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This is a BIG Weekend!

2-7-21 Sunday


The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Main-Stream Media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Much of the content of this BLOG is re-printed Material from the “Restored Republic” report issued by Judy Byington. Consider, do your own research, and make up your own mind.

Galatians 2:20 KJV

I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless, I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.


For your ease in getting to Information that you are interested in… I have divided the following Material into two Groups:



#2. COVID-19


Where are we heading???

Two powerful messages from Olive Tree Ministries....Jan Markell as she discusses with experts on what we are approaching in 2021...

The First is called 'UnMasking the Great Reset'...

The Second is called 'Wired: The Digital Revolution'Nathan Jones...

Godlessness, haters of truth, and desiring convenience over freedoms (pleasures), is becoming the mainstay...

And what I have found over the last couple of days is the move by 'so called Christians' to acceptance of this new direction.

Help us not to be HATERS of TRUTH, but rather lovers.

Cash will be no more, everything will be digital, and your bank, your online providers, your government will make you accept new standards or become an outlaw of the new system.

Be forewarned that we are moving so close to the end of days as spoken about throughout Scripture.

And I see some Christians closing their hearts, minds, and will to the teaching of Scripture to accept what is coming.

Saying we need to obey to live. What is life? Life is not just living on in days, but TRUE LIFE is being alive in the freedom that Christ gives.

Consider this message from Dr. John Barnett on what part of the law is binding on Christians...

Key is hearing the voice of God, which means being in His Word...

God bless you all,


Dangerous Epicenter: The Suffering for ‘Christians’ is coming…


Interrogation of James Clapper - Yahoo Canada Search Results

“I’ll be back by Monday”Donald J. Trump “Our journey is just beginning, for the best is yet to come. You’ll love how this movie ends – a rebirth of our nation.” … Donald J. Trump Judy Note: “I’ll be back by Monday,” Donald Trump said as he gathered his closest advisors to Mar a Largo this weekend. “As of last Sun. 31 Jan. the fiat SWIFT system was no more and as of Mon. 1 Feb. the Quantum Financial System was in place. Tier 4B notification to set redemption/ exchange appointments was imminent”Charlie Ward “Bond payments were going out Fri. 5 Feb. Redemption Center Personnel were to be in place at noon Mon. 8 Feb.”…Bruce Breaking News: On Fri. 29 Jan. US Special Op forces recovered bodies, body parts and at least a hundred surviving children from a tunnel system beneath the White House and Capitol Building in Washington DC. In the early morning hours as body bags were being delivered, a witness reported seeing multiple troops coming out of the White House with at least a hundred children in tow. The children were believed to have been sexually abused, tortured and killed by political elites. A couple of days later in the early morning hours of Mon. 1 Feb. and with the US functioning under Martial Law, Joe Biden and 464 elected government officials were said arrested and released inside the Capitol Hill area that was surrounded in eight-foot-high barbed wire fencing. Washington DC remained guarded by over 30,000 National Guard troops.

Very soon you would see the US Military take over all American Media outlets. The Mainstream Media had refused to air official announcements of the status of the US in Martial Law because of foreign interference in the 2020 Election and had thus committed treason by putting the nation in danger. Juan O Savin (JFK Jr.): “This illusion was all going down in a few hours, but the fight will go on for some time.” Sat. 6 Feb. Hundreds of Children Rescued From Tunnels Beneath the White House and Capitol Building:

Ped*ophile Ring Investigation Centers Around White House, Capitol Building as Children Surface! - Must Video | Opinion - Conservative | Before It's News All was thought part of an international Child Trafficking Ring run by global and political elites and connected to Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island – that lay next door to Joe Biden’s Water Island.

Lines of buses with darkened windows took the children away. On Fri. morning 5 Feb. Charlie Ward confirmed from his people on the ground at Capitol Hill that the Military did in fact rescue children found in rooms and tunnels constructed underneath the White House. Black vans and buses with darkened windows picked up the children for medical treatment and de briefing. Evidently they discovered multiple corpses and a lot of body bags were going into the area. Tortured, malnourished children and corpses in the tens of thousands have been found in a sophisticated network of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS) that ran beneath the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Asia and across Europe. For over a year US Special Forces had been in training for the rescue missions which began on Oct. 16 2019 with the rescue of over 2,100 caged babies and children beneath the China Lake Navy facility in California. Back on Wed. 16 Oct. 2019 a military operation of 10,000 Marines and Navy Seals rescued an unbelievable 2,100 children being held in cages in underground tunnels at the California China Lake Military facility. The children and teens were said to have been sexually abused, tortured and killed to collect their adrenaline.

Marines, Navy Seals Rescue 2,100 Caged Children, Teens Other military operations have recently taken place to rescue the children: Oct. 31 2019:

You will register to the new Quantum Voting System that will then know you. You can only vote once. No one can cheat. DUMBS were around 94% clear in America, South America only about 12%, in Europe 22% clear, Canada 12% clear. The Vatican tunnel went to Jerusalem, to the Giza Plateau (underground city) – Victoria, Melbourne (underground city), Sidney was called a spider web, the Hague was worse, Australia was worse than that. Richard Branson Necker Island – they scoop you out, then go to one of 17 islands where they traffic children from the DUMBS. They have groups that abduct certain children. Virgin Airlines owned by Cabal and used to procure children. Information and documentation they took from the Vatican was unbelievable. One was the Book of Ishmael, the original Koran that was later corrupted by Mohammad. Xi said that the Chief in Shanghai has been arrested – the head of the Chinese Communist Party. Fri. 5 Feb. Charlie Ward, Martin and Diana Update:

Nov. 3 Trump signed NESARA into law. Nov. 4 Trump stepped down to allow Military Law to take over. Biden arrested on Jan. 24, 25made available to Mainstream Media – refused to air it and committed treason. The military will now take control of all Mainstream Media outlets. Sat. 6 Feb. Supreme Court to consider 2020 Election Fraud: Feb. the U.S. Supreme Court scheduled several high-profile contest-of-election lawsuits, including ones brought by attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, and the Trump campaign, for consideration at its Feb. 19 conference. According to a On Friday 5 case listing, the lawsuits include Sidney Powell’s Michigan case (20-815), the Trump campaign’s Pennsylvania lawsuit (20-845) and Wisconsin lawsuit (20-882), the Pennsylvania lawsuit brought by Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) (20-810), and Lin Wood’s Georgia case (20-799). Sat. 6 Feb. Forensic Evidence Shows Theft of 2020 Election:

Sat. 6 Feb. Attorney Lin Wood Trump to be Sworn in as 19th President of Restored Republic:

Lin Wood talks about the fact that the rule of law was being followed, the Military was in charge of the country, with Biden heading a Shadow Government. There were some concerns that an artificial inauguration occurred. He discusses ‘NESARA/GESARA’, the ‘re-birth of the United States of the Republic, of which Trump will be sworn in as the 19th President’, America returning to sound money and bonus material including a run-down of how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will soon be BANKRUPT and groveling at our very feet. Sat. 7 Feb. Summary of Cabal War, McKay:

Scott McKay Gives A Great Summary of the Cabal War! Things Are Happening Fast! - Must Video | Opinion - Conservative | Before It's News The Plan to save the country was formed by 200 Military Generals. The 2020 Inauguration was a Military Sting operation to bring down the ushering in of the New World Order of Central Banking Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Chinese Communist Party. Fri. 6 Feb. Santa Surfing: Fri. 6 Feb. Voter Fraud Documentary, Lindell:

Sat. 6 Feb. 2021 Simon Parkes:

New Simon Parkes! February 6th 2021 Update via Bitchute | Prophecy | Before It's News CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos, the richest man on the planet, would not have stepped down without Military intervention.

Amazon leased the Castle Rock studios where Biden Inauguration took place and where he was signing EOs. Congress could not impeach Trump if he were not the legitimate US President. Child rescue was a priority of the Alliance. Maxwell was giving out information on where the children were in the underground tunnels. Freedom to express our point of view has been taken away. The Mainstream Media takeover would be the last step in bringing down the Cabal. Jan. 30 2021 James Clapper interrogation names names, corruption worse than imagined:

James Clapper, retired lieutenant general in US Air Force, former Director of National Intelligence. He names Rod Rosenstein, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, homosexual relationships, hacking computers, compromising members of Congress – in only one of several interrogations. Sat. 6 Feb. Global Elite Taken to GITMO:

Multiple sources within the FBI and NYPD have confirmed the existence of a “sickening Hillary Clinton sex tape involving Huma Abedin and an underage teenage girl and provided assurances that a faction within the department has vowed to send Hillary Clinton to jail for the rest of her life. A small faction within the NYPD have been pursuing leads and identifying key players implicated in “an elite network of sickos and perverts” and have identified former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as someone who “under normal circumstances would be arrested by now.” NYPD detectives, privy to the contents of the tape have been “getting their ducks in a row” preparing for it’s release, explaining that “we are not just talking careers on the line, we are talking about lives. We have to get it right. ”According to [Q]Anon, the infamous White House insider,

that he is going after high profile child sex offenders is directly linked to the tape.


Space Force Critical to Mission, Deep State Overlooked It, Military Is The Only Way Forward! - Must Video:

There’s a Legitimate Reason Why We Don’t Like Jen Psaki…Actually 3


Less than half of Americans think Trump should be convicted by the Senate:

‘Mostly Peaceful’ Violence and Dueling Double Standards

Smartmatic names Fox Host Judge Jeanine in sweeping election lawsuit:

Supreme Court orders California to allow indoor worship services:


IT IS Canada's newest PRISON

Canada’s Newest PRISON:

It is just outside of Toronto! called the Toronto South-Detention Centre that cost $585 million.

And yeah, they can also choose their meals from the menu!

Let me see now ... Which government is responsible for this beautiful "punishment center"?



Compare this to all Residential Care and Nursing Homes for our Seniors!


No one is aware of this!

[Three Pictures]


Excellent Summary:

Justin Trudeau has too many vaccines and not enough — the question is how we got here.

Use community care providers to ramp up vaccinations!

CDC is a V-X-X Company (13 Min)

Lin Wood Fireside Chat 11 - Is Lin Insane? + Doctors Explain What’s Inside the COVID-19 Vaccines? - Must Video:


4 Young & Healthy Medical Professionals Die (8 Min)

DataBase that Tracks Deaths and Injuries after C19 Jab (5 Min)

A 2010 Study states that "Less than 0.3% (1 in 333) of all Adverse Drug Events are reported."

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