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THURSDAY 10-12-23

Thursday 10-12-23

Verse(s) for today:

And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising.

Isaiah 60:3 KJV

And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins.

1 Peter 4:8 KJV

I will praise thee, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvellous works.

Psalm 9:1 KJV

Million Person March organizer announces new nationwide protests against LGBT agenda

A 'Worldwide Stop the War on Children Rally' is set for October 21, Kamel El-Cheikh said after being inundated with requests to organize another event.

(LifeSiteNews) – The organizer for the Million Person March held in September to fight back against radical LGBT agendas being taught in public schools has planned a new event for October 21 after getting over ‘12 calls a day” to organize another protest.

The “Worldwide Stop the War on Children Rally” to be held throughout the country will be looking at taking a ‘double measure, one cut” approach, said Kamel El-Cheikh, who was the main organizer of the September protest, on a recent podcast with Clyde Do Something.

He noted that there is a huge “appetite coast to coast” to rid Canadian schools of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) indoctrination.

“We want to make sure we measure twice and cut once,” El-Cheikh said, adding that organizers don’t want to just “protest for the sake of protesting.

“The nation wants to celebrate together and it’s going to be much bigger, I guarantee,” he said.

The first Million Person March occurred on September 20 and saw thousands of Canadians from coast to coast take to the streets to demand radical LGBT agendas be kept out of Canadian public schools.

The protest was organized by Muslim Canadians and used the slogan “Leave our kids alone,” specifically regarding gender ideology, age-inappropriate sexual content in school libraries, and LGBT propaganda.

El-Cheikh stressed that the Million Person movement is “peaceful” and at the end of the day is “unapologetic” with the message of “Hands Off Our Kids.”

“We want to parent our kids until they’re 18 and ready to make decisions by themselves,” he said.

“Whatever decision they make later, that’s a decision as an adult.”

At the September 20 march was high school student Josh Alexander, who after being canceled by his school for saying there are only two genders has continued to protest radical gender ideology moving its way into Canada’s education system.

Alexander told LifeSiteNews that he was recently informed of the October march happening at the end of the month.

“I will most likely be taking a roll in this march,” he said.

“It’s encouraging to see other people and organizations taking initiative. I will make myself available to aid any honest and responsible movements to protect our children.”

The September marches in most Canadian cities were peaceful. However, there were some reports of assaults on protesters by LGBT-aligning counter-protesters.

Million Person March group compiling ‘list’ of those who have defamed them publicly

The pro-parent protests, El-Cheikh explained, are about “heterosexual families and protecting their kids,” and state that it is not “okay for teachers to have secret conversations about sexuality with children.”

“Stuff that’s not being told to their parents,” he added.

Of significant note is that El-Cheikh said his group is compiling a “children’s indoctrination audit” which will be used against those who have made public statements that the group says have defamed those who participate in the movement. This includes politicians, such as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“We’re making a note of everyone that is saying these defamation comments,” he said, adding that when one “character assassinates” somebody and then “put words [to it],” they are “pretty liable in a court of law.”

El-Cheikh stressed that those in the LGBT movement who claim the march is bigoted, are in the wrong, as the movement is “not about Pride, because obviously they have Pride day, Pride week, Pride month, Pride season.”

“I wish you well, you’re a Canadian, you got all your rights, you’re just taking our rights away,” he said.

El-Cheikh said that what his group, as well as those parents and others participating in the march, are against is the obscene way some in the LGBT community have postured themselves in public, notably at pride events.

“There were naked gay men, being aroused, showing their ornaments to four- or five-year-old kids,” said El-Cheikh of the Toronto Pride Festivals.

“That’s sexual assault, sexual harassment,” he added.

El-Cheikh said that it is a sad state of affairs in what has happened to those in authority in Canada.

“Unfortunately, right now our prime minister, our governments, the teachers union, the government union, has taken a stand and has said this is okay. Pedophilia is okay,” he noted.

“And it is not okay. No. And this is why we’re fighting.”

El-Cheikh recently was interviewed by LifeSiteNews’s John-Henry Weston and said about the first march that it was in a way a “victory” for “every Canadian,” but more work is needed.

“Now you got the Stanley Cup. Everybody gets to bring it to their house, have their turkey dinner, bring their friends over, party, and you deserve to party because you got a little bit of relief,” he said.

[Life Site News]

USA, Israel, Europe next:

Musk predicts ‘civil war’ in Europe — RT World News

Musk predicts ‘civil war’ in Europe...

The billionaire has apparently endorsed the notion that EU immigration policy is suicidal.


A pro-Palestinian demonstration in Milan, Italy, on October 10, 2023. © Andrea Carrubba / Anadolu via Getty Images

Entrepreneur Elon Musk has suggested that the European Union may face the prospect of civil war due to its immigrant-welcoming policies. Two weeks ago, he visited the US southern border, wading into the bitter debate over immigration in his adopted home country.

“If current trends continue, civil war in Europe is inevitable,” he claimed in a post on X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday.

Musk was responding to a thread by Moscow-born British satirist and political commentator Konstantin Kisin. He denounced what he called “people celebrating rape and murder by a proscribed terrorist organization as the police stand and watch in major European cities.”

Kisin was referring to pro-Palestinian demonstrations in the wake of the deadly incursion by Hamas into southern Israel last week. Some residents of European nations focused on condemning Israel for mistreatment of people in the West Bank and Gaza rather than condemning the killings and kidnappings of Israelis by the Palestinian militant movement.

“We import more people who think this way every day,” Kisin noted, decrying the lack of “a sensible immigration policy” screening for people with “cultural values that match our own.”

Read more

EU threatens Musk with ‘penalties’

He was presumably referring to the EU rather than the UK, where Conservative governments have ramped up immigration controls since Brexit.

Kisin concluded that British author Douglas Murray was correct when he argued that European civilization was committing suicide in his 2017 book ‘The Strange Death of Europe’.

Immigration is a hot-button issue in the US as well, as critics of the administration of President Joe Biden accuse him of turning a blind eye to illegal border crossings for the sake of ideological and political goals. Musk weighed in on the debate in late September, when he visited the border city of Eagle Pass in Texas.

The US should “smooth out legal immigration and stop a flow of people that is of such magnitude that we’re leading to a collapse of social services,” Musk urged at the time. He declared himself “extremely pro-immigrant,” citing his own status as a naturalized citizen.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York attacked her colleague, Tony Gonzales of Texas, who gave Musk a tour of the border area. She said the Republican “decided to skip town to joyride with a billionaire” instead of staying in Washington DC and working on ways to avoid a government shutdown.

Congress has since passed a compromise stopgap spending bill, prolonging the fight over budgetary priorities.

Musk has previously branded Ocasio-Cortez “not very smart” on immigration issues.

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In the Book of DANIEL... he mentions three Battles between the King-of-the-North against the King-of-the-SOUTH:

#1. Richard-the-Lion Heart... freed Jerusalem from the Muslims

#2. Saladin re-captured Jerusalem

#3. Has just started... I believe! You will have to read DANIEL to find out who WINS the THIRD BATTLE!

Let me give you a hint... I think that Putin is involved!

Be Blessed.....................................................................................................................................................[Patrick Bestall]

[Don Brooks]

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Without Christ bad things can look good


even good things can go bad.

Elon Musk echoed Joe Rogan’s concern over the scarything that happened to his daughter:

Public figures who question the establishment are often met with relentless slander.

Even old-school liberals like Elon Musk and Joe Rogan catch heat for not being in lockstep on every issue.

And Musk echoed Rogan’s concern over the scary thing that happened to his daughter.

Tech billionaire Elon Musk and podcaster Joe Rogan have at least one thing in common: they both moved their businesses and families from California to Texas.

A big reason for the move was the “woke” politics of California, which is becoming increasingly radical.

During a recent podcast interview, Rogan explained how a school in California tried to indoctrinate his daughter.

Rogan said, “There are good schools out here [in Austin] we’re lucky. California is much more problematic right now for schools because one of the things that was happening to me in my school where my kids used to go is they hired some person to teach them that they have to be antiracists and it’s not good enough to not be racist…My kids aren’t racist at all. Like, what are you doing? Why are you putting that in their head? They have to be antiracist and call out racism? They’re trying to make kids activists. Hey, they’re five. Like, they don’t even care. They want friends. They don’t give a f*ck what their friends look like. They’re trying to have a good time. They’re five. They’re just playing…You’re indoctrinating them into this woke…guilt-ridden ideology that you’re carrying around with you and you feel like you have an obligation to impose this on children.”

Time to push a transition back to educating.

Unsurprisingly, radical author Ibram X. Kendi, who wrote “How to Be an Antiracist” and “Antiracist Baby,” has been exposed as a fraud after being promoted by the Democrat-controlled media for years.

In response to Rogan’s message, Musk tweeted, “Very common experience. Schools need to change.”

Musk has first-hand experience because he believes that the “woke” Los Angeles school Crossroads, turned his son into a transgender communist.

Musk told biographer Walter Isaacson, “[Xavier, who ‘transitioned’ to Vivian] went beyond socialism to being a full communist and thinking that anyone rich is evil.”

Rogan added, “The problem is there’s inequities in communities. There’s inequities in how people grow up, where they come from, and some people are in places where they have no hope. And none of that gets addressed. None of that gets fixed. None of that gets worked on. Instead, they just try to make kids feel guilty…I didn’t like the ‘woke’ sh*t. I didn’t like that they were trying to ask kids their pronouns.”

The greatest privilege in America is two-parent privilege, but the Left ignore that because it does not lead to bigger expansion of the state.

Parents are running for school board and changing curricula because they’ve witnessed exactly what Rogan and Musk have warned against.

[The Un-Muzzled News Media]

David YEO:

3LV!$ @ 88 (2 Min)

H0W W@$ !ZR@3L ACTu@LLY Cr3@T3d? (16 Min)

!ZR@3L W@$n'T ATT@cK3D**Th!$ !s a D!v3r$!0N (14 Min)

Th3 N3W Gr0uND Z3R0**Th3 ProGR@MM!nG !s V3RY Th!CK (16 Min)

AU$$!3$: G00D Qs (3 Min)

AU$$!3$: $T@G3D R@LLY (1 Min)

D0c P3T3R $p#@K!nG @ 3U P@RL!@M3NT (18 Min)

!n$!D3R: It W@$ a 'F@L$3 FL@G +o $T@rT 'H0LY W@R' (11 Min)

$0nG: C@rT00N B@LL (4 Min)

ALL W@R$ R B@nK3Rs' W@R$ (43 Min)

$T3W & 0W3N: D!$Cu$$ Th3 Z!0N!$TS (4 Min)

!ZR@3L-CH@Ma$ V!0L3NC3** J3$u$ @ Mt H3rM0N (14 Min)

Wellness???? Review | Oprah’s Book Club pick ‘Wellness’ pokes fun at our era of mindfulness

"Wellness" is the new word for "mindfullness", the twenty-first century word for "relaxation exercises" the new word which meant "deep meditation" which was the latest term for "guided suggestion" which was a replacement term for "self-discovery" and "being centered", which was in the twentieth century a form of positive thinking, and in the nineteenth century, hypnosis or enchantment or good old-fashioned spellcasting.

Nathan Hill’s comic novel follows a Gen-X couple facing midlife crises:

Jack Baker and Elizabeth Augustine are Generation Xers with true Gen-X concerns: She fears being perceived as a sellout. He worries about being seen as ordinary. Both think of themselves as orphans, even though their parents are alive, if emotionally distant. When Nathan Hill introduces the Chicago college students in “Wellness,” his new novel, it’s January 1993, underground art is ascendant, Liz Phair is performing “Exile in Guyville” songs in dive bars, and conformity is a machine young people still rage against.

What happens next is no surprise: Jack and Elizabeth grow up. By 2014, the teen spirit that buoyed them deep into their 20s has transformed into a fog of insecurity and regret. They have a child they don’t understand, careers that leave them wanting and a relationship drained of intimacy. Where they once shared everything, they now keep much hidden. “They were always aware of what the other was doing and saying,” Hill writes. “Less so what the other was thinking.” Jack and Elizabeth have become — God and Courtney Love forgive them — normal.

Read the rest of this Story... Here: Review | Oprah’s Book Club pick ‘Wellness’ pokes fun at our era of mindfulness [Patrick Bestall]

The Jabs - What you saw is not what you got:

Gene scientist shows how vaccine companies mass-produced contaminated COVID jabs - LifeSite

The product approved was not the product which was administered. The Pfizer, BioNtech, and Moderna vaccines which were approved did not contain the plasmid DNA derived from e-coli. This was a process the manufacturers used to scale up mass production of the vaccines after regulatory approval.


Spike protein from COVID shots could be causing debilitating microclots, experts warn - LifeSite

Many symptoms of long COVID and injuries from COVID-19 shots may be due to microclots throughout the body, which coagulate and cause various vascular pathologies. The microclots make it difficult for cells to get enough oxygen, leading to symptoms such fatigue, brain fog and muscle weakness to heart attack and stroke.

[Patrick Bestall]

The Fog of War over Babies:

Who is telling the TRUTH?

LA Times "journalist" downplays report that Hamas slaughtered, decapitated 40 babies in Israeli farming community

LA Times [The Bastian of TRUTH] "journalist" downplays report that Hamas slaughtered, decapitated 40 babies in Israeli farming community...

I had to wait two hours to report this to you.

I know that's a long time in our news cycle, but sometimes, it's important to wait with horrific stuff like that. We've replaced God with shock and sensationalism and we here at Not The Bee don't want to be part of that, especially when fake testimonies about murdered babies have been used to sway public opinion on war (see: The First Gulf War).

With that said, this is what is being said across every newsfeed at the current moment:

Israeli military forces reportedly discovered at least 40 babies that were brutally murdered by Palestinian terrorists in a kibbutz in southern Israel after they drove the terrorists out of the area.

Israeli-based i24 News correspondent Nicole Zedeck, reporting from Kfar Aza, said it was "hard to even explain exactly the mass casualties that happened right here."

Zedeck said she saw "baby cribs thrown to the side" and "strollers left behind" after upwards of 70 terrorists stormed the community on Saturday, slaughtering entire families and taking numerous hostages. In a kibbutz, babies are typically all housed together in one nursery.

A kibbutz is a communal farming model that's been around for a century or so. These rural villages work the land together and care for each other's children.

There were reportedly 40 babies and young children who were killed in the nursery. IDF Major General Itai Veruv called it a "massacre," noting how the children and parents were killed in their beds.

The Daily Wire story has a picture that was released by Israeli photographer Tomer Peretz showing a bloody child's bed. I won't show it here because it is too graphic. Nor will I show the full picture of infant car seats with blood over them.

On one hand, there is a need for prudence here. It is easy to manipulate emotions in the fog of war, and some men will do anything for blood and treasure. I have no doubt that, like Ukraine, there are some in the Israeli military who would stoop to low measures - the same measures Hamas does with its sympathy theater - to try to compete with the terrorists' fundraising scheme that was perfected by Yasser Arafat back in the day.

On the other hand, you can't simply ignore these reports. They are going to sway people's emotions, whether you remain aloof or not. Put it into the light and investigate it.

Here's the on-the-ground reporting for you to do that yourself (no blood is shown here):

As you might expect is the norm across the uber-leftist mainstream media, an LA Times "journalist" immediately downplayed the report:

More than 900 Israelis have been killed and 2,600 more injured from the terrorist attacks. At least 11 Americans were killed, and it is believed that Americans are among those who were kidnapped and are being held hostage inside Gaza.

I assume the president of the United States will comment or do something about that soon? Anyone? Hello?

View the overview VIDEO here: [Scroll to bottom of this LINK] [Not the Bee Media]

[Patrick Bestall]

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND



What We Think We Know:

The difference between animals and humans: animals would never allow the dumbest one in the pack to lead the pack.

  • · This week Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas was said to be making an announcement about POTUS’s decision on the Brunson Case, which charged that Biden, Harris and certain members of Congress committed treason by failing to investigate 350 formal complaints of 2020 Election Fraud. If ruled in Brunson’s favor that did, in fact, happen, it would dissolve the Biden Administration and all of Congress.

  • · Israel was just the start. That World War Three Scare Event was necessary. All was designed for a Global mass awakening. The good guys were in control. It’s a Global movie. The names of Global criminals involved in the Zeta Depopulation Agenda have been and were continuing to be hunted down. The names would be released during the Emergency Broadcast System messages.

  • · New York Mayor tells Residents to be vigilant against attacks. Tens of thousands of immigrants have flooded the city and were chanting hate messages toward citizens. NYC Residents Were Just Warned… (Video) | U. S. Politics | Before It’s News (

  • · WARNING of a ‘Cyber Pandemic’ that would require a Digital ID to connect to a new Deep State Cabal Internet.

  • · Will All Hell Break Loose on Fri. 13 Oct?, Jaco:

  • · There was a Fake Narrative going around about War in the Middle East. Do you know what it is? Do your research. Here’s a hint:

  • · American Military News said that Hamas and other radical Islamic groups including Antifa and BLM were calling for a worldwide jihad and attacks on Jews on October 13!

  • · B’Nai David Congregation in Visalia, Ca. Executive Phil Applebaum waswarned to have guards at the house of worship and the members to be on guard on Fri 13 Oct.

  • · 99% of the migrants who have entered the US in the last two years have not been expelled from the US. Most are military age young males who are given a United Nations I.D. card and income and told to do what they are told to do when the time comes.

Note on Supreme Court Announcement and Continuity of Government:

  • · On his Tues. 10 Oct. Call Bruce said that Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Clarence Thomas would announce results of the Brunson Case this week.

  • · Last Monday Roy Brunson said that they would announce the results of his case possibly on Wed. 11 Oct.

  • · If that Supreme Court Announcement was in favor of the Brunson case, it means that immediately the Biden Administration and most of Congress would be arrested for Treason as required under Constitutional Law, for not investigating allegations of fraud in the 2020 Election before certifying that Election.

  • · It wouldn’t surprise me if Chief Justice John Roberts had already been arrested and that was why Bruce titled Thomas as the Chief Justice who would be making the Brunson Case announcement.

  • · For a Continuity of Government when that announcement was made by the Supreme Court, the US would be under Martial Law (although we already were, it just hasn’t been announced to the public).

  • · They have got to do something by Friday. The American Military News has reported that Hamas and other radical Islamic groups including Antifa and BLM, were calling for a worldwide Jihad and attacks on Jews on Fri. 13 Oct.

  • · They say that 99% of the migrants who have entered the US in the last two years have not been expelled. Most are military age young males who were given income, a United Nations I.D. card and told to do what they were told to do when the time came.

  • · It appeared that time has been planned by Globalists and radical Islamic groups in their worldwide attack on Jews for Fri. 13 Oct.

  • · On Tues. 10 Oct. Bruce, MarkZ, Wolverine and a source from the Admiral’s Group all indicated that Tier4b would receive notification at any time and at least by Fri. 13 Oct.

  • · The Supreme Court announcement that would dissolve Congress and the Biden Administration would likely activate Antifa/ Black Lives Matter terrorists who have been planted in big cities ready to riot. It would also kick off the EBS and a four month military action.

The Real News for Wed. 11 Oct. 2023:

Red October 10:10 Recap, Jon Dowling:

  • · October 2: United States Supreme Court rejects challenge to block Trump from 2024 ballot. North Dakota state senator Doug Larsen, his wife and two kids killed in Utah plane crash. Massive human trafficking crackdown in Ohio takes 160 predators off the streets.

  • · October 3: New Florida law allowing the death penalty for adults who rape children under 12 goes in effect. Kevin McCarthy removed as Speaker of the House.

  • · October 4: Kevin Spacey is rushed to hospital fearing 'heart attack'. FEMA and the FCC conducted a nationwide emergency alert test on all cell phones, wireless devices radios and TV’s. Russia tests their national warning system on the same day FEMA tested America’s emergency alert system. Several schoolgirls in Kenya hospitalized over mysterious illness. Former NYPD union boss and attorney Roy T. Richter was found dead by suicide at his Westchester home on his wife’s birthday after serving for 33 years. He had access to Hillary Clinton and Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

  • · October 5: Putin announces that he and his allies are "building a new world." U.S. warplane shoots down Turkish drone over Syria. SEC sues Elon Musk to force him to testify in agency's probe of Twitter purchase. Iraq bans all cash withdrawals in US dollars. Donald Trump endorses Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House.

  • · October 7: Coordinated terrorist attacks take place against Israel. Israeli intelligence stands down. Israel declares a state of war. The world is hit by a triple earthquake as a 6.7 quake hit Papua New Guinea, Mexico endured a 6.3 shock and Afghanistan suffered strong tremors leading to thousands of deaths. Israeli National Security Council approves Ground Operations to begin in the Gaza Strip. Israel begins to bomb Gaza.

  • · October 8: Israel's security cabinet voted to invoke Article 40 Aleph, an official declaration of war for the first time since Yom Kippur war (50 years ago). US military plans to move US Navy ships and US military aircraft closer to Israel as a show of support.

  • · October 9: Israeli minister ordered to immediately cut off water supply from Israel to Gaza. Kevin McCarthy labels Iran, Russia and China as the new axis of evil. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. officially drops out of the Democratic Primary and declares Independent candidacy for President. Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman states he will stand by Palestinians. US Senator Lindsey Graham suggests USA start bombing Iran. Palestine President Mahmoud Abba’s announces plans to visit Russia and meet with Vladimir Putin. Joe Biden interviewed by special counsel Robert Hur as part of classified documents probe. The Times Of Israel reports that Egypt intelligence official said Israel ignored repeated warnings of ‘something big’ three days before the attack by Hamas.

  • · October 10: Blackouts in Gaza. Russia suggests they may join the Israeli / Hamas war. Putin says Israel-Gaza conflict shows ‘failure’ of US Middle East policy. Pentagon does not rule out a "special operation" to rescue American citizens in Gaza. Israeli propaganda networks get caught spreading multiple fake stories about the war. Turkish President Erdogan accuses the United States of planning to carry out massacres in Gaza by sending aircraft carrier groups to Israel. US Congress introduces a "bipartisan bill" which would give $2 billion in aid to Israel.

  • · Still 21 days to go and then a November to Remember.

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