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11-27-2020 2nd Report today

Leaked Zoom calls and documents show… federal workers and activists conspiring to {Take Down the Government} by a COUP!

Pelosi calls on Senate to begin confirmation hearings for Biden Cabinet ‘before the inauguration’

Judge Blocks Further Certification of Pennsylvania Election Results



Researchers conclude illegal votes in crucial swing states might have changed election


SCOTUS grants injunction against Gov. Cuomo’s restrictions on religious gatherings


Pennsylvania REVERSAL Stuns Democrats – Trump Is Smiling


Pennsylvania Supreme Court won’t throw out 8,000 ballots it admits are illegal


Federal appeals court dismisses Trump campaign lawsuit over PA voting procedures

Liberals Approved of Obama Granting Clemency to Terrorists and Traitors, But Is Triggered by Flynn’s Pardon


City of 12 million with no lockdown? No problem. [Thank You – Patrick]

Research conducted in Moscow shows that about 50 percent of the population has an immune response to coronavirus: cellular immunity, antibodies, etc.


A house undivided: “It is very fortunate that Unity Day was established in our times.

Those who made this decision made it possible to stress again and again that unity of people is demonstration of its strength. The true strength of our people is in unity,” said the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church during an online meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and leaders of traditional religions and heads of centralized religious organizations in Russia.

The Russian Orthodox Church

[Thank You – Patrick]

What does the leader of the biggest church in Russia think? These clips are from the past 6 years

Communist slave workers – China

[Thank You – Patrick]

Inside the camps, life is even worse. Jammed into small cells, girls as young as 14 are ordered to squat naked in front of the guards, many of them taken away and raped. "There were girls from my room who passed out from being beaten so hard and had nails put into their fingers to make blood pour out," Gulbakhar Jalilova says quietly. This is not "re-education," she insists. In 15 months, she "never saw a single classroom."



[Thank You – David]

The New World ODOR (stench) is trying to deceive you with this FAKE "Corona Virus Pandemic".

The person speaking in the video is:

Dr. Amandha Dawn Vollmer. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Biotechnology from the University of Lethbridge (2000) in Alberta, Canada, and a degree of Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (2008) in Toronto.

Her website is The Big Virus Hoax

She does NOT make a BIBLICAL connection to this FAKE "pandemic", so after you listen carefully to her, read this article and understand what's REALLY happening in the world and WHY.

NO matter what, DON'T take the vaccine. I will write something about that soon, BUT DON'T take the vaccine.

MPP Randy Hillier charged after hosting anti-COVID-19 lockdown Rally [Thank You – Carol]

No one Charged who attended the rally against COVID-19 at Toronto City Hall… Only MPP Randy!

Hot Mic Catches Trump’s Powerful 7-Word Message to Brother of Fallen Cop

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