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Wednesday 10-12-22

Summary as I am able:

10-12-22 Wednesday

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💥God’s WORD for TODAY!

For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

Romans 10:10 KJV

And this is love, that we walk after his commandments. This is the commandment, That, as ye have heard from the beginning, ye should walk in it.

2 John 1:6 KJV

There is none holy as the LORD: For there is none beside thee: Neither is there any rock like our God.

1 Samuel 2:2 KJV

Pastor – Jack HIBBS:

God's Big Problem - New Real Life TV Episode!

God's Big Problem

God’s biggest problem is one that He would go to any lengths to solve. It involves bridging the gap between sinful man and His own holy nature. In this episode, Pastor Jack talks about the problem that God delights in solving because of His amazing love for us. [Pastor – Jack HIBBS]

Los Angeles City Council members face mounting pressure to resign after leaked audio reveals racist remarks

(UPDATE: Democrat council president resigns):

UPDATE, 2:37 p.m. EST: Democrat Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez announced Monday afternoon that she is immediately stepping down from her leadership position. Martinez plans to remain a member of the city council.

"I take responsibility for what I said and there are no excuses for those comments. I'm so sorry," Martinez said in a statement.

"I ask for forgiveness from my colleagues and from the residents of this city that I love so much. In the end, it is not my apologies that matter most; it will be the actions I take from this day forward. I hope that you will give me the opportunity to make amends," Martinez continued. "Therefore, effective immediately I am resigning as President of the Los Angeles City Council."

Original story below

Three L.A. City Council members are being asked to resign after leaked audio from a private meeting last year revealed offensive and racist remarks, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday. It is unclear why the meeting was secretly recorded or who recorded it.

The leaked audio, originally posted on Reddit, was from an October 2021 meeting on redistricting and included Council President Nury Martinez, Federation President Ron Herrera, and Councilmembers Gil Cedillo and Kevin de León. [The BLAZE Media]

Can Dr. Oz Turn His Campaign Around?

Recent polling shows Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz is gaining on his Democrat challenger, John Fetterman, a clear sign that the Oz campaign’s attacks on Fetterman are having an effect.

The recent Emerson College survey released last week shows only a 2-point difference between the candidates, with Fetterman at 45 percent and Dr. Oz at 43 percent, well within the margin of error, and 8 percent of respondents remain undecided.

Among Independent voters, considered crucial to winning swing state elections, Dr. Oz has a 12-point lead over Fetterman, 46 percent to Fetterman’s 34 percent. Meanwhile, 12 percent of Independents are undecided.

Among men, Dr. Oz is favored by 6 points while Pennsylvania women inexplicably support Fetterman over Oz by 7 points.

The race to replace retiring Senator Pat Toomey is considered one of the most competitive races in the 2022 midterm elections. Despite suffering from a massive stroke in May and then spending months away from the campaign trail, Fetterman had enjoyed a comfortable lead in the polls.

In recent weeks, however, the race has been tightening.

So much so, that on Tuesday, analysts from the Cook Political Report moved the Pennsylvania Senate Race from “Lean Democrat” back to “Toss-up.”

In shifting the rating back, Cook noted that the change to “Lean Democrat” six weeks ago was due to the lack of Republican spending in the race. But now, with only 5 weeks to go until the election, Republicans are spending hot and heavy and polling shows the candidates often within the margin of error.

Concern over John Fetterman’s health has been a central issue hammered by the Oz campaign, as is Fetterman’s radical pro-criminal positions.

On Monday, the RNC released a hard-hitting ad hammering Fetterman’s time on the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons.

It certainly hasn’t helped Fetterman that his brief public speeches are often marred by muddled or incomprehensiblegibberish, and he has avoided most interviews. Compounding the problem is Fetterman’s refusal to debate Dr. Oz until a week before the election. [Presidential Insider]

News Anchor Fired After What He Did Behind the Scenes:

KTLA news anchor Mark Mester was fired two weeks ago after he went off script during a broadcast to criticize his own station for not allowing his former co-anchor to say goodbye to viewers when she resigned, according to the LA Times.

When co-anchor Lynette Romero left the station after over twenty years, producers had written a tribute to her career which Mester was to read on the air. Instead, Mester went rogue, opting to voice his grievances with management.

Launching into a 3-minute rant, Mester repeatedly apologized to Romero, whom he referred to as his “best friend.” He called KTLA’s treatment of her “rude, cruel, and inappropriate” and said Romero didn’t deserve it.

He said Romero “deserved to say goodbye” but “it didn’t happen.”

Then Mester announced that a plane was flying above Hollywood trailing a banner that read, “We love you, Lynette.”

According to the LA Times, Mester hired the plane.

Romero left to join the Los Angeles NBC affiliate, KNBC-TV after KTLA management refused her request to move from weekends to weekdays so she could spend more time with her family. According to station sources that spoke to the LA Times, Romero was told there were no openings for weekdays.

While many viewers were thrilled with Mester’s off-script message, KTLA management was not. Initially, they suspended Mester, a move that only drew more criticism.

But within the station, newsroom employees were reportedly frustrated by Mester’s off-script diatribe, claiming his outburst violated their trust.

According to the LA Times, after he finished his segment, Mester ignored requests from management to “step into their office for a meeting,” growing so combative that he told one news director to “shut up.”

When he finally met with management, Mester could be heard yelling obscenities.

Unsurprisingly, the suspension was changed to a termination. [Presidential Insider]

Millions of Canadians believe in Conspiracy Theories - does that include your pastor?

Some 44% of respondents – 13 million adults – believe “big events like wars, recessions and the outcomes of elections” are controlled by shady cabals “working in secret against us.”

More than one third of Canadians – some 37% or around 11 million – believe that “there is a group of people in this country who are trying to replace native-born Canadians with immigrants who agree with their political views.” The pollster noted that this stance is effectively “an articulation of what is commonly referred to as replacement theory.” The far-right conspiracy theory, spearheaded by French author Renaud Camus, alleges that shadowy “replacist” elites are seeking to demographically and culturally replace Europeans – and whites in general with people of color.

Some 20% of respondents agree with the idea that “the World Economic Forum is a group of global elites with a secretive strategy to impose their ideas on the world,” the poll shows. Only 42% strongly disagree with this take on the WEF, as 37% are either not sure on the matter or believe it may actually be a globalist cabal. A similar percentage of Canadians think that the world is controlled by other unspecified “secret societies.” [RT – World News]

The End of Men by Tucker Carlson:

Watch: Tucker Carlson Investigates the Collapsing Testosterone Levels of American Males - Daily Stormer

Tucker Carlson wrote and helped produce this half hour documentary about a conspiracy to lower testosterone levels in men (which is happening, no doubt about it). Unfortunately we cannot access the video in Canada except by watching it on this web-page which gives you every reason not to believe Tucker and ridicules him as paranoid. You have to scroll down to the very bottom of the attack article to see the video.

I do believe what Tucker says because years ago I read how there were a lot of homosexuals born in England after WWII. And someone theorized that it was because pregnant women, stressed by the constant bombings of cities in England, had abnormal hormonal levels passed on to the babies.

I think it's terribly important to see, in this video, the environmental factors that have made men more feminine, less than what men used to be; so that we don't think it's all brainwashing by media and teachers. Queer folk and men trans-gendering into women is not just the result of propaganda and weak-willed or abused victims, or of sinful choices. It's not all mental. There are environmental causes that require environmental solutions, and hormonal problems that require hormonal solutions.

Yes, there are sinful choices described in the bible when men give in to the desires of the flesh. But it was never seen on the scale we have today. There are new physical factors introduced in the middle of the last century that made men sick and addicted to strange sex. There were no full-time homosexuals per se before then, only some part-time homosexual behavior (ask me for the historical documents). "Gays" and "trans-gendered" men are a phenomena peculiar to the past 70 years.

The De-Brief:

1. Russia attacks Ukraine's power plants;

  • · In an apparent vengeance attack, Russia unleashed a flurry of lethal drones and missiles at civilian targets across Ukraine on Monday, including—for the first time in several months—in the capital city of Kyiv. At least 19 people were killed and more than 100 were injured on Monday in strikes that United Nations officials said could amount to war crimes. "More than 300 cities and towns lost power," according to the Associated Press.

  • · Those Russian attacks came two days after a mysterious and apparently quite elaborate explosion rocked the single bridge connecting occupied Crimea to Russia this weekend, dropping an entire lane into the waters linking the Azov and Black Seas. That Kerch Strait bridge cost Russia around $4 billion to build, and was one of Vladimir Putin's crowning achievements when it opened in 2018, four years after the autocratic leader illegally annexed Crimea with his first covert Ukraine invasion back in 2014.

  • · More Russian airstrikes and alleged Iranian drones hit Ukrainian cities and power plants far from the front lines on Tuesday, including in the western city of Lviv. Those strikes killed at least one person and destroyed homes, businesses, and even knocked out power across a portion of the city, according to the Financial Times and Newsweek.

2. Kyiv prioritizes air defense;

  • · Action: "We have to stress that intentionally directing attacks against civilians and civilian objects, that is, objects which are not military objectives, amounts to a war crime," U.N. human rights spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani told reporters Tuesday. "We have seen the story of elderly people trapped in their homes. People with disabilities were also unable to flee. I mean, this is unconscionable," she said.

  • · Reaction: The past two days of strikes have elevated talk of Ukraine's need for air defense systems, as Tyler Rogoway of The Drive explained in a useful 19-tweet thread on Twitter Monday. .

  • · "We are doing everything to get modern air defense systems," Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelenskyy announced in his evening address Monday. "Now the occupiers already cannot oppose us on the battlefield, that is why they resort to this terror," he said. "Well, we'll make the battlefield even more excruciating for the enemy. And we will restore everything that was destroyed."

3. EU's sober moment on Russia, China;

  • · Biden also spoke with Germany's Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Monday. The two discussed "global energy markets and the importance of securing sustainable and affordable energy supplies," as well as "regional stability and prosperity in the Western Balkans," according to the White House's readout.

  • o Speaking of energy, the European Union's top diplomat, Josep Borrell, announced Tuesday, "Our prosperity has been based on cheap energy coming from Russia." He also said the bloc's dependence on China's market power has been almost as destructive as Russian energy dependence. "The fact that Russia and China are no longer the ones that [they] were for our economic development will require a strong restructuring of our economy." Looking to the future, Borrell warned, "The adjustment will be tough, and this will create political problems."

  • · Also: Scholz's Germany chaired an emergency meeting of G7 leaders who met today to discuss the way ahead in Ukraine. Afterward, the leaders warned of "severe consequences" if Russia uses nuclear, chmical, or biological weapons in Ukraine, the New York Times reported Tuesday from Brussels.

4. New CT policy at the WH;

  • · Update: After a miserable performance in September, Russia's Ukraine invasion has a new commanderColonel General Sergei Surovikin, a 55-year-old who had been in charge of Russia's Southern Military District, which includes the North Caucasus region and the occupied Crimean peninsula. According to Michael Kofman of CNA, Surovikin is a "ruthless commander who is short with subordinates and is known for his temper," he told the New York Times. An alleged underling of his concurred in remarks to The Guardian, calling him "very cruel but also a competent commander."

  • · As perhaps expected, Surovikin has experience in some of Russia's highest-profile excursions, including Chechnya and Syria, where Moscow's airstrikes devastated civilian infrastructure, as Human Rights Watch recounted in its own report on that conflict two years ago.

  • · But few expect him to be able to turn Russia's Ukraine invasion around in a short period of time; indeed, that former lieutenant told The Guardian, "Russia is short on weapons and manpower," and that's not believed to be something anyone can reverse overnight. But thanks to the conflict in Syria, he has significant experience working with Wagner contract soldiers, who have been operating inside Ukraine since long before the February invasion. Reuters has more, here.

5. And a bit more.

[Defense One – The De-Brief]

Dr. Mark Trozzi: 2022-10-11 A Strange Accusation

Since Sept 5, something strange has happened;Dr Verkerk, myself and other scientists with similar conclusions aboutviruses, have been accused of something bizarre. I hope you will find this worth ten minutes. There may be something important here for our unity and success. Other related Material:

  • Germ & Terrain Reality. Is SARS CoV2 real?

  • Does the virus exist? A critical need for resolution

  • Synergistic Bioweapons

  • Dr. David Martin. Names and Faces of the People Who Are Killing Humanity

  • Fauci lied, people died | NIH coronavirus creation in Wuhan

  • SARS CoV2 is a man made bioweapon [Dr Mark Trozzi]

David YEO:

Hokey Pokey DNA (3 Min)

STEW: FLD Surgeon General Says SHOTS Murders Young MeN (16 Min)

CDN BILL of RIGHTS Suck? (2 Min)

Eric Dubay: Dinos Never Existed (16 Min)

It's One Big Script & Everyone has a PART (15 Min)

THEY admit NO Testing (2 Min)

Steve Kirsch catches FOX NEWS off Guard (2 Min)

STEW: Healthy People Dying Suddenly Facebook (17 Min)

ALBERTA Premier SHOCK (1 Min)

DEEP FAKE & AI FOOL Everyone (7 Min)

BANK of England Ended PAPER NOTES on Sept 30th, 2022 (4 Min)



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Here is what is circulating on the Inter-Net:

There is MUCH coming soon!

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