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The Last Month of the year! The Universe is unfolding as it was Planned to, by our Creator!



Hospital Executive Says…

2nd Wave is A HOAX: 90% of COVID Beds Are Empty

Rebel News:


[Click on 2020 and Scroll down to Message to the President]


FBI Finally Looking into Significant Voter Fraud Claims Pertaining to Hundreds of Thousands of Ballots in Multiple States


Requests election fraud data from election integrity researcher

It Begins!

Action starts 1st Dec

Federal Court Gives Team Trump Green Light to Destroy Joe Biden Once and For All

*** Quantum Computer ***

"The Quantum Computer did it again" by Ron Giles - 11.29.20

[Thank You – Harry Lewis]

[Scroll down to the Article… “Quantum Computer did it again”]


Democrats Now Agree with Republicans on Election Fraud

Unity? Definitely Not. Compromise? Maybe.


Hopkins analysis showing COVID-19 has 'relatively no effect on deaths' in US retracted from publication.


WVW-TV Exclusive:

Lt. General Michael Flynn's First Interview Since President Trump's Pardon [Thank You – Don Hill]

Amy Covid Barrett’:

Liberals ridicule newest Supreme Court justice for vote on religious freedom

Anomalies in Vote Counts and Their Effects on Election 2020

A Quantitative Analysis of Decisive Vote Updates in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia on and after Election Night. [Check out the Graphs]

Supreme Court:

To review Trump administration policy on excluding illegal immigrants from census


California Election Reversal – Announcement Stuns Democrats

Biden brings back the swamp in quest to restore trust in government

New lawsuit alleges more than 200K ballots were improperly handled in Georgia: Reports

Judge Blocks Georgia Officials From 'Erasing' Data On Dominion Voting Machines...

General Michael Flynn speaks out in blockbuster interview after presidential pardon


The Major U.S. Ally President Who Has not Yet Accepted Biden As President-Elect


Sidney Powell Reveals She Has Jaw-Dropping Evidence of Paid Ballot Harvesting


For tourists who have had a coronavirus vaccine is in final stages of development amid reports airlines will BAN anyone who has refused the injection

Hands Off Operation Warp Speed


Canada wants Keystone XL to PROCEED!

[Please Sign the Open Letter to Biden]

New World Order

Black Lives Matter Leader

Says Joe Biden Capitalized on Our Efforts to Defund the Police

Ghislaine Maxwell:

Transferred to Quarantine Amid Positive Testing at Federal Prison Where She is Being Held

Gen. McInerney reports US Special Forces attacked CIA server farm in Germany

He said, in server seizure operation, 5 soldiers killed, servers secured.

[Thank You – Harvey]



*** Truth is Spreading! ***

Biggest Election Fraud in History! - Must Video

"The Kraken"

"The Kraken," that Sidney Powell said IS BEING RELEASED NOW THAT WILL LEAD TO MULTIPLE PROSECUTIONS AND MANY GOING TO JAIL (not just Biden, Harris, Obama!)--"The Kraken" is the nickname of the 305th Battalion Military Intelligence corps located at Fort Huachuca, AZ, in southeast AZ (the 305th consisting of 6 companies, HHC, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, and Echo) providing electronic warfare and signals intelligence (SIGINT)--they RECORDED IN BLOCKCHAIN tech ledger un-hackable, undelete-able EVIDENCE RECORDED IN REAL TIME Wed morning 4 Nov, FROM ALL 6 BATTLEGROUND STATES (GA, PA, MI, WI, AZ, NV) of >>ALL<< THE DIGITAL ELECTION VOTE-SWITCHING FRAUD and this DIGITAL EVIDENCE WILL BE USED TO PROSECUTE ALL the Deep State half-wit FELONS INVOLVED IN THE VOTE ELECTION FRAUD.

( (the video of the interview is here:

Pope Francis Criticized Groups That Protest Lockdowns and Calls for the New World Order

[Is this the “False-Prophet”?] [Thank You – Dino]

These Terror States Are HAPPY with the Election Results

*** Trump hints FBI and Justice Departments could be involved in rigged election.


‘We Don’t Have Freedom of the Press in This Country’

*** Three Clips - Canada Stasis Gestapo

- Police Violating Freedom of Religion Covid-19 Coronavirus: [Thank You – David]



Having visited ISRAEL about 12 [twelve] times… we have watched these events unfold!


*** The Cult(ure) of Scientific Misdirection ***

[Thank You – Billie Jo]


Biden will have difficult time returning to Iran deal after top nuclear scientist killed

Joe Biden:

Accepted millions in anonymous funding during presidential race

Trump national security adviser:

hints at future peace deals involving Israel: ‘There are more coming’


Here’s What Fauci Is Saying

Update on Dr. Yeadon’s Report:

Last week on my daily news broadcast, the Ron Paul Liberty Report, we reported on two whistleblowers from inside the CDC and Big Pharma who raised serious and legitimate questions about the prevailing coronavirus narrative. The former Chief Science Officer for the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, Dr. Mike Yeadon, has stated that from his experience he believes that nearly 90 percent of the current tests for Covid produce false positives. That means that this massive expansion in "cases," used to justify continued attacks on our civil liberties, is simply phony.

As Dr. Yeadon said in a recent interview about the Orwellian UK coronavirus lockdown, "we are basing a government policy, an economic policy, a civil liberties policy, in terms of limiting people to six people in a meeting...all based on, what may well be, completely fake data on this coronavirus?"

Is Dr. Yeadon correct in claiming that based on his scientific observation there is no "second wave"? We don't know. But we do know that his claims that the massive increase in "cases" in Europe used to justify new lockdowns are not in any way being matched with a similar increase in deaths. The EU's own charts prove this. Deaths remain a flat line near zero while "cases" skyrocket to match the massive increase in testing.

Yet when we reported on Dr. Yeadon's findings on the Liberty Report last week we found that for the first time ever, our program was removed by YouTube.

YouTube, owned by Google, which is firmly embedded into the deep state, was vague in explaining just where we violated their "community standards" by simply reporting on qualified scientists who happen to disagree with the mainstream coronavirus narrative.

But they did offer this shocking explanation in an email sent to us at the Ron Paul Liberty Report: "YouTube does not allow content that explicitly disputes the efficacy of the World Health Organization."

Incredible! - Nearly 90 percent of the current tests for Covid produce false positives

Former Pfizer Chief Scientist claims Covid-19 pandemic effectively over, no need for any vaccine

Amir's Bible Bites Devotionals:

Amir Tsarfati: Today is the Day of Salvation

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