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OTTAWA... Continues!

Summary as I am able:

2-17-22 Thursday

Verse(s) for today:

Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance:

Matthew 3:8 KJV

But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep you from evil.

2 Thessalonians 3:3 KJV

THOUGHT for today:

Perfect love casts out fear. So Covid mandates cannot be an act of love. [Patrick Bestall]


An Open Letter to Justin Trudeau and the Federal Government:

TO: the Prime Minister and Federal Government,

We are writing to you as representative pastors of Christian congregations from across the nation and as law-abiding citizens who respect the God-defined role of civil government and uphold the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the highest law of our land, which recognizes the supremacy of God over all human legislation.

For the past two years, we have sought to respectfully and peaceably make known to all levels of government our profound concern about the indefinite suspension of civil liberties, coercive mandates and perpetual state interference in the life, freedom and worship of the church – freedoms guaranteed by both our inherited Common Law tradition and Charter. We have also prayed earnestly for our governing authorities, met with them, written letters and petitions, peacefully gathered for protest with other concerned citizens and in some cases filed lawsuits. We have used every lawful means at our disposal to be heard and taken seriously. Yet at every turn, we have been largely ignored, brushed aside, insulted and even told we in no way represent Canadians.

In recent weeks, the hugely popular truckers convoy containing many Christians (including pastors), has captured the imagination not only of this nation but other nations around the world, laying bare that what we have expressed and argued for months is indeed representative of the concerns of millions of ordinary Canadians who value peace, personal responsibility and liberty. The Ottawa protest has presented your government with a wonderful opportunity to meet with and speak to ordinary Canadians lawfully and peaceably requiring the restoration of their constitutional rights. However, in response to their singing, praying, dancing, candy floss, bouncy castles, speeches about the constitution and outpourings of patriotic love for the country, your government has not only refused to meet with these citizens to hear their concerns, you have insulted, denigrated and lied about them, further dividing a hurting and broken nation.

As ambassadors of Christ, whilst we respect your office as a public servant and honour the limited role of civil authority as a ministry of public justice, we do not hesitate to fulfill our responsibility as servants of the living God by unapologetically reminding you that Jesus Christ is Lord and King and the ruler of the kings of the earth. He sets up kings and pulls down the mighty from their thrones and none can stay his hand. In the words of the same scriptures engraved on the Peace Tower in Ottawa and written into our very national Coat of Arms:

Now therefore, be wise, O kings; Be instructed, you judges of the earth. Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest He be angry, and you perish in the way, When His wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him. (Ps. 2: 10-12)

Mr. Trudeau, with great respect, you are neither the king nor the ruler of Canada. Both you and your colleagues are public servants sent for a short time to Parliament at our behest as citizens to govern under God in terms of the Canadian Charter and to seek a harmony of public legal interest. You do not grant people rights and responsibilities that are theirs as God’s image-bearers and a free people. Since you do not grant them, you have no authority to remove them.

Your government does not grant people the right to their bodily integrity, the right to work or earn a living, the right to decide for their children or to be with their families or dying loved ones, the right to gather to worship and obey God, the right to travel in their own land or enter and leave. Civil government exists to protect these pre-political and fundamental freedoms, not bestow and remove them as if it can function in the place of God.

As such, we as Christian pastors condemn in the strongest possible terms your unprecedented invoking of the Emergency Powers Act (1988) with the intent of bringing unaccountable state power to bear on peaceful citizens – "men women and children" – who have been stripped of their fundamental freedoms for two years and who have in many cases lost everything as a result of your government's mandates. There is no national emergency and to invoke one to crush peaceful political dissent is a totalitarian act of repression displaying weakness not strength. These tyrannical actions are exposing this government and people to the judgment of God, and we are deeply concerned that you do not appreciate the significance of God’s wrath upon a rebellious and lawless nation.

We implore you to step back from the brink, restore the constitutional freedoms of the people, respect the God-given rights of our citizenry and above all to humble yourself and take a knee before Christ the King lest you perish in the way. We urge you to repent of the sins of pride, rebellion against God, and bearing false witness. You have not displayed a brotherly care and love for these honest hard-working people who have tried to peacefully bring their very serious concerns to your attention.

Our hope and prayer for you and your government is that you will lift the emergency measures, end these lawless mandates, and enact justice for a people who elected you to that purpose.

For He shall have dominion from sea to sea (Ps. 72:8).

Pro Rege,

Rev. Dr. Joseph Boot

Rev. Dr. Michael Thiessen

Rev. Dr. Aaron Rock

Rev. Jacob Reaume

Rev. Nate Wright

Plus the undersigned Click HERE to read the Full Open Letter! Download The Full PDF Letter HERE [Liberty Coalition Canada]


Trudeau is the Real Threat to Democracy:

It’s official. Trudeau has gone full-tyrant!


In a shocking display of brute political force, the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau has now implemented the Emergencies Act in order to quash nation-wide, working-class protests against oppressive vaccine mandates and lockdowns.

The fact is Mr. Trudeau has created this situation.

These protests were spearheaded by Canadian truckers, some of whom had lost their jobs on January 15th due to a discriminatory Trudeau-government policy targeting them that mandated vaccination regardless of one’s conscientious or religious objections. Tens of thousands of everyday Canadians have since joined in the peaceful demonstrations that have sprung up in towns and cities all across the country, with the largest and most notable gathering stationed for over two weeks in front of Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Protesters are holding signs, making speeches, praying, singing “O Canada”, waving flags, honking horns, and parking their trucks and cars on the streets.

A host of prominent Canadians have expressed their support for the “Freedom Convoy”, including former premier and Constitutional co-signer Brian Peckford and internationally-renowned academic Dr. Jordan Peterson. [Campaign Life]

Ottawa mayor asks police services board chair to step down over hiring of new chief:

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson asked the city’s police services board chair to step down Wednesday.

According to a source, the city learned Diane Deans was trying hire a new police chief without competition and was eyeing a former chief of a police force in southwestern Ontario for the job.

The Ottawa Police Services Board accepted the resignation of Chief Peter Sloly on Tuesday following weeks of chaos in downtown Ottawa for almost three weeks.

Sloly resigned on Day 19 of the occupation as Ottawa’s police service continued to struggle to crack down on the settlement of big rigs in the city’s core. He asked for 1,800 more police and civilians from other agencies to help local police handle the occupation and to maintain effective policing for the entire city.

Deans announced a “mutually agreed upon separation” between the board and Sloly on Tuesday, but the board released no other information and Deans said there would be no other comment, citing it as a “labour relations matter.”

Sources said Matt Torigian, a former police chief in Waterloo Region, was being eyed to be the next police chief in Ottawa. Torigian was chief of Waterloo Regional Police Service for about six years before becoming deputy minister of the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services in 2014 and he held the job until 2018.

Meanwhile, interim OPS Chief Steve Bell said in a statement to city council: “We are going to take back the entirety of the downtown core and every occupied space. We are going to remove this unlawful protest. We will return our city to a state of normalcy.

“Some of the techniques we are lawfully able and prepared to use are not what we are used to seeing in Ottawa. But we are prepared to use them where necessary to bring about the safest outcome and restore order.

[Postmedia News]



PETITION TO THE SENATE OF CANADA: Whereas • on or about February 14, 2022, the Justin Trudeau Cabinet declared a public welfare emergency pursuant to the Emergencies Act (hereinafter the “Declaration of Emergency”); • the legal pre-conditions for the Declaration of Emergency are not met; • the factual pre-conditions for the Declaration of Emergency are not met; • to maintain the Declaration of Emergency, a motion for confirmation of the Declaration of Emergency is required to pass both the House of Commons and Canada’s Senate; • it is anticipated that a motion for confirmation of the Declaration of Emergency will pass the House of Commons; We, the undersigned, citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the Senate of Canada to vote against a motion for confirmation of a Declaration of Emergency when such motion is brought before the Senate.

Go to the Site and COMPLETE the Form… be sure to Vote AGAINST this MOTION!

Trudeau gives BLM money while seizing the bank accounts of peaceful protesters

This new information about the race relations grants was revealed in an order paper response to a question posed by Quebec Conservative MP Pierre Paul-Hus.

The Liberals gave grants to Black Lives Matter, the BC Civil Liberties Association and the Anti-Hate Network through a government agency, The Canadian Race Relations Foundation.

BLM protests brought riots and violence to American cities, yet Trudeau gave the group's Canadian arm over $8,000. The Anti-Hate Network already received well over $200,000 to be hunter-killers of the enemies of Trudeau and the Race Relations Foundation gave them another $6,000. The BC Civil Liberties Association — noticeably silent during the last two years of civil rights violations — was the recipient of$10,000 from the same foundation.

This new information about the race relations grants was revealed in an order paper response to a question posed by Quebec Conservative MP Pierre Paul-Hus.

This week, Justin Trudeau used a never-before-used tool to turn peaceful critics of his government into terrorists or terror financiers under the law. [Rebel News]

Also Check:

BREAKING! Pastor Artur DENIED bail and will remain behind bars:

Pastor Artur Pawlowski was just denied bail and will remain in pretrial custody indefinitely.

The pastor was in a Calgary court today over a sermon he gave to truckers at the Coutts border blockade in southern Alberta, telling them to hold the line.

His presence at the demonstration led to a dramatic arrest at his home on February 8, where he was charged under Alberta’s Critical Infrastructure Defence Act for allegedly abetting the Coutts trucker blockade.

He has been at the Calgary Remand Centre in solitary confinement under terrible conditions ever since.

Alberta Provincial Court Judge Erin Olsen has ordered the renegade Calgary pastor to be held in pre-trial custody, ruling he poses a great threat to public safety, citing his refusal to comply with health orders. [Rebel News]

COVID Update:

· Executive Officer Christopher Cole for the “Medical Countermeasures Initiative” at the FDA says on hidden cam the Biden admin plans an annual jab. “So, you’ll have to get an annual shot. I mean it hasn’t been formally announced yet, cause they don’t want to rile everyone up.”

· Masks ineffective:

· Hundreds Of Members Of Congress Treated With Ivermectin For C-19!

· FDA Executive Officer on Hidden Cam Reveals Future COVID policy, “You’ll have to get an annual shot.” On Biden’s vaccine vision: “Biden wants to inoculate as many people as possible” On the FDA Emergency Use Authorization for vaccinating children as young as six months “They’re [FDA] not going to not approve it”

· The Lancet Publishes Medical Prof’s Warning That Natural Immunity Has Made Vaccine Mandates Irrelevant:

· The CV-19 Vaccine Causes AIDS: There was strong evidence that the Covid-19 vaccines were causing recipients to develop acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) or a novel condition with similar attributes that could only be described as Covid-19 Vaccine Induced Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS).


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News Anchors COLLAPSING on Air:

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Watch… Why is this happening???

4-minute VIDEO [Patrick Bestall]

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You have to see this – to believe that it IS HAPPENING!

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