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Sunday 8-13-23

Sunday 8-13-23

Verse(s) for today:

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Philippians 4:8 KJV

But to do good and to communicate forget not: for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.

Hebrews 13:16 KJV

Is any among you afflicted? let him pray. Is any merry? let him sing psalms.

James 5:13 KJV

***Highly Volatile:

Tucker Carlson INTERVIEW with Steven Sund, Capitol Police Chief about Jan 6.

Tucker Carlsen interviewed Steven Sund, Capitol Police Chief on Jan 6.

He reveals shocking testimony regarding the day, and the incredible level of corruption surrounding our military, several govt agencies and the Jan 6 committee. They also discuss Ray Epps involvement.

This is shocking.

I highly recommend you take the hour to watch. [about 1-hour] [Tucker Carlson]

Megyn Kelly stunned everyone when she revealed this truth about the Biden crime family:

The Biden crime family’s web of lies is being exposed.

Everything isn’t as it seems with the First Family’s influence-peddling schemes.

And Megyn Kelly stunned everyone when she revealed this truth about the Biden crime family.

The conventional wisdom is that Hunter Biden used his then-Vice President father’s political position and influence to rake in millions in shady foreign business deals.

President Joe Biden is pushing a carefully crafted image of himself as a caring father of a son dealing with drug abuse.

And former Fox News host Megyn Kelly believes everyone has the story about the Biden crime family’s corruption all wrong.

“All along I thought it was corrupt, hot mess Hunter exploiting the dad’s name and kind of bringing Joe in on a deal here or there to pay some bills, that this was a Hunter operation,” Kelly said on her SiriusXM show. “It’s just now dawning on me that no, this was a Joe Biden operation using Hunter, it’s the other way around.”

Kelly’s guest, New York Post columnist Miranda Devine, wondered what caring father would allow their drug-addicted son access to a small fortune.

“What kind of a father puts his addicted son in front of gushing torrents of unaccountable cash?” Devine wondered. “Which is exactly what was happening, from Ukraine, from China, etc. You would keep your addicted son away from that if you really cared about him.”

Enabling his son’s addiction with a flood of foreign cash blows up the President’s scripted image of being a loving, concerned father.

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton was the clear frontrunner for the 2016 Democrat nomination while Biden was still serving as Vice President.

Former President Barack Obama reportedly persuaded him not to challenge Clinton in the Democrat Primary.

It looked like Biden’s political career was over, and his son’s influence-peddling scheme would allow the family to cash out in his retirement after his career in public service.

The only problem was that the potential of one final Presidential campaign brought renewed scrutiny on the Bidens’ shady foreign business deals.

Kelly added that the President’s lies around his late son, Beau, blow a hole in his image as a wholesome “family man.”

“I’m thinking about Beau Biden and how when Joe was thinking about running for President, he said Beau wanted him to do it like a deathbed wish, and now that he is President and he refers to his son who has passed, he says that Beau died ‘in Iraq,’ trying to ratchet up the sympathy we’re supposed to feel,” Kelly explained.

Beau Biden died of brain cancer, but President Biden has repeatedly lied about his son’s passing, claiming he died while serving in the Iraq War.

“But these little manipulations that tug at your heartstrings that are actually incredibly cynical and not an example of a loving father,” Kelly added.

Biden also spent years denying the existence of his four-year-old granddaughter, who is the product of an affair Hunter had with an Arkansas stripper in the aftermath of his affair with Beau’s widow.

Joe Biden is cynically exploiting his family in his quest for political power and fortune.

[Conservative Underground News – Media]

Donald Trump released one video that will make Alvin Bragg’s life a living hell:

Alvin Bragg got the ball rolling on the Democrats’ plan to weaponize the justice system to destroy Donald Trump’s 2024 Presidential campaign.

But the Soros-backed District Attorney made a huge mistake.

And Donald Trump released one video that will make Alvin Bragg’s life a living hell.

If Democrats are going to enlist their most partisan and zealous prosecutors to interfere in the 2024 election, then Donald Trump and his campaign are going to make sure all Americans know about these third world tactics.

The Trump campaign released a new ad that will run in the Atlanta Metro area, New York City, Washington, D.C., as well as nationwide, about the “fraud squad” of Democrat prosecutors Joe Biden deployed to file bogus criminal charges as part of an effort to help him win re-election.

The video calls out Bragg, New York Attorney General Letitia James, Special Counsel Jack Smith, and Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis for opening politically motivated investigations into Trump as part of the largest election interference plot in American history.

Bragg, Willis, and James are all elected Democrats whose political future depends on filing criminal charges against Trump.

The video makes it clear that they are ethically compromised and highlights the fact that Willis – who will indict Trump any day now on sham charges for contesting the 2020 election in Georgia – got kicked off one case for trying to jail her political rival and compromised another case by concealing her relationship with a gang member.

Polls show that Donald Trump and Joe Biden are locked in a dead heat.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

Democrats believed that if prosecutors like Bragg piled criminal charges after criminal charges on Donald Trump’s head, then voters would never vote for a candidate facing jail time.

But Democrats did not count the fact that the cases Bragg, Smith, and Wills planned to bring were so weak and transparently political in nature that voters would shrug them off and focus on Joe Biden’s failures in office.

This ad by the Trump campaign is designed to hammer home the message that Bragg, Smith, and Willis are partisan Democrat foot soldiers simply carrying out Joe Biden’s wishes.


NBC got caught red-handed selectively editing DeSantisremarks in this heated interview:

The so-called “pro-choice” movement is entirely based on lies.

They lie about the biological reality that an unborn baby is in fact human, they lie about stages of fetal development, and they lie about the fact that they do indeed support abortion-on-demand up until birth or even after.

But NBC got caught red-handed selectively editing DeSantis’ remarks in this heated interview.

DeSantis recently sat down for an interview with NBC’s Dasha Burns and she tried to press him on the issue of a federal abortion ban.

Instead, DeSantis pivoted to highlight the Left’s pro-abortion extremism, saying “I would not allow what a lot of the Left wants to do, which is to override pro-life protections throughout the country all the way up really until the moment of birth in some instances, which I think is infanticide.”

Burns then went into regurgitating pro-abortion talking points about late-term abortion, and outright lied about the Democrat Party’s support for abortion at any time up until birth.

“I’ve gotta push back on you on that,” Burns interjected, “because that’s a misrepresentation of what’s happening. I mean, 1.3% of abortions happen at 21 weeks [of pregnancy] or higher.”

Abortion apologists loves to point out the relatively small percentage of abortions that occur in the late stages of pregnancy, while simultaneously constantly bringing up the cases in which abortion takes place for as a result of rape, which is less than 1%, as justification for abortion-on-demand to remain legal.

DeSantis pointed out that the Democrat Party’s position was to support abortion at any time during pregnancy, and Burns replied, “There is no indication of Democrats pushing for that.”

That’s when NBC cut out DeSantis’ response before airing the interview in an attempt to make it look like Burns accurately corrected him and shut him down.

But the DeSantis campaign has released the unedited footage.

NEW: @DashaBurns and @NBCNews caught selectively editing @RonDeSantis interview to make it look like he got shut down by Burns when she falsely claimed Democrats do not support infanticide.

Here is his full answer.

— Cryptid Politics 🇺🇸🐊 (@CryptidPolitics) August 7, 2023

“Well, yes, they are. They’ve done it in California. They’ve done it in other states,” DeSantis replied.

Democrats also have repeatedly opposed legislation that would require life-sustaining medical care be given to babies who are born alive in botched abortions.

The gruesome reality is that the Democrat Party supports infanticide, and Ron DeSantis isn’t going to let them get away with claiming otherwise.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

[The DeSantis Daily]

[Top Line News]

FBI Deputy Director blames former President Donald Trump for death of suspect shot by the FBI:

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe blamed former President Donald Trump for the death of a suspect who was shot by the FBI, the Daily Caller reported. Craig Deleeuw Robertson, 74, was shot in an early morning raid on his home Wednesday.

Details are still pouring in about the circumstances that led to law enforcement's actions against Robertson. That didn't stop McCabe, who was previously fired from Trump's FBI before the decision was later reversed, from blaming Trump.

"I’m confident that the multiple cases, investigations, what will ultimately be trials of Donald Trump, will continue to really fire up the most extreme portion of his supporters," McCabe claimed on "CNN News Central" Thursday. "You know, he also made threats about Letitia James, made threats about Gavin Newsom, who is a very kind of outspoken Trump critic," he told host Kate Bolduan.

Robertson reportedly made threats against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who is prosecuting Trump for alleged hush money payments to a porn star. The Utah man also targeted President Joe Biden and other government officials who are Trump's adversaries.

"And let’s be clear, President Trump’s own rhetoric targeting these people, showing his supporters who he dislikes, airing out his own grievances, that has an encouraging impact on people who are prone to violence," McCabe claimed. "It’s reckless to engage in that sort of speech, but that’s what former President Trump does."

Trump has a right to be outraged. He's currently facing concurrent prosecutions from partisan officials like special counsel Jack Smith, who indicted the former president on four counts because he was outspoken about irregularities in the 2020 election.

This is in addition to a separate 37-count indictment Smith secured over the alleged mishandling of classified documents. It's no wonder that Trump is angry and feels that he is being unfairly targeted -- because that's exactly what's happening.

Meanwhile, the circumstances surrounding the fed's investigation and shooting of Robertson are concerning. The FBI raided his house after the woodworker posted a threat to Biden online, Fox News reported.

There was a standoff between authorities and Robertson that ended in the man's death around 6:14 a.m. It apparently was initiated after a particular threat posted on Facebook ahead of Biden's visit to the state.

"I hear Biden is coming to Utah," Robertson posted. "Digging out my old ghille suit and cleaning the dust off the m24 sniper rifle. welcom, buffoon-in-chief!"

Authorities claimed in a court document that Robertson had access to both the camouflage gear and the weapon. However, those who knew him reported that Robertson was a church-going member of the community who wouldn't carry out such a threat.

Robertson's criminal history included only a minor disorderly conduct charge in 1998, and he was not known to be violent. In fact, close friend Travis Clark said Robertson was the lone caretaker for his adult son, who is disabled and blind, and lived with his father.

"It's pretty shocking stuff, but it's not the Craig Robertson I knew," Clark told the media. "And it just feels to me like he was just leaning into an online persona and just shooting his mouth off."

It's unclear how serious Robertson was in his words against Biden and other officials. It will take time to sort out the facts, but McCabe is despicable to blame Trump for any of it in the meantime.

[American Digest]

The White House just got rocked by this unexpected Report about Joe Biden:

Damage control has been a focus of the Biden White House since he took office. But there’s no hiding anymore.

Because the White House just got rocked by this unexpected report about Joe Biden.

In recent weeks and months, Joe Biden has been touting his economic success, claiming that Bidenomics is working and that America is more prosperous today than when he took office two and a half years ago.

Of course, Americans don’t feel the same way. Polls show that the vast majority of Americans are low on the economy as it pertains to Joe Biden’s handling of national fiscal policy.

All you have to do is look around and see that gas prices are still at eye-watering levels and that the housing crisis has not been brought under control whatsoever.

The Biden administration’s response to this has not been to approach the issue with fiscal responsibility. Instead, they’ve spent more and more American taxpayer dollars with no care in the world, expecting there to be no consequences.

They seem to think that having the federal reserve continue to jack up interest rates, which have caused a housing crisis, will fix the economy and bring down inflation.

While it is true that inflation in certain sectors of the economy has cooled, largely it’s still way higher than it ever was under the administration of President Donald Trump.

And now there’s even more bad news around the economy that the Joe Biden administration simply didn’t see coming as a result of their poor fiscal policy.

According to the latest reports, inflation is back on the rise after Americans have enjoyed a net cooling off of overall inflation for the past several months.

The Biden administration’s goal of having net inflation drop down to 2% annually is still far off as the July Consumer Price Index has pegged annual inflation as back up to 3.2%.

This news of inflation going back on the rise despite the Federal Reserve’s constant interest rate increases rocked all of Washington, D.C. and even the Leftist media outlets sounded the alarm.

CNBC: Inflation "is moving in the WRONG direction"

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) August 10, 2023

In light of this news, Joe Biden has been put on blast for simply failing to do what he said he would do in bringing inflation under control.

Appearing on Fox News, a reporter for the Washington Examiner, Tiana Lowe, pointed out that overall inflation since Joe Biden has taken office is off the charts.

Washington Examiner's Tiana Lowe Doescher:

"Let's just think about the compounding effects of this recent inflation crisis. Prices are up 16% since Joe Biden took office. For food they are up 19%, for used car prices up 30%, electricity prices up 23%."

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) August 10, 2023

A panelist that appeared on Fox News when this news broke also made note that the increase in inflation isn’t isolated to optional goods and services.

No, these are living necessities that Americans are spending more on as a result of the Biden administration’s failures.

FOX BUSINESS PANELIST: “The inflation that we’re seeing is in all the stuff that consumers really have no choice but to buy.”

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) August 10, 2023

You can expect the Federal Reserve and the Biden administration to jack up interest rates even more, which will cause an even worse housing crisis and tighten the housing inventory.

All the while, they will continue to print money like there’s no tomorrow expecting no consequences as a result.

[Federalist Wire]

*** UN Take Over Halted in Peterborough! ***

Here's the latest on what happened in Peterborough and the area, thanks to Michelle Landry, a friend in eastern Ontario who just sent this to me today. Scroll down to my highlights.

Thank You Patrick…

Maggie’s 23-minute Speech to Cameron August 7, 2023

For details go to Gather 2030 on Substack and see the 4 videos below.


Give a listen to the townhall presentation in Cameron Ontario concerning Climate Change, 15 Minute Cities and the takeover of the lower tier communities by the UN in Canada.

Join the effort to protect our Rights and Freedoms.

[Patrick Bestall]


In August of last year, I was praying to God for a solution to fix the integrity of our elections. Everyday normal people spent time, energy and millions of dollars (me included) to accumulate data and information that successfully proved fraud in the 2020 and 2022 elections, but there was no actionable plan to fix it. The media failed the public by being unwilling to look at the evidence and investigate election integrity (including conservative news outlets like Fox News and Newsmax). At this point, seeing nothing done and no consequences, people have lost hope. I was earnestly asking God for answers.

During that prayer, God gave me a plan. It is brilliant and divinely inspired, and will immediately secure our election platforms. This plan is unique, has never been done before in world history, and has not even previously been talked about by anyone. It does not rely on legislation, judges, or legal actions, etc. This is such a perfect plan, the only way it fails is if we do not get the word out to the entire country, and why I am spreading the word across our nation. It is critical you get this information.

We finally have hope to save our country, and we want you to share this information with family, friends and business associates.

We have kept this plan to secure our elections completely secret. Only a few people currently know the details. The government has designated our election platforms as critical infrastructure, yet nothing has been done to fix the problems. On August 16th and 17th I am hosting an event to unveil this plan to the nation, and you will be able to view this for free via livestream. This is broadcasting in 80 languages so everyone can hear and understand the message. Some of the key speakers are myself, Kari Lake, General Flynn, Rudi Guliani, and others. Additionally, representatives from all 50 states will be there to update you on the status of elections in each state. You will come away from this event with renewed hope, and the calls to action you will need to help secure our election platforms. To sign up in advance, fill out the form below.

We hope you will support this effort. It is one of the most important things we will ever do as a nation. It is vital to our future to have election integrity, and God’s plan for this is perfect. Regardless of political party, everyone will embrace this plan. General Mike Flynn recently stated, “Mike Lindell has shown me this plan, and the only way it fails is if we do not spread the word.”

Please pray for us and for our country during this challenging time. We need to awaken people across this land so they will rise up and stand strong with one voice as a united Christian nation.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

Thank You and God Bless,

Mike Lindell

American Digest… Breaking News

[American Digest]

Obama's Brother 'All-In' for Trump in '24:

Republican support for former President Donald Trump in New Hampshire is solid as a rock.

In a new survey released a day before his visit to the Granite State on Tuesday, voters not only strongly backed Trump over all of his political challengers, but they would back his election even if he were serving time in jail, should he be convicted in any of the three criminal cases he faces.

In the NH Journal/co-efficient poll,Trump has 43% of the vote among New Hampshire primary voters. Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are tied for second place with 9%.

As important, the poll showed how loyal New Hampshire Republicans are to their former GOP president. It found that 62% would vote for Trump over President Joe Biden even if he were convicted of a felony. And almost as many, 57%, would send Trump back to the White House if he were serving time in prison on Election Day.

EXCLUSIVE POLL: Trump Holds Big Lead in NH, DeSantis Drops to Tie With Christie @NHGOP #FITN #NHPolitics

— NH Journal (@NewHampJournal) August 8, 2023

Michael Graham, New Hampshire Journal managing editor, told Secrets, “The talk from D.C. pundits that New Hampshire Republicans are drifting away from Donald Trump doesn’t match the reality we’re seeing on the ground. Talk to voters, and they have plenty of nice things to say about the other candidates, but, for the moment, they are sticking with Trump.”

The survey showed a dip in support since June, but Trump remains firmly in control of the state’s GOP voters.

Having that support is key to Trump’s success as the leading Republican in the race and is evidence that, as the legal cases build, the MAGA world tightens around him.

On Tuesday, he is traveling to New Hampshire again, this time to speak at Windham High School, about 20 minutes from Nashua near the Massachusetts border.

In his analysis of the poll, Graham highlighted the support for Trump despite the growing number of legal hurdles the former president is facing.

“One number that might put the rest into context: Just 25% of GOP primary voters said they believe Trump committed a crime related to the Jan. 6, 2021, U.S. Capitol riot, as special counsel Jack Smith has charged. The remaining 75% either believed Trump is completely innocent (35%), or they weren’t sure about his guilt or innocence but believed he is ‘only being prosecuted because he’s Donald Trump.’”

He quoted veteran GOP strategist Jim Merrill, who said Trump appears to be outrunning his legal and political challengers. “To paraphrase Donald Trump, he could stand in the middle of Elm Street and shoot someone and not lose any voters,” Merrill said. “Impressive loyalty, and yet he still has under 50% primary support. There remain opportunities for primary challengers to go on the offensive, draw contrasts more forcefully, and get creative. But they’re climbing an awfully steep hill to make it happen, and the clock is ticking,” Merrill added.

Washington Secrets

This week’s White House report card finds President Joe Biden hiding from the brightening spotlight on his and first son Hunter’s alleged financial scheming, inflation’s refusal to let go of the economy, and the Ukraine money pit.

[Washington Examiner]

David YEO:

D3Ws !n AcT!0N(14 Min)

Ju$T!N's W!F3 Kn0W$ Th3 TruTH (13 Min)

L00K Wh0 D0n@T3D $100 M!LL!0N 4 M@u!'s R3Bu!LD (27 Min)

Ju$T a MyTH? (1 Min)

8 $!gN$ T00 MuCH 0f E$Tr0G3N (10 Min)

T3RR@!N TH3 F!LM**TruTh 0n V!ru$3$ (126 Min)

M@R!A & D0C ANA: R3@L T!M3 M!cr0$c0pY**Hydr0G3L F0rM@T!0N (76 Min)

N0@H & D0M3 (1 Min)

H0LLyW00D: LUC!F3R 0n TV (10 Min)

**Wh0 C@u$3d Th3 F!r3$ !n M@u!? (5 Min)

MD $T0pp3D Qu3$T!0n!Ng $c!3nc3**D!3$ @ 36 (1 Min)

Wh!$TL3BL0W3R @ F0rM3R N@$A EmPL0Y33**Cynd! (28 Min)

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!


General Summary

Election Fraud:

According to a new court filing from Harris County, Texas, more than 32,000 illegal ballots were counted in the 2022 election. This is absolutely HUGE because the judge in the case is likely to side with the Republican candidates and set a great precedent for fighting election fraud.

  • · FBI Whistleblower leaks document to Project Veritas showing the FBI now considers “disinformation” and “misinformation” to be “election crimes” in latest alarming development. We have shocking evidence that FBI has been involved in the rigged elections in 2020.

  • · MI AG Dana Nessel confirms 8,000 to 10,000 Suspected Fraudulent Registrations Delivered to Muskegon Clerk October 2020, as Noted in MI State Police Report She Buried from Public.

DOJ, FBI and CIA Corruption:

  • · Devin Nunes: “The Obama regime figured out how to corrupt [DOJ and FBI].. not on the whole, they’re doing it where the power is, and that’s in the national security division of the DOJ and FBI…they have a small cabal right in Washington DC, they get to run it all out of there, and they get to keep everybody out of it….. they’ve taken the tools of the State and turned it on their political enemies. Very tricky, very evil, very corrupt.”

  • · God We Trust on Telegram TREASON UNVEILED: The CIA’s Downfall, Military Coups, and a Storm of Corruption! Prepare yourself for the shocking revelations that will shake the very foundations of power. We’re on the brink of dismantling the notorious CIA, along with the FBI and the Deep State Military Intelligence Apparatus that shield the elite’s heinous pedophilia rings and their corrupt banking systems. Enter the heart of the storm, where Trump’s relentless pursuit of justice is just getting started. Brace yourself for an explosive expose that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew. And let’s not forget the enigmatic figure at the center of it all—Epstein. His connections and knowledge of the dark underbelly of the elites will send shockwaves through the corridors of power. But that’s not all—remember the late McAfee? He possessed crucial information that could blow the lid off this entire web of corruption. Hold on tight, because a whirlwind of events is about to unfold, and it’s set to rock the world like never before. Stay on high alert as the truth emerges from the shadows.

  • · WikiLeaks has released a huge set of files that it calls “Year Zero” and which mark the biggest exposure of CIA spying secrets ever. The massive set of documents – over 8,000 pages in all – include a host of hacking secrets that could embarrass intelligence agencies and the US government, as well as undermining spying efforts across the world.

  • · The Department of Justice attempted to jail a Biden witness one day before their testimony before a Congressional Committee.

  • · The FBI Special Agent who was in charge of the Fake Russian Collusion Witch Hunt just plead GUILTY TO CONSPIRACY. What a disgrace! They knew I was innocent all along, and yet we went through hell and back to get the NO COLLUSION finding from Mueller. Do I get an apology from the FBI & DOJ? What we have exposed about our Country is incredible!!! …President Trump


FL@T E@rTH T3$T!m0nY: "! ALm0$T $0LD My $0uL"**W!LL fr0m MD (13 Min)

FL@T E@rTH & Th3 F!rMaM3nT aka (D0M3) (18 Min)

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