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Sunday & Monday 4-2 & 3-23

Verse(s) for today:

took branches of palm trees, and went forth to meet him, and cried, Hosanna: Blessed is the King of Israel that cometh in the name of the Lord.

John 12:13 KJV

Iron sharpeneth iron; So, a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

Proverbs 27:17 KJV

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

John 3:16 KJV

Thought(s) for the Day:

Daily Devotional - Return of the King:

Roads to Easter

April 2, 2023 J.R. Hudberg Theme of the Week: Roads to Easter

Bible Verse: “They brought the donkey and the colt and placed their cloaks on them for Jesus to sit on.” Matthew 21:7 Scripture Reading: Matthew 21:1-11 Okay, yes, I am a Lord of the Rings fan. But perhaps I’m not a truly devoted fan, I enjoyed the movies as well as the books. The third in the trilogy, titled the same as today’s devotional, captures the culmination of the story: the destruction of the ring, the safe return of Frodo and Sam, and the crowning of Aragorn as the king of Gondor. (I don’t think any of this can be considered a spoiler anymore.) In the scene where Aragorn is crowned, there is the sense that when the crown is placed on his head, all is somehow finally finished. The death of Sauron didn’t quite put things completely right, but the installation of the king marked the moment when the hopes of the people were finally realized. His brief speech about a day for all men sharing in the days of peace, his soulful song, the drifting of petals from the sky, even the king’s humble recognition of Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin all suggest that things are right, better than right, the days ahead will be prosperous. The king’s return is the beginning of good days to come. The people of Jesus’s day thought the same thing. As the miracle worker entered the city of Jerusalem riding on a donkey (the sign of a king coming in peace), the people thought the long-awaited Messiah, the son of David, had finally come. They were overjoyed at what this coming meant. The restoration of their nation and the coming of the kingdom of God in all its blessing and fullness. But the donkey ride down the palm and cloak-strewn street was just the beginning of a road that none but Jesus understood. The people were looking for a king. He was coming as a servant. They wanted a ruler. They needed a savior. We still look to Jesus for the things we want. But often He gives us what we need. This week let’s relook at some of the events leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection. Prayer: Lord, in this week of remembering your suffering and sacrifice, allow me to see you in ways that I haven’t allow me to see you as the servant you are and not simply as the king I desire. Help me to see your plan and my place in it. Reflection: As you think about the events of holy week. What stands out to you about the stories that Scripture recounts of that week? [Promise Keepers Canada]

Copyright © 2023 Impactus | Promise Keepers Canada. All rights reserved.

Real Loaded NEWS:

Oh, no!

Biden’s telling jokes about THIS, right before he talks about the Nashville shooting?


[Real Loaded News]

My Friend did some Doctor Digging:

A close friend in Ottawa was interviewed for 20 minutes on the Iron Will Report. Bob explains how reports of death in Canada have been redefined to hide what's really going on. Honest people must find it hard to believe how those with no religion think their goals justify any means of achieving them.

Here is what he said:

Hi Pat,

I was interviewed by Will Dove about paramedics “dying suddenly”:



See the Video above…

Some of you will have seen my interviews with Dr. William Makis, who has been tracking doctor deaths in Canada since the rollout of the vaccines. But it’s not just doctors who are being affected. Almost all health care workers across Canada have been subjected to mandatory vaccination mandates in order to keep their jobs.

Recently I was contacted by one of our subscribers, Robert DuBroy, who had researched deaths among Canadian paramedics. I reported on his data in my news report for the week of February 3rd, but touched only upon the high points of the data.

Bob joins me today to go into greater depth on deaths among what are largely young, fit paramedics. He explains the challenges he had finding the data, and reveals the massive and unprecedented increase in unexplained, sudden deaths.

[Bob DuBroy]

[Patrick Bestall]

David YEO:

Wh0 R Th3 2 W!Tn3$$e$? (2 Min)

D0n@LD's M!cK3y M0u$e $cr!PT (5 Min)

F@L43 FL@G Tr@!N Cr@$h3$ Xpo$3d (13 Min)

Th3 N3W Ag3 D3cepT!0n: Chr!$ g!ve$ Xc3LLent Pr3$enTat!0n (85 Min)

Pr00F J3$u$ L!v3d (2 Min)

AppL3 C1d3r V!n3G@R B3nef!T$ (5 Min)

Th!$ V!D !s Why T!K T0K !s B3!Ng C3n$0r3d (2 Min)

Th3 ENd 0f Th3 US $$**Ch!n@ $tr!k3$ D3@L w/ Saud!$(4 Min)

FLy!Ng $@uc3R$ (1 Min)

Tr@!N Wr3CK$: Wh!$TL3BL0w3R: !nT3nT!ion@L (4 Min)

D0C C0L3M@N: ALL C0V!!D J@B D3@TH$ R Murd3r 0r $u!cid3 (8 Min)

M!GHTY ANG3L (1 Min)

M0nT@NA: D0N@T3 BL00D (1 Min)

C0n$0L!D@T!0N 4 Th3 AnT!-ChR!$T (19 Min)

M$M: G00D C0P-B@D C0P**R3ver$e Th3 Cur$e (17 Min)

N3W$ +o KN0W (1 Min)

!n$@n3 R3$p0n$e +o N@$hv!LL3 (9 Min)

M@$$ V@xx!N@T!0N & DeM!$e 0f P0LiT!c!@N$ (17 Min)

$@$Ha & B0bby Jr.: Th3 P0T!0N wa$ a M!L!t@ry 0P3r@T!0n (7 Min)

Green is the Color of the Occult:

Back in 1991, in my first book, Vihreä valhe [The Green Lie], I made the observation that a large part of the activists of the neo-Malthusian Green anti science movement were attracted to anthroposophy or the more original occult thought, i.e., theosophy.

Paunio’s view is one that charges that the would-be world masters are fantasists, and their fantasies are directly inspired by an occult tradition going back to the 19th century. He claims they belong not merely to a cult, but argues the promotion and practice of such beliefs, whether hidden or not, amount to a creed which has supplanted that of the Church.

This religion has largely replaced Christianity in Western countries. Nature pantheism specifically draws from the ‘wisdom’ of theosophy, which is based on the esotericism and occultism of the world’s most famous con artist, Madame Blavatsky, who claimed to have discovered the ‘lost truth’ that unites world religions. [Patrick Bestall]

Neither Male nor Female:

There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. - Galatians 3:28

The apostle Paul didn't mean there was no differences between male and female. It's kind of obvious that there still is, right down to the cellular level. Paul meant that men can no longer justify their abuse, ambition and pride because they are more important than women (Phil. 2:3), nor think they have more of God's spirit than women (1 Cor. 12:13).

This is important to remember today when argument is made to keep women from becoming pastors. It's also important today when argument is made to keep men from becoming women. And it will be important tomorrow when argument is made to keep churches from reuniting.

The first serious church-split was over definition of the Trinity. In the fourth century the eastern churches held that the woman who was "brought forth" before creation in Proverbs 8 was the Holy Spirit; while the western churches held that it was Jesus "the only begotten son of God, begotten not made". All the bishops of Rome, Constantinople, Antioch and Alexandria were supposed to settle this once and for all in the fifth century when they agreed to meet again and also define Mary as "mother of God" or "mother of Messiah". That meeting never happened. The decision was made before the bishops of Antioch arrived and they turned around, never to return, becoming the largest body of Christians in the world until followers of Mohammed wiped most of them out.

I agree with modern scholars who say that both factions were half-right because there is a feminine side to God just as there is a feminine side to the Church (it's both the body of Christ and the bride of Christ) and a feminine side to every man (how else could God pull Eve out of Adam?). I don't want to get into it here (CATHOLIC FRIENDS - SEE ATTACHED BY SCOTT HAHN FOR MORE), other than to say how this shows up in the name of God as it was written in Hebrew. Read the name of Elohim, one part at a time, from right to left.

Or consider another name of God, Yahweh. "Yah" is feminine and "Weh" is masculine. I have another document with collected writings primarily for Messianic Protestants (SEE ATTACHED - GOD IS ONE PART FEMALE).

It must be noted that pagan religions are those which corrupted this original truth received by Noah's family on the ark. Seduced by fallen angels who can appear in any form, even as angels of light, many sons and daughters of Noah became overly preoccupied with the masculine-feminine aspects of God and man. They focused on sensuality, creating images of dual male-female gods, over-sexed androgynous and hermaproditic deities

So, the problem is not with our nature, or our inclinations, but how we react to them. I may be inclined to enjoy good food, but I don't have to be a glutton. I may be inclined to relax instead of work, but I don't have to be a bum, inclined to pride but I don't have to be a braggart, inclined to anger but don't have to be violent, inclined to flirt but not be a prostitute, etc. No control turns us into slaves in the Kingdom of Hell. Self-control is what makes us human. Submission to God's control is what makes us part of His family in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Brothers and sisters let us not indulge our inclinations but consecrate them all to serving God's purposes which are best expressed by the Master's new commandment, to "love one another as I have loved you". Having this priority, it won't matter if we are black or white, oppressed or blessed, male or female, genius or confused. We should find ourselves not having that much time to think about such potentially problematic things.

[Patrick Bestall]

My [Fil Beorchia] Pick For VP

He’s running for president but the political analysts say he won’t win the nomination, but this guy would be the best right hand man. [Fil Beorchia]

Cross Border Bombardment:

Seems to me like Russia and Israel have the same motivation for lambasting their neighbours?

[Patrick Bestall]

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!


Oh! What a tangled Web we weave… When first we practice to DECEIVE!

  • · Imminent Black Swan Events: A Nuke Scare and pending Global Financial Crash caused by the bankrupt US Inc.-British Crown-Vatican Banking Cartel was expected to be followed by a NESARA/GESARA Announcement and Global Currency Reset, Med Beds rollout, activation of the Emergency Broadcast System worldwide, Three Day Blackout and Ten Day Lockdown that carried with it, Diana-JFK Jr.-Caroline-Michael Jackson Come-backs, plus a US Supreme Court announcement on the Brunson Case – which could then take down the Biden Administration and all of Congress for breaking their Oath of Office to protect the Constitution by failing to investigate 2020 Election Fraud.

  • · However, the Brunson Case had a complication: The US Supreme Court Administrative Judges were part of a Shadow Government US Inc. Corporation who functioned under Admiralty Law and only answered to the bankrupt British Crown Banking Cartel. So far SCOTUS had dismissed the Brunson Brothers’ attempts to invoke justice as the brothers had no standing with US Inc. because they were using Constitutional Boundaries for their case.

  • · However, the Shadow Corporation that ran SCOTUS also had a complication: Back in July 2021 Trump and JFK Jr. were at the US Capitol, where they were announced over police loud speakers as the President and Vice President, presumably of the new US Republic. Trump and JFK Jr. were rumored to be running the US and had been since the fake Biden Inauguration that was carried out in part on a Hollywood movie set.

  • · However, Trump had the ultimate complication: He was scheduled to be arrested next Tues. 4 April on “trumped up” charges made under the direction of US Inc.’s fake Biden Administration.

  • · Though, Trump may not have a complication at all: CNN said, “The Indictment for Trump does not exist. Nobody can find it. They have said that they are indicting Trump with 30 charges, but nobody can find the indictment – so it has not been registered in the Courts.”

· It should be an interesting week.

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