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Saturday 8-12-23

Saturday 8-12-23

Verse(s) for today:

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Philippians 4:8 KJV

But to do good and to communicate forget not: for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.

Hebrews 13:16 KJV

Is any among you afflicted? let him pray. Is any merry? let him sing psalms.

James 5:13 KJV

You will ENJOY this one… [Dan Brooks]

Supreme Court to review $6B opioid settlement:

The Supreme Court has agreed to review a $6 billion opioid settlement involving Purdue Pharma following a Biden administration appeal.

The deal would involve immunity for current and future civil claims against the company.

The statement

Purdue Pharma opposed the judicial review in a statement to the Daily Caller.

“We are confident in the legality of our nearly universally supported Plan of Reorganization, and optimistic that the Supreme Court will agree,” Purdue Pharma said in a statement given to the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“Even so, we are disappointed that the U.S. Trustee, despite having no concrete interest in the outcome of this process, has been able to single-handedly delay billions of dollars in value that should be put to use for victim compensation, opioid crisis abatement for communities across the country, and overdose rescue medicines," it added.

The details

"The justices agreed to a request from the Biden administration to put the brakes on an agreement reached last year with state and local governments. In addition, the high court will hear arguments before the end of the year over whether the settlement can proceed," the Associated Press reported.

"The deal would allow the company to emerge from bankruptcy as a different entity, with its profits used to fight the opioid epidemic. Members of the Sackler family would contribute up to $6 billion," it added.

The legal battle

"A federal judge in New York initially blocked the reorganization, however, ruling that bankruptcy laws do not allow liability shields to be given to parties that aren't actually filing for bankruptcy," ABC News reported.

"An appellate court disagreed, reinstating the bankruptcy plan, and the DOJ asked the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene," it continued.

The case could delay settlements to over 100,000 people impacted by the case, according to legal firm involved.

The massive settlement, however, needs another look according to the Supreme Court, to make certain that the process is handled accurately.

Joe Biden claims that he "already" declared a "national emergency" on climate change:

President Joe Biden claimed that he has "already" declared a "national emergency" on climate change, Breitbart reported. He said this during an interview with The Weather Channel that debuted Wednesday.

In a rare interview with Stephanie Abrams, Biden touted his crisis response to climate change and managed to find a way to touch the comely meteorologist. Abrams asked him about his claim that climate change is a "code red for humanity" and his response to it.

"The World Health Organization said it would cause an additional quarter of a million deaths a year starting in 2030. Are you prepared to declare a national emergency with respect to climate change?" Abrams asked the president.

"I’ve already done that, the national emergency — we’ve conserved more land, we’ve moved into — we’ve rejoined the Paris Climate Accord, we’ve passed a 368 billion-dollar climate control [initiative]," Biden responded. "We’re moving," he continued.

"It is the existential threat to humanity," Biden exaggerated. Abrams pushed back, asking him to confirm whether he's "already declared that national emergency" then.

"Well, in a practical — you have a bug on you," he said, interrupting himself. Biden then reached out and brushed the insect away from her chest area.

Remaining professional, an unflinching Abrams thanked Biden and went on to push with her original line of questioning. "So, you’ve already declared that national emergency?" Abrams asked Biden.

"Practically speaking, yes," Biden responded. However, even the usually leftist-friendly CNN had to call Biden on that lie.

The president has yet to formally declare that climate change is a national emergency. Doing so would mean government power, money, and resources could be used to fight the weather.

Climate change extremists have pressed Biden to do just that since the first days of his presidency, but Biden has stopped short of such a drastic measure. Still, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters that Biden was merely referring to his decision to invoke the Defense Production Act to force the switch to so-called clean energy.

"What the president was talking about is the Defense Production Act," she explained on "CNN This Morning" on Wednesday"That’s something he did very early on," Jean-Pierre added.

The network lamented that the Defense Production Act does not give Biden the "power to restrict the export of crude oil and end offshore drilling, among other authorities" like declaring an emergency would. Meanwhile, sane people are grateful for that fact.

Whether or not climate change is caused by humans, the aim of those in power seems to be to take away rights and resources from ordinary people. While they circle the globe in carbon-producing private jets, they tell everyone else to alter their lives for the cause.

The use of fossil fuels has allowed people all over the world comfort, freedom of travel, and many other perks of modernity. It's absurd to propose anything that would take those gains away from the masses, especially if done so means using the full force of the government.

. [American Digest Media]

Biden DOJ To Fight Court Order That Blocked Feds from Colluding With Big Tech To Censor Speech:

In court Thursday, the Justice Department intends to argue for lifting an order banning the government from coordinating with social media companies to censor Americans. Reportedly, the DOJ will ask the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, to block a July 4 order issued by U.S. District Judge Terry A. Doughty, which prevents White House officials and federal agencies from meeting with tech companies about social media censorship.

Doughty’s order argued that such actions likely violated the First Amendment. The scathing Independence Day injunction, which the Biden administration is now fighting to repeal, essentially said that the government's actions, during the pandemic were akin to "an Orwellian ‘Ministry of Truth.'"

On July 4, Doughty’s order, came as the culmination of a legal battle brought by Republican state attorneys general from Missouri and Louisiana, that accused high-ranking government officials of working with giant social media companies "under the guise of combating misinformation". Doughty claimed that the resultant collusion ultimately led to censoring speech on topics, that included the COVID-19 origins, Hunter Biden’s laptop, and the efficacy of the use of face masks.

Sen. Eric Schmitt, (R) Mo stated that the government’s Big Tech censorship should “scare the bejesus” out of all Americans. He emphasized concerns over the Biden administration and the federal governments’ efforts to censor Americans, through Big Tech and social media.

Doughty’s injunction, in July added-

"If the allegations made by Plaintiffs are true, the present case arguably involves the most massive attack against free speech in United States’ history,"... "In their attempts to suppress alleged disinformation, the Federal Government, and particularly the Defendants named here, are alleged to have blatantly ignored the First Amendment’s right to free speech." …

[concluding that the Biden administration] "likely violate[d]the Free Speech Clause" [that the court] "is not persuaded by Defendants’ arguments," and…"Viewpoint discrimination is an especially egregious form of content discrimination. The government must abstain from regulating speech when the specific motivating ideology or the perspective of the speaker is the rationale for the restriction."

-U.S. District Judge Terry A. Doughty

In the injunction, Doughty also claimed that "the censorship alleged in this case almost exclusively targeted conservative speech," but that the issues that this case raises are "beyond party lines." It is literally a matter of protected speech that is in question here.

Immediately appealing the injunction, the DOJ, arguing that the government faced "irreparable harm", because Doughty's order may prevent the federal government from "working with social media companies on initiatives to prevent grave harm to the American people and our democratic processes." Both parties will argue before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals at 2:00 p.m. Thursday.

Intending to defend the injunction in court on Thursday, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey, said the injunction was a-

"huge win in the fight to safeguard our most fundamental freedoms," [and] "Joe Biden's Department of Justice actually had the audacity to argue that the nation would suffer 'irreparable harm' if they weren't allowed to continue violating Americans' First Amendment right,"

"Make no mistake - without this injunction, there is nothing stopping Joe Biden from continuing to censor political speech. The federal government cannot be trusted to protect Americans' rights, which is precisely why our Founders enshrined the First Amendment into the Constitution,"

-Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey

The New Civil Liberties Alliance legal group, who also have plaintiffs in the lawsuit, alleging they were censored by Big Tech with the government's help. In an interview with Fox News, they claimed that they are "confident" that the Fifth Circuit will agree with the District Court's findings that-

"the evidence shows significant First Amendment violations."…"The relentless and significant pressure the White House, the Surgeon General, the FBI, and other government actors placed on social-media companies to eliminate and reduce the speech of American citizens went far beyond permissible position statements and suggestions,"

-Zhonette Brown, Senior Litigation Counsel, New Civil Liberties Alliance

That the DOJ would so openly argue for the blocking of this injunction is very telling. Literally it means that this administration as well as the “deep state” have been very successful at circumventing Americans First Amendment rights. They do not wish to lose this highly effective (notably) tool in their arsenal, to affect what Americans are allowed to know, and resultantly may act upon, that supports their political agenda. Brazen does not begin to describe the audacity of these persons.

When will those involved in this censorship, see jail time for what they have effectively stolen, through manipulation, from America’s citizenry? And – how do you replace/restore freedoms lost?

Bailey said it best-

“The federal government cannot be trusted to protect Americans' rights”

-Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey


Experienced Officer Resigns Labeling City A Disgrace in Bold Departure:

She decided to retire but not go out quietly. A former Seattle police officer UNLOADED on the policing system and the City Council overseeing the fall of society.

Lt. Jessica Taylor, formerly of the Seattle Police Department, retired on Aug. 1. However, instead of filling out the standard exit interview form, she wrote a scathing letter in which she lambasted Police Chief Adrian Diaz, Mayor Bruce Harrell and the Seattle City Council for allowing the city to descend into "anarchy & chaos."

Taylor, who went public with her 15-page tirade Tuesday on "The Jason Rantz Show" on KTTH, accused the police department of being "a breeding ground of lies, deceit, favoritism, and rampant corruption."

Good for her for hoping to leave things better than what she experienced.

Glad to see she retired with dignity, better to go out like this than to leave and not say anything because of fear of backlash.

"Chief Diaz, let me tell you, the state of the Seattle Police Department and this city is a disgrace," she wrote. "The toxic mix of the Seattle City Council's absurdity, the spinelessness of the Mayor, the leniency of the prosecutor's office, and your failed leadership has accelerated this city's downhill slide straight to rock bottom. The problems were already brewing before you came on the scene, but since your arrival, it’s been a free fall into anarchy & chaos."

Oof! She did not mince any words.

Sadly, her words likely will fall on deaf ears. A sad state of affairs in Seattle, indeed.

Sigh. Elections have consequences and only the people of Seattle can begin this much needed house cleaning.

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[Patriot Digest]

All Hell Breaks Loose in Supreme Court When Two SCOTUS Judges Get Into a Brawl:

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, who was appointed by President Joe Biden, has drawn some criticism from Justice Clarence Thomas, who cited her “racist worldview” as the reason for his reservations.

Thomas agreed that Harvard University’s admissions policies violated Title VI of the Civil Rights Act and the University of North Carolina’s policies violated the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment in a lengthy concurrence to the Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision in June invalidating race-based college admission standards. The concurrence was written by Chief Justice John Roberts.

“Eliminating racial discrimination means eliminating all of it,” Roberts wrote in the ruling.

Jackson, in contrast, claimed in a dissent that the decision would really be “worse” for minorities because “race still matters to the lived experiences of all Americans in innumerable ways.”

“With let-them-eat-cake obliviousness, today, the majority pulls the ripcord and announces ‘colorblindness for all’ by legal fiat,” she continued. “But deeming race irrelevant in law does not make it so in life. And having so detached itself from this country’s actual past and present experiences, the Court has now been lured into interfering with the crucial work that UNC and other institutions of higher learning are doing to solve America’s real-world problems. No one benefits from ignorance.

[The Political Signal]

Trump makes one 2024 announcement that changed the entire race:

Most conservatives have viewed Trump as the shoo-in to take the Republican nomination. Now all of that has changed.

Because Trump made one 2024 announcement that changed the entire race.

Former President Donald Trump is far and away the favorite to take on Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election.

The numbers are truly one-sided, with Donald Trump garnering 53.7% of Republican support according to FiveThirtyEight’s average of polls.

But Trump is making clear that if he isn’t the nominee, he may not support the Republican Party.

Former President Donald Trump announced on Newsmax TV’s “The Balance” on Wednesday that he would not sign the Republican National Committee’s promise to support the GOP nominee for the first primary debate on Fox News on August 23.

“I’ve already decided,” Trump remarked, “and I’ll be announcing something next week.”

Host Eric Bolling said, “Fox senior executives came and had dinner with you and pitched you. Did they move the needle?”

Trump said, “Well they were very nice. Look, they were very nice.”

Bolling said, “The only reason I say this, I put a poll up on Twitter. At least two-thirds of the people don’t want you to do the debate because they feel it could be a setup. Are you concerned about Fox setting you up?”

Trump said, “Well, when you’re at 75, 78, 80%, and other guys are 0, 1%, 2%, 3%, you do say, ‘What’s the upside? Am I going to go up one point? But they could go up, you know. They’re not dumb people. They’re senators. They’re governors. They’re intelligent people. You have some very good people.”

Trump said, “I have a problem with the debate for another reason. I wouldn’t sign the pledge. Why would I sign a pledge if there are people on there that I wouldn’t have? I wouldn’t have certain people as, you know, somebody that I’d endorse. So, they want you to sign a pledge, but I can name three or four people that I wouldn’t support for president. So, there is a problem right there.”

“Can I ask which three?” Bolling inquired.

Trump said, “There’s no reason to insult them but there are some people there that a lot of people wouldn’t endorse.”

He continued, “They’re not going to go anywhere, by the way. They’re not going to get it. But I wouldn’t endorse them.”

Bolling asked, “The RNC said that’s one of the requirements for— so you won’t sign it?”

Trump said, “Well, they have three or four people that I wouldn’t, you know— who would put these people as president?”

But this is all speculation – at the rate it’s going, Trump has the nomination.

[The Federalist Wire Media]

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IN DEPTH:1. Man Abandons New EV During Family Vacation, Has to Get Gas-Powered Car to Finish the Trip New 2. Top Republican Exposes ‘Damning’ Photo of Joe Biden New 3. Autistic Teen Bears Full Brunt of ‘Hate Speech’ Law, Arrested for Telling Cop She Looks Like Her Grandma New 4. Barack Obama’s Salacious Secret Out In Leaked Personal Letter 1 hour ago 5. Supreme Court Announcement Floors Joe Biden – Could Be The End 1 hour ago 6. Op-Ed: Wanted Fugitive Walks Into Church, Experiences Utter Transformation — We Must Follow Suit 2 hours ago 7. Budweiser Tent Attracts Zero People at Sturgis 2 hours ago 8. Kellyanne Conway Gets Sad News About Her Daughter After Divorce 2 hours ago 9. Anderson Cooper Abruptly Walks Off LIVE CNN Set After Revealing Life-Changing News 2 hours ago 10. “Squad” Rep. Jamaal Bowman: This Border Crisis Sure Makes Us Look Bad 3 hours ago 11. Judge Rejects Jack Smith’s Broad Protective Order on Speech in Jan 6 Case 3 hours ago 12. Trump Slams “Lunatic” Jack Smith Over Proposed Trial Date 3 hours ago 13. Illinois Supreme Court Finds Assault Weapons Ban Constitutional in 4–3 Vote 3 hours ago 14. Bongino: Real Reason Jack Smith Wants Access to Trump’s Twitter Is for the ‘Metadata’ 3 hours ago 15. Bernie Sanders Caught Funneling Large Sums of Campaign Cash to Wife, Stepson’s Nonprofit 4 hours ago 16. White House In Full Panic Over Biden’s ‘Mental Fitness’ Results 4 hours ago 17. WH Spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre Hit With Major Lawsuit 4 hours ago 18. Fox News Infuriates Media With Insane Rule On GOP Debate 4 hours ago 19. Beware: Biden Is Tapping Into a New Database That Includes 90% of All US Voters 5 hours ago 20. Look Out, Fox News: Tucker Carlson May Have Landed Huge Conservative Investors for His New Media Company 6 hours ago 21. As Tensions Mount With Belarus, Poland to Deploy 10,000 Troops to Border 6 hours ago 22. Native American Group Tells Commanders to Change Team Name Back to Redskins — Threatens Boycott 6 hours ago 23. Full Blown Chaos Breaks Out Live On ‘The Five’ As Lib Co-Host Starts Screaming 6 hours ago 24. Tucker Airs Explosive Interview With Former Capitol Police Chief 6 hours ago 25. EPA Taxpayer Settlement Payouts to Left-Wing Climate Activists Soars 7 hours ago 26. Hawaii Was Warned of Man-Made Threat Years Before Lethal Wildfire as Leftists Blame Climate Change 7 hours ago 27. Biden Doubles Down on His Lies in First Public Response to Devon Archer Testimony 7 hours ago 28. Climate Scientist Tells John Stossel Climate Change Narrative Is Manufactured Consensus 7 hours ago 29. Special Counsel Asks for Jan 2 Trial Date in Trump Election Case 7 hours ago 30. Analysis Finds EPA’s New Climate Rule Would Cause Rolling Blackouts in Large Portion of Midwest 7 hours ago 31. Pocahontas Asked About Biden Family Payments — Quickly Changes Subject 7 hours ago 32. Bidenomics: Biden Reaffirms Plans to Make Oil and Gas More Expensive 7 hours ago 33. Over 60 Utah Republicans Endorse Primary Challenger to Mitt Romney 7 hours ago 34. House Republicans Probe Alleged Misuse of COVID-19 Education Funds 7 hours ago 35. DeSantis, Haley RNC Sign Loyalty Pledge to Be Eligible for GOP Primary Debate 7 hours ago 36. Fifth Circuit Strikes Down Law Forbidding Drug Users From Possessing Firearms 7 hours ago 37. The “He’s Not Real” Airplane Lady Speaks Out 7 hours ago 38. “Squad” Rep. Cori Bush’s Bogus Narrative About Michael Brown Shooting Gets Fact-Checked 7 hours ago 39. Neighbors React to FBI Killing of Man Who Threatened Biden 7 hours ago 40. Virgin Galactic Flies Its First Tourists to the Edge of Space 9 hours ago 41. Mark Lewis: Is the Chinese Communist Party Really “Communist”? 9 hours ago 42. Blue State That Pushes Green Energy Delays Closing Power Plants Amid Blackout Concerns 9 hours ago 43. Federal appeals court skeptical of feds’ relationship with Big Tech, censorship of COVID-19 material 9 hours ago 44. There’s 1 Thing Donald Trump Won’t Do in the Race for President 11 hours ago 45. Vivek Ramaswamy Responds to Backlash Over His Answer on if 9/11 Was an ‘Inside Job’ 14 hours ago 46. Behind-the-Scenes Footage Shows Different Side of Tucker, Geeking Out Over ‘Old Stickshifts’ 16 hours ago 47. ‘Damning’ Picture Uncovered of Biden on Air Force Two: ‘Deeply Compromised’ 19 hours ago 48. Interviewer Booted From Trump’s Plane After What She Did To His Face 20 hours ago 49. Hannity Says His Fox News Show ‘Hit a Nerve’ at Biden White House — He Knows They Were Watching 21 hours ago 50. Huge New Name Emerges As Trump’s Top VP Pick – Shakes Up Campaign 21 hours ago 51. Subpoenas Are Coming for the Biden Family, Including Joe and Hunter: Rep. James Comer 23 hours ago 52. ‘Black Supremacist’ Teacher Finds Herself Out of a Job After Complaining About Sister Dating White Man 24 hours ago 53. NFL Star Odell Beckham Jr. Speaks Out in Support of ‘Sound of Freedom’ 1 day ago 54. GOP Rep. Greg Steube Has Had Enough, Says It’s ‘Long Past Time’ to Start Process of Impeaching Biden 1 day ago 55. Life-Changing Event May Have Influenced Ivanka Trump’s Exit from Politics 1 day ago 56. Trump Makes Defiant Announcement After Fox News Exec Came Begging 1 day ago 57. Comer to Subpoena Biden Family Members 1 day ago 58. Media Conveniently Ignores Gold Star Families Criticizing Biden 1 day ago 59. Leaked Docs Show U.S. Supported Pakistan Coup Over PM’s Ukraine Neutrality 1 day ago 60. Jim Jordan and Adam Schiff Agree to Have Cameras in Trump Cases 1 day ago

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!


General Summary

What we think we know as of Fri. 11 Aug. 2023:

  • · Right now International Martial Law was in place across the Globe and in seven states and 70 US cities that were considered hot spots.

  • · With banks closing across the Globe, the New York Stock Market being artificially held up for years and the fiat US Dollar recently refused for international trade by China, Russia and other nations in the gold/asset-backed BRICS system, it’s not hard to realize that there was about to be a Global Collapse of the World’s Economic System.

  • · To help control the upcoming ensuing chaos, the White Hats have planned a Communications Blackout for the over 30 major countries – which had well planned Military Coups to overthrow their corrupt governments and a promise from the White Hat Military that they would restore order within 30 days.

  • · On Wed. 9 Aug. the United States Military deployed seven naval fleets, between 180 to 350 Warships, Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, Cruiser Ships and Nuclear Subs across the world into 22 times zones for a “Military Exercise.” In these operations Marines were being deployed to several countries.

  • · The 5G Towers installed throughout the US and Globe were actually high grade Direct Energy Weapon Spying Mechanisms used for Sonar Graphing – Mapping Cities, Homes, Buildings & Military Bases. Putin has already destroyed 5G Towers present throughout Russia, while the US Congress has yet to act.

  • · Steven Sund, Capitol Police Chief on Jan 6,revealed shocking testimony to a Congressional Committee regarding the Jan. 6 riot, including exposing an incredible level of corruption in our military, several govt agencies, the Jan 6 committee and Ray Epps’ involvement.

  • · Devin Nunes hasrevealed how the Obama regime corrupted the national security division of the Department of Justice and FBI.

  • · WikiLeaks has released a set of CIA files – 8,000 pages in all – which mark the biggest exposure of CIA spying secrets ever, including a host of hacking secrets that could embarrass intelligence agencies.

  • · Derek Johnson explains the government devolution we are living under: Derek Johnson Huge Intel: ‘Special Operation’! – Video | Opinion – Conservative | Before It’s News (

  • · It has been discovered that hospitals nationwide have literally murdered patients simply to collect Covid subsidies at $48,000 per death.

  • · The Cabal planned Martial Law where they would exterminate 8 million Americans – that is not going to happen with the White Hats now in charge. CIA “Threat List”: Names 8 MILLION AMERICANS Who WILL BE DETAINED or EXECUTED When MARTIAL LAW Is Imposed (VIDEO) – American Media Group (

  • · Fri. 11 Aug. State of Control Alert: Everyone Needs to Pay Attention to This! STATE OF CONTROL ALERT MESSAGE 2023-2024 – Everyone Needs to Pay Attention to This! STATE OF CONTROL ALERT MESSAGE 2023-2024 (

Projected Timeline

  • · Sat. 12 Aug. drop dead deadline for the RV as decided last Fri. by BRICS nations.

  • · QFS Dates, Dr Scott Young: Aug. 20ish Back Wall for Financial, Sept. 15, Back Wall for Political:


  • · Q DROP 101: How many days in the large Military worldwide Operation starting Wed. 9 Aug.? 10 What day is the BRICS Summit announcement of a new Gold backed world? 22 Aug. Which is what? Nesara Gesara public announcement. Looks about right.

  • · On Aug. 22-24 BRICS’ original five members – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – were due to convene in Johannesburg and formally announce the Global Currency Reset during their Summit meetings.

  • · Aug. 2023: Exposure, arrests of major and local Satanic Child Sacrifice and Pedophile Groups.

  • · Sat. 2 Sept from 12pm-11pm Save Our Children DC Event at the National Mall between 3rd&4th Street. …Citizen Reporter Nancy Drew

  • · When Trump’s presidency ended, JFK Jr. would come in as President, while Trump would be elevated to Global Financial Ambassador to make the GESARA changes around the Globe according to Bruce.

  • · Fall 2023 Massive protests and riots were forecasted to shake Canada’s core, ushering in a winter of discontent in the latter part of 2023 and early 2024.

  • · 2026: U.S. (public) Tribunals slated for 2026 would coincide with Canadian Tribunals and World Tribunals that would connect everything from Deep State Human Trafficking, to World Plandemic Deep State Operations, to creation of the Virus.

  • · Sometime soon the Supreme Court would announce their decision on the Brunson Case and another 2020 Voter Fraud case before the Court. That decision was likely to reverse the 2020 Election due to massive Election Fraud. Such would then dissolve the Biden Administration and all of Congress and likely be accompanied by activation of the Emergency Broadcast System where the Military would take over for a short period of time until new elections could be held.

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