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Updates for October 23 2020

Update Report 10-23-2020

"The Grand Delusion" | October 21st Prophecy Update with Tom Hughes: [See what the Governor of California is imposing for Thanksgiving]

Repost: Mind-blowing – A Must Watch! 13 Minutes for Today:

Watch "Incriminating Biden Documents Delivered to Delaware Police Department” | Rudy Giuliani |

WHO says No Lockdowns (9 Min)

Amerika's End is Soon Upon Us (10 Min) [Future not good]

Money vs Currency: Hidden Secrets of $$ (24 Min) [Excellent]

US Security Forces Are Preparing for Civil Unrest on Nov. 3 And Beyond:

Shocking Information with Dr. Carrie Madej Transhumanism, RNA & Hydrogel. Mark of the Beast? Very well done – 1-hour long! Laura Lynn I met her on a few occasions.

EXCLUSIVE: Joe Biden's son emailed shop owner about hard drive to 'get it back': Former Trump chief:

Biden's China deals....Breaking News:

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