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The KRAKEN gets cracking... This is HUGE!


The Promise of Things to Come:

Pastor Jack Hibbs… Foundations Part 1


*** Dominion Voting Software Whistleblower Claims to Have Proof Machines Were Used for Voter Fraud (Video)

Did [B]iden really twist his ankle, or with charges against him in the Ukraine and Flynn executing high level arrests, was his boot hiding an ankle bracelet? General Flynn @GenFlynn Team-Kraken wins a major injunction. Judge Batten issues an order to freeze all Dominion Voting Machines in GA. Sun. 29 Nov. Mike Adams' Situation Update, 305th Military Intelligence Battalion is "Kraken" (1hr 8min):

Mike Adams Situation Update for Sat. 28 Nov. Sun. 29 Nov. 'INTEL' MonkeyWerx & Mike Adams - GITMO CIA Rendition Flights are CONTINUING - Confessions Extracted

Military Tribunals Coming, Jim Willie:

Sun. 29 Nov. The Epoch Times: Vote Counting Feeds in Penn, Georgia Show Irregularities According to Data Expert:

Sun. 29 Nov. [S]oros Funded Penn. Supreme Court:

Ukrainian Bombshell Press Conference on Biden Crime Family: Trump, US Military Sting Operation in Presidential Election, Scott McKay: Five US Soldiers Killed in Raid on CIA Server Farm in Germany:

Mnuchin moving $455 billion in leftover coronavirus relief funds back to treasury to keep it from Democrats

“They want to destroy America,” Jon Voight:

Taliban Threatens War

“Will Resume If Biden Walks Back Peace Deal”


Twitter Blocks It COMPLETELY – Election Move Stuns White House

Tucker Carlson Exposes The Truth – Democrats Are FUMING


Donald Trump Is LEAVING – Confirms Plans To… Campaign in Georgia!

Support grows among Michigan Republicans to impeach Gov. Whitmer amid new COVID-19 restrictions


Donald Trump Makes MASSIVE Election Announcement – It’s Time To…

Franklin Graham Drops Supreme Court Bombshell – This Is Huge

Nevada judge grants Trump campaign request to present voter fraud evidence in court

The Deep State Finally Hit with Crippling Lawsuit

Political Assassination of MAGA Supporter Covered Up

Trump slams judges' election decisions: 'What kind of a court system is this?'

Fifth Circuit Court upholds law stripping Medicaid funds from Planned Parenthood

The Electoral College, Now More Than Ever

Carter Page suing the FBI, DOJ, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page and others for $75 million

Trump’s ‘war on drugs’ returns significant results

COVID-19 Hoax: Sun. 29 Nov. No Excess Deaths C19 Official Stats Misleading, John Hopkins Researcher: Affidavit to the Utah Attorney General on damages, fraud, injury and discrimination caused by COVID-19 being advertised as a pandemic when no proof of such existed,

BREAKING Fox News BUSTEDI Cannot Believe They Did This

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