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Wednesday 9-13-23

Wednesday 9-13-23

Verse(s) for today:

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Romans 12:2 KJV

We love him, because he first loved us.

1 John 4:19 KJV

…while we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

2 Corinthians 4:18 KJV

Morning THOUGHT:

Thank You... Denise Duncan:

God’s Perfect Plan... REVEALED:

In the book of Leviticus chapter 23, in the Old Testament the LORD instituted the Feast of the LORD to be celebrated every year as a rehearsal for the events that were to occur in the future. There are 4 Feasts in the Spring and 3 Feasts in the Fall.

The first 4 Feasts have already been fulfilled. 2000 years ago on the Feast of Passover, Yeshua HaMashiach-Jesus the Messiah was crucified as the sacrificial 'Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!' (John 1:29) This occurred exactly at the same time as the High Priest was offering his Passover Lamb as a sacrifice for God's chosen people Israel.

Yeshua was buried exactly on the Feast of Unleavened Bread (John 19:31-42)

He rose from the dead exactly on the Feast of First Fruits=Resurrection day.(John 20:1-18)

The 'ecclesia'- the church was birth exactly on the Feast of Pentecost that same year 2000 years ago as recorded in the book of Acts chapter 2

The next Feast to be fulfilled is the Feast of Trumpets or Rosh Hashanah which is the rehearsal for the 'catching away' of the followers of Jesus the Messiah. Along with them, the precious Holy Spirit of God who lives-abides in them will be REMOVED. This is the promise that Jesus made to His disciples the night before He died: '..."I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also' (John 14:3)

From that day on, all hell will break loose on planet earth because of ICHABOD- the glory of the LORD has departed! His presence which has restrained evil up to now will depart from the world.

This year Rosh HaSanah falls on the 15th & 16th of September. THIS WEEK!!

'But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only. ' (Matthew 24:36) The exact second is determined by the Heavenly Father. BUT if you are left behind you will witness the disappearance of Believers worldwide'

I ask you, Are you ready?

Everyone wants to go to heaven, but they think they can get there on their own terms. How foolish!!!

The Creator of heaven cannot allow sin to enter in. If He did it wouldn't be heaven anymore. Sin must be punished by a just God. His plan of salvation is so merciful. What can wash away your sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus because of His divine DNA! He willingly suffered the worst death imaginable. He took the punishment we deserved by dying on the cross. The sins of mankind were laid on Him by His Father.(1 Peter 3:18; Romans 5:8)

"Everyone wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die" That was a popular French song in my youth. Die to what? you may ask. Die to 'self will.' We naturally want to cater to 'the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life.' We are born wanting our way not God's way.

This is your moment of decision. Today is the day of salvation.

Do you love yourself enough to make the most important decision of your life??? NOW before it's too late. If so:

1) Admit that you are a sinner unqualified for heaven.

2) Believe that Jesus paid your way to heaven by dying on the cross for your sins and that He rose from the grave on the 3rd day.

3) Surrender your life to His perfect will for you.

Time is too short to be taken for granted. This is your decision to make. It is your choice where you spend eternity.

'But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right-authority to become the children of God...'(John 1:12) Receive Him as your personal Savior and Lord before it's too late for you.

My testimony: when I cried out "LORD save me from myself" He immediately filled me with His Holy Spirit. It felt like a missiled powered force entering my body through my head while an evil spirit exited through my feet.

Each person's testimony is unique.

To learn more about a daily relationship with God: the most important, powerful, loving person in the universe, go to: Steps to

It's a website of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. [Denise Duncan]

Trump’s Case Takes HUGE Turn – Judge Could Be Removed After New Discovery:

Former President Donald Trump has made a request for Judge Tanya Chutkan to disqualify herself from the legal proceedings pertaining to the 2020 election subversion case in which he is the defendant. This case has been initiated by special counsel Jack Smith.

In a recent court filing on Monday, Trump referenced statements made by Chutkan in cases pertaining to the individuals involved in the January 6 US Capitol violence. He posited that there exists a high probability that rational individuals within society may “believe she has prejudged both the facts pertinent to this case and President Trump’s alleged culpability.” Judge Chutkan asserts that the constitutional guarantee of free speech, as it pertains to former President Trump in the January 6 case, is not without limitations.

“In a highly charged political season, naturally all Americans, and in fact, the entire world, are observing these proceedings closely,” he declared. “Only if this trial is administered by a judge who appears entirely impartial could the public ever accept the outcome as justice.”

Chutkan has requested the perspective of the prosecutors from the Justice Department, which is expected to be submitted in a file by Thursday. Subsequently, Trump will be afforded the option to respond to the aforementioned reasons through a submission to be made by Sunday.

Chutkan, an individual appointed by Barack Obama and then assigned to Trump’s case through a random process, has consistently expressed her views regarding the riot at the Capitol. She has characterized the violence as an attack on the democratic principles of the United States and has raised concerns about the potential for future political violence. The judge has consistently imposed prison sentences on convicted rioters that surpass the recommendations made by the prosecutors.

Chutkan has also overseen civil litigation pertaining to the events of January 6, 2021, which included a firm denial of former President Trump’s efforts to stop the House select committee’s viewing of over 700 pages of documents during his tenure. In the aforementioned judgment, Chutkan stated that “Presidents are not kings, and Plaintiff is not President.”

It is probable that Trump’s plea for Chutkan to recuse herself from presiding over his criminal case will face significant challenges, given that the request was submitted directly to Chutkan.

The initial instance emphasized by the Trump team is derived from a sentencing proceeding in October 2022, during which Chutkan asserted that “the people who mobbed that Capitol were there in fealty, in loyalty, to one man – not to the Constitution. … It’s a blind loyalty to one person who, by the way, remains free to this day.”

Clearly, Chutkan plans on jailing Trump.

During a sentencing hearing in December 2021, Chutkan informed another defendant involved in the Capitol riot “the people who exhorted you and encouraged you and rallied you to go and take action and to fight have not been charged.”

The Democrat judge continued, “The issue of who has or has not been charged is not before me. I don’t have any influence on that. I have my opinions, but they are not relevant.”

Trump has entered a plea of not guilty in response to all accusations brought against him.

President Trump has already employed this particular technique.

In a complex and speculative civil lawsuit initiated by Trump in Florida against former Justice Department officials, Hillary Clinton, and other Democratic figures, Trump claimed a RICO conspiracy in relation to the 2016 election. Trump requested the withdrawal of the judge who was handling the case due to the judge’s appointment by President Bill Clinton. The motion was initially dismissed by US District Judge Donald Middlebrooks last year; but, President Trump has subsequently renewed it.

Trump has also previously endeavored to have the judge presiding over the criminal case in New York, which pertains to the hush money transactions, disqualified.

Trump contended that Judge Juan Merchan ought to disqualify himself on account of his daughter’s involvement in political advising, including her engagement with the Biden campaign in 2020 and her subsequent involvement with the campaign of now-Vice President Kamala Harris. The request was declined by Merchan in August.

Last Wednesday, President Donald Trump, expressed his intention to remain a candidate in the 2024 election, despite four indictments over him, indicating his unwillingness to withdraw from the campaign.

Former President Trump is currently confronted with two indictments, one from Special Counsel Jack Smith, another from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, and a third from Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. A number of Republicans has perceived these legal actions as politically motivated assaults on the former president.

During an interview with radio program host Hugh Hewitt, President Trump was queried about his willingness to temporarily halt his reelection campaign in the event that all three prosecutors extended an offer to dismiss the charges against him.

Hewitt inquired of the former president: “If Jack Smith and Fani Willis and Alvin Bragg all get together and they come see you at Bedminster or Mar-A-Lago and they say to you, ‘We will drop everything, it will all go away if you withdraw from the race and politics.’ Will you take that deal?”

Trump responded definitely, saying, “I have no interest. You know me well enough. No interest. Absolutely no interest. I think they’d make that deal right now. That’s what it’s all about — this is interfering with an election. And all those fools that write, that ‘oh, they really want Trump to win,’ they changed it, actually. So now, they say they did it in order to keep me strong. They thought this was going to take me down, this was not going to keep me strong.”

[The Republic Brief]

Widespread Claims Misrepresent Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccines:

SciCheck’s COVID-19/Vaccination Project.


This is the argument that Big Pharma & Big Tech want you to BELIEVE!

Take the time to VIEW again...

***Dr Peter McCullough:***

This is a must watch. Dr Peter McCullough at his best. He lays it all out how governments and big pharma are trying to kill us. An interesting point he makes is that only 4.2% of the bioweapon shots are deadly. If you had no shot symptoms then you are gold. You got a placebo.

Please pray for Dr McCullough. The man has amazing moral courage.

THE TRUTH is FINALLY getting to the PUBLIC!

SciCheck Digest

As the virus that causes COVID-19 has evolved, the vaccines have become less effective in preventing symptomatic infection while remaining highly effective in preventing severe disease and death. This shift has been misrepresented by anti-vaccine influencers who falsely claim that it means the vaccines don’t work and have been ineffective all along.

Full Story

Viruses mutate, or change, as they replicate. That’s largely why the currently available vaccine formulas aren’t working as well at preventing infection with the virus that causes COVID-19.

Those vaccines — made by Moderna, Pfizer/BioNTech and Johnson & Johnson — were highly effective in preventing both symptomatic infection and serious illness against early strains of the virus. But they are less effective against infection from the currently circulating subvariants of the omicron variant.

Public health officials have acknowledged this shift and changed their advice accordingly, in an effort to deal with a disease that became the third-leading cause of death in the U.S. in 2020 and 2021 and has killed more than a million people across the country.

But anti-vaccine campaigners and those who have cast doubt on the severity of COVID-19 have twisted those remarks to suggest that the health care establishment had given faulty advice about the value of the vaccines from the beginning.

For example, conservative influencer David Harris Jr. — who has 1.5 million followers on Instagram — posted a pair of video clips featuring Brett Sutton, the chief health officer for the Australian state of Victoria. One clip is from April, showing Sutton encouraging people to get a booster shot, saying that it can help keep people from “getting infected in the first place.” The other clip shows part of a press conference from August, as Victoria was experiencing a surge in cases, where Sutton said: “Despite two, three, four doses of the vaccine, it’s not so good at preventing infection in the first place.”

Harris didn’t include the dates of the clips — he labeled them only “Then” and “Now.” In the caption, he referred to his earlier claim that the COVID-19 vaccine “doesn’t work,” writing: “I wonder which of my other conspiracy theories will be proven true next???”

Similar claims have been ubiquitous on social media and beyond. They’ve been posted on platforms such as the right-wing website Gateway Pundit, which claimed in a headline that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “finally admits their vaccines do not prevent anyone from getting or spreading the virus.”

And they’ve shown up on a San Diego television station that has a history of promoting dubious claims about COVID-19. The station featured a guest who claimed the CDC had said of the vaccines, “turns out they don’t really work anyway,” and that CDC officials “knew they weren’t really going to do what we said they would.”

That guest was Dr. Kelly Victory, who holds an active medical license in both Colorado and Ohio, but according to her LinkedIn profile has spent the last 16 years as a consultant for disaster preparedness training. She also campaigned against the Affordable Care Act in 2012.

Victory has advocated against most public health advice over the course of the pandemic, claiming that “masks don’t work” and that asymptomatic spread “simply doesn’t occur with respiratory viruses.” In one talk radio appearance in 2021, Victory said that she had been “censored” for making those claims. But her claims just aren’t true.

Other related claims have been pervasive online, such as the meme shared by Donald Trump Jr. suggesting that recently updated guidance from the CDC matches what those who have downplayed the severity of the pandemic and questioned the value of the vaccines had been saying all along.

But the new guidance doesn’t indicate that health care experts were wrong about the vaccines, or any other mitigation measures they had recommended.

Highly Effective Against Initial Outbreak

“The truth is, the effectiveness of vaccines shifted with each of the new variants,” Dr. Peter Hotez, Co-Director of the Center for Vaccine Development at Texas Children’s Hospital and Dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, told us in a phone interview.

When the vaccines were approved for emergency use in 2020, they were approved based on their demonstrated ability to prevent symptomatic illness, he said. And large clinical trials showed that the efficacy was high.

For example, the updated trial results reported to the Food and Drug Administration for full approval showed the Moderna vaccine was 93.2% effective in preventing symptomatic disease at least two weeks after the second dose in people 18 years of age and older.

The vaccines were also highly effective when they were first introduced to the public in the real world.

“The initial SARS-CoV-2 that we had, that initial wild type, the vaccine against it did work against infection,” Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC, said in a recent interview on Fox News. “It worked actually quite well against infection. It also worked against severe disease and death.”

A promising early study from Israel showed that the vaccines had been more than 90% effective in preventing both symptomatic illness and asymptomatic infection in the early days after the rollout.

“That was really exciting because it meant that, maybe, we could vaccinate our way out of this pandemic,” Hotez said.

After the first variant, alpha, emerged, the vaccines remained highly effective against infection, severe disease and death, Walensky said.

In May 2021, the CDC said that those who were fully vaccinated could stop wearing masks.

Then the virus mutated, and the delta variant became dominant in the summer of 2021.

Recommendations Evolved with Variants

Although the vaccines remained effective against severe illness and death from COVID-19, they were somewhat less effective at preventing infection from delta.

That’s when the CDC reversed its recommendation and said that those who were vaccinated should wear a mask indoors.

That fall, the Biden administration made booster shots available.

The virus keeps changing, and subvariants of omicron are now dominant. It’s become increasingly clear that the vaccines are less effective in preventing infection than they had been with earlier variants.

This is due to two things, Hotez said — changes to the virus and the natural decline in the potency of vaccination over time, which happens with most vaccines.

The CDC noted the waning effect of immunity from the vaccines in an August report explaining the most recent changes to its guidance on COVID-19 prevention, which included a recommendation for booster doses.

“Overall booster dose coverage in the United States remains low, which is concerning given the meaningful reductions in risk for severe illness and death that booster doses provide and the importance of booster doses to counter waning of vaccine-induced immunity,” according to the paper, which was published in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report on Aug. 11.

It also noted that the vaccines are “highly protective” against severe disease and death, and that they offer “minimal protection against infection and transmission.” That last part is what Victory and others highlighted, while neglecting to mention how effective the vaccines are against serious illness.

Victory claimed that the CDC had “acknowledged” that the vaccines were “essentially ineffective.”

But that’s not accurate.

As we said, the CDC explained that being up to date with vaccination offers minimal protection from infection, but, importantly, significant protection against severe disease. Being up to date with vaccination means that you’ve gotten the primary series of doses and any boosters that are available for your age group, the CDC has explained.

“Being up to date with vaccination provides a transient period of increased protection against infection and transmission after the most recent dose, although protection can wane over time,” the CDC said. The rates of hospitalization and death are “substantially higher” among unvaccinated adults, especially those 65 and older, compared with those who are up to date with vaccination, the CDC also said.

In fact, data from the COVID-19 Associated Hospitalization Surveillance Network for March 20 through May 31, 2022, showed: “Hospitalization rates among unvaccinated adults were 3.4 times as high as those among vaccinated adults,” according to an Aug. 26 CDC report.

Editor’s note: SciCheck’s COVID-19/Vaccination Project is made possible by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The foundation has no control over’s editorial decisions, and the views expressed in our articles do not necessarily reflect the views of the foundation. The goal of the project is to increase exposure to accurate information about COVID-19 and vaccines, while decreasing the impact of misinformation.


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· Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Stay Up to Date with COVID-19 Vaccines Including Boosters.” Updated 23 Aug 2022.








Did you take the time to RE-VIEW ...

***Dr PeterMcCullough:***



The FDA absolves dangerous and ineffective products of all liability while it funds, markets, distributes, mandates, and illegally advertises products off label and breaks every rule and medical. [X]

David YEO:

U$ $$ (1 Min)

*** J3@L0U$ G0D (1 Min)

H@Wa!! G0V Gr33N $L!P$ Up (1 Min)

*** Th3 D0N@LD: !n hi$ 0wn W0RD$ (17 Min)

*** D0C R0G3R: 20M D3@D Fr0m J@B**2.2B !nJuR!3$ (4 Min)

$T@nD!nG 0 (1 Min)

Dr!v!nG J03: Th3 N3xT 0N3 (27 Min)

D@rK3R $!d3 0f !nD!@'s M00N Th!nG (17 Min)

HuGGGGG000000: M!nD C0nTr0L W@TcH (18 Min)

L@WL3$$N3$$ $3T$ Up Th3 A! B3@$T $y$T3M (17 Min)

V!D30 F0rG3R!3$***9*!*!*ANALY$!$ $h0W$ Hug3 D!$cr3panC!3$ (16 Min)

$P@C3 $T@T!0N (1 Min)

Th3 KL0T!nG F@cT0R (11 Min)

*** 3.5 Yrs AG0: $T@g3D P@nD3M!C (13 Min)

'M0d3RN@'s $h0T 0f Th3 D@Y'*N0V@K (1 Min)

M@U!: H0M3L3$$ C@MP$**Gr33N**$1B!LL!0N (6 Min)

Gr3G0rY: N@T0 +o L@unCH B!G M!L!T@RY EX3rC!$3 (22 Min)

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!


General Summary

The Real News for Mon. 11 Sept. 2023:

  • · Mon. 11 Sept. QAnon – Phil’s Intel Bulletin! – American Media Group (

  • · CNN and 9/11? The 9/11 narrative starts to unravel when the public learn that one of the hijacking victims who was calling in & was the one to insert the narrative the hijackers were of middle-eastern decent armed with box cutters, was herself a CNN journalist, married to U.S. Solicitor General Ted Olson of the United States Department of Justice who served as private council for George W Bush. Why would hijackers allow cell phone calls of 28 minutes to be made, at an altitude in which cell’s didn’t work in 2001? I remember when Ted Olson donated to Liz Cheney for leading the J6 sham against President Trump. How odd! These damn Cheney’s seem to head the major False Flags in our country!

  • · Recent Bohemian Grove attendee and Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has been caught in Hawaii wearing a shirt that appears to show the Bohemian Club logo.

  • · “The Next European War Will Start In The Ukraine” on a map published in Look Magazine USA, March 14, 1939.

  • · Hunter Biden Emails reveal that Wikipedia was run by the CIA. The CIA has a long list of websites and social media that they control.

  • · The military does not consider Joe Biden as the President as demonstrated by their inauguration salute for him reserved for funerals and visiting foreign dignitaries.

Election Fraud:

  • · If you were watching closely in 2016 when they rigged the election against Bernie Sanders and allegedly killed the man who leaked this truth, you knew they would never allow Robert Kennedy Jr. to actually challenge Biden in a fair fight. America continues to see with open eyes just how rigged the system we live in truly is. It is not the popular candidate that wins, but the one the oligarchs choose. America has not acquiesced to the will of the people for decades and the only outlier, Trump, has been persecuted, framed for treason, and indicted so that this anomaly would never happen again. What they didn’t expect was that by doing this so blatantly, they woke up millions and ensured that the seeds of awakening cannot be stopped from blooming. Once awake, there is no going back. …Q Classified on Telegram 9/11

9/11 Was An Inside Job:

To All Those Innocent Souls Who Lost Their Lives, May They Rest in Peace.

  • · 9/11 A Methodical Illusion:

  • · Rumsfeld on 9/10/2001: The day before 9/11, Rumsfeld announced that the US government was struggling to keep track of its financial systems due to outdated technology. “According to some estimates we cannot track 2.3 trillion dollars in transactions.”

  • · 9/11 The Shocking Footage:

  • · September 11 is the anniversary date for two important events, 9/11/2001 and 9/11/2012 (Benghazi). Disclosure of either or both would be earth shattering. God Bless all those we lost on 9/11 with the Towers and Benghazi. God Bless all your families too!!! And all those still struggling since!!!

  • · Donald Trump says bombs brought down the buildings on 9/11/2001.

  • · Think they knew? Four thousand Israelis employed in the World Trade Center stayed home from work on 9/11.

  • · 9/11 Ground Zero:

  • · World Trade Center leaseholder Larry Silverstein “fortuitously” took out terrorism insurance just months before the attack. Then after 9/11 Silverstein took his insurers to court and asked for double the damages on grounds that there were two attacks, not one.

  • · Today many in America are wide awake now. We have had to learn the truth on our own about the real history of our country. The fact that we live under fascist corporate governance. The evils of public private partnership and the stakeholders who have profited from our demise.

  • · 9/11 was a global government operation and its coverup today continues to try to hide those responsible. Trillions went missing from the for-profit Department of Defense and billions more were made by the reinsurance of the Twin Towers.

  • · Did planes really hit the buildings or were they holograms and thermite explosions detonated to take down the towers demolition style?

  • · People died that day. People are still dying from the dust. Emergency responders were heroes and still are.

  • · The endless wars that resulted have only opened Pandora’s box with the same governments financing forced illegal migration destroying cultures across the world.

  • · Selections are turning once Sovereign Nations into Corporate Conglomerates of tyranny with the people being mere debt slaves to the globalist agenda.

  • · It’s time America. It’s time to RISE UP and SAY NO to any mandates or unconstitutional laws. Push back on the corporate selected fascist criminals who have used every manufactured tragedy for their electoral gain. Stand for freedom. Stand for family. Stand for country and for the love of humanity – stand for God!

  • · Never Forget the Americans and those from other countries,police officers and firefighters who lost their lives in New York City, Washington, D.C. and Shanksville, Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001. And pray for the families of those who gave it all to protect our freedoms at home and abroad.

  • · 9/11 Ground Zero:

The Pentagon, Benghazi on 9/11, Nancy Drew on Telegram 9/11:

  • · Today is a day we will never forget where we were and what we felt. None of it adds up.

  • · There wasn’t any debris found from a single plane. Nothing. How is that possible? Nothing?

  • · In videos of the event you can see the Pentagon. Where is the plane? All the pics are the Pentagon. No plane debris anywhere.

  • · Many lives were lost that day and our world changed forever.

  • · Building 7 is also a huge mystery. Just a couple of weeks prior it was insured against terrorist attacks. Coincidence?

  • · The three buildings appeared to all be controlled demolition falling into themselves.

  • · This country deserves answers and the families of all the deceased deserved it even more for proper closure. A somber day for us all today.

  • · Benghazi was another tragedy on Sept 11. We all know who was responsible for this. Why such tragedies on Sept 11? It is said that today is the actual birth date of Jesus, not Dec 25 as we’ve been told. All lies need to be revealed. Sad day for our world.

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