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Now is the time... TRUTH is being REVEALED!

1-17-21 Sunday


The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Main-Stream Media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Consider and make up your own mind.

1 Peter 5:10 [KJV]

But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.

*** PressRelease: ***

Press Release: Votes Switched throughout U.S. Presidential Race – Institute for Good Governance

Storm Warning – Michele Bachmann

“The Storm is Upon Us” Military at Capitol Hill:

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"General Flynn Just Dropped a Bombshell"

Dr. Peter K. Navarro investigated the 2020 election results and published a three volume Election Fraud Report: The Art of the Steal 1.5.21: The Navarro Report Volume III Final 1.13.21:

Sat. 16 Jan. Twenty-one Points of Why America is Transitioning; Corporate to Republic and Biden Will Not Be President: 1. Trump was not running for just another 4-year election in 2016 – Trump was approached by the military to run and his entire win has been and still is a military operation. 2. Trump’s first 4 years was to drain the lower swamp first. The swamp was/is deep and incorporated every industry in the world, banking, movie, pharmaceutical, food, you name it they controlled it; much has been handled. 3. Before leaving office Barack Obama signed an Executive Order to pardon anyone prior of any crimes in the government. This is WHY no one was held accountable when the Trump took office. 4. These swamp rats could not be tried for those crimes (i.e. Hillary email scandal, Clinton Foundation, FISA spying on the Trump campaign etc.) ~ only crimes AFTER Obama left office could be tried – therefore, new crimes had to be snared. 5. The military needed to catch them in the act committing crimes with proof. 6. President Trump said in his speech January 7th, 2021: there will be “a smooth, orderly transition of power.” 7. This in no way means that President Trump is transitioning power from his first term to Joe Biden! Did you hear him say Joe Biden? 8. We are transitioning from the defunct USA Corp to the Republic (not Biden). President Trump will not technically get a “second term” and as he tweeted, “won’t be at the Inauguration Day in January” ~ this means there won’t be an Inauguration Day. This was the last recorded term of a President who served in the “American Corporation”. 9. President Trump dismantled the Banking Act of 1781 from England. The United States is going back to being a Republic and Donald J Trump will be the first President of the new republic with the Constitution fully intact. 10. The start date for the new Republic is March 4, 2021 ~ this was the original start date of the new President (until it was changed under FDR in 1933). 11. At the end of President Trump’s speech, he said: “Our incredible journey is only just beginning.” Boom 12. No matter what it looks like, it is all optics; Military operations have thought of everything. 13. Trump won an overwhelming victory and will be the President ~ of the New Republic. 14. The swamp rats needed to commit their crime during the last 4 years; and they have now been snared. 15. Certifying a knowingly fraudulent election as Pence and Congress just did is treason. 16. Now President Trump is still the President of the United States until January 20, 2021. He has the power to invoke the Insurrection Act. The Insurrection Act deals with treason at a military level. 17. Why did the president not involve the Insurrection Act before? Because it involves the military and people would have accused him of being a dictator. He has given everybody ample opportunity to come clean with the fraudulent election: The Supreme Court, the DOJ, the courts, congress, and the vice president. They all picked their lane for the most part and chose to certify a (knowingly) fraudulent election. 18. Many Trump supporters have been pressured and threatened by the deep state, they always have. People appearing to go against Trump have either been threatened or they are part of the Deep State. People have picked their lanes. 19. Do not underestimate the President and this military operation. Trump often appears weak before he wins (read The Art of the Deal). Twitter and Facebook now banning (censoring) the President ~ this gives the President the opportunity to use the Emergency Broadcast System (set up in 2018) in order to contact all Americans for what they will need to hear regarding the next steps. 20. Trump has said over and over: “we have it all (the evidence).” He has also said: “we will never surrender.” And, he said: “the best is yet to come!” 21. Do not watch or trust the MSM; they are deep state. Do not give up. Keep the faith!!!

Sat. 16 Jan. Simon Parkes Update:

Fri. 15 Jan. Zoom call with retired Generals, Colonels and Lin Wood:

The Inauguration of Joe Biden: All Intel providers were 100% confident that Trump would remain as president. The date of when that happened didn’t make a difference because the US was changing from Corporate America to the Republic of America. Trump signed the papers on July 4 2020. Biden has been paid for by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for over 40 years. He brought Obama into the fold of the CCP. There was an ongoing criminal investigation on Biden – which; actually, disqualified, him from running for president – but the Mainstream Media would not cover it. Mainstream Media, Social Media: The Mainstream Media has committed Treason and Trump was about to do something about it. The EBS will be used for communication. In the first step Trump will broadcast a presidential message. He will see which stations will broadcast it and which won’t. The ones that don’t will have their licenses taken away immediately. If they stage a false inauguration of Biden, they will also lose their licenses. Since Facebook, Twitter, etc. have de-platformed a sitting president then they have committed high treason. This meant that the executives of these companies could face death by firing squad. General McInerney and others have confirmed. State Capitol Riot of 6 Jan: In the insurrection at the Capitol on Wed. 6 Jan. there was a massive collusion with Pelosi and others with the police department. CNN was found to be complicit in the whole affair where the activists were democrat plants. False Flag and Bomb Scares over the next 90 days: POTUS with DoD White Hats had the nuclear codes. Trump’s team would be controlling all military missions in Cheyenne Mountain's NORAD and nearby Peterson Air Force Base's USNORTHCOM. POTUS would be moved around in secure locations across the nation to keep him safe from any more assassination attempts like that of Sat. 9 Jan. The military White Hats standing with Trump included Secty of Defense Chris Miller, US Air Force Lt Gen. John Jay Raymond Chief of Space Force, retired US Army Lt Gen Mike Flynn as advisor, Mike Flynn’s brother US Army Lt Gen. Charlie Flynn who was expected to become Army Chief of Staff on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney as advisor, et al. Deep State nuclear threats would be stopped by POTUS and DoD White Hats. Bomb detonation scares: corrupt FBI & CIA operatives were planning to falsely blame Trump supporters for their FBI-CIA enabled ANTIFA-BLM false-flag attacks in DC, 50 state capitols and twelve major and 400 urban areas across the country. The False Flag attack plans involved planting pipe bombs, SDB (small diameter bombs) or missiles shot from CIA drones. Miscellaneous:

Two different sources said that Flynn was now the Vice President replacing Pence. He was sworn in last Sat. Med Beds have been used very successfully for the traumatized children in the DUMBS. They plan to have them available to; the general public by the end of Jan. When Trump had all those ventilators manufactured, he was; actually talking about the Med Beds. Pope Francis was arrested on 80 count indictment for Child Trafficking and fraud in March 2020. He was part of a terrorist organization many years ago before he became Pope. The Black Pope has also been arrested. There was only working staff at the Vatican right now. There was a Vatican Blackout on Jan. 10.

Sat. 16 Jan. Biden gone MAD after SHOCKING crimes of Hunter REVEALED to Bill Barr’s team:

Sat. 16 Jan. Rumor Mills Situation Report:

The Left FEARS This Video - share it far and wide.

Pelosi praising rioters last summer.

Myths about the Black Death (bubonic plague)

New study sheds light on survivors of the Black Death | University of South Carolina

This agrees with what David Yeo sent postulating that the enemy is not the virus but things in our bodies that should not be there or should be there but are missing. In essence, the virus is a scavenger.

  • · the 14th-century Black Death was not an indiscriminate killer, but instead targeted frail-people of all ages.

  • · survivors of the Black Death experienced improvements in health and longevity, with many people living to ages of 70 or 80 years, as compared to pre-Black Death populations.

  • · improvements in survival post-Black Death did not necessarily equate to good health over a lifespan, but revealed a hardiness to endure disease, including repeated bouts of plague; and

  • · the Black Death, either directly or indirectly, very powerfully shaped mortality patterns for generations after the epidemic ended!

[Patrick Bestall]

FBI arrests 'hardcore leftist' plotting to violently attack pro-Trump protesters at Florida Capitol over rioting at US Capitol

Health Experts Call For Suspension Of Pfizer Vaccination Among Elderly After Norway Deaths

Health Experts Call for Suspension of Pfizer Vaccination Among Elderly After Norway Deaths

Rush to Judgment on Trump? Multiple Leftists Arrested f Capitol Riot

Rush to Judgment on Trump? Multiple Leftists Arrested for Capitol Riot

Kamala Harris's Team Goes to War with Vogue Magazine Over `Disrespectful' Cover Photo

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