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Tuesday 8-16-22

Summary as I am able:

8-16-22 Tuesday

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💥God’s WORD for TODAY!

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

Revelation 21:4 KJV

The father of the righteous shall greatly rejoice: And he that begetteth a wise child shall have joy of him.

Proverbs 23:24 KJV

Blessed be the Lord, Who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah.

Psalm 68:19 KJV


Radical Dem Calls For NONSENSE.

GAINS In GOP Voter Registration:

News that the Mainstream Media Hates

Great VIDEOS… [Streetwise politics]


Hillary Behind Trump Raid — In Search of One Thing…

FBI Planning Possible False Flag After Trump Raid…

HERE is a COLLECTION of current VIDEO’s… following:

IN DEPTH. 1. Minneapolis Schools Adopt Race-Based Layoff Scheme New 2. Convicted Child Rapist Drinks Poison as Verdict Is Read in Court New 3. The Day My Great Grandparents Died 1 hour ago 4. Giuliani Target of GA Election Investigation 2 hours ago 5. Trans Group Wants Lower Ages for Gender Change 2 hours ago 6. CNN Is Officially Fake News 2 hours ago 7. Sen. Bipartisan Request for Mar-a-Lago Raid Info 2 hours ago 8. OOPS: Rep. Tells NY Times Biden Isn’t Running 2 hours ago 9. Homebuilders: Housing Market Is in Recession 2 hours ago 10. Jim Jordan: 14 FBI Whistleblowers Talking 2 hours ago 11. Cartel Imposes Curfew on Border City Near CA 2 hours ago 12. Servicemembers: Woke Policies Caused Recruitment Crisis 2 hours ago 13. Cleaning House at the FBI & Justice 2 hours ago 14. New FCC Program Offers Spectrum Incentives 2 hours ago 15. Panning News for Nuggets of Truth 3 hours ago 16. Brother of Marine Killed From Biden Botched Withdraw Commits Suicide 2 hours ago 17. Schiff Can’t Answer Why FBI Raid Was Necessary 3 hours ago 18. Biden’s CIA Director Employed CCP Members 3 hours ago 19. Bureaucrat’s Grievance Spurred Mar-a-Lago Raid 3 hours ago 20. $10M Payout in COVID Vax Mandate Settlement 3 hours ago 21. Dems Pursue Assessment Over Trump’s Handling of Docs 3 hours ago 22. Biden Rides Bike, Ignores Press Questions 3 hours ago 23. Trump in Bureaucratic Battle 3 hours ago 24. Trans Activist Faces Backlash for Hormones to Minors 3 hours ago 25. TX GOP Declares Invasion at Border 3 hours ago 26. Iran Denies Involvement in Rushdie Stabbing 3 hours ago 27. Bitcoin Price Tops $25K, 1st Time Since June 3 hours ago 28. States Using Unclaimed Property as Revenue 3 hours ago 29. Kash Patel Warns of Russiagate Materials Cover-Up 3 hours ago 30. Afghanistan One Year Later: What Does America Really Think? 3 hours ago 31. Every Wall St Trend Goes Haywire as Stock Bears Crushed… 4 hours ago 32. All systems go as NASA prepares return to Moon… 4 hours ago 33. Journalists forced to flee Nicaragua, Socialist Nightmare 4 hours ago 34. The other reason food prices rising… 4 hours ago 35. U.S. Lawmakers Arrive in Taiwan 5 hours ago 36. UK PM Candidate: Rushdie Attack a “Wake-up Call” on Iran 5 hours ago 37. Afghan Refugees Refuse Free UK Homes, “Too Cold” 5 hours ago 38. Taiwan Accuses China of Military Incursion 5 hours ago 39. Italy: 45K Illegal Boat Migrants So Far This Year 5 hours ago 40. The Good, the Woke and the Water’s Edge 5 hours ago 41. AG’s Raid of Mar-a-Lago Is a Farce of Law 5 hours ago 42. Rand Paul: Repeal the Espionage Act 5 hours ago 43. House GOP: Biden Mislead Public on Afghanistan Exit 5 hours ago 44. More Proof Mar-a-Lago Raid Was a Fishing Expedition 5 hours ago 45. KJP Can’t Explain How “Inflation Reduction Act” Reduces Inflation 5 hours ago 46. Kids Not Exercising Enough Blamed on Climate 5 hours ago 47. Twitter Censors User For Mar-a-Lago Judge Meme 5 hours ago 48. TX Accepts Donations to Bus Illegals to DC & NYC 5 hours ago 49. Report: New York is Worst State for Free Speech 5 hours ago 50. Americans Increasingly Returning to Pre-COVID Life 5 hours ago 51. American Workforce Continues Shrinking 5 hours ago 52. More Chinese Cities Locked Down 5 hours ago 53. The Fed’s Inflation Target in Peril 5 hours ago 54. Whole Foods CEO: Socialists Are Taking Over Schools & Corps 5 hours ago 55. Musk: Tesla Has Made Over 3 Million Cars 5 hours ago 56. San Francisco’s Trash Cans Cost $20,000 Each 5 hours ago 57. FBI Already Interfering In 2024 Election 11 hours ago 58. MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Argues Not in a Recession 15 hours ago 59. Another Congressional Delegation Lands in Taiwan 16 hours ago 60. KJP: Biden Still Not Briefed on Mar-a-Lago Raid 16 hours ago 61. Carnival Welcomes Unvaxxed to Sail 17 hours ago 62. Dr. Birx Book: Big Pharma Caused Covid Deaths 17 hours ago 63. Woman tries to storm cockpit shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ 1 day ago 64. Man Crashes Burning Vehicle Into Capitol Barricade 1 day ago 65. Why Putin Fears Ukraine’s Special Forces 1 day ago 66. Newspapers in Iran Praise Rushdie’s Attacker 1 day ago 67. Germany Lacks Industrial Strategy 1 day ago 68. Pentagon Preps for Long Ukraine War 1 day ago 69. Taiwan Thanks U.S. Security in Strait 1 day ago 70. U.S. Beats China in Taiwan War Game, Costly 1 day ago 71. Dan Rather Whoops for Joy Over FBI Raid 1 day ago 72. MSM Is Part of Iran’s Propaganda Machine 1 day ago 73. Americans in Tijuana told to shelter, Mass cartel violence… 1 day ago 74. CA Efforts to Reduce Jail Population Ends 1 day ago 75. Consumers Still Spending on Fun… 1 day ago

Sheriff Sends WARNING To "Idiot" Joe Biden...

Recently Featured News

Things are moving very quickly!

[Presidential Insider]

Rob Schmitt Exposes FBI’s Abuse of Power:

Watch “Rob Schmitt Tonight” Weekdays!

7pm ET Mon-Fri Repeats at 11pm ET Mon-Fri


  • · It may be one of the greatest abuses of power in American history!

  • · The FBI raided a former president’s home.

  • · There were more than 30 agents, some with guns.

  • · They demanded access to his bedroom . . . even Melania’s clothing.

  • · All over classified documents.

Now Rob Schmitt is holding the FBI accountable each night this week on Newsmax.

  • · He reveals the real story of FBI abuses.


Monday: Alan Dershowitz, professor emeritus, Harvard Law School; Christina Bobb, Trump attorney during the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago

Tuesday: Kimberly Guilfoyle, national finance chair MAGA, Again; George Papadopoulos, former Trump 2016 foreign policy adviser; Peter Navarro, former Trump White House trade adviser IMPORTANT: Vote in Newsmax’s poll asking if the FBI engaged in an abuse of power. Text the word RAID to 39747. And make sure you watch Rob Schmitt on Newsmax tonight (7pm ET).


A native of Carmel, Indiana, Schmitt graduated from the prestigious Indiana University Ernie Pyle School of Journalism, quickly proving his talent for digging up scoops and breaking major news stories. Most recently Schmitt anchored “Fox & Friends First” and was a co-anchor for “Fox Nation.”

He worked his way up from local news stations to network positions at ABC, CBS, NBC and the Fox News Channel covering such stories as the fast-spreading California wildfires and killer hurricanes Harvey, Gustav and Hanna.

Schmitt was on the ground 48 hours after an earthquake decimated Haiti, killing more than 300,000 people. He also covered the deportation of Nazi death camp guard 95-year-old Jakiw Palij who was discovered living in Queens, New York.

Schmitt’s variety of experiences in large and small media markets give him a unique perspective on the news business. He understands and identifies with Americans living in areas that are often deemed “flyover states” by coastal elitists.


Newsmax is available on all major cable and satellite systems.

It’s also available through OTT streaming platforms reaching over 100 million U.S. homes.

Find Newsmax on Your Cable or OTT system Click Here

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Get Free Newsmax App – Click Here

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Download it and watch Newsmax anytime, anywhere!

Newsmax is Real News for Real People [News Max]

Why Was Former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Estate Raided?

“With all of the uninvestigated and unpunished crimes that Hillary and the Clintons have committed; with all of the uninvestigated suspected insider trading that Pelosi has committed; with all of the KNOWN crimes of the Biden Family; Trump gets raided?” Cynthia McKinney, former member of US Congress

In a press conference on Wednesday 10 August, former President Donald Trump said that on Monday, two days earlier, more than 30 FBI agents raided his Mar-a-Lago residence in Palm Beach, Florida. The FBI refused to allow Mr. Trump’s attorney or any other witnesses to be present during the razzia which lasted over 9 hours. Mr. Trump was suggesting they might have used the opportunity to plant evidence against him.

And why not?

It is clear that the Trump residence Mar-a-Lago raid was not about a bunch of documents that he may have taken with him from the White House. It was about much more. And it is not over yet. US Attorney General Merrick Garland, has intimated that never before in the Justice Department’s 152-year history, was such an extensive investigation of a former President carried out.

“These are dark times for our nation,” former President Trump declared in response to the FBI’s Monday morning raid on his Mar-a-Lago private residence. He compared the event to “an assault” that “could only take place in broken, Third-World countries.”

The President of the Palm Beach Freedom Institute, Paul du Quenoy, calls the The Mar-a-Lago Raid a Desperate Act of a Corrupt Establishment.

The former President remains a political force to be reckoned with, as he claims the 2020 elections were stolen and he allegedly has proof that it was. Yet, the documented proof was not even admitted to be examined in any of the State Courts, to which he presented it, nor by the Supreme Court.

Whether Trump’s case was right or wrong is of lesser importance. The outright rejection of looking at a case presented by a former President is so unusual that it raises a myriad of questions. [Global Reach]

N6K - Update August 15th:

Mark your CALENDARS if you plan to come to anyone of the following:

Thank you, Mark Killeen

Dear Believers in the REAL Truth,

Thanks to Lisa Holly for hosting 3 super events on Saturday...who knew you could shop, eat and dance with tons of like-minded people, especially in these times.

I didn't have any responses for the hike on Sunday, so it was a lonely walk. Instead of picking a date and time for a hike, maybe you could let me know if you are interested in hiking some of the great trails in this city, and I'll coordinate a better time.

1) Upcoming Events:

2) Tuesday, August 16th - Two Kinds of Barter. 7pm-9pm London Central Library, Stevenson & Hunt Room. See attached document for more details.

3) Saturday, August 20th - Potluck. 5pm. Hosted by Zoe and Marc Bubel, 923 Griffith St. BYOB, bring your favourite dish to share, outdoor games, and fire pit. Bring a stick to roast marshmallows. They have a dog that barks to greet you. RSVP to me.

4) Saturday, August 27th - Poker Night. 7pm. Hosted by David Sabine, 2319 Lilac Ave., London. Texas Hold'em. $20. We sometimes have time to play 2 games. Bring a snack to share. BYOB. No experience necessary, this is a fun event. Numbers will be limited to 8, so RSVP to me.

5) Sunday, August 28th - Day Trip to Ipperwash Beach. Times TBD (leave in morning, return in late afternoon). Free parking. Let me know if you need a ride, or are willing to drive and take others. Bring your own food and drink, or bring money to eat locally. RSVP to me.

6) Saturday, September 3rd - Potluck/BBQ/Party. Anytime after 6pm, hosted by Claire Roberts, 122 St. Lawrence Blvd. Bring a lawn chair, drinks, and food to share. Please consider bringing your own reusable plate and utensils. RSVP to All are welcome.

7) Saturday, September 17th, The Freedom Loving Single Mingle. 720 Proudfoot Lane, The Spare Room. $40 includes a drink, live band.Open to singles, and couples. Purchase raffle tickets for lots of prizes. Contact Chancey Rennie for tickets at Get your tickets fast, as the last one sold out. [Mark Killeen]


Gorilla Cookies...

Copy & paste the LINK into your Browser – ENJOY! [Fil Beorchia]

Ottawa Knew of Staff Shortages at Airports, Briefing Note Shows, While Minister Blamed Travel Influx for Delays: {He LIED}

The federal government was made aware in the spring that airport security staffing across Canada was short by 25 percent, according to a briefing note.

The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) sent the note to Transport Minister Omar Alghabra on May 13 to inform him that its staff numbers were down by almost a quarter due to pandemic layoffs, according to the document obtained by Blacklock’s Reporter.

“The Authority retained 75 percent of its workforce during the pandemic to assist with recovery,” the CATSA reportedly wrote in the note titled “Airport and Flight Delays.”

“Screening contractors called back all available personnel in preparation for the summer peak.”

Alghabra said in the House of Commons in May and June that the airport delays were due to an influx of Canadians looking to travel after the pandemic, and did not cite staff shortages as a contributing factor.

“We are seeing that the surge for the demand to travel is putting a lot of pressure on our airports and our security systems,” Alghabra said on May 16. “We are making sure that we increase resources. We are working with airports. We are working with airlines to address this issue. This is a priority.”

Alghabra also said on June 6 that airports were experiencing similar delays globally.

“We are seeing delays at airports across the entire world,” he said. ” We are seeing an increased demand and appetite for people who want to travel, and the supply is trying to catch up.”

Two CATSA managers testified before the Senate standing committee on national finance on June 7, citing staff shortages as a key issue causing delays.

“The problem at the airports today, and specifically the busiest airports in Canada, relates to the labour market and the staffing of screening officer positions by our third-party screening contractors,” said Nancy Fitchett, CATSA vice president of corporate affairs and chief financial officer.

“At this time, it is not a funding problem,” she said.

Kelsey MacTavish, CATSA senior director of operations, said a “significant number” of screening officers were laid off during the pandemic and that the CATSA was in the process this spring of hiring and training thousands of replacements.

“Out of about 6,800 screening officers in the system, 1,250 returned last year and about 1,750 could have returned,” said MacTavish.

“Before the pandemic, we had about 7,400 screening officers. We currently have 6,800, and recruitment is ongoing,” she continued.

In a recent statement, Alghabra acknowledged airport delays to be caused by low staffing numbers and said that the government has been making “efforts to increase screening officer staff levels at all airports.”

Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman told the parliamentary transport committee on Aug. 8 that Alghabra should tell Canadians what the Liberal government is doing to fix airport delays.

“The Minister should address the critical issues facing our airports so Canadians can understand if the government is doing anything to fix the mess and not simply waiting out the height of peak travel season in an effort to further abdicate their responsibility,” she said, according to Blacklock’s.

The committee called on Alghabra to appear for questioning on the subject before Aug. 22.

We hope you enjoy our coverage! As you are visiting us today, we’d like to ask you one question — How much do you think news media outlets actually impact your life?

...Probably more than you realize. [The Epoch Times]

David YEO:

FE: Why The LIE? (14 Min)

DEL BIGTREE: Muddies Story (107 Min)

AMAZON Cloud Digital DNA Cybernetic New WORLD (10 Min)

Excess Mortality 0-14 (3 Min)

TOP 10 Symptoms of Magnesium Defiencies (9 Min)

NASA really Means? (6 Min)

German Scientists Study Vaccines (28 Min)

Steve Kiersch: Do U know How many Americans R DEAD F/ Pump? (2 Min)

💥💥💥This one is SERIOUS!💥💥💥

Trudeau's 16 experts in cross examination did not support vaccinations for Air Travel.

The liberal government have been playing politics with Canadians Charter of Rights.

💥AND RCMP have found foreign actors influencing our Elected members💥

And here is a short explanation

💥💥💥RCMP, and NCIOP found clear evidence foreign entities having influence of elected members here, using PEGASUS, see deposition following:


The National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians (NSICOP) briefing regarding the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians Annual Report 2019. The NSICOP report was heavily redacted by Justin Trudeau because Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland were both implicated.

The NSICOP report briefing was made March 12, 2020 regarding a NSICOP national security investigation of the Trudeau government activities in 2019 when Chrystia Freeland joined Germany industrialist formed World Economic Forum and both Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland joined a Germany formed and lead alliance aimed at saving the international world order / UN from destruction.

💥💥NSICOP found and stated in the attached video that there is ample evidence that both Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland are under the influence / control of foreign states. Justin Trudeau redacted Germany and Germany EU states like insolvent Ukraine. Chrystia Freeland has been serving Ukraine’s national interests, bailing out and bankrolling Ukraine’s neo-Nazi government and providing Ukraine with CAF troops and 45 RCMP officers and government funding (gave $45 million to Ukraine in 2019) while she served as Foreign Affairs Minister (Global Affairs Canada), Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.

💥Article continues with video below

[Rumble Media]

[Patrick Bestall]

First Dog Infected with Monkeypox After “Sharing Bed” With Gay Couple

August 15th 2022, 6:43 am

Canine found suffering from "anal ulceration."

A dog has been infected with monkeypox for the first time ever after sharing a bed with a gay couple in Paris and subsequently being found suffering from an “anal ulceration.”

Well, this is awkward.

“Two gay men living in Paris developed monkeypox symptoms at the start of June and went to a hospital, where their lesions were identified as being caused by the disease,” reports the Telegraph.

“The non-exclusive couple, aged 44 and 27-years-old, developed sore lesions in their anal region as well as over the rest of their body a week after having sex with other men.”

12 days after the couple reported to hospital suffering symptoms of monkeypox, their four-year-old male Italian greyhound was found to have also developed lesions and pustules on the stomach.

Media reports about the issue suggested the infection happened merely as a result of the dog being in close proximity to the infected couple and didn’t dwell on the fact that the dog was also suffering from “anal ulceration.”

[Paul Joseph Watson]

[Patrick Bestall]

The reason they want you gone is quite logical:

I learned some significant facts from a book I'm reading, The Return of Christendom by Stephen R Turley, Phd. You can understand the alarm among planners of the New World Order.

A) In the USA non-religious women average only 1.5 children in 2002 vs. 2.5 for conservative evangelical women. Kaufmann thus projected that secularist will decline to a mere 15% of American population after 2030.

B) Amish population doubles every 20 years

C) Charismatic Christians in Europe have expanded steadily at a rate of 4% per year, in step with Muslim growth. Lutherans in Finland and Calvinists in Holland have a fertility advantage of 4:1 and 2:1 respectively.

D) Same conclusions were made by that the feminist and counter-cultural movements of the 60's and 70's are not leaving any genetic legacy.

This was quite upsetting for the globalists to see themselves outnumbered in the future unless they did something to reduce the birthrate of their enemies. Thus the warnings about "over-population" and "global warming disaster".

[Free World News]

[Patrick Bestall]

You need to KNOW THIS:

How evil this world is becoming, and how evil are those who are working on those vaccines knowing what they can do.

Watch this Stu Peters show from August 15, and you will see the evil of the CPS in the state of Texas.

Then this man who is an electrical engineer and his observation of the vaccine when it is set next to a router.

MUST SEE: Thank you, [Brian Plumb,]


Assembling Circuits in Covid Vaxx,

CPS BUSTED for Prostituting Children:

Jane Ruby Joins the Stew Peters Show to discuss the Monkeypox madness and the SHAM maps showing "highly infected" areas being weaponized as fear porn.Big Pharma has already prepared a mass rollout of new bioweapon shots to address this new "Pandemic" that is potentially just a disease spread through sexual degeneracy- There have also been zero deaths due to Monkeypox in this most recent "outbreak".Stew Peters also addresses the poor dog who contracted Monkeypox from his gay owners. It is undetermined if the dog contracted Monkeypox through sexual intercourse with his gay owners, although that is the most likely scenario since this disease is sexually transmittable.

[Brian Plumb]

Huge Nationwide Sex Trafficking Bust Rescues 121 Children:

A nationwide operation by federal and local authorities has rescued 121 children and 141 adults from sex trafficking rings across the country.

The two-week nationwide operation in August was dubbed “Operation Cross Country.”

During a series of raids, 84 minor victims of child sex trafficking and sexual exploitation were rescued.

Authorities also identified and located a further 37 actively missing children during the operation.

In addition, 141 adult victims of human sex trafficking were rescued.

Authorities said the youngest victim discovered during this operation was 11 years old.

“Human trafficking is among the most heinous crimes the FBI encounters,” FBI Director Christopher Wray said in a statement.

“Unfortunately, such crimes—against both adults and children—are far more common than most people realize.”

Federal officials arrested 85 suspects of child sexual exploitation and human trafficking offenses as part of Operation Cross Country.

The operation conducted 391 busts over two weeks.

[Brian Plumb]



The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Mainstream media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Much of the content of this BLOG is re-printed Material. Consider, do your own research, and make up your own mind.


Here is what is circulating on the Inter-Net:

Current Suppositions:

The following is Rumour… make up your own mind:

News for Mon. 15 Aug. 2022:

· 4 Aug. 2022 Briefing on the results of the analysis of documents related to the military biological activities of the United States on the territory of Ukraine.

· Bio-weapon Labs Part 1 of 5: Analysis of blood samples from Ukrainian prisoners of war:

· Bio-weapon Labs Part 2 of 5: Trials with medicinal products:

· Bio-weapon Labs Part 3 of 5: Origin of the new Coronavirus pathogen:

· Bio-weapon Labs Part 4 of 5: Activities of Labyrinth Ukraine:

· Bio-weapon Labs Part 5 of 5: Biological incidents deliberately orchestrated by the US:

Deep State Ukraine vs. Russian Liberation

· Child and Human Trafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting in UN Shithole of Kosovo. Child brothels regularly frequented by KFOR Soldiers Kosovo:

· The "commodity" human being NATO and UN promote forced prostitution and human trafficking in Kosovo. According to this, Int. "peacekeepers" are involved in human trafficking and forced prostitution in Kosovo, perhaps even driving it.

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