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The Universe is unfolding as Planned!

1-24-21 Sunday


The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Main-Stream Media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Consider, do your own research, and make up your own mind.

1 Peter2:9


Proverbs 15:22


There has been no new Intel on the GCR release since last Fri.

Sat. 23 Jan. Martial Law Overrules as Many in US Congress are to be Arrested:

Jan. 2021 GITMO, Detention Camps, Arrests, Indictments, Executions:

Chapter 13 Insurrection in effect Jan. 21 2021:

Use of militia and armed forces to enforce federal authority Title 10 – Armed Forces Subtitle A – General Military Law 10 USC 252 10 se of Militia and Armed Forces to enforce federal authority laws in effect on Jan. 21st, 2021 Part 1 organization and general military powers Chapter 13 Insurrection.

Fri. 23 Jan. Articles of Impeachment Filed Against Biden:

***Media Illusion Worthwhile 1 Minute

*****Pelosi Demanded 'Machine Guns' to Be Deployed Against Civilians in DC (*****


**Hot-Mic during Biden Speech:

A bizarre moment from President Joe Biden’s White House livestream on Wednesday is garnering attention after an unidentified man on a hot mic speaks over the President and talks about a “plea deal.”

In the YouTube video, which has since been unlisted by the official White House channel so only users possessing a link to the footage can view it, the bizarre audio exchange happens roughly one hour and 16 minutes into the press conference.

As Biden continues to drone on about his COVID team appointments, an unidentified male voice cuts in and says, “So just so you know my life, after waiting to do this, I just agreed to a plea sentence for [unintelligible] guy…”

The White House has not publicly commented on the “plea deal” incident during yesterday’s livestream, or on the articles of impeachment introduced by Greene. No Main-Stream News network has questioned or aired the segment. TruNews did because they were recording the whole speech and released the controversial segment to others, then someone posted it on YouTube above. [Patrick Bestall]

Trump Impeachment Trial to Start February 8th, Dems Float Ban from Office (Again)

**Pentagon stonewalling Biden.

Cancel Culture:

Social Media Blackouts Are Coming to Believers [Prophetic...]

Why did Italy and other nations steal the U.S. election?

***COVID narrative shifts with Biden’s inauguration

OPEN Borders… Really?

Before you watch Tucker Carlson's comments on Biden's immigration policy watch this powerful 6-minute video demonstration with gumballs:


So, it's good to open our doors and our arms to everyone except hardcore Trump voters?

Trump Makes First Public Comments Since Leaving White House – Plays Coy About Future Plans

Pandemics in Christion History:


Since religious bodies in South Korea, Singapore, Iran, Hong Kong, and even Washington, D.C., have been at the forefront of coronavirus transmission, this injunction is worth remembering. Motivated by this concern, I have prepared an exhaustive handbook for churches about how they can fortify their services to reduce coronavirus transmission, informed by guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and my experiences working as a missionary in Hong Kong. The first sacrifice Christians must make to care for our neighbor is our convenience, as we enthusiastically participate in aggressive sanitation measures and social distancing.

This kind of humble care for others is a powerful force. I’ve seen it at work in my neighbors in Hong Kong, whatever their beliefs. The ubiquitous surgical masks may not actually prevent infection, but they serve as a visible reminder that we’re all watching each other’s backs. When good sanitary procedure stops being about saving our own skin and starts being about loving our neighbor, it becomes not just life-saving but soul-enlivening.

This brings me to one of the more controversial elements of historic Christian plague ethics: We don’t cancel church. The whole motivation of personal sacrifice to care for others, and other-regarding measures to reduce infection, presupposes the existence of a community in which we’re all stakeholders. Even as we take communion from separate plates and cups to minimize risk, forgo hand-shaking or hugging, and sit at a distance from each other, we still commune.

Some observers will view this as a kind of fanaticism: Christians are so obsessed with church-going that they’ll risk epidemic disease to show up.

But it’s not that at all. The coronavirus leaves over 95 percent of its victims still breathing. But it leaves virtually every member of society afraid, anxious, isolated, alone, and wondering if anyone would even notice if they’re gone. In an increasingly atomized society, the coronavirus could rapidly mutate into an epidemic of despair. Church attendance serves as a societal roll call, especially for older people: Those who don’t show up should be checked on during the week. Bereft of work, school, public gatherings, sports and hobbies, or even the outside world at all, humans do poorly. We need the moral and mental support of communities to be the decent people we all aspire to be.

The Christian choice to defend the weekly gathering at church is not, then, a superstitious fancy. It’s a clear-eyed, rational choice to balance trade-offs: We forgo other activities and take great pains to be as clean as possible so that we can meaningfully gather to support each other. Without this moral support, as the citizens of Wuhan, China, can attest—and perhaps soon the people of Italy—life can quickly become unendurable. Even non-Christians who eschew church-

going can appreciate the importance of maintaining just one lifeline to a community of mutual care and support.

Be eager to sacrifice for others, even at the cost of your own life. Obsessively maintain a scrupulous hygienic routine to avoid infecting others. Maintain a lifeline to a meaningful human community that can care for your mind and soul. These are the guiding stars that have shepherded Christians through countless plagues for millennia. As the world belatedly wakes up to the fact that the age of epidemics is not over, these ancient ideas still have modern relevance.


What a powerful message....God's coming judgement, a shaking upon this earth that men will faint...

Pastor Allen Jackson....

We need to warn people to be the world is going totally in the wrong direction.

Today men are convinced lies are truth, and truth is lies.

Evil is good, and good is evil.

We should not be surprised, as the church has been asleep. [Brian Plumb]

Persecution for U.S. Christians Could Come Quicker Than You Think

ALL 148 US Deaths VAERS HHS Vaccine Database Many Shortly After Shot Covid-19 Coronavirus Lockdowns

Why are the Elite not telling us the Truth on the 'Globe Lie' (9 Min)

Hank Aaron:

Media deletes post on Baseball Legend dying after getting the C19 Shot (6 Min)

Let's Expose the Corruption

News 2011 depopulation

[Jonathan Baillie]

Does the Serpentine Symbol of Healing Have a Biblical Origin?

Jesus said, "If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me". Jesus words on the cross "My God My God why have you forsaken me" could also be translated as "My God My God why this way?", like "why have you lifted me up this way?". The healing snake on Moses staff represented sin being nailed to the cross in order to heal you and me.

*** Dr. Carrie Madej:

"This is the ultimate enslavement of Humanity" (58 Min)

Soldiers turn their backs to the New president:

FREEDOM Rallies!


London... Saturday at 5:00 pm

Fauci Backstabs Trump, Says He Is Finally “Liberated”

They are COMING for US!!! WILL WE STAND? [Janes Kaddis]

CBS Buries the Bad News in Misleading Headline About Biden Economic Proposal

Bridges into D.C. Being Closed as Troop Levels in Capital City Surge Even Higher

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