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Thursday 1-12-23

Thursday 1-11-23

Verses for today:

Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord;

Acts 3:19 KJV

For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.

Habakkuk 2:14 KJV

whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God;

Romans 3:25 KJV

China, Cash and Classified Documents: FISC/FISA, the Usual Suspects and the Problematic Penn Biden Center

One last question. Why is it that every time we pull a string, it yanks the usual suspects?

Quite frankly, if the American people could simply come to realize, accept and reconcile that essentially everything that is derived from our own federal government is fraudulent, or a product of enterprise fraud, uniting the country and getting it back would be virtually instantaneous. There exists a severe impediment to these processes; however, I’ve written about it frequently. That multifaceted impediment rests on a foundation of the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 and the National Defense Authorization Act, which included the bipartisan bill “Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act,” and which was signed into law in May 2016 by President Barack Obama.

Smith-Mundt revised World War II era policy on propagandizing foreign nations to allow propagandizing the American people domestically, and the NDAA provided the context to further weaponize it. That context overlays the exact timeline for the fraudulent “Russian collusion” narrative and its resulting Mueller Special Counsel operation targeting candidate and then President Donald J. Trump.

The net effect is the leveraging of perception management, which is the technical military term for “psychological operations.” This has occurred to the extent that a full-scale and weaponized propaganda machine that would make Joseph Goebbels blush has been deployed against Americans writ large. It has captured their minds and all but eliminated their ability to think independently and critically, making them functional slaves living in a false reality.

The mechanism to execute these operations against Trump is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court [FISC] and the power of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act [FISA], which underpins it and permits the issuance of FISA warrants. Importantly, the FISC falls under the authority of none other than the compromised Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, John Roberts, and due to its legal framework, the FISC is America’s most secretive American court that we know of.

MORE NEWS: Why In The Hell Is the Luggage Torpedo On The Dining Room?!? – Jason Bermas

It was the issuance of FISA warrants against Trump and his inner circle that was the beginning of the end for Trump, and it all threads right through the heart of a bunch of old Moonshine: “Russian collusion,” FISA/FISC, two special counsel appointments, two fraudulent impeachments, a fraudulent COVID-19 pandemic, a stolen 2020 election as the mechanism to remove Trump with COVID serving as the mechanism to steal it, the resulting installation of a Chinese proxy into the Executive in illegitimate U.S. President Joe Biden, and two entrapment operations in the Capitol “insurrection” and the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago.

The aspects of FISA/FISC are important and worthy of review because “diplomacy” and “global engagement” are central to foreign intelligence surveillance, and they represent the primary functions of the Penn Biden Center. Hold on to that notion as I overlay the Penn Biden Center with the FISC momentarily.

Trump was immediately and directly targeted by the federal apparatus and intelligence community [CIA.] By targeting Trump with the FISC/FISA, they were able to circumvent Trump’s Constitutional protections since the evidentiary threshold for predicting a FISA warrant is a lesser standard than for predicting a criminal warrant. This is the crux of it, and the following is critical.

The initial counterintelligence investigation was opened against Trump in the name of Hillary Clinton’s construct of “Russian collusion,” which was approved by Obama and appeared in then CIA Director John Brennan’s handwritten notes. It permitted the federal apparatus and the intelligence community to circumvent Trump’s Constitutional protections before the investigation resulted in the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Importantly, Mueller was nothing more than an avatar for the corrupt Andrew Weissmann, who was essentially running all of the Department of Justice at that time because Mueller’s Special Counsel operation enveloped and had jurisdiction over anything and everything of importance relative to Trump.

[Red Voice Media]

GAME CHANGER! Matt Gaetz Announces Release of 14,000 Hours of J6 Vids | EP3276 – Pete Santilli

Looks like we will finally get the full story on what really happened on January 6th. Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) told Charlie Kirk today on Kirk’s radio show that the new Republican Congress will unveil the hidden J6 tapes.

Gaetz told Charlie Kirk that releasing the tapes “would give more full context to that day rather than the cherry-picked moments of the January 6th committee.” He further explained this is one example of the deal made with Kevin McCarthy to provide the American people the truth rather than the lies propagated by the Biden Regime.

[Matt Gaetz]

[Red Voice Media]

Canadian Persecution of Ethical Doctors Attracts International Attention:

2023-01-11 Canadian Persecution of Ethical Doctors Attracts International Attention Children's Health Defence Europe: Interview of Drs Charles Hoffe, Dr Crystal Luchkiw, Dr Patrick Phillips, Dr Mark Trozzi and attorney Michael Alexander. Thanks to Aga WIlson and Children's Health Defence Europe for bringing international attention to the unlawful weaponization of the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and British Columbia, against ethical doctors who maintain our oaths and responsibilities, while refusing to participate in the covid-crimes-against-humanity. Here is the interview.

[Dr Mark Trozzi[

Children's Health Defence Europe: Interview of Drs Charles Hoffe, Dr Crystal Luchkiw, Dr Patrick Phillips, Dr Mark Trozzi and attorney Michael Alexander.

Thanks to Aga Wilson and Children’s Health Defence Europe for bringing international attention to the unlawful weaponization of the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and British Columbia, against ethical doctors who maintain our oaths and responsibilities, while refusing to participate in the covid-crimes-against-humanity. Here is the interview.

I take great pride in being one of these physicians. Dr Hoffe, Dr Luchkiw, Dr Phillips, and Michael Alexander JD and are on my short list of heroes.

Aga Wilson/CHD Europe: Canadian Doctors Speaking Out Against the Narrative are being Suspended and Attacked

[Dr Mark Trozzi]

VIDEO REPORT: The Jordan Peterson rally in Toronto was off the charts:

Please sign the petition for Dr. Peterson here

You may have heard about the rally in support of Dr. Jordan Peterson in Toronto, next to the College of Psychologists of Ontario's headquarters, where we sent a field reporter to cover the event.

His name is Abdusselam Bezirgan. He goes by Mocha for short.

Have you heard of him?

He’s outstanding. Check out his interview with Maxime Bernier at the rally here.

Bernier said Dr. Peterson is facing “political oppression.”

“That’s happening to him and that happened to other Canadians so we must stop that. Living in a free country, you’re not supposed to have regulations and legislation that suppress our freedom to speak,” Bernier said.

Take your chance to make a difference! Sign the petition for Dr. Peterson here before we hand it over to the College of Psychologists of Ontario tomorrow.

By the way, has anyone seen the mainstream media report on this issue?

Oh, right, one outlet said, “There is nothing unjust or illiberal about professional organizations enforcing codes of conduct for their members.”

Really? No ifs, ands, or Gerald Butts?

This same outlet said, “there’s no guarantee of free speech in Canada.”

Comforting, no?

That’s why you, and over forty-thousand others, have signed our petition to defend Dr. Peterson.

As you know, freedom isn’t free. (Especially when mainstream media outlets run cover for censorship.)

Canadians should be free to criticize things like lockdowns or PM Trudeau without losing their jobs.

Because of your commitment to independent media coverage like The Counter Signal,

This fight is far from over!

Keep fighting for what is right, PS - LAST CHANCE! Please sign the petition for Dr. Peterson here if you haven’t done so because we’re handing them to the College of Psychologists of Ontario tomorrow. PPS - Dr. Peterson isn’t the only Canadian being threatened by their employer because they dared to speak freely. You won’t believe how ridiculous another case is in BC. Stay tuned. Oh, and if you would like to help us cover Mocha's costs while he covers this for us, please click here.

Mike Campbell Journalist

Now legal in half of US states: 'Lipstick, an iPhone, maybe a little Smith & Wesson .38':

Great news: It is now legal to carry a gun without a permit in fully half of the United States after Alabama joins the party

If you like gun rights, constitutional freedoms, and just all-around good public policy, then your 2023 is off to a great start!

The start of 2023 means carrying a gun without a license is now legal in half of US states: 'Lipstick, an iPhone, maybe a little Smith & Wesson .38'

2022 saw the second-highest number of mass shootings in the US ever, but access to guns without a permit is increasing at state and federal levels.


Of course, Business Insider is super angry about it, because it's all those conservative states like [checks notes] New York, California, and Illinois where all the crime and murder keep happening.

With the start of the new year, it became significantly easier for Alabamians to legally carry guns.

The state passed a law last year allowing people to carry concealed handguns without state permits, a change that went into effect on January 1.

The law signaled a gun rights landmark for the US: Now, half of the 50 states allow people to carry handguns without permits.

In case you're not familiar with it, this is a policy known as "constitutional carry," and it's a major plank for gun-rights activists:

Constitutional carry means that the state's law does not prohibit citizens who can legally possess a firearm from carrying handguns, (openly and/or in a concealed manner) thus no state permit is required.

Anti-gun activists tend to flip out about this policy; they're often convinced that it will lead to mass shootings, Wild West-style shootouts, and other horrendous gun violence incidents.

In actuality, when law-abiding citizens are allowed to responsibly carry weapons to defend themselves and their families from mass-murdering psychopaths, you get situations like Indiana this last July, where a perp with an AR was stopped by a guy two weeks after constitutional carry became the law:

· You don't need a permit to carry guns in half of US states.

· Alabama's permitless carry law went into effect with the start of the new year.

· Over the past two decades, gun control laws have weakened at the state and federal levels.

[The Insider]

Dutch Farmers on a Roll:

The Dutch farmers have created their own political party, and it's doing well in the polls - LifeSite

They have won concessions from the government, regionally and nationally. The agriculture minister has resigned as a result. Now they have created a political party, which now looks likely to shape or even lead the next government.

[Patrick Bestall]

At the Risk of Overwhelming you:

The Iron Will Weekly News Report | January 6, 2023 - Strong and Free Canada

It's only 18 minutes, but whew! Let me know if I should send you another one of his reports or not.

In this week’s free version of the Iron Will Report:

  • JCCF President Spends 23 Hours in Solitary Confinement

  • Food Bank Users Requesting Assisted Suicide

  • All Airports to Close by 2050

  • Bill to Expose Foreign Influence Being Delayed by Liberals

  • Facial Recognition Software Targets Innocent Mother of 9 Year Old Girl

  • Analysis: The Multi-Pronged Attack on the Truth

And in the member’s version, all of the above, PLUS:

  • New Twitter Stats Reveal CBC Has Almost No Followers

  • CBC’s ‘Unbiased’ Coverage of Damar Hamlin

  • Canadian Gov. Pays Out Almost 3 Million in Vaccine Damages

  • Non-Vaxxed the New Universal Blood Donors

  • The Kraken Variant: Where Did it Come From?

  • Government Hires ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’ Propaganda Firm

  • Ontario Lawyer Now Providing Legal Exemption Letters

  • Exercise is a ‘White Supremacist Plot’

[Patrick Bestall]

[Iron Will REPORT]

A short history of "hysteria" - focus on Canada:

Canada’s National Hysteria in the 21st Century | Frontier Centre For Public Policy (

Mass hysteria is the spontaneous manifestation of a particular behaviour by many people. There are numerous historical examples: Middle Age nuns at a convent in France spontaneously began to meow like cats; at another convent, nuns began biting one another. In 13th-century Germany, spontaneous dancing broke out and entire city populations danced until exhausted. But perhaps the best-known mass hysteria was the Salem Witch Trials, where people, seized by visions, accused others of bewitching them. Many were executed.

But hysteria episodes are not only historical. They have occurred in modern times as well. Remember the daycare panic of the 1980s, when daycare workers were accused of horrible crimes against children, including satanic abuse. Many falsely accused spent years in jail. Lives were ruined. The strangest thing about that mass hysteria is that it spanned continents. It started in California, but then moved through Canada, Europe, and even New Zealand, before it burned itself out.

Obviously, those caught up in mass hysteria do not realize at the time that they are not seeing things clearly.

Could it be that some of us are even now victims of self-induced mass hysterias?

For example, what are we to make of the insistence that a man who chooses to live as a woman actually becomes a woman? To most of the world this claim is nonsensical. It is neither scientific nor factual. A woman has XX chromosomes, while a man has XY. Case closed. But to others, a man actually becomes a woman simply by stating that s/he is one. In the future, will this strange thinking be considered a mass hysteria?

Or what about the odd response that most Western nations took to the COVID-19 pandemic?

For reasons that remain unclear, most Western countries decided to copy communist China’s lockdown strategy, which was a radical approach that had hitherto been rejected by all Western scientists and emergency planners. The misery we see playing out in China, as they finally abandon it, is absolute proof of its absurdity. Yet even today, many still insist that we were right to lock down. And some say that we should do it again! Is this an example of a mass hysteria?

And are the most extreme of today’s anti-fossil fuel exponents caught up in some version of a mass hysteria? I’m not referring to people with legitimate concerns about global warming and the need to find cost-effective, non-polluting energy. I mean those who insist that everyone must give up all fossil fuels by a date they invent. Will history judge this to be a hysteria?

But perhaps the strangest ongoing episode of mass hysteria might be playing out in Canada. That is the claim that 215 indigenous children were secretly killed at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School and then covertly buried at night, with the forced help of children “as young as six.”

If true, this would easily be the biggest crime in Canadian history. The very idea that the nuns and priests running the school would be responsible for the deaths of 215 children, and then force other children to bury their comrades, never made sense. For one thing, there was not one single historical record of any indigenous parent in Kamloops—or anywhere else—reporting that their child had disappeared after attending Kamloops IRS. But more to the point, there was never any factual reason to believe that the nuns and priests who operated the school were the ghouls that the accusation demanded.

But then the strange accusations multiplied. Other indigenous leaders chimed in, with claims that there were “thousands, tens of thousands” of such intentionally killed and secretly buried residential school students all over the country. The prime minister ordered flags to be flown at half mast for months, hundreds of millions of dollars were committed to search for these phantom children, and a cabinet minister, Marc Miller, called anyone who even dared to question these bizarre claims a “ghoul.”

The country went into a panic. A new national holiday honouring these “missing children” (who were never missing) was declared.

But there was never any credible evidence to support any of these claims. The only information that could even be loosely termed “scientific” was an embargoed report by a junior archaeologist that she had detected 215 “soil disturbances” that might be graves. It now appears that it is much more likely that those soil disturbances are clay pipes from a 1924 septic field.

We do know that the bizarre stories of priests killing and secretly burying indigenous children have gained more prominence since the 1990s, when a defrocked minister began spreading conspiracy theories. But how is it that ordinary, sensible Canadians seemed willing to accept these same preposterous, and deeply anti-Catholic, stories?

Will future historians see this strange episode as some kind of mass hysteria?

Brian Giesbrecht, retired judge, is a senior fellow at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy

[Frontier Centre for Public Policy]

David YEO:

$$**WTH! (2 Min)

$T3W: 4CH@N W@XX3d**ALL $cripT3d (13 Min)

2023 G@rden PL@nn!ng**Pr3pp!ng !nd00r Gr0w R00M (19 Min)

M3LaT0nin: B3nef!+$ (5 Min)

T!K T0K $T@R G0n3 @ 21 (2 Min)

R3-P0$T: Z3!Tge!$T Refut3d**F!nal Cut (119 Min)

HBP - Zeitgeist Refuted (Final Cut)

Th3 Trum@n $h0w (9 Min)

$T3W: F0rm3r V@xx3r**H3@rT F@!Lure (20 Min)

W0m@n $33s D3m0n$ Att@ck!ng H3r f/ 2 D@y$ aft3r Jab (68 Min)



The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Main-Stream Media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Much of the content of this BLOG is re-printed Material. Consider, do your own research, and make up your own mind.

Wed. 11 Jan, 7:49 pm Texas Snake: “All Banker Exchange Centers Are On Full Alert.”

· In Violation of Their Own Rule 11, the Supreme Court Has Denied the Brunson Case a Hearing on 100 Allegations of Voter Fraud that Congress Refused to Investigate Before Certifying the 2020 Election. It appeared that Members of Congress have Committed Treason by not Adhering to their Oath of Office to Protect the Constitution The Decision Not to Hear the Brunson Case Indicated that SCOTUS Has Been Compromised and Thus Also Committed Treason Plus That America Has Been Overtaken by the Enemy. Therefore, the Military Will be Forced to Step in With Martial Law Of Which We Were Already Subjected.

The Military goes by the Gregorian Calendar rather than the Julian Calendar New Years Day on the Gregorian Calendar was Saturday 14 January

America the Beautiful (arr. Mack Wilberg) (

The Real News for Wed. 11 Jan. 2023:

  • · Earth Rumbles on the Heels of High Interplanetary Shockwave:


2. Barack Obama is going to hate what this bombshell letter just revealed – Patriot Pulse

3. McCarthy Is Finally Bringing Investigators In | News Ready

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