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Saturday 12-3-22

Summary as I am able:

12-3-22 Saturday

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God’s WORD for TODAY!

But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth:

Matthew 6:3 KJV

I wait for the LORD, my soul doth wait, And in his word do I hope.

Psalm 130:5 KJV

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Hebrews 11:1 KJV

Quote of the day:

Idolatry is committed, not merely by setting up false gods, but also by setting up false devils;

by making men afraid... (G.K. Chesterton)


Ontario's Conservative government has passed controversial BILL 100 – Legislation that:

  • · severely limits and

  • · prohibits protest and

  • · free speech.

It was passed overnight in a stealthvote that not all MPP's were informed of. The legislation is aimed directly at TRUCKERS to prevent further convoys and FREEDOM PROTESTS.

💥💥Breaking News update with Freedom reporters Rick Walker and Brendan Kennedy. Plus: tonight...tune in at 6pm eastern time for an in-depth interview with ONTARIO NEW BLUE PARTY LEADER JIM KARAHALIOS...who will discuss this stealth vote and why the NEW BLUE opposes the legislation.

Please support our journalism by donating at: FREEDOMREPORTERS.COM

[Michael Dunne]

💥💥💥Dictatorship laws just passed: 💥💥💥💥

Forget Trudeau invoking the Emergency Measures Act: here are two bills which were just approved that are equally oppressive if not worse:

💥Bill C-11 gives the CRTC responsibilityfor everything Canadians:

· watch,

· read,

· say, and

· listen to online – and that is a bridge too far!

This bill also gives the CRTC a mandate to prioritize content for:

· “Canadians from racialized communities and

· Canadians of diverse ethnocultural backgrounds,

· socio-economic statuses,

· abilities and disabilities,

· sexual orientations,

· gender identities and expressions, and

· ages.”


PS - Is Ford one of those politicians the Communist Chinese have backed?

💥💥💥Bold Canadian doctors speak out against Censorship: 💥💥💥

Canadian doctors facing discipline for opposing COVID regime speak out - LifeSite (

(LifeSiteNews) — A group of doctors under-fire for standing up to the COVID regime in Canada recently appeared with their lawyer on a podcast to share their story of resistance as they are now having their medical licenses threatened by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO).

LifeSiteNews reported on the trial, which took place on November 23, and Alexander described on the podcast what was he saw as the main lines of defense.

For Alexander, there were three fundamental issues at stake that he believed made the actions of the CPSO unlawful.

He said:

· the first thing that was egregious in the case is the CPSO’s directive that “doctors may not say anythingcontrary to public health orders and recommendations.”

· The second issue is the policy that “no doctor may write a medical exemption for COVID-19 injections except for in the most extraordinary circumstances.”

· “And the third,” he continued, “is [that] nobody may prescribealternative, though approved, medications for the treatment of COVID-19 or its prevention.”

💥#1. It is Alexander’s legal opinion that the CPSO had admitted its own defeat considering how they have defined the restrictions. “They admitted that the restrictions are just recommendations or guidelines,” he said.

Beyond the legal arguments, the doctors themselves explained their actions from the perspective of highly-trained medical professionals.

💥#2. Luchkiw said she saw early on what she described as “crueltreatment, especially of the elderly, due to COVID restrictions. In her professional opinion, this cruelty was not benefiting patients, but was actively contributing to declining health.

She also said that she was pressured into labeling someone as having died of COVID when they had died after a long and drawn out battle with cancer. These pressures, among others, eventually led to her opting to resign.

💥#3. Phillips, on the other hand, is being investigated because he went public with adverse events he discovered that he said were denied by public health. He lost his position at the hospital where he worked, leading him to start his own family practice.

Both doctors faced investigations due to complaints about their medical practices. However, every complaint except for one against Phillips and Luchkiw did not come from patients, but instead other doctors who were upset with their approach. In one case a patient, who is a nurse, complained about Luchkiw, as the nurse believed that Luchkiw didn’t enforce COVID protocols strongly enough, also taking issue with some of her social media posts.

Luchkiw was ultimately exonerated upon further investigation.

However, another investigation was launched against Luchkiw, which she said was done for the same reasons for which she was already exonerated. This insistence on investigating her medical professionalism led her describe the behavior of the College as “abusive” and “threatening.”

“It’s basically trying to just threaten the entire profession into compliance with whatever whim the College hasI just cannot participate in that,” she said.

She called the actions of the College “harmful to the patients of Ontario,” as the methods of the College stifle any helpful dissent from medical professionals, which is useful to scientific discourse.

💥#4. Trozzi, who has been particularly outspoken, said that he has taken the stance he has because he believed it was his duty as a doctor to be cautious about the safety of Canadians. “I followed my Hippocratic Oath… I remained an intact, intelligent human being with a heart, and no matter how much money I could have made to kill off the citizens of Ontario, I wouldn’t do it.”

He said he learned from the research early on that a vastly higher number of people died “within a few months” of taking the experimental jab than is consistent with any other vaccine on the market.

He expressed a particular concern over the alarming rate of miscarriages that took place during the Pfizer trials. Trozzi said the COVID jab makes thalidomide look like a Flintstone vitamin.”

Alexander explained that he took a unique legalapproach, something that has not been done regarding CPSO matters before and used a legal permission to challenge the jurisdiction of the CPSO before the clients themselves were even assessed. It is his legal opinion that what the doctors have done and said is protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and is thus protected by the highest law of the land. In his estimation, therefore, any CPSO regulation must be subject to that.

As of yet, there has been no ruling in the case of the doctors, and Alexander told LifeSiteNews it might take months before any such developments. [Life Site News Media]

💥💥Three Doctors Fighting for 38-Million Canadians💥💥💥

💥Glen Jung, Attorney Michael Alexander, and Covid Integral Drs Luchkiw, Phillips, & Trozzi Dozens of physicians in Ontario refuse to abandon: · the Hippocratic oath, · critical reasoning, and · human rights; despite the ruthless criminal covid agenda, and the CPSO's active role in it. Here is a 1 1/2-minute short video as well as the full interview by Glen Jung of Bright Light News with our Attorney Michael Alexander and Dr Crystal Luchkiw, Dr Patrick Phillips, and myself. We are holding the line against: · forced misrepresenteddeadly injections, · the obstruction of safe treatments for covid, · cover-ups of covid-injection deaths and injuries, and · the destruction of Canadians' health care. People are being: · deceived, · violated and · processed like unwanted animals. 💥We reject that. 💥💥Please stand with us, for all of us, and for future generations. [Dr Mark Trozzi]

💥Time to drag these politicians out by their "trannies":

Doug Ford gov't faces backlash for funding 'all ages' Christmas drag show - LifeSite

TORONTO (LifeSiteNews) — Progressive Conservative Ontario premier Doug Ford’s government recently provided funding for a Christmas-themed drag show that was marketed towards “all ages.”

The event, titled “Jingle Bell Rock,” took place last night in Kitchener, Ontario, and according to a flyer that was circulated on social media, was an “All ages drag night” which featured performances from three men dressed as women.

The flyer also included a note at the bottom that read “Funding provided by the Government of Ontario,” which quickly become a source of outrage for social conservatives.

READ: Ridiculous ‘Pride’ awards reveal Trudeau gov’t obsession with promoting the LGBT agenda

Former Ford Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) and current leader of the New Blue Party, Belinda Karahalios, reacted to the news by slamming her former government on social media, writing:

Other social media users also chimed in to share their concerns, with one user writing “Drag shows aren’t for any ages,” and another adding, “This is child abuse.”

The Ford government’s funding of a drag show for children seems to be in line with the larger push by the Canadian federal government to use taxpayer dollars to normalize various facets of the LGBT agenda, despite such efforts being in contradiction to the deeply held religious beliefs of many citizens.

Just last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared on a TV show called “Canada’s Drag Race,” at which the prime minister seemed to imply his presence was an intentional part of his government’s mission.

“[I]t has been an incredible pleasure to be part of fighting the good fight on the right side,” Trudeau stated after being thanked by the show’s host. “It is about respecting people. Can we move beyond ‘tolerate’ and start embracing and loving and accepting and learning from and being challenged by? That’s how you build a resilient society. That’s what we’re trying to do in Canada, and we’ve got a lot of work still to do.”

READ: Trudeau urges Canadian public to start ‘accepting and learning from’ drag queens in TV appearance [Life Site News]

💥💥London's Bishop Fabbro makes fearfulstatement:

Canadian bishop pushes faithful to get COVID jabs, wear masks in church again - LifeSite (

LONDON, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — Canadian Bishop Ronald Peter Fabbro of the Diocese of London, Ontario is once again urging the faithful to take the abortion-tainted COVID injections and wear masks in churchbuildings.

“We have made incredible progress in our fight against COVID-19 (C-19), but we are now facing some imminent threats that will likely cause further spread of the virus and related health challenges for many,” Fabbro wrote in a November 24 letter to his flock.

“The vast majority of medical professionals emphasize the importance of getting the vaccine to fight C-19,” Fabbro continued. “These are readily available for almost all ages of children, youth, and adults.”

The Canadian prelate advocated for getting “booster shots,” especially for people with pre-existing conditions who should be getting boosters “as often as they can.”

“This is still the best way for us to fight this pandemic if all who are able to be vaccinated do so,” insisted the bishop, adding that people should also get the “annual flu shots” since they are “a great weapon for fighting off the flu.”

Fabbro’s promotion of the “vaccines” come despite the fact that the COVID inoculations are tainted with fetal tissue from aborted babieswhich has led many Catholics to avoid the shots for conscience reasons and the reality that many people have been seriously injured or even died after receiving the experimental jabs.

In his letter, Fabbro also urged the faithful to wear masks, saying, “I strongly encourage all people, then, to wear masks when gathering in our parish churches, halls, or other related buildings.”

“Wearing proper masks – and wearing them properly – has been proven to stop the spread of viruses or, at least, to slow them down,” Fabbro continued, adding that wearing masks would only be a “small sacrifice” that may help to prevent churches from being closed “for another Christmas.”

READ: Canadian bishop issues jab mandate for priests, diocesan workers, threatens those who resist [Life Site News]


Dem Senator Just Abruptly Quit the Party!

HOT. 1. Trump Just Gave Special Gift to Jan 6 Political Prisoners 2. The Worst Was Just CONFIRMED About New AZ Dem Gov Katie Hobbs 3. Special New Blood Bank Just Formed — Liberals FURIOUS About It 4. Big Dem Senator Just Abruptly Quit the Party! 5. News out of the Georgia Senate Runoff Isn’t Good 6. BREAKING: MASK MANDATES ARE BACK IN AMERICA 7. Trump Team Making ‘Big Changes’ 8. BIDEN GETS HIT WITH SUPREME COURT CURVEBALL HE DIDN’T EXPECT 9. Musk Drops Bomb on Twitter’s Psy-Ops 10. Massive Development in GOP Rep’s House Race

IN DEPTH.1. It Never Ends: LA to Reinstate Indoor-Mask Mandate New 2. Biden DHS Has “No Plan” After End of Title 42 2 hours ago 3. Strictest Gun Control Law New Legal Challenge 3 hours ago 4. Biden’s “Ministry of Truth” More Sinister Than We Knew 3 hours ago 5. PP Director: Babies “Sexual Beings” from Birth 3 hours ago 6. Alex Jones Files for Bankruptcy 3 hours ago 7. The Case for Kevin McCarthy– And His Adversaries 3 hours ago 8. Zelensky Urges Lawmakers to Ban Orthodox Church 3 hours ago 9. Biden Signs Bill to Avert Rail Strike 3 hours ago 10.How Google Helped FBI Track 1000s of Americans 4 hours ago 11.Kanye Performed at DNC Fundraiser, Obama Loved It 4 hours ago 12.Kanye Makes Alex Jones Look Sane 4 hours ago 13.State Dept Official Lies About Biden’s Billion Dollar Bribe 5 hours ago 14.City to Pay $600k to George Floyd Protesters for Injuries 7 hours ago 15.Obama Suffers Best Freudian Slip Ever 7 hours ago 16.Apple CEO Avoids Questions on Enabling CCP 7 hours ago 17.Payrolls Rose by 263,000 in November 7 hours ago 18.Border: Air Marshals Plan Mutiny Against Biden 7 hours ago 19.Biden Invites Lib Celebs to Party With Macron 8 hours ago 20.Biden Admin “Non-Binary” Thief Still Getting Paid??? 8 hours ago 21.CNN Fires Hack Reporter Chris Cillizza 8 hours ago 22.Arizona Midterm Elections Lawsuits Pile Up 8 hours ago 23.Kanye Banned From Twitter After New Hitler Remarks 8 hours ago 24.Lawyer Called Trump During Kanye Dinner to Warn Him 9 hours ago 25.China’s Navy to Expand to 400 Ships 9 hours ago 26.After Week of Protests, China to Loosen COVID Restrictions 9 hours ago 27.Air Force Shows Off 8 Stealth Bombers at Once 9 hours ago 28.U.S. Sanctions N. Korea Officials for ICBM Test 9 hours ago 29.Ukraine War Going on Winter Break? 9 hours ago 30.German MoJ: Country Empowering Russia to invade Ukraine 9 hours ago 31.States Take Aim at Fauci, Big Tech 9 hours ago 32.Europe Wants to Rein In Musk, Free Speech Threatens 9 hours ago 33.Judge Napolitano: Slouching Toward Fascism 9 hours ago 34.Exorcist Says Porn Addiction ‘Opening to Demonic’… 9 hours ago 35.As inflation eases, layoffs next big thing? 9 hours ago 36.Yellen blames ‘splurging’ 9 hours ago 37.APPLE DISNEY RUMORS HEAT… 9 hours ago 38.Tech firms ‘facilitated’ covid aid fraud… 9 hours ago 39.Congress’ Lengthy “To Do” List for Lame-Duck Session 9 hours ago 40.Biden Dazed, Jill Has to Direct Him Off Stage 9 hours ago 41.McCarthy: We Will Investigate J6 Panel 9 hours ago 42.Feds Intervene in Jackson, MS Water Crisis 9 hours ago 43.Pelosi: Same-Sex Marriage Bill Vote Next Week 9 hours ago 44.Biden’s $45B Tribal Spending Has Bizarre Initiatives 9 hours ago 45.Biden Admin: 2 Migrants for Every American Birth 9 hours ago 46.Unsolved Murder Rate Highest in Decades 9 hours ago 47.Biden Admin: Not Appealing Trans Med Mandate Ruling 9 hours ago 48.Far-Left SF & LA Top List Homebuyers Want to Leave 9 hours ago 49.Uvalde Survivors Sue Law Enforcement Agencies 9 hours ago 50.Report: Wait Until 70 to Collect Social Security 9 hours ago 51.Top Commodities Regulator Met with SBF 10 Times 9 hours ago 52.Climate: GOP AGs: Stop Vanguard From Buying Utilities 9 hours ago 53.FL Move Largest Anti-ESG Divestment in History 9 hours ago 54.SBF Claims FTX Users Will Get Money Back 9 hours ago 55.SCOTUS Keeps Student Loan Program on Hold 9 hours ago 56.NYC Muni Workers $1.5M COVID Scam 9 hours ago 57.Job Cuts Soar 127 Percent 9 hours ago 58.Police Arrest Antifa Felon, Then Released Without Bail 9 hours ago 59.Biden Energy “Non-Binary” Official Hosted “Spanking Seminar” 9 hours ago 60.FORBES: CHINA INTERFERED IN 2022 ELECTION TO BOOST DEMS 9 hours ago

David YEO:

SIGNS of Fatty Liver (12 Min)

ELON's Bedside Table & Crypto (36 Min)

Note: 💥 Excellent VID on various Topics*

💥0Z: Interview w/ Pfizer WHISTLEBLOWER (67 Min)

💥Catherine Austin Fitts: CBDC Biometric Control (52 Min)


RE-POST: 💥2 Western Students SADS (7 Min)

💥According to the WEF, "G0D is Dead-Jesus is Faake NEWS" (9 Min)

The Logic of FE (2 Min)

💥What's Going on with Balenciaga? (20 Min)

HuGooooo: 💥ELON to Start Brain Chip Human Trials (15 Min)



The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Mainstream media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Much of the content of this BLOG is re-printed Material. Consider, do your own research, and make up your own mind.


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Here is what is circulating on the Inter-Net:

There is MUCH coming soon!

A different Perspective:

This is out there – floating in the Network… You need to make up your own mind!

💥💥Incredible today’s Drone Technology ... 💥💥

1. The first video is amazing!

2. The second video is frightening!

3. The third video is incredible!

Where will this development stop ... be exhausted ... over destructive?

You can access the three VIDEOs from my covering memo to you as ATTACHMENTS [Don Hill]

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