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Judge dismisses Michael Flynn case after Trump pardon

Judge Jeanine unloads on Bill Barr: ‘We need answers’

*** Texas Asks Supreme Court to Rule Election in Four Battleground States Unconstitutional

*** By Fri. 11 Dec. Sydney Powell said that there should be at least three state cases – Michigan, Arizona, Penn. – before the Supreme Court with enough electoral votes to change the outcome of the election:

Tues. 8 Dec. Former White House Doctor has No Confidence in Biden’s Cognitive or Physical Ability to Serve as President:

This is really IMPORTANT!

*** The Director of National Intelligence over 16 Intel agencies, John Ratcliffe, said that the Election Fraud issue needed to be resolved before the election winner could be declared:

*** Important:

CIA whistleblower Robert David Steele summarized the situation well on Mon. 7 Dec:

The President laid a trap, and the Deep State is toast. The evidence of all forms of election fraud is incontrovertible. This is now well past feloneous election fraud and into treason and sedition and potential death by hanging or firing squad. Martial Law and the Insurrection Act are both on the table, and the media — both mainstream (eg AP, NYT, CNN, Fox) as well as BigTech [Twitter, Google, YouTube, FB] are looking at life in prison if they don’t cut a deal.


Trump Triumphant, Deep State Down . . .Spirit of Lincoln Shines!

See Pic {Trump in a beard}

This 2020 Presidential Election Puts Media Corruption on Full Display: Aircraft Carriers Off Both East and West Coasts:


Supreme Court rejects bid to overturn Biden’s win in Pennsylvania

What We Learned from James O’Keefe’s LEAKED CNN Recordings

*** Levin:

SCOTUS should intercede in ‘constitutional crisis’ posed by November election

*** The Dan Bongino Show

A Bombshell Tip I Was Given

*** Tucker Carlson expose:

China has friends in high places in the US

Georgia Officials Discover:

Vote Switching Algorithm in Dominion Voting System Machines

Click here to see why investigators were so shocked that they ran the machine through an extra battery of tests, just to confirm the result they found…

As Time Is Running Out,

Trump Campaign Files Stronger Lawsuit in Georgia

Here’s why SCOTUS is likely to rule for Trump in PA election

China loves Georgia peaches [Thank You – Patrick Bestall]

Judge Orders MI’s Antrim County Officials...

To Preserve Election Records, Not Turn on Dominion Systems

Giuliani says Trump’s best chance for victory is flipping Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan, Arizona


Michigan Election BOMBSHELL – Trump Is Smiling


Tucker Carlson Reveals Biden’s Secret – Democrats FURIOUS

Biden responds to left-wing critics, promises ‘single most diverse Cabinet’ in US history

No Evidence! Chants Grow Louder as Vote-Fraud Evidence Mounts


Arizona Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Republican Election Challenge Over Mail-In Ballots

BREAKING: Arizona Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Republican Election Challenge Over Mail-In Ballots


Texas Case Challenges Election Directly at Supreme Court

Ted Cruz says he’ll argue Pennsylvania election case if SCOTUS decides to hear it


Sues Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin





[Thank You – Dianne Dawson]


Gov. Andrew Cuomo Won an Emmy? [Thank You – Richard Phillips]


*** PAFE Submission to the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights:

Bill C-6, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (conversion therapy)

*** WATCH:

This is disconcerting!

[Thank You – Dan Brooks]

Trudeau's deputy PM says she wants to 'unlock' Canadians' savings accounts

Liberal Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland announced that she is interested in ideas on how to "unlock" Canadians savings accounts, and make sure they pay their "fair share."

Ottawa vacuums up Provincial responsibilities and budget money

Michael Sabia will 'shake things up': New deputy finance minister expected to make big impact in role

He framed the economic downturn as a “precious opportunity” to retool education spending, infrastructure, healthcare, and other major government [i.e. provincial] responsibilities.

“He’s an ‘I want to have an impact’ guy,” the senior industry source said.

Kevin Page, founder of the Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy and former Parliamentary Budget Officer, said Sabia should look to reinforce better transparency in coming budgets, particularly with a 2021 deficit that is roughly eight times larger than the previous record high in Canada.

Budgets under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as well as under the Harper government, became increasingly aspirational documents stuffed with political language but very little accounting information.

Miscellaneous Items:

Thank You – David Yeo

Christine gets Fake Flu Shot (1 Min)

Joe is Telling us Kamala could be the Next President (1 Min)

It is All a Lie. People need to Wake Up from their Long Sleep (7 Min)

Pastor gets CTV Interview (2 Min)

The 100 Year Old Face Mask Trick (5 Min)

High Suicide Deaths for Young People caused during CV19 (4 Min)

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