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Saturday 8-27-23

Saturday 8-27-23

Verse(s) for today:

O give thanks unto the LORD; call upon his name: Make known his deeds among the people.

Psalm 105:1 KJV

For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

Romans 8:6 KJV

Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.

2 Corinthians 1:3-4 KJV


Something major is going down, and it's moving lightning-fast. We only have 5 days left to make a huge difference.

A federal appeals court overturned Biden's massive expansion of the abortion pill. This drug kills more babies than any other kind of abortion.

Biden and the abortion industry rushed to court, and now this case is headed to the Supreme Court. This massive win could be quickly undone if we don't take urgent action. We're preparing our 5th brief in the case to deliver a crushing blow to abortion.

And our deadline to file in our own case at the Supreme Court against Planned Parenthood is next week.

The abortion giant is reeling. But as we battle the limitless, taxpayer-funded resources of Biden and Planned Parenthood at the Supreme Court, we need you.

Our Life & Liberty Drive deadline is looming – just 5 days left – and we urgently need your support today. Have your gift DOUBLED: $50 becomes $100; $25 becomes $50.

We also just filed an amicus brief at the Supreme Court this week on behalf of a pro-life counselor we've defended for nearly 25 years to overturn one of the worst abortion rulings ever.

Next week is our deadline to file in a major case against Planned Parenthood at the Supreme Court – against the abortion giant's barbaric selling of aborted babies' body parts. It's been a years-long fight; we need you standing with us now.

We also just filed in federal appeals court against Biden's latest attempt to overturn the Dobbs decision and block a state abortion ban. We won't let this stand. Life must be defended.

In fact, Biden is even illegally forcing the military to pay for abortion-related expenses. It's an outrage, and we're fighting back.

Finally, our Life & Liberty Drive deadline is in just 5 days, and we're still short of our goal. Unborn babies need us, and we need you. Have your gift DOUBLED to defend life and liberty with us today. [The ACLJ Team]

The Best Mugshot Memes of Trump Are Taking Over Social Media:

Conservative Americans see the timeless quality of former President Donald Trump’s mugshot, as the result of refusing to back down against the deep state – a sort of determination in action. This is despite the victory lap in process by Democrats, who are absolutely celebrating what they consider to a be a triumph over MAGA.

Supporters, on the other hand, rallied behind Trump after his arrest in Fulton County, Georgia, sharing images of his now famous mugshot and declaring the former president “leaner and meaner than ever!” The feeding frenzy over his mugshot has made Trump a number one media event.

Trump allies who make meme’s, were busy cooking up images, that are now spreading like wildfire on social media. Savvy social media users and veteran meme makers were quick to recognize the meme potential of the Trump mugshot.

Political commentator and YouTuber, Carl Benjamin noted,

“The memes are already incredible. This is a great mugshot.”

-Carl Benjamin, Political Commentator and YouTuber

A virtual host of “Memesters” have posted Trumps image related to / or referencing a multitude of situations-

  • · Trump as a tough guy hardened by the prison yard.

  • · A victim of President Joe Biden appearing to sniff Trump, a common meme in reference to Biden’s apparent inability to refrain from smelling young girls’ hair.

  • · The 2000 film, American Psycho, in which Christian Bale’s character thinks to himself, “Oh my God, it even has a watermark,” when examining someone’s superb business card.

  • · Trump as Ken in the Barbie movie.

  • · Trump into Guardians of the Galaxy.

Others have used it on Social Media to perform an impression of the 45th president, posting-

“Well, they took my mugshot, it’s a big, beautiful mugshot, look at it, I call it the ‘Mona Lisa of mugshots,’ it’s incredible,”….“Many people say they have a good side and a bad side, I only have one side. It’s called my great side. They got my great side with this mugshot. It’s a beautiful picture of a very handsome guy with wonderful hair,”

-Impressionistic Memester

Examples of conservative/political ally posts have been -

  • · “LEANER AND MEANER THAN EVER! Make America Great Again! TRUMP 2024!!” Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) exclaimed, sharing the famous image.

  • · “The dumbass commies who thought it was a good idea to release this are finding out this morning what FAFO really means,” conservative podcaster Dan Bongino exclaimed, predicting that “this will go down as the single biggest political miscalculation in American history.”

  • · “Unconstitutional and unprecedented. STAND WITH @realDonaldTrump! #SaveAmerica,” Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) exclaimed.

Others noted how releasing the mugshot has backfired on the left, with Trump essentially trolling leftists back, historically returning to X, formerly known as Twitter, with an image of his mugshot — urging people to “NEVER SURRENDER”. That Trump made his 1st post on X since being banned after J6, all about his iconic mugshot is incredible.

Still another X user wrote, “My favourite of the #Mugshot memes so far,” shares an altered version of Trump’s mugshot, so that it appears in a similar format as former President Barack Obama’s stylized red, white, and blue stencil portrait. The same blogger added-

“Donald Trump has to win in 2024 — he has no choice,”…“The alternative is the continued expansion of the deep state totalitarian dystopian hellscape, with crooked dribbling demented Biden as the puppet figurehead of the charade.”

-banthebbc 𝕏

Trumps mugshot has been the central media focus, since its release. This backfire on the left is stunning to watch, as more and more memes are posted. That Trump himself has posted on X (formerly Twitter) and is participating in the use of his own mugshot, has not left the progressive left with much room to shame him. To the contrary – Trump is staying center stage, even raising millions in his use of it.

The events of this election cycle, largely inspired by the actions of the left, have only served to polarize the American population who are standing behind Trump. This is mainly because its citizenry is tired of Americas’ current state of government, which promotes anything and everything but its established freedoms. Beyond the mugshot – America’s freedoms are at stake.

"Freedom is what we do with what is done to us."

-Jean-Paul Sartre [Patriot Digest Media]

Joe Biden Lies About Debate Questions in Social Media Posts:

Leave it to President Joe Biden to lie on a social media posts about the questions posed to Republican presidential candidates in Wednesday night’s first primary debate. He staged his own questions, as if they were the real questions asked, below pictures of the unsuspecting candidates. This deceitful misinformation literally created a false set of questions in a fake video.

A bunch of Republicans on stage. One united, MAGA ideology.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) August 24, 2023

Reportedly, Biden’s questions were-

“Raise your hand if you’ll ban abortion”; “Raise your hand if you’ll cut Social Security”; raise your hand if you’re a climate denier”; “Raise your hand if you’re going to support Trump.”

-Biden’s Post [on social media platforms such as X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram.]

Deceitfully, the video shows these questions as captions below a video loop of Republican candidates raising their hands to answer an actual question posed at the debate. The actual question was namely, which of the contenders would support Donald Trump. if he won the party’s nomination after being convicted in a court of law.

Cluing the person watching in, Gov. Chris Christie (R) is included among the Republicans supposedly raising their hands, though he made clear in the debate, that he was raising a finger in objection, not raising his hand in assent. The post was use of an actual event to flat out lie to the person tuning in to the post.

Where are all those tech companies Biden has pushed to police “misinformation” or “disinformation,” an effort that is now the subject of a federal First Amendment lawsuit? Biden has a lot to answer for. This is definitely not funny! He should absolutely know better. Where is accountability?

  • · Choose your leaders with wisdom and forethought. To be led by a coward is to be controlled by all that the coward fears. To be led by a fool is to be led by the opportunists who control the fool. To be led by a thief is to offer up your most precious treasures to be stolen. To be led by a liar is to ask to be told lies. To be led by a tyrant is to sell yourself and those you love into slavery.”

-Octavia E. Butler [Patriot Digest Media]

A Radio Show Host revealed one truth about Jason Aldean the woke Left-wing outrage mob never saw coming:

Country star Jason Aldean is facing the wrath of the woke left-wing outrage mob.

Their rage didn’t work out like they expected.

And a radio show host revealed one truth about Jason Aldena the woke left-wing outrage mob never saw coming.

Clay Travis went from being a self-described “lifelong Democrat,” who spent four years working as an intern to former Democrat Rep. Bob Clement and a staffer to former Vice President Al Gore’s failed 2000 Presidential campaign to somehow co-hosting The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show on some of the stations that previously aired the late, great Rush Limbaugh in that time slot.

He rose to fame after he decided to morph his Outkick sports blog into a force to stand up to woke extremism and in favor of free speech.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood in Toto Podcast, Travis said that country music star Jason Aldean provided an example for beating an increasingly aggressive cancel culture.

He said that someone should never apologize if they haven’t done anything wrong.

“The idea that you would ever apologize if you’re wealthy is laughably absurd,” Travis said. “The people with resources have to set the standard of what is and isn’t permissible.”

Aldean stood his ground and refused to apologize for his music video Try That in a Small Town, after it received backlash from the woke left-wing outrage mob.

Critics lashed out at the video for its use of news footage of the violent Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots that the media called “mostly peaceful” in the summer of 2020.

The song was falsely accused of “racism” and somehow promoting violence because the woke left-wing outrage mob was furious it championed working class, small town values.

Travis said that another strategy for beating cancel culture was to use the woke left-wing outrage mob’s frenzy as an advantage.

Turning “haters” into advertisers for the work they’re trying to cancel can make it more popular than it otherwise ever would have been.

He pointed to Try That in a Small Town as a perfect example of this phenomenon.

“It’s legitimately the biggest radio hit of his entire career,” Travis said. “Even [Aldean] would say, ‘this is nowhere near the best song I’ve ever written’ but the negative attention from the Cancel Culture community is so powerful. “A ton of people who would have never heard that song heard it.”

Aldean’s song was released in May, but it didn’t draw any attention until the woke left-wing outrage mob tried to cancel it once the music video came out on July 14.

It became the first song of his career to take the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 all-genre chart.

The attempt to cancel Aldean completely backfired, and it made the song into the most successful single of his career.

Sales of the song skyrocketed by 999% after the music video was banned by Country Music Television (CMT).

That sent fans looking for the video on YouTube where its views went from 350K to over 32 million.

Jason Aldean provided a blueprint for turning cancel culture on its head and using it as an advantage.

HOT TOPIC: Has cancel culture reached its peak?

[Conservative Under-Ground]

Paper Straws:

This “FIX” is WORSE than the ‘Plastic Straws’ that they were designed[?] to REPLACE.

When Kamala Harris was asked about whether she'd support a ban on plastic straws during a 2019 CNN town hall event, the then-senator and presidential candidate briefly made a stab at appearing human and folksy by talking about how much she hated widely loathed paper straws.

"It's really difficult to drink out of a paper straw. If you don't gulp it down immediately, it starts to bend, and then, you know, the little thing catches it. We have to kind of perfect that one a little bit more," she said, chuckling awkwardly.

The deficiencies of paper straws notwithstanding, Harris nevertheless endorsed a ban on plastic straws as a necessary measure to protect the environment.

But as it turns out, even a perfected paper straw might not be a win for the planet.

A new study published yesterday by Belgian researchers in the journal Food Additives & Contaminants found that paper straws contained higher concentrations of poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)—more commonly known as "forever chemicals" because of how long they take to break down in nature—than plastic and steel straws.

PFAS are frequently used in consumer products and industrial processes, given their water- and fire-resistant properties. Their use is also controversial given that they can be toxic at high concentrations, and even small concentrations can accumulate in bodies and natural environments over time.

Dozens of states have already passed laws to restrict some PFAS. Similar, unsuccessful efforts have been introduced in Congress. The European Union has also considered banning them.

These efforts have done little to keep forever chemicals out of paper straws, however.

The Belgian study found that, of the 39 brands of straws tested, those made of paper and bamboo were more likely to have PFAS present. Paper straws also had higher concentrations of PFAS than plastic straws.

The study's authors said the inclusion of PFAS could be intentional, as the chemicals' water-repellency would be useful in preventing straws from turning into a pulpy mess when stuck in a drink. They also say that these chemicals could unintentionally wind up in paper straws as a result of PFAS use in recycling processes.

Whatever the case, the Belgian researchers argue that the greater presence of PFAS in paper straws could actually make them less environmentally friendly than the plastic straws they're meant to replace.

"These 'eco-friendly' plant-based straws are not necessarily a more sustainable alternative to plastic straws, because they can be considered as an additional source of PFAS exposure in humans and the environment (e.g. after degradation in landfills or through incomplete incineration)," write researchers.

They suggest stainless steel straws—which were found to have no PFAS—as the truly sustainable alternative.

To be sure, the harms PFAS pose to human and environmental health are the subject of ongoing research and scientific controversy.Their presence in paper straws is nevertheless a useful illustration that there are always tradeoffs and costs to environmental policies, even when one only cares about the goal of "sustainability."

Beginning in the late 2010s, plastic straws became a target of bans, boycotts, and consumer awareness campaigns because of their (incredibly minimal) contribution to the admittedly serious problem of plastic pollution.

Their prohibition would, it was thought, reduce plastic waste getting into the environment. But to the degree that these bans led people to substitute paper for plastic, all they've done is swap out some minimal amount of plastic consumption for increased PFAS pollution.

Is that a worthwhile environmental tradeoff? I'm not sure. I don't think that's a question something the people over at Straw Wars or the Seattle City Council (which passed the first straw ban in a major city) ever asked themselves.

Should we perhaps replace paper and plastic straws with steel ones, as the authors of the Belgian study suggest?

That would cut down on both PFAS and plastic pollution. On the other hand, the manufacture and transportation of heavier steel straws would surely increase greenhouse gas emissions. Are less plastic and fewer forever chemicals worth more carbon in the atmosphere?

These environmental tradeoffs don't even touch the other costs of plastic straw and bag bans, in terms of higher costs for businesses, less convenience for consumers, and less choice for everyone. Once you start roping those factors in, the scales start to lean pretty heavily indeed against plastic straw bans.

The straw-banning fervor of the 2010s seems a little silly in retrospect. (Perhaps that's why Kamala Harris was awkwardly laughing through her answer in that CNN town hall?)

Nevertheless, there have been some revisionist defenses of these bans as of late.

Environmentalist magazine Grist argued these bans succeeded as a "gateway" ban. The loss of ubiquitous plastic straws got people to wake up to all the expendable plastic items that governments could easily ban. Seemingly performative straw bans beget bans and restrictions on plastic forks, plates, and ketchup packets.

As it turns out, expanding straw bans to other peripheral plastic items hasn't, in fact, arrested global plastic production.

If anything, these bans just spread the very unproductive idea that governments can address large environmental problems by banning straws, forks, or whatever else. Focusing on individual items is failing on its own terms. It's also blinding people to potentially serious tradeoffs as well.

[reason Media]

Business magnate Elon Musk says prominent psychologist Jordan Peterson should take the social media training mandated by the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO)—if only to mock it.

"If you take the 'sensitivity training' course and explain live why it is nonsense, that would be quite funny," Mr. Musk said in response to Mr. Peterson on Aug. 24 on Musk's platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

An Ontario court on Aug. 23 ruled that a CPO order requiring Mr. Peterson to submit to coaching education on public speaking professionalism falls within the college's mandate to regulate the profession in the public interest.

CPO ordered Mr. Peterson to undergo professional training due to some of his social media postings. The college alleged some of Mr. Peterson's statements—directed at a plus-sized model, transgender actor Elliot Page, and several politicians—may be "degrading" to the profession and could amount to professional misconduct.

Mr. Peterson subsequently filed a judicial review application, seeking a review of the CPO's order.

Justice Paul Schabas of Ontario Divisional Court dismissed Mr. Peterson's application on Aug. 23, ruling that as a member of a “regulated profession,” Mr. Peterson bears responsibility “for the risk of harm that flows from him speaking in that trusted capacity.”


The same day the psychologists' legal action was dismissed, Henein Hutchison Robitaille, the law firm representing Mr. Peterson, issued a statement announcing Mr. Peterson instructed his counsel to seek leave to appeal to the Ontario Court of Appeal.

“Regulated professionals do not check their right to free expression at the door,” said the firm.

“Dr. Peterson is deeply concerned about the chilling effect that the College's actions will have on professionals across Canada expressing controversial or unpopular views,” the statement said.

Reacting to the court's decision on Aug. 23, Mr. Peterson said on X: "So the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that the CPO can pursue their prosecution. If you think that you have a right to free speech in Canada you're delusional."

“I will make every aspect of this public,” he added. “And we will see what happens when utter transparency is the rule. Bring it on.”

Mr. Peterson posted a copy of the decision on X stating, “The courts are captured by woke ideologues. I knew this already but did not fully understand its extent.”

In response, Mr. Musk posted, “Wow.”

Mr. Peterson then replied to Mr. Musk stating, “It's worse than you think.” The psychologist said it was his tweets criticizing "the trans insanity” and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that were the “putative reason,” adding, “The judges are progressives appointed by Justin Trudeau.”

“All professionals in Canada are so terrified of their 'professional' regulatory bodies that they are terrified into silence. And even those who aren't intimidated in that manner can't afford the extremely expensive and endless fight. Not good,” said Mr. Peterson.

The Epoch Times contacted the CPO for comment but didn't hear back by publication time.

Free Speech

On Aug. 5, Mr. Musk said he would fund the legal bills of any users of X who “were unfairly treated by your employer due to posting or liking something on this platform.”

“We will fund your legal bill. No limit. Please let us know,” said Mr. Musk, the billionaire owner of Space X, Tesla Inc., as well as X, formerly known as Twitter. Mr. Musk purchased Twitter for $44 billion in October 2022.

“And we won’t just sue, it will be extremely loud and we will go after the boards of directors of the companies too,” added Mr. Musk.

Mr. Peterson, an author and profess emeritus at the University of Toronto in psychology, first came under scrutiny by his college in November 2022 after complaints about his social media posts. A complaints committee concluded these could be “degrading” to the profession and may constitute professional misconduct.

Earlier this year, Mr. Peterson criticized the college as weaponizing the disciplinary process for political reasons and stated the CPO wanted him to attend a “re-education camp.”

Mr. Peterson has previously said that while he wants to maintain his psychologist's license, he no longer treats patients in favour of focusing on social and political commentary.

[The EPOCH Times Media]

THREE Trump Co-Defendants Have Just Turned on Him:

The fight is on in Georgia, and President Trump and his 18 do-defendants begin the process of fighting the charges brought by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

The trial is the first of its kind in U.S. history, and minute-by-minute new developments highlight the unusual nature of the proceedings.

The process is going to separate true conservative Republicans from RINOS, as liberal media is reporting that three of the co-defendants have “flipped” on the former president. But that is part of the strategy that is usual for the prosecution.

The Daily Beast reports that former federal prosecutor Neama Rahmani has publicly stated all defendants should make a deal right away. “Willis doesn’t want to try 19 defendants,” he told the Daily Beast on Friday. “She wants to try Donald Trump, and flip the 18 defendants against him.”

Daily Beast notes: During his career as assistant U.S. attorney, Rahmani, who is now in private practice, put more than 1000 criminals behind bars, he said. Of those, “I can count on one hand the number of people that I wanted to cooperate who didn’t cooperate.”

Such strong-arm tactics are working if the reports of Georgia Republicans Shawn Still, Cathleen Latham, and David Shafer claim that they were coerced into participating in actions pertaining to the Trump campaign’s protest of the 2020 election results in Georgia, specifically signing papers that are being called “false.”

The three reportedly claim that they became false electors at the request of the former president or his attorneys.

The prosecution started the wheels turning on its strategy as all defendants turned themselves in this week in Fulton County. The Trump Team stratedy is moving as well, as some of the defendants have sought to move the case to federal court, and others have while others are seeking speedy or separate trials.

Mark Meadows, Trump’s former chief of staff will make his argument for removal to federal court on Monday. Others are also requesting the chang of venue, citing their ties to Georgia, The New York Times reports.

Those other co-defendants requesting the venue change are Jeffery Clark and the three in question of turing on Trump; Shawn Still, Cathy Latham, and David Shafer.

This week, two defendants, former Trump election lawyers Kenneth Chesbro and Sidney Powell invoked their constitutional right to a speedy trial. In Georgia, this means defendants are entitled to a trial starting within two weeks of indictment.

Although Willis responded with a trial date of Oct for Chesbro from Judge Scott McAfee, McAfee stated that would not do the same for other co-defendants “at this time,” Daily Beast reported.

McAfee has not given a reason as to who other co-defendants would not receive their contstitutional right to a speedy trial.

Co-defendant Harrison Floyd, who turned himself in even before President Trump this week, was told by Judge Emily Richardson that he was a flight risk, and was refused bond. Floyd is the only one of the 10 defendants wh remains in jail. He has denied that he is a flight risk, saying to the judge, ” There’s no way that I am a flight risk, Ma’am,” on Thursday.

Floyd asked for a public defender, saying he could not afford a private lawyer but was denied, and told that he did not quify for the service. Floyd is the only black man being charged.

The massive legal bills that will be incurred by the defendants could reportedly top $1 million. A new legal defense fund called the Patriot Legal Defense Fund was created in July by two Trump confidants, CNBC reports, to reaise money for helping Trump aides and employees with their legal bills.

Except for Floyd, all other defendants negotiated a bond agreement before arriving at the Fulton County Courthouse to voluntarily submit to the cahrges, and were therefore immediately released.

Speculation from liberal sources is that all defendants will eventually take a plea deal is being bantered around. For his part, President Trump has stated that he is against the speedy trial for all, and wants this to play out.

Willis has requested that arraignments be held the week of September 5, Al-Jazeera reports, at which time defendants will enter their pleas.

President Trump himself is facing 13 charges, including racketeering soliciting a public official to violate their oath of office, filing false statements, conspiracy to commit forgery and conspiracy to impersonate a public officer.

Trump denies wrongdoing in all charges, and is accusing Georgia prosecuters of seekng to derail his re-election campaign.

He has posted his optimism in being able to publicly declare in court, saying, “For the first time in three years, brave American Patriots will be able to, in Court, to show how the Presidential Election fo 2020 was RIGGED and STOLLEN.”

In the face of persecution Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr, offer t-shirts with his mug shot to the delight of supporters.

[The Political Signal]

Bud Light’s CEO sat in stunned silence after he received this shocking offer:

Bud Light’s brand is still radioactive to the public.

Management is scrambling to try and save the light beer.

And Bud Light’s CEO sat in stunned silence after he received this shocking offer.

At this point, it appears that Bud Light will never recover from the damage its partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney created for the brand.

Anheuser-Busch, Bud Light’s parent company, has given out rebates, tripled its marketing budget, and produced camouflaged bottles to try and win back boycotting beer drinkers.

But consumers are leaving the brand for good, as sales of Bud Light are still plummeting months after the woke controversy broke out.

However, Anheuser-Busch heir Billy Busch has a plan to save Bud Light from oblivion.

He told Outkick host Tomi Lahren that he’s willing to buy the embattled brand from Anheuser-Busch to save it.

“If they don’t want that brand any longer, sell it back to the Busch family,” Busch said. “Sell it to me. I’ll be the first in line to buy that brand back from you, and we’ll make that brand great again.”

Busch said that it was sad to see Bud Light destroy its hard-earned reputation of valuing its customers and employees under the current management.

“That culture is completely gone now,” Busch said. “They knew who their drinkers were. Even my dad at 89 years old, 90 years old, he was still going to the bars selling Budweiser back in those days.”

He previously said that his family would be “rolling over in their graves” if they knew that Bud Light partnered with a transgender social media personality.

“We’ve always cared very, very much about the people in America,” Busch explained. “What made this company great was America, of course.”

Busch noted that the multinational conglomerate that owns Anheuser-Busch has completely lost touch with Bud Light’s customer base.

“When you are a foreign company and you rely on these woke students that are coming out of these local colleges to do your advertising for you, you’re making a big mistake,” Busch added. “You need to go out there and understand who your core customer is.”

Bud Light incinerated decades worth of trust with its customers by partnering with Mulvaney.

But Anheuser-Busch CEO Brendan Whitworth is stubbornly refusing to apologize to Bud Light’s core customers.

He’s lost sight of the values that made the brand the best-selling beer in the country for decades, before it was recently dethroned by Modelo Especial.

The only way for Bud Light to recover from the backlash could be by returning the brand to the Busch family.

The Deplorable Daily]

Another Patient Denied a Transplant Dies:

Sheila Annette Lewis, the Alberta woman who was denied an organ transplant because she refused to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, has died.

In recent months, Lewis had been crowdsourcing funding to travel to the United States to get an organ transplant, but she died before that happened, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) announced on X , formerly known as Twitter.

She was 58.

“I’ve got a lot to live for,” Lewis told BridgeCityNews in November 2022 . “I have grandchildren, I have children. Like, they’re grown men, but they’re my kids.”

In 2018, Lewis was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a chronic lung disease, and was placed on the Alberta transplant wait list. (The organ in question is redacted from court documents and subject to a publication ban.) As she awaited the transplant, Lewis updated a number of her childhood vaccinations, as a pre-requisite for receiving an organ transplant.

In 2021, Lewis was told she would also need the COVID-19 vaccine to receive the transplant. Given the high risks of death following a transplant, and the immunosuppressed condition of transplant patients, the COVID-19 vaccine was considered crucial. She refused, and sued Alberta Health Services.

“Taking this vaccine offends my conscience. I ought to have the choice about what goes into my body, and a lifesaving treatment cannot be denied to me because I chose not to take an experimental treatment for a condition — COVID-19 — which I do not have and which I may never have,” Lewis said in an affidavit.

She lost her fight to have the courts order the medical system to give her a transplant.

Related video: Alberta siblings with rare, terminal disease finally have hope for a treatment (Global News)

The Alberta Court of King’s Bench said that if it did so, there would be “significant adverse public policy implications.

“The proposition that Treating Physicians exercising clinical judgment would be subject to the Charter would result in medical chaos with patients seeking endless judicial review of clinical treatment decisions.”

Lewis appealed, but the Alberta Court of Appeal ruled against her.

“While Ms Lewis has the right to refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19, the Charter cannot remediate the consequences of her choice,” the court concluded.

Lewis fought all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada, which declined to hear her case. JCCF, a libertarian legal group that fought against a number of public-health measures and resulting charges in court, had argued that Lewis had natural immunity from a prior COVID-19 infection in letters written to Alberta Health Services.

“If Ms. Lewis does not get her transplant, she will not survive, and her family will lose years of time with their mother, wife, and grandmother,” her Justice Centre lawyer wrote .

The case caught the attention of Alberta Premier Danielle Smith, who said she wanted a “ second medical opinion ” in the case, in an unusual move of a politician weighing in on a case of individual medical treatment.

After losing in the courts, Lewis turned her attention to raising funds to get an organ transplant in the United States. Her page on GiveSendGo , a fundraising website, says that she had found a hospital in the U.S. that would do an organ transplant absent the COVID-19 vaccine. Her page had received $124,776 as of Friday.

Our website is the place for the latest breaking news, exclusive scoops, longreads and provocative commentary. Please bookmark and sign up for our newsletters here.

[National Post]

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