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The Great "UN-covering"!

Updated: Nov 15, 2020


Watch "RNC Chair, WH Press Sec. NUKE Biden’s White House Dreams, Drops ALL Vote Fraud Proof They Need" on YouTube [Thank You – Anne]

300,000 More Questionable Votes Discovered in Pennsylvania

‘Mandatory vaccination is madness’: American doctor

Transhumanism: Expert exposes liberal billionaire elitists’ ‘Great Reset’ agenda

Canadians petition gov’t not to mandate risky coronavirus vaccine

******** Amazing Information*********


[Thank You – Lynne]

Note: Start at 5:30 Mark… Great Discussion Here!

*** The Programmers said they were told to deliberately program for fraud in a way that would work with the Hammer supercomputer Scorecard app that was created for throwing elections by switching and erasing votes. The Whistleblowers were “outing” the Dominion Voting Systems software fraud.


Sit back and watch the show. Donald Trump is in complete control.

HUMOUR - How a Civil War Could Start?

Building a More Inclusive Canada: Government of Canada Announces Funding for Anti-Racism Projects Across the Country

[Thank You – Patrick]

Conservative Pundits and Viewers Push Back Against FOX News

Biden’s Pick for Chief of Staff Agrees That Elections Are Rigged

Arizona GOP legislator calls for audit when presidential race tightens to 11,000-vote margin

AG Barr authorizes DOJ to investigate ‘substantial’ voter fraud allegations

Post Election Day Special with Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis

Georgia official confirms ‘by-hand recount’ in all counties, statewide audit of presidential race

FOX’s Chris Wallace Stuns EVERYONE with this One Comment about Trump’s Actions President Trump and the White Hats were in the middle of a "Sting" Operation to expose the Cabal. Republican Party leader US Senator Charles Grassley fired off letter to US Attorney General William Barr in which he stated, the actions by Hunter Biden and James Biden on behalf of CEFC, Ye Jianming, and other officers connected to CEFC, potentially make them agents of the Chinese government Suggested READING & VIEWING CIA whistleblower Robert David Steele’s regularly updated web-page: Because they are anti-CCP the Epoch Times web-page is quite objective: This page helps get the big picture on how the state vote court battles will affect the overall electoral vote count as we go forward: Public Intelligence Blog: Trump Wins with 281-290 Electoral Ballots More Viewing: Nov. 12 Charlie Ward: FRIDAY 13TH & CHARLIE WARD --- IT'S NOT AS UNLUCKY AS YOU THINK Nov. 12 Charlie Ward’s Election Update 11-12-20:

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