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SATURDAY 12-30-23

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Saturday BLOG 12 - 30 - 23

Verse(s) for today:


He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength.

Isaiah 40:29 KJV


My flesh and my heart faileth: But God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever.

Psalm 73:26 KJV


He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; And that which he hath given will he pay him again.

Proverbs 19:17 KJV



Pastor – Jack HIBBS:

As we look back on 2023 and all of the ministry opportunities that God has given to Real Life, there is so much to rejoice over, pray about, and give thanks for.


This report is a summary of all those things, and we invite you to join us in rejoicing for what God has done, praying about what’s in store for 2024, and thanking God for His faithfulness throughout.

Pastor – Jack HIBBS



Urgent New Restriction:

In yet another baffling move, the Biden administration has recently implemented strict regulations on the stockpiling of animal antibiotics. This change also extends to certain prescription medications, making them harder to obtain.

This decision poses a serious challenge for those who rely on these supplies. In a scenario where the healthcare system faces unprecedented strain, having access to essential medications could mean the difference between health and hardship.


Imagine facing a sudden crisis next week, only to find your medicine cabinet empty and pharmacies out of stock. This isn’t just a hypothetical situation; it's a reality that could impact many, possibly even in your area. But don't lose hope. There are still ways to navigate these challenges and ensure your health and safety. By taking proactive and informed steps, you can prepare effectively for uncertain times.


Stay informed and stay prepared.

P.S. Remember, knowledge is power, especially in times of crisis. Learn the crucial steps to maintain your health independence in today’s changing landscape.

The Doctor's Book Of Survival Home Remedies

 The Real Anthony Fauci Movie Team




Your road trip could be a death trap if you don’t do this:

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, I always avoid the airports because they’re all a madhouse.


I’ve always taken my car to see my family as they’re only a state over and it’s at most a 5-hour drive. There’s just one problem, I’ve got family in Arizona… I don’t know if you know this about Arizona, but it’s hot, insanely hot… like the inside of a furnace hot. In the summer if you’re road-tripping and your car breaks down, it’s basically a death sentence!


That’s exactly what happened this year. Thank goodness it was winter because my phone died and I was stuck waving down traffic for hours! If it had been the summer, I don’t think I’d have survived… That’s why I carry this in my car now, and I know no matter what I’ll be safe!


Wether you’re in the woods or the city, this solar phone charger is a must-have.

  • ·         No more searching for an outlet…

  • ·         No more saving battery life during power outages…

  • ·         No more worrying that you won’t be able to reach help in a disaster!


Sleek, lightweight, and easy to transport, this solar phone charger is a must-have for anyone who wants to be prepared. It makes a fantastic gift… especially for loved ones who depend on their phones to stay in touch (I’m getting them for all of my nieces and nephews who are away at college).


The SOS Solar Phone Charger even has a compass and 2 different flashlights, it’s waterproof and dustproof, AND you can charge other devices (like tablets) with it.

Hurry, though… they’re selling out fast!

The VR23 Team


Secret gov’t warning goes viral:

Most Americans have no idea this chilling gov’t report exists. But it's something every one of us deserves to hear. Because, according to a document from a secret gov’t task force…An upcoming strike on our country could put 9 out of 10 of us in coffins. Pretty alarmist for a report from congress, don’t you think? Which makes me think this is something everyday folks shouldn’t sleep on. Especially because of the following:    

- If the report is correct, this strike could happen any day.    

- It’s sickening.    

- I can’t believe that the guys in Washington know about this, but they’re leaving the rest of us to fry.Because, if we prepare in time, we can protect our families. But if we don’t? Well, it doesn’t bear thinking about.Thankfully, one survival expert with deep military connections has shared the report with everyday folks. And he's exposed the single, must-do thing for us everyday folks to come out smiling on the other side.As you can imagine, people are sharing his vid like there’s no tomorrow. Which there may well not be. How long his short vid will stay on the net, I’ve got no idea. That’s why I wouldn’t wait around to watch it. Secret gov’t warning goes viral   Take the Time to VIEW the Whole VIDEO!

      ~The Patriots



Will the Supreme Court Save the Nation?

This effort to prevent Trump from running for President is presenting a major CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS. We have the extremely LEFTIST Supreme Court of Colorado ruling unconstitutionally that Trump should be barred from being on the ballot. Then we have the Michigan Supreme Court ruling against Colorado. Now, the State of Maine, another LEFTIST government, is also seeking to follow Colorado.

These Leftist Governments are planning to really destroy the Constitution in any way they possibly can. Not a single person on January 6th was criminally charged with the Insurrection Statute. Yet, these LEFTIST states are trying to use the 14th Amendment to block Trump from running when it has NEVER been used even once in history against any Southerner.

These states are fulfilling the warnings of Nikita Khrushchev (1894-1971). They are so anti-Constitution and are allowing this country to be flooded with people from South America who have traditionally been Marxists, which is why they have destroyed their own economies and are flooding into the United States for free food, clothing, healthcare, and to be taken care of for life as long as they vote for the Marxists here determined to destroy the US economy.

Our model warns of a recession from May 7th, 2024, into 2028. As Chairman Powell of the Federal Reserve warned, this spending by Biden is “unsustainable,” and there may not even be an election by 2028. Democracy is all about letting the people decide. States are rigging the ballots so that no challenger in the Democratic primary may appear on any ballot, leaving no choice for Democrats but Biden. Then, they are trying to prevent Trump from running at all. This is not Democracy – it is totalitarianism.

Will The Supreme Court SAVE THE NATION?

I fear we have reached the end of the rule of law. If the Supreme Court strikes down these Marxist States, they will only claim it was a Republican Decision. The very idea of a “UNITED” formation of states can no longer be justified. The nation has become so deeply divided; as Abraham Lincoln once said, a house divided cannot stand. This is what we face as we move into 2032. The Supreme Court instigated the Civil War with the Dread Scott decision when they tried to defuse the potential for the Civil War.


Emerson was Scott’s owner, and he allowed Scott to get married and left Scott and his wife in Wisconsin when Emerson traveled to Louisiana. Emerson died in 1843, and Scott attempted to purchase his freedom from Emerson’s widow, but she refused. Dread Scott argued that since he became a permanent resident in the federal territory of Wisconsin, which prohibited slavery, he became a freeman. The district court applied the laws of Missouri to find Scott was still a slave, and the Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed. It then went to the Supreme Court, in a hotly watched issue, then much as removing Trump from the ballots today.


In a highly contentious opinion written by Chief Justice Taney, he held that persons of African descent were not citizens of the United States. The Court reasoned that, at the time of the ratification of the U.S. Constitution, persons of African descent were brought to the U.S. as property and, whether later freed or not, could not become U.S. citizens. With that decision, the Civil War became the solution. Abraham Lincoln was never on the ballots in 10 states: South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Virginia. He did not receive any votes from the states that would later form the Confederacy besides Virginia, where Republicans secured 1% of the votes. History is repeating once again. Today, the Marxist-following states that do not believe in Equal Protection of the Law seek to remove Trump from their ballots as well to prevent him from becoming president, precisely as was done to Abraham Lincoln.

Regardless of how the Supreme Court rules, as in Dread Scott, one side will never support the outcome. It is questionable if the United States will ever be able to stand as one nation once again.

Scott Card


I expect that when it's time for the US election all the states that ban Trump from running will elect a Democrat president; and the others will have to decide if they want their own election with Trump on the ticket.  If they do that, bingo, you have two presidents, and two nations just like during the civil war. 

Patrick Bestall


Biden turns his back on U.S. troops in this disgusting way:

Taking care of Americans is the last thing President Biden has on his mind. It’s like he goes out of his way to put them on the back-burner of his priorities.

And Biden turns his back on U.S. troops in this disgusting way.

On Christmas Day, United States soldiers were hit with a drone attack in northern Iraq.

The attack was led by Kataib Hezbollah terrorists and resulted in the injury of three U.S. troops. One of the three soldiers was critically injured.


But instead of making any sort of comment about the attack, President Joe Biden chose to remain silent.

He instead issued several posts on X that wished Americans a “Happy Kwanzaa.”

“Jill and I wish a very Happy Kwanzaa to all those celebrating across America and around the world. May your homes be filled with hope, peace, and light,” Biden’s post from his official @POTUS account said.

“To everyone celebrating, Jill and I wish you a joyous Kwanzaa,” Biden also said on his personal X account.

After Biden (or the intern who likely uses social media for the 81-year-old president) made the posts on X, he left for yet another vacation, this time to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The December 25 attacks by the Iran-backed terrorists, is the first time a United States soldier was critically injured from attacks on troops stationed in the region since October 17.


The attacks also come after the Kataib Hezbollah militants warned that they would strike U.S. forces if Israel (an ally of the United States’) were to invade Gaza after the Hamas terrorist attack on the Jewish nation on October 7.

There have now been over 100 attacks against United States troops in the region, but President Biden has only ordered less than 10 strikes back to Kataib Hezbollah terrorists.


Most of those counterstrikes were towards facilities that hold weapons and ammunition.

Biden’s military response to this situation is a discussion for another time, but his clear lack of empathy for the three American serviceman who were wounded in the Christmas Day attacks, is unacceptable.

At the very least, he could have issued a social media post expressing well wishes for the wounded troops or made a short statement to the press.


But let’s not kid ourselves; he likely has never sent a social media post on his own without at least some sort of help.

That means the staff in his administration should also be on the hot seat for this critical error.

The Federalist Wire





AOC’s Yuletide Instagram Goof: Ignites Outrage for Blind Eye on Hamas Terrorism!

In her recent Instagram story, New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sparked controversy with her Christmas Eve post, drawing criticism from many. With a photo of a child in the Gaza Strip, AOC prayed for peace and protection in the region, likening the situation there to the biblical story of Jesus’ birth in modern-day Palestine. She condemned what she described as a violent occupation by right-wing forces in the region, prompting fierce backlash from her detractors.

AOC slammed over Christmas message about Israel-Hamas war: ‘Jew hate’

— New York Post (@nypost) December 25, 2023

Critics, including senior political reporter Jacob Kornbluh, condemned AOC for not mentioning the victims of attacks by Hamas terrorists and for neglecting to acknowledge Israeli captives and women who were raped during these attacks. Another user accused her of outright “Jew hate,” while a third dismissed her description of “Jewish Palestinians,” asserting that they were Jews of Judea.


Pro-Israel activist Andrea Karshan joined the chorus of voices criticizing AOC, suggesting that she should have simply enjoyed Christmas without delving into “social justice political” issues. AOC’s message contrasted with Pope Francis’ Christmas Day appeal for peace, in which he expressed grief over Hamas’ attack on southern Israel and called for an end to Israel’s military campaign in Gaza.


The conservative community rallied against AOC’s post, decrying her characterization of Israel and showing support for the Israeli perspective. While AOC may have intended to convey a message about peace, her words sparked passionate pushback from those who saw her post as an affront to Israel and its ongoing struggle for security.

The Patriot Powered Network



David YEO:


L0$T !n $P@C3 (2 Min)


T3$LA R0B0T @TTaCK$ EmPL0Y33 (16 Min)


B3$T $3LL!nG AuTH0R**JUL!3 D!3$ @ 49 (1 Min)


R3-P0$T: Th3 PL0T 0f Th3 $yN0G0Gu3 of $@TAN (2 Min)


M@R!A & ANA: Th3Y've pu+ ArT!F!C!@L L!F3 !n HuM@N$ (68 Min)


H0W +o M@K3 $AU3RKr@UT (10 Min)


NUR$3: CH@0$ Br0K3 0u+ @fT3R J@B (3 Min)


C3LL-Ph0N3 U$3R$: T-M0B!L3 & 0Th3r$ RuL3$ (18 Min)

N0T3: U$3 D!$C3rnM3nT Wh3N T3XT!nG.


H0LLYW00D: TurB0-C@NC3R T@K3$ 0u+ ACToR @ 56 (3 Min)


"E@rTH !s a CL0$3D $y$T3M. U can'+ L3@V3 The E@rTH." (18 Min)


G0D's N@M3 !n DNA (1 Min)


WH0 Was AD0LF'$ D@DDY? (8 Min)


!ZR@3L AW@!T$ !R@N's R3$P0n$3 (3 Min)


F0X N3W$ R3P0rT3R D!3$ SuDD3NLY @ 33 (1 Min)

N0T3: He's 2nd ReP0rter from F0X who D!3d 0n Wknd.


$h@K!nG H3@D: A! J3$U$ & Th3 $KYN3T Pr0J3CT (83 Min)


FE: "$P@C3 !s W@T3R**And Th3 $T@R$ are ANG3L$: (20 Min)


ANNUNAK! = F@LL3N ANG3L$ (1 Min)


D!$N3Y & C0M!C$ and Th3 0CCuLT (30 Min)


Th3R3 N3V3R was a C0NT@G!0US 'V!RU$' (25 Min)


G0D !s !n Y0UR DNA**Th3 B0DY !s Th3 T3mPL3 (12 Min)


"CAN GR@V!TY H0LD a  T!NY BuTT3RFLy D0WN?" (14 Min)


Th3 R0TH$CH!LD$ 0wn !ZR@3L**WW3 !s MuTu@L D3$TruCT!0N (7 Min)




A Laura Ingraham guest made a shocking announcement involving Justice Brett Kavanaugh that had viewers erupting in cheers:

Americans are getting sick of “bombshell” media hoaxes.

The Russian collusion narrative was one of many promoted by the corporate-controlled press.

And one Laura Ingraham guest made a shocking announcement involving Justice Brett Kavanaugh that had viewers erupting in cheers.

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Nicholas Sandmann from Covington Catholic High School were two of many people that have been smeared by the Democrat-controlled media with virtually zero consequences.

Worse yet, the media outlets that got these stories and others right have had their reputations attacked by the Censorship Industrial Complex.


“Objective” fact-checking organizations like Politifact, Snopes, and NewsGuard downgrade conservative media outlets, while boosting left-wing organizations.

And author Mollie Hemingway, who co-wrote Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court, is suing the Biden administration for funding and promoting countless organizations that work to censor conservative media companies.


Hemingway told Fox News’s Laura Ingraham, “If you have done anything to debunk those stories with real facts and real information, you are rated as ‘risky’ or ‘not to be trusted’ . . . This matters because your ability to compete in the news marketplace is affected by these groups. They influence how people allocate advertising, how search algorithms are done and GDI (Global Disinformation Index) is just one, again, of hundreds of these groups.”

NewsGuard works with advertisers and guides them on where to allocate money because of its analysis of various media companies.


Since NewsGuard has a left-wing bias, it offers a lower grade to right-wing outlets, while boosting left-wing companies, irrespective of accuracy and integrity.

So, The New York Times can report falsely on Kavanaugh, Sandmann, or Donald Trump and not have its score affected.

This is how legacy institutions act as gatekeepers in the digital era.

Hemingway continued, “I think Americans would be really horrified to know how much of their taxpayer dollars have gone into not just helping launch some of these things, but also helping market, promote, and work with them . . .


This type of censorship affects what type of news and information people can get on every issue that matters, on every issue that affects elections…It can be anything from foreign policy to domestic policy; to how we talk about trans issues or life issues or economic issues. It’s everything and it’s the most un-American thing to get involved in censoring this speech.”

The Un-Muzzled News

What’s the Truth behind Slavery?

Much early SLAVERY was from England & Europe into North Africa... Slavery in EUROPE transitioned from SLAVERY

                                                                                                                                                                  Donna Warren

Be sure to view this VIDEO... you will learn much!

CANADA awards Meritorious Medal to Trans-Activist:

Canada awards Meritorious Service Medal to trans activist who got nation's oldest rape relief shelter defunded because it said, "transgender women were men."

Dude, I'm embarrassed to even share a border with Canada after reading about this, so I can't even imagine what this feels like to an actual Canadian.

Yup, Trudeau's government really gave a medal to a transgender activist who got the country's oldest rape center defunded. Why did this transgender activist want the Vancouver Rape Relief & Women's Shelter to lose its funding? Because the rape center wouldn't allow trans-identifying males through their doors. Yes, apparently women who have been raped by perverted males don't feel comfortable sharing their safe space with perverted males. Interesting, right?

But for this reason, the rape shelter lost its funding after nearly 50 years of service, and now Canada is rewarding the activist who got the place defunded with a Meritorious Service Medal.

A transgender activist who had city funding stripped from Canada's oldest rape shelter has been awarded a medal as a 'champion of diversity'.

Morgane Oger, a transgender woman, was given a Meritorious Service Medal by Canadian Governor-General Mary Simon on December 7 …

Oger was chosen for the award in 2018 and it was unclear why it took five years for her to actually receive it … Oger was at the time spearheading an effort to strip Vancouver Rape Relief of city funding because it refused to shelter transgender women [sic].

Vancouver City Council in March 2019 pulled its CAN$34,000 a year grant from 2020 unless the shelter, the oldest in Canada that began in 1974, changed its policy …

Oger told the council as it deliberated that the shelter was violating the city's trans equality and inclusion criteria, adopted in 2016, and was saying transgender women were men, not women.

So, if you tattletale on a rape center which won't let men in the door, you're awarded a medal and called a "champion of diversity." That's really how far Canada has gone.                                                                                                              

No more help for women who've been raped, the rape shelter doesn't let crossdressing men inside to mingle with the women. Shut down their funding.

Here's Oger with the medal:

Just a disgrace.


Months after the funding was stripped, the shelter was repeatedly vandalized in August 2019 and a dead rat was nailed to the front door.

'Kill TERFS, trans power,' was written on the windows, in reference to 'trans-exclusionary radical feminists', who reject the concept of transgender identity.

Oger at the time implied that though the vandalism was unacceptable, the shelter brought it on itself.

'Regrettably but predictably, VRR choosing to ignore Canada's civil rights laws causes blow-back,' she wrote.

'I empathize VRR feel threatened by the predictable response to their conduct. As I have previously offered, I am ready to help VRR get out of their mess if they wish to.'


What a disgrace it must be to be a Canadian now.

The Not-the-Bee Media

Patrick Bestall

EM2-To be or not to be:

Jeremiah told the faithful to lay down their arms and surrender to the destruction of Solomon's Temple and the coming captivity in Babylon.  


Just over 70 years later Nehemiah told the faithful to pick up arms to defend themselves while rebuilding the temple.


What are we to do today under increasing globalist attacks?  Who can we identify with in the bible?  I think of Shakespeare's famous soliloquy by Hamlet.


To be, or not to be, that is the question:

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles

And by opposing end them. To die—to sleep,

No more; and by a sleep to say we end

The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks

That flesh is heir to: 'tis a consummation

Devoutly to be wish'd. To die, to sleep;

To sleep, perchance to dream—ay, there's the rub:

For in that sleep of death what dreams may come,

When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,

Must give us pause—


And then I think of what Andrew Isker said in his book The Boniface Option:


And then I think we are experiencing a kind of captivity in Babylon right now, a time of Daniel between Jeremiah and Nehamiah, we are under the dominion of the Babylonian globalists, so we must overlook our petty differences of theological opinion and prepare for the fall of this virtual Babylon in one hour, then we can once again take up arms to build a new virtual temple of God for a bride awaiting the Groom.                                                             Patrick Bestall

EM1-electromagnetic fields, yeah THEM again:

In 1875 a researcher warned people not to put electric wiring in their homes because when it was done to a rat's home, six months later the poor thing fell sick and lost half its fur.  I never forgot the photo of that wooden box with an electric wire wound around it (just once around).  The newspaper caption read, "Would you wire your home like this?"


Last week, I read another newspaper report warning people about electromagnetic radiation, this time coming from inside our planet, an "electromagnetic storm" that upsets many people mentally and physically - and who knows how long it will last.  Geologists just discovered evidence of one that lasted from the building of Solomon's Temple to the time it was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar!  


Since I'm very concerned about another increase in electromagnetic fields, when asteroid Apophis comes by in 2029, I did more looking to find out what serious researchers say about how it affects us (not the sensationalists looking to sell books and get YouTube hits).  Well, the pros confirmed it!  Read all about it below.



Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are produced by production, transmission, and use of electrical devices such as power lines, electrical wiring, transformers and electrical equipment, so each person in the society can be exposed to them [1]. Extremely low frequency (ELF) fields includes alternating current (AC) fields and other electromagnetic, and non-ionizing radiation from 3Hz to 300Hz

[2]. Electric power substations, transmission lines, distribution lines, industrial devices as well as electric appliances are some of the commonly known sources of ELF magnetic fields in the environment. Since many substations are surrounded by residential or commercial areas, people living near them and also personnel working in the substations may be exposed to high ELF magnetic fields

[3]. As a result, it is necessary to assess personal exposure to ELF magnetic fields and the effects of them

[4]. Recent studies have been done mostly on the health effects of exposure to non-ionizing low frequency radiation. It has been shown that different types of animals, and humans are sensitive even to minor exposure to electromagnetic fields [3,5].


Public concerns have been raised about possible effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields on human health and [2]. EMF can lead to rapid aging and have a significant impact on metabolic systems including elevated blood glucose levels, elevation in lipid levels, increased neuroregulatory disturbances, decreased testosterone levels in males and impacts on the Central nervous system (CNS), cardiovascular, and immune systems amongst other issues. EMFs have an effect on raised blood pressure, pulse rate and affecting other dynamics of cardiovascular function [6,7]. Recently, several studies reported that extremely low-frequency magnetic field exposure might disrupt normal sleep [2]. Asanova and Rakov were the first to note that occupational exposure to power frequency electric and magnetic fields might have a detrimental influence on night sleep.


Akorstedt observed that magnetic field exposure was associated with a significant reduction in the duration of slow wave sleep (sleep stages III and IV) [8]. In 2009, Sharifi reported the prolonged exposure to magnetic fields of 230 kV high voltage substations can cause to increase the psychiatric disorders like sleep disturbance, despite that the exposure level was lower than occupational permissible limits (ICNIRP) [9]. Yousefi observed magnetic field exposure can exacerbate some psychological problems. He considered 103 workers in Tehran high voltage substations. The symptoms of depression, paranoia, intellectual and practical obsession, interpersonal sensitivity, anxiety, hostility, phobia and psychosis were observed based on questionnaire results [10].


Sleep, a complex biological process controlled by the central nervous system, is necessary for proper cognitive, metabolic, and immune function [8].We spend a third of our life asleep because sleep is vital to everyone. Studies have shown a direct link between the amount and quality of sleep and our abilities of the next day and also disruption to sleep, especially ongoing problems, affects our quality of life and can have a bad effect on our health and general well-being [11]. Night sleep is tonic and will help to daily good performance [12]. Sleep allows our body and mind to rest [13]. Graham and Cook reported that an intermittent, but not a continuous, magnetic field exposure may disrupt sleep. Electro-biological research of sleep showed that EMF at night has more severe effects on health in comparison to EMF radiation in day time [2]. Poor sleep quality has been associated with increased tension, irritability, depression, confusion and generally lower life satisfaction [14].


Poor sleep quality reduces longevity from 80 years to 65–70 years [15]. Since poor sleep quality is associated with numerous health problems (gastrointestinal disorders, depression, exacerbation of chronic disease) and extremely low frequencies are in the frequency ranges of brain waves and also they have more impact on employee performance, we the sleep quality in the workers of high voltage substations in the city of Kerman and its suburbs was assessed. Kerman is the largest and most developed city in the Kerman Province and also the major city in South-East of Iran.In addition, workers in high voltage electricity substations are exposed to ELFMF more than other people [2].

Don’t bother to read all the other research papers I’ve linked here, unless you’re into scientific studies.

National Library of Medicine

Our mixed-up Energy World:

and then there's half of Canada sticking with oil while Trudeau plans to go all electric...and the confusion continues.

Behind the mask of Argentina's "chainsaw" President-Elect:

He may be making cuts to pay for the IMF loan that got him elected.

Argentina’s new president, Javier Milei, will keep the country in the Paris climate accords, his negotiator stated. Javier wants to retain the consumer model economics. Which is why he doesn’t want to join the BRICS Nations and also why he wants to adopt the fiat USD.

The Squeeze is on the CCP:

Communists are no longer a privileged class in China.  I bet the day comes that it will fall like it did in Soviet Russia.  Then we'll be glad to have Chinese everywhere, Chinese who know how bad socialism can be.

Patrick Bestall


The Candice Malcolm Show

Biggest HOAX of 2023:

Did climate change really cause the Canadian wildfires? Did Danielle Smith’s office really try to meddle in a criminal investigation in Alberta?

Does anything the legacy media tell you ever turn out to be true?

It’s the FINAL Fake News Friday episode of 2023, and hosts Candice Malcolm and Harrison Faulkner are here to deliver the WINNERS (or should we say losers?) of the Fake News Friday 2023 Awards for biggest legacy media hoaxes of the year.

True North Media


Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:



This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND  







The Real News for Fri. 29 Dec. 2023:


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