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1-12-21 Wednesday


The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Main-Stream Media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Consider and make up your own mind.

Psalms 103:17-18

But the mercy of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting, on those who fear Him, And His righteousness to children’s children, too such as keep His covenant, and to those who remember His commandments to do them.

“The Deep State’s Time is Over: America Reborn.

On Mon. Jan. 11 at the last-minute Fox News cancelled coverage of President Trump’s speech on our Right to Freedom of Speech that was being infringed on by Big Tech. Trump and many other conservatives have had their Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and social media accounts permanently cancelled. The latest was Facebook removing all content that mentioned ‘Stop the Steal’ ahead of Inauguration Day:

==> Today... 12 Jan 2021 at 3 pm EST President Trump would speak in Alamo, TX, at which time we should learn more. Live Speech:

======= +++++++ Important NOTE +++++++ =======

Do not fear what is coming as it is for the safety of our nation for this to unfold. ATMs, Internet and credit card processing could go down at any time. If you are instructed to stay indoors it is for your own safety. Do not engage the military. They are part of a global op to take down the deep state cabal and are not threatening to The People. There will be two phases of arrests: from now to 19 Jan, and from 19 Jan. for the next 90 days.

Everyone will be getting emergency alerts on their phones, tv's, radios and internet. It would override all other broadcasts and could last for several hours at a time. Be ready to have five days of no cash, no credit card, and no internet. Make sure you are stocked up on food, water, meds, fuel, candles/batteries, pet supplies, and cash. We expect periodic POSSIBLE power outages, telephone or cell phone outages, or Internet... be prepared for anything. They are suggesting perhaps 10 days’ worth.

Mon. 11 Jan. 2021 General Mcinerney Drops MOABs:

Executive Order on Addressing the Threat from Securities Investments that Finance Communist Chinese Military Companies Text of a Letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate:

Mon. 11 Jan. Mel K, Tiana with Charlie Ward Update – What is on those laptops?

The 16 laptops were a goldmine (Trump’s security forces took out of Pelosi’s and other Democrat’s offices during the DC riots).

Special Forces Took Nancy Pelosi Laptop Wednesday, Says "She's Frantic"

Mon. 11 Jan. Sidney Powell Addresses the Nation “Big Things Are Coming, Don’t Give Up”:

Judy Note: Bonnie B sent the below excellent summary to her son:

Joe, send this excellent video to your group. Trump has a plan. He may send us off in what seems like the wrong direction but it isn't. We are all on the board of his 5D chess game. He gives us the clues. It is up to us to put them together. If he told us he would also be telling our enemies. Don't be discouraged. Since I entered the game four years ago it is always changing. It is the Art of War at which Trump is a genius. Breathe. Trust in the plan. Do your part no matter how insignificant it may seem. The stakes on the table are very high. Are we willing to bet the lives of our families for generations to come? Now is the time for which we were born: the liberation of humanity. Where We Go One We Go All, Patriots. God be with you. Blessing, Mom

==> Capitol Police Chief Said Was Refused Security Measures by Pelosi, McConnell:

Lt. General Thomas McInerney drops MOAB'S:


Danielle, Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes


Devin Nunes Calls for Racketeering Probe Into Big Tech After Parler Ban: Khazarian Mafia Seeks to Surrender as Second American Revolution Underway:

President TRUMP:

Capitol Rioter in Horned Helmet Arrested by Feds

FBI Claims Jurisdiction and Yesterday Took Control of Shredded Ballots Being Analyzed in Georgia


House has the votes to impeach Trump for inciting Capitol riots.

House Democrats introduce Trump impeachment resolution claiming president incited 'insurrection'.

The article states Trump's conduct 'followed his prior efforts to subvert and obstruct the certification of the 2020 Presidential election'.

Turley Dismisses 'Snap Impeachment' Effort

Professional Golfers’ Association Drops Trump Golf Club

Facebook Exec Says:

'No Plans' to End Trump Ban,

Platform Cracks Down on 'Stop the Steal.'

Secular Leftists want to destroy Christianity in America!

Christianity, once the backbone of America’s civilized “Judeo-Christian” society, is under cruel and relentless attack.

Fox News Panics, Demotes MacCallum as Newsmax Rises

An internal FBI memo is warning of plans for armed protests in all 50 state capital cities ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s Inauguration, Fox News has learned.


Watch "Trudeau's second carbon tax" on YouTube

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