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Salim has a phenomenal grasp of the issues! 2nd Report!

Question and Answer

Salim - that’s a fascinating outline.

My question and concern is - that the Democrats are now setting up a scenario where, if the Supreme Court rules against Biden, the country will explode in riots. That is - Biden is giving victory speeches, is outlining ‘his’ agenda [which includes revoking many of Trump’s actions, eg - Biden would rejoin the Paris Accord, move back to paying WHO, stop Keystone, and so on].. and setting up an image that he is already president.

My second question is - Who is running Biden? I’m taking as a ‘given’ that he himself has no policies, no agenda. This is apart from his advancing dementia; he never had policies other than to be part of the Washington Oligarchy. But- who is running him?


Edwina, Thanks for your response. My quick short answers are:

[15 Points + Conclusions]

(1) President Trump has taken into account much more of the variables at play and probably as the Sting unfolds he will respond, as a chess grand-master takes into consideration all possible and likely moves of the opponent, before showing his full hands.

(2) If you follow the post-election retrospective analysis of the Sting unfolding, as I briefly did, then you have to go back right to the beginning of the Sting operation and follow through all the various plots, ruse, lure, that the Democrats and their surrogates put into motion, which then so far was effectively neutered by President Trump. Too many here for me to run through.

(3) The critical point in #2 is that the Sting operation was played out deliberately in real time in full view of the audience -- the American public -- in the manner in which President Trump exposed himself to the Sting and wanted the audience to see and learn how the swamp creatures behave in destroying the constitutional fabric of the American republic. Take for instance the intensity of the heat generated by the impeachment plot and which President Trump stood to face in full exposure for the public to witness how rotten is the DC establishment/swamp. It was a high risk counter-move by President Trump and, I bet, a RINO president would have folded under pressure. The reason, in my view, that the Republican majority in the Senate and the Republic members of the House stood with President Trump is because the impeachment drama was played out in full view of the American public, especially the growing army of Trump voters, and Republican Senators and House members (Mitt Romney aside) could not or would not dare to cross this growing army of Trump voters and risk being primaried and defeated in the immediate next round of general or mid-term election.

(4) Following the implicit logic of #3, President Trump knew the fullness of the Sting operation and heist of the 2020 election were going to occur, that the Democrats and surrogates with the Globalists were going to rig the election. Therefore, President Trump let the heist occur in full view of the alert public and especially the huge army of Trump voters now well in excess of 70 million and growing. My estimate, given the rigging of votes through various means, is that the actual number of Trump voters likely exceed 80 million, the difference between the count publicly disclosed and the actual numbers amount to the number of votes of Trump supporters that were nullified in the rigging process of the 2020 election.

(5) This huge army of Trump voters -- and they are not simply Republican voters, they are Americans mobilized after the 2016 election as they saw and experienced the Trump effect through the body politics of their country and their loyalty, as a result, is now for Trump, pure and simple -- cannot be trifled with by the RINOS and their dwindling band of supporters at the grassroot level in counties and states across the republic. This is why you can see, however reluctantly, Mitch McConnell as the Senate Majority leader publicly is in full support of President Trump and his move to challenge the 2020 election results. If Mitch is going to keep his majority leadership in the Senate he needs now more than ever the Trump voters to see the two Republican Senators in Georgia keep their seats in the runoff election in January given the obvious that Chuck Schumer and the Democrats in Georgia will pull the Sting to win the runoff.

(6) Democrats and their thugs, the BLM and the Antifa militia, have had their dry runs of rioting and violence through the summer. In other words, they have exposed themselves to the American public, the vast and growing army of Trump supporters, and their protests that you are anticipating as everyone else following the plot unfolding will boomerang on them. Again, President Trump as the chess grandmaster has moved slowly, deliberately to lure the Democrats to do what they do, i.e. engage in violence, and so when the counter-punch comes as has been calculated and coordinated it will then have the full support of the American public witnessing in real time the Democrat playbook to rubbish the American constitution.

(7) An indication of the response from President Trump supporters on the corporate media is how quickly the Fox News rating has tanked. The media like all else around the Democrats is fully exposed as the paid shill for the Globalists and no longer even pretends to present news as straight forward reporting of facts on the ground. We, you and I and others of our persuasion, have known of how the media over time became a broadcast medium for constructed narratives, as Orwell fictionalized, but the general public had to learn and recognize this through their own experience. This 2020 election was an education for the general public and now this growing army of Trump voters will, or have already moved on from heeding the corporate media to relying on their own resources for communicating and interpreting facts on the ground.

(8) Trump's 2016 win was the beginning of the American counter-revolution to restore the republic, or "keep it" in the famous words of Benjamin Franklin. Until 2016 we might say the progressive revolution in American politics had pretty much unfolded through most of the last century into this century without any effective push back. Nixon's "law and order" massive win in 1972 over McGovern for the silent majority was nullified by the sham Watergate hearings and the betrayal by the Republican political class in the capital DC, and Nixon obligingly resigned and left. President Trump is not going to be a Nixon, he is fully resolved to carry through the counter-revolution and restore the constitutional working of the American republic.

(9) The counter-revolution is entirely based upon restoring the constitutional order and, therefore, each and every move of President Trump since January 2017 and before has been in full compliance with the constitutional requirement and authority, even including his Executive Orders. The anticipated Democrat-led or pushed protest and violence should it come, as you rightly worry, will be very quickly met and disarmed with the full weight of the constitutional authority of the President by invoking the Insurrection Act. The army of Trump voters growing in numbers even as we speak will rally behind the President and the law enforcement agencies.

(10) The Electoral College is scheduled to meet sometime around December 8 and the Electors are to vote around December 14. Al Gore in 2000 took 37 days pretending he was the President-Elect before the Supreme Court ruling on the Florida recount reversed the numbers and made George Bush the president. President Trump and his team therefore in the minimum has 37 days since the 2020 election took place.

(11) As per #10, the ground game has begun. Cases of fraud and rigging are being filed in state courts beginning with Pennsylvania. You will note that reversed the Decision Desk handing PA to Biden, and Biden no longer has the 270 EV in public view. Fox News has not reversed their scorecard, but then it is not news media which officially declares the final results. More will follow.

(12) There are 5 key states where these recounts will hand the election to president Trump. These are: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Minnesota, and Michigan. There are other states too, such as Nevada. The ground game is local. State assemblies have to certify the election results in their states, and then certify the electors. The states assemblies in the contested states are all held by Republican majority, even if the Governors in these states are Democrats as in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

(13) The ground game means the unfolding play will occur outside of the purview and knowledge of the corporate media headquartered in New York. Members of the state assemblies are not known to people outside their states, but they are the key players and they are local and directly accountable in their daily lives and politics to the people in their towns and counties. They cannot hide from that growing number/army of Trump voters in their backyards. This is where the local politics will be decisive. Imagine as the full broadcast locally of the fraud and rigging of the 2020 election in their states get disclosed, as it is being disclosed right now, what is going through the minds of the representative of the state assemblies and how they will explain to their citizens if they go ahead and certify the contested results.

(14) My hunch is, and I strongly feel this in terms of how politics is played at the local level, that the above 5 states with Republican majority in the state assemblies will not certify the result in their respective states. That is all that is then needed for the matter to reach the courts, eventually the Supreme Court, for the election to be tossed into the House of Representatives as the 12th Amendment mandates and as every election since 1804 when the 12th Amendment was ratified has followed (though the situation was not reached when this recourse was needed except for the 1876 election that was decided by the House on the basis of this Amendment in electing the Republican candidate Rutherford B. Hayes as president). There is enough time between now and January 20, 2021 for the litigation, state assemblies voting, courts ruling, and then finally the SCOTUS deciding that given the lack of EC certification the House must decide the 2020 election and then the American public learns that President Trump has been re-elected.

(15) This next 9 weeks will be a mass public education for Americans about the workings of their constitution. President Trump, I imagine, is right now working out a schedule with his people to hit the tarmacs of the 5 states identified and engaging in massive rallies to let his army of voters know the extent of the fraud and rigging in their states, of how the republic hangs in the balance if their state assembly representatives certify a fraudulent election, and asking his army of voters to go and make sure that the fraud perpetrated does not get the certification so that the constitutional requirements are met and the President-elect is one who qualifies on the basis of the integrity of the votes cast. If President Trump hits the tarmac in Air Force 1, the counter-revolution will be in full swing with the full support of some 80 million people across the republic, and more importantly under the full watchful gaze of Trump voters in the key contested states.


And now as to who is running Biden? Biden is the place holder for the Globalist approved and financed Democrats behind the curtains. So was Obama. So are many of the RINOs. Trump-led counter-revolution is as much against the left-Democrat progressives and their surrogates in American society (the DC swamp, academia, media, crony capitalists, Wall Street, etc) as it is against the entire makeup of the Globalist elite led by the Davos crowd, the EU members, the OIC, the Iranian mullahocracy, and the ChiCom leadership.

Rare in history is the moment when a man, or a woman, in politics emerges upon whom is the entire weight of defending freedom based on individual rights, the rule of law and the constitutional order. We are living in real time in that moment of history. As I have maintained, culture is upstream and politics, economics and all the rest is downstream. The culture of freedom that evolved through the age of Enlightenment, before and after, that is uniquely in origin European or Western, and which came to embody the American revolution and the republic, has more or less reached the end point. President Trump either wins in leading the counter-revolution to save the republic and all that it embodies, or in losing Americans write its obituary. The situation is absolutely grave, and Trump has arisen as the man at this moment of trial as arose Lincoln in 1860, or Churchill in 1940.


(p.s. Edwina,

I am sending this reply to you to my list also. I trust you would not mind.


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