ALSO being held against their will?

The photos we received were disturbing — yes, you too can enjoy a 14-day stay at this one-star facility complete with clogged sinks and urine-soaked washrooms.

I had to see it for myself, so we decided to visit the hotel to find out what’s really going on in there. The guests we ran into raised my suspicions that this hotel is indeed being used to quarantine people.



The lawsuits include those filed by pro-Trump attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood

Biden Claims the Emergency on the Border is "Over"

Mon. 15 Feb. The Alliance was Beta testing a new platform that guaranteed Free Speech and could handle without censorship, public communications on the Internet. This week a report from the Director of National Intelligence on foreign intervention in the 2020 Election, results of the Obamagate Investigation, along with some high-profile arrests, were set to be released by the US Interim Military Government.

The global and political elites named, along with Intel in the reports was so explosive that False Flag events have been planned. People were urged to stay off the streets and away from cities that housed State Capitols. There was a possibility that by Thurs. 18 Feb. the US could be in lockdown with businesses closed for around two weeks. FEMA was setting up emergency stations all over the country in preparation for the two-week lockdown. All signs were that the next two weeks would be epic. Mon. 15 Feb. Gene Decode Post: and Gene Decode: “Did I mention the Cabal had meticulous records of every person, not just you, but your parents, your grandparents, your great grandparents… etc. etc. all the way back… for thousands of years… of how much they’ve looted from you and your family that you are owed… and not only that, it’s exactly to the penny… and that also goes to the cities, the states, the provinces, the countriesALL of that is re-appropriated.” I reminded Anons that with #Nesara/ Gesara the IRS is gone and that the millions-of-years-ahead-of-us-tech that the Cabal has been hiding from us will be released, as well as infinite monies for all.

Must Watch Video on Illuminati Underground Tunnel Network

I sincerely hope that Charlie Ward, JC Kay, Gene Decode and Juan O’Savin are correct and that March is the month President Trump is officially inaugurated as the 19th President of the New Republic and that he can also at that time officially announce #Nesara/Gesara. Mon. 15 Feb. Charlie Ward and Mel K:

website: Charlie Ward, Mel K, Ann Vanderstein have been invited by Juan O Savin to meet in the US. TV crews were setting up scenes to make it look like we were in war. The BBC has been kicked out of China and called fake news. Once the QFS happens the med beds will be available. There were three kinds:

1. Rebuild limbs. 2. Intellectual: can make you smarter. 3. Will cure Alzheimer’s, Cancer, polio, etc and can make you 20-30 years younger. Humanitarian programs can go through Charlie Ward who will have access to humanitarian funds.

Mon. 15 Feb. Exposing the Swamp, Scott McKay:*ld-se*x-traffic*king-satanic-ritual-abuse/ Mon. 15 Feb. 2021 [Pizza] Gate: The Pedophile Scandal of DC Political Elites:

Mon. 15 Feb. Biden Mask, Hollywood Oval Office:

The city of Jerusalem will be “utterly obliterated” unless the Khazarian Mafia surrenders, according to a Gnostic Illuminati source. Any move against Jerusalem would be part of a massive worldwide counterattack against the Khazarians following their recent offensive actions against Russia, the UK, the United States, Japan, and other countries, multiple intelligence agency sources agree. The U.S. and Japanese military are ready to respond because of the recent attack on their forces near Mt. Fuji (fire at base of mountain on left side) has been traced to that city. This is in part because Kiyosu Takayama, a self-declared Knight’s Templar, has been traced as the source of disinformation about the February 3rd attack. He claims that in the attack the “U.S. Navy destroyed the world’s largest Adrenochrome factory.” Fake News Article Biden Supposedly Visits Camp David, Pentagon – but no pictures or verification of him doing so, Coach Jerry: Fri. 12 Feb. 2021: Nicholas Veniamin & Charlie Ward Discuss Disinformation, GITMO, Impeachments & Covid, Kate: Charlie Ward: Well I’ve known for a very long time that the arrests took place some time ago… they took place last year [2020]… and they were taken down to Guantanamo Bay for the English, GITMO for the Americans… and dealt with last year…

But it was not in the public domain… when I asked them when it would be in the public domain, they said oh next year around March-time… well, it’s already starting to come out… People like James Clapper arrested and taken down to Guantanamo Bay… there’s so many… I mean Biden was taken down to Gitmo last year… whether it’s a clone? … whether it’s a body double… I don’t know what it is… it’s not him that’s being portrayed at the moment… Kat Note: 9-12-20 @POTUS' Reno Rally, President Trump said, "Sleepy Joe Biden surrendered... Joe is shot. Let's face it. He is shot." 9-19-20 @POTUS' Fayetteville, North Carolina rally, President Trump said, "Joe is dead." 5:39 Charlie Ward cont.: Nobody has actually seen the [Biden] body double or CGI or whatever it is not real life anyway… only the television, the Media, are portraying this… nobody’s actually seen anything in real life… Jeff Bezos has been arrested. He’s put out in the public that he’s stepped down.” Mark Zu/ckerberg, he’s “stepped down.” He’s been arrested. It goes along with what I was told the best part of a year ago, that if they cooperated, they’d be allowed to put out that they’ve stepped down or whatever, we just won’t see them again…If they didn’t cooperate, it would become public knowledge that they’ve been arrested and executed. So, these people that have “stepped down…” we won’t even see or hear anything of them anymore, but we can work out exactly what’s happened.

NOTE: Please use your own discretion as the following paragraphs are very explicit and difficult reading…

What they’ve been involved in… is the abuse of children, pedophilia, child trafficking to a level that you couldn’t even start to comprehend.

The video I sent you [to Nicholas] is of 2 ex-Military from America, 2 guys talking, cuz they’ve still got friends in the Military that they’ve talked to, who have been emptying the tunnels underneath the White House for the last few weeks. Where Trump was not allowed to go while he was in office, there were parts of the White House that were out of bounds. It turns out these tunnels are a long way down and when Obama, when referring to… “hot dogs” or takeaways, I can’t remember now, $60 odd thousand… he was talking about children… Charlie Ward cont.: There were things going on… I don’t even want to describe it live on the channel because it’s so DISGUSTING… there will be elements we will find out… what they were up to was absolutely no good… and these body bags that have been brought out at the White House… Now that we have hard evidence, people have seen them coming out… they’ve seen the black vans taking them away… These people have been down there for years… they’ve never seen the light of day… and the amount of body parts removed is… it’s unthinkable… completely unthinkable… And we’re starting to see the evidence… and what will happen now is it will creep out… but the Mainstream Media is absolutely tight-lipped about it… it doesn’t want it to get out cuz it’s in trouble… the minute it gets out they’re over… because they’ve been covering it up… Charlie Ward cont: They’ve known about it for a long time… they’ve been covering it up and it makes them complicit… The impeachment is a complete and utter farce, as we all know… because once it gets across the other side it will be rejected because they haven’t got the numbers… Charlie Ward cont.: What they’re doing is unconstitutional… you can’t impeach somebody who’s not in office. Charlie Ward cont.: So it’s one of 2 things: Either he’s in office, still… or, if he’s not in office, and they change the Constitution to fit their narrative, that could backfire on them. Cuz that would then mean he could go about impeaching the Clintons, the Bushes and Obama if you’re allowed to impeach previous Presidents. Look, it’s pantomime. It’s not really happening. This is a movie that we’re going through. This is why you don’t need to be scared, you don’t need to be fearful. This is all playing out to wake people up. And the sooner people wake up the sooner this will be over. The lockdowns will stop IMMEDIATELY when the Global Financial Reset is done… it will disappear… COMPLETELY… 5 Feb. 2021 10 Days of Darkness, White House is Main Target of Pedophile Ring, Mustang Medic, Cirstenw, Gene Decode, Kat:

“Generations of kids are being rescued from D.U.M.B.s (Underground Tunnels) found under the White House and Capitol Building. Lines of Buses with darkened windows are seen taking the children away from their underground hell. Everyone will soon learn about this Satanic evil that has been going on for many, many years under the knowledge of U.S. Presidents and falsely elected Congress pedophiles.” 0:43 Gene Decode: I wanted to do some small updates on a few things. First, a lot of people know the White House has been dark for ten nights… there was a 1776 flag flying over it during that time at half mast, which is very symbolic. 1:02 Additionally people wondered why is it dark? Maybe cuz nobody’s home. But also Mustang Medic did a video showing many, many tour buses showing up with tinted windows, which is kinda normal for tour buses. But, why tour buses? 1:25 It did look like some National Guard got off and were replacing [those on duty.] Then they waited a while. They didn’t just take off. 1:40 On the last day, the 10th night when the lights were out, just as they were apparently finishing up what they were doing, the lights came on, on the front porch. 1:47 But it was very low, amber pink, very low lighting, and you could see through these big Special Forces guys, I know they’re big, but the people coming out were not all the way up even to mid-thigh. To me it looked like hundreds of kids coming out. 2:03 Gene Decode cont.: There’s D.U.M.B.s tunnels underneath the Congress and the White House… these children have been there all this time.

2:47 Now that Trump isn’t there they can take the children out and the Mainstream Media has the option of either saying nothing, which it looks like what they’re doingwhat’s going on is they’re rescuing all these children that have been down there and they’re generational… 3:10 They’re generations to where they can’t stand the light of day or even bright street lights so they’re taking them out with the lights all off, and putting them in buses to make sure they have tinted windows. 3:23 They can’t stand the light cuz they’ve been down there for generations… 4:55 Gene Decode cont.: this was sent to me too. March 3rd. Trump International Hotel. Look at the cost in D.C. for a room March 2nd: $695. Now watch: $5,000. What’s going on? 5:25 Gene Decode cont.: It looks like something’s plannedMarch 4th. 6:27 Gene Decode cont.: The President’s already ensconced in the Winter White House… 6:30 Cirstenw: He’s already moved all his stuff out of the White House. They should just bulldoze it.

#2. COVID-19

COVID-19 Vaccines, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny:

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