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Monday 7 - [1]-24... 


Verses for today:

For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.

Habakkuk 2:14 KJV


Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: And I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.

Psalm 23:5-6 KJV


Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Psalm 23:4 KJV



Freedom Isn’t Free:

During trips to Washington, D.C., I often walk past the WWII, Korean, Vietnam, and Civil War Memorials. I am constantly challenged by these reminders of the extreme measures our soldiers took to defend their homeland and that of others. Each site testifies that liberty and freedom are hard-won and come at great expense.


In the past, God blessed this nation in her darkest hours, as she fought diverse enemies whose mission was the destruction of our freedoms bestowed by the Almighty. Unfortunately, few today are willing to stand fast against the equally destructive forces of darkness threatening to engulf our land once again.


It seems that we Americans have grown accustomed to God’s abundant graciousness. We’ve become careless with our freedom—unwilling to sacrifice to maintain such treasure, yet wondering why we see so few of heaven’s blessings.


Many of our nation’s monuments testify to the courageousness that once prevailed within our borders. May we heed the voices of the men and women they represent. Let us remember that the continuance of the American spirit is very expensive indeed. And may God revive in us the warrior spirit to fight for what is good, just, and right.

Pastor – Jack HIBBS



Elections Canada: 205,000 mail-in ballots were not counted:

Elections Canada says more than 200,000 mail-in ballots sent to voters in the last federal election were not counted, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

Article content

Those ballot kits which were late, cancelled, or marked as lost in the mail, totalled 205,000 and were greater than the margin of victory between Liberal and Conservative candidates nationwide — 190,790 votes.

“We are deeply sorry for any elector who was unable to vote on election day,” said Susan Torosian, executive policy director for Elections Canada.


Report On The 44th General Election — tabled in Parliament — shows ballot kits were sent to 1,274,447 electors who asked to vote by mail. Only 1,068,543 were returned and counted.

Of the 205,000 uncounted ballots, 90,000 were “returned late and not counted” and another 114,583 were never returned.


The report also identified other issues.

For example, electors in 274 of 635 First Nation reserves had to drive to another town to cast ballots and Kenora, Ont. didn’t have any election day polling stations in three First Nations communities.

In the riding of Mississauga-Streetsville, 1,589 special ballots from electors were found in a commercial mail room outside the control of a returning officer. Since those ballots weren’t received until after a Sept. 20 deadline, they weren’t counted.


As of Dec. 14, Elections Canada has received 9,410 complaints regarding its conduct during the election.

“The majority of them were related to accessibility, voter experience, long lines and interactions with poll workers, and voting by special ballot,” said the report.

NOTE:     According to Elections CANADA, the number of lost/missing Ballots was greater than the margin of @ Justin Trudeau Election Win in 2021. His share of Registered Votes was 20.3%. He may not be a Valid PM, based on the Math of Elections CANADA.

See details

Donna Warren

True North


As Canadians are preparing for Canada Day, national pride isn’t what it used to be.  

An Ipsos survey, conducted online with over a thousand participants, indicates that a significant 70% of Canadians perceive their country as “broken,” a sentiment that resonates most strongly with the Canadian youth and Conservative voters. 


This stark outlook comes at a time when national pride appears to be waning; only a mere 16% of Canadians report feeling more proud of their nationality than they did five years ago.


The poll, which presents a snapshot of national sentiment just ahead of Canada Day, suggests that the festivities may be subdued this year. 


Approximately 30% of Canadians are less inclined to partake in Canada Day events or to display the national flag, a symbol of unity and pride. 

More Breaking News:

The True North News Media


Happy 1st July to our American Friends:

Independence Day 1776

Michael ROOD



Marine Le Pen Says Emmanuel Macron's Camp Has Been "Almost Wiped Out":

After the first round of snap elections in France, Marine Le Pen's party is holding a commanding lead.

France's far right National Rally party was seen leading the first round of parliamentary elections with around 33% of votes, according to exit polls. 


Pollsters IFOP, Ipsos, OpinionWay and Elabe found the left wing New Popular Front coalition was seen coming in second with around 28.5%, reported Sky News.

"For the moment nothing is won, and the second round will determine the outcome," Marine Le Pen tells crowds. 

She also warns people to "be careful" in the coming days, and urged them to "mobilise" on the 7 July. 

"We need an absolute majority so that Jordan Bardella can be nominated prime minister by Emmanuel Macron in eight days," she adds. 

"The French have almost wiped out the Macronist bloc."

"The lesson we can learn tonight is that the extreme right is at the gates of power. Never in our democracy has the situation been so dominated by the extreme right," declared the French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal.


The Creative Destruction Media



Media Blackout:  

Ten NEWS Stories that: “THEY” do not want you to see!

The Vigilant FOX


Democrats’ efforts to send one Trump ally [Steve Bannon] to Jail, might have just gone belly-up:

Establishment elites have a sick vendetta against Donald Trump.

They want him to pay for winning the 2016 election.

But Democrats’ efforts to send one Trump ally to jail might have just gone belly-up.

Former top Donald Trump advisor Steve Bannon is set to go to prison in a few days for Contempt of Congress.


Contempt double standard

When Democrats like Eric Holder or Merrick Garland get held in Contempt of Congress, nothing happens.

But when it’s a pro-Trump Republican like Bannon or Peter Navarro, he gets thrown behind bars.

However, the Democrats’ plan to put Bannon in jail might not work.


House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight Chairman Barry Loudermilk (R-OK) filed an amicus brief seeking to invalidate the January 6th House Select Committee report against Bannon.

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) warned Democrats that they would regret nuking the Senate filibuster for judicial nominees, and they did when Donald Trump got three Supreme Court nominations through.


Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) again might have broken tradition in a way that’s coming back to bite the Democrats.


Pelosi’s Blunder

When forming the J6 committee, Pelosi refused to allow Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) onto it.

Leadership is supposed to pick its own committee members, but Pelosi did not want anyone that would undermine the J6 witch hunt.

Kevin McCarthy didn’t even bother to negotiate, and Pelosi put Trump haters Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger on the committee. 


But Pelosi’s bloodlust for Trump could end up springing Bannon because the Ranking Member of the committee was left out of the process.

The Daily Caller reported that “House rules required the Jan. 6 Select Committee to consult with the ‘Ranking Member of the Minority’ to take a deposition, which was not possible as there was no Republican Ranking Member on the Select Committee. The Jan. 6 Select Committee held Bannon in contempt for ‘failing to appear for a deposition’ which the Select Committee could not conduct because there was no ranking member to notify. . .”


Loudermilk’s argument seems crystal clear, but that does not seem to matter when it comes to Swamp politics.

Loudermilk told reporters, “My Committee has spent the past year and a half turning over every rock, examining every shred of evidence, and investigating the entirety of operations of Vice-chair Liz Cheney and Chair Bennie Thompson’s Select Committee on January 6th. . .

We have resoundingly discovered that they were not completely truthful with the American people. They had little regard for House rules and no regard for transparency. They suppressed key pieces of evidence, cherry-picked evidence that supported their narrative, and played a $20 million blame game to frame President Trump and Republicans.”


The January 6th Committee was not interested in getting to the bottom of what happened that day.

The mandate was to get Trump at all costs.

Loudermilk added, “While Nancy Pelosi and Liz Cheney’s two year inquisition may have entertained the media and kept numerous Democrat lawyers busy, it had very real world implications, which we see in the imprisonment of Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon. However, the previously suppressed evidence uncovered by my subcommittee exposes that their ‘findings’ were not supported by the facts, evidence, and sworn testimonies.”


It would be poetic justice if Bannon walked free because Pelosi was in a rush to persecute Trump.

Unmuzzled News

Nancy Pelosi



Rumors – Rumors - Rumors – Rumors – Rumors


RUMOURS Circulating out there...:

You need to MAKE-UP Your own MIND!



Restored Republic via a GCR:


This may become a very busy week!

Emergency Broadcast Alert SystemCountdown Has BegunU.S. Military Bases in Germany, Italy, Romania and Bulgaria Have Raised Their Threat Level to ‘Charlie’ Due To Imminent Threats of Terrorism.Prepare For 10 Days of Darkness

Q ClockDC Is Now Compromised.01 Days05 Hours49 MinsHigh Noon Tomorrow!The End Is Near…The Letter 17 Q on Telegram Sun. 30 June 2024

It’s only wise to have at least a month’s supply of food, water, cash, medicine and essential items on hand for your family and to share with others in case of emergency.

The Big Show has begun:

Backed by the CIA, Israel’s Deep State Netanyahu was attempting to drag the US into a Nuclear War against Iran and eventually, a Nuclear War throughout the Middle East.

The Deep State’s Global Financial Crash was imminent – so they could bring in their Great Reset and completely control our lives.

Meanwhile the recently released from isolation Whistleblower Julian Assange was set to expose long held CIA Intel on corrupt US Courts and legal system, plus damming evidence.

Prepare For Emergency Broadcast System Alerts:

  • ·        Under control of the US Military, the EBS will be broadcast Worldwide.

  • ·        Documentaries will be broadcast to expose crimes of Satan Worshippers who have ruled the World, plus reveal the truth behind their planned Terrorist Events such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the 3/11 Great Earthquake in Japan.

  • ·        The Documentaries will be broadcast three times a day, 24 hours a day for 3-10 days depending on the situation in the area where they were being broadcast.

  • ·        Everyone Worldwide will be alerted via their mobile phones.

  • ·        TV and radio programming will cease and the internet will be unusable during this period.

  • ·        “What Time is it? Time to Accelerate! How Fast? So Fast Your Hair Will Be Ripped Out! Buckle Up and Wear a Helmut! And Have a Great Day!” …JFK Jr. on Telegram Sun. 30 June 2024

  • ·        “The New World Order enslavement of We the People is both Systemic and Systematic, a Construct and Comprehensive. Thus, We the People no longer live in a Real World but exist in a Construct [Fake] World euphemistically referred to by Hollywood as ‘The MATRIX.’” …Ellis Washington

  • ·        Since Mid-1940s Toxic Poison Fluoride Used To Kill Rats Has Been Added to Public Drinking Water Even Though Not Approved by FDA, No Studies Show Fluoride Helpful To Stop Tooth Decay But Known To Cause Health Problems of Brain, ADHD, Sleep and Thyroid Disorders.

  • ·        Sun. 30 June 2024: Israel’s Netanyahu lost the government coalition, has been found guilty of War Crimes and is in a pending trial for corruption. Despite all that he is dragging the US into a war against Iran to insure his political survival. Now Iran plans to launch ground operations against Israel on several fronts.

  • ·        Sat. 29 June 2024: New SGT Report: Dog King Destroyed – Demonrats Panic – Callender & Vliet | Prophecy | Before It’s News (

  • ·        Sun. 29 June 2024: Even though the toxic poison is not approved by the FDA, fluoride is often added to the public drinking water supply saying it helps prevent tooth decay, yet countries without fluoride in their water have been found to have less tooth decay than the US which has fluoride added to water. Fluoride is used to kill insects and rats, and has been found to have a negative affect on the health of teeth, skin and organs, is harmful to the brain, is a cause of ADHD and thyroid disorders, plus has an adverse affect on sleep because it inhibits the production of Melatonin. The poor cannot afford to buy drinking water without fluoride added.

  • ·        Sat. 29 June 2024 the New York Times Editorial Board calls for President Joe Biden to drop out of presidential race. “The greatest service Mr. Biden can now perform is to announce that he will not continue to run for re-election.”

  • ·        Sat. 29 June 2024 Why was Jill Biden demanding legal immunity before encouraging Biden to resign? BREAKING NEWS: Secret Negotiations! Jill Biden’s Demands for $2B Library, Legal Immunity, and $100M Book Deal to Protect Biden Family Before Joe’s Exit – American Media Group (

  • ·        In 2001, retired 4-Star U.S. Army General Wesley Clark warned that the United States had plans to overthrow seven countries in five years.

  • ·        Sun. 30 June 2024: BQQQM!!! The Hidden Truth: The Astonishing Revelation of JFK Sr’s Secret Survival | Witness Protection Program and the Cabal’s Dark Secrets – American Media Group (

  • ·        Sun. 30 June 2024: EXPOSED: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Assassinations: A Story No Textbook Will Teach Your Children – JFK, RFK, and the Rise of AIPAC – American Media Group (


Global Currency Reset:

Mon. 24 June 2024 Summary of Mr. Salvage Meetings and Conference Call from Brazil:

  • ·        Everything is very advanced, thanks to a lot of work that was done last week, which was huge. Everything is moving very quickly to release the blocks on all procedures for the start of 4B notifications, remembering that American institutions have already made notifications for the first group, which is group 4A and a small group of 4B, not reaching 10%.

  • ·        Everything is happening at the same time in this giant operation, part of the Operation Storm, we observe that a huge turmoil is already happening on the planet, one of these events and many that we talked about are also yet to happen, which is this big Internet Blackout.

  • ·        The Alliance is working very well. The White Hats are in control, the agony of the forces that oppresses the world is being completely revealed, everything is becoming clear. With each passing day more truths are coming to light so you can understand how hard and well they have been working.

  • ·        The launch of the RV was slowed down due to many hacker attacks. As always, it is a process that requires absurd logistics and this launch of the Global Currency Reset is a military operation, we cannot forget that. It’s not simply being called and dealing with paperwork is not that simple, these logistics are military and that means no one knows what is happening and what will happen because all of this is very secret.

  • ·        Many people are desperate thinking it won’t happen but it will, trust the plan, so we have to reassure ourselves. We are observing gigantic chaos but this reset will happen.

  • ·        The United States is under pressure to deliver the Tier 4B launch, according to the information we have, and this information is exclusively military.

  • ·        The RV is being negotiated on the Forex.

  • ·        The release of funds also comes directly from the United States Treasury’s Department of Defense Operations. This means that the funds will go into global operation and this is a huge job.

  • ·        We have also been told that Bond Holders will be given access to their funds, as many have already been notified in the United States.

  • ·        Nothing has been released yet but everything is ready. The logistics are military and this has to come from the United States, as they were the precursor of this entire movement for liberation and redemption.

  • ·        Processes are being strangled in every way with cyber attacks.

  • ·        We need them to issue these notifications of the second part of levels 4B soon. We are in a chronogram at the moment. The OK for release has already been given on a Global scale. It’s a very smart plan. It’s something that will surprise us.

  • ·        Wells Fargo and HSBC are leading these operations of all these processes in the World.

  • ·        There are local institutions in other countries that are already connected and are already ready for Global notifications and with access to all Treasury Departments in different countries around the World.

  • ·        All these banks have signed confidentiality agreements (NDA) so it is normal for everything to be silent.

  • ·        This week (of Mon. 24 June 2024) we hope to have a lot of news because since last week, work has been very busy with good prospects. This week we believe that the information will improve even more. Stay strong because we are reaching the finish line.

  • ·        Nesara/Gesara is taking place in the United States, and it is a very important step for humanity.

  • ·        Wells Fargo and HSBC are already financing the first layer that exists between 4 and 4B. 4B is the completion of 4A and 4A is already defined, so notifications from 4B begin an information process for Pay Masters, so level 4B is already receiving account movement.

  • ·        All Zim funds will be placed into QFS accounts.

  • ·        Digital backed gold is also implemented in these systems.

  • ·        1% of the funds will be released when they start paying.

  • ·        This week we will certainly have a lot of information about GCRV.

  • ·        One thing is certain, the work has been very hard, and we have no doubt about what is happening.

  • ·        There was an interruption at the beginning of the month, but the RV movement is progressing substantially and constantly. There is the turmoil of attacks, but it is happening, the movements are being authorized with certainty. It needs adjustments related to the communication of systems that have already been made and it is all very intense, but it is happening.

  • ·        In the Global Project, in the notifications, we cannot forget the German titles that are in the queue, followed by the Zim and the English titles. 

  • ·        TR confirmed that they have been notified that they will be paid as soon as possible, and this week promises a lot.

  • ·        They started the negotiations with Forex so this week (of Mon. 24 June 2024) we will have a lot of information for you. Have a great week.

  • ·        Sun. 30 June 2024 Mike Bara: The “Bond Holder” has been told he will be paid this week. I was told what day but cannot share it. MarkZ reported that an announcement about lower denominations has been made in Iraq.

  • ·        Sun. 30 June 2024 Wolverine: I have seen a certified announcement of the release of the Global Currency Reset. It has been released. Presently the private contractors are getting paid. This week the Bond Holders will get paid. I’m not sure about the Tier4b Group (Us, the Internet Group).

  • ·        Sun. 30 June 2024: Look for something to happen around July 8th in regard to the NESARA announcement to tie in with November 5th, allowing for the 120 days.


Global Financial Crisis:


Wars and Rumors of War:


The Real News for Sun. 30 June 2024:


Globalist Depopulation Agenda 2030:

  • ·        Sun. 30 June 2024: Julian Assange 666 Psyop? And The Secret Covenant That Controls This Matrix (Video) | Alternative | Before It’s News (

  • ·        Sun. 30 June 2024 the UN Wages War on “Conspiracy Theorists,” Ben Fulford: Conspiracy theorists are now more dangerous than terrorists. The United Nations has declared war on conspiracy theorists, calling the rise of people thinking for themselves “alarming and dangerous” and providing the public with a toolkit to “debunk” and “expose” anyone who dares suggest that the global elite is not completely honest. decent and works in our interests. The UN is launching a campaign: “Stop the Spread of Conspiracy Theories” and calls for the complete elimination of conspiracy theorists from society. The UN wants you to know that events are NOT “secretly manipulated behind the scenes by powerful forces with negative intentions.” According to the organization, “if you are sure that you have encountered a conspiracy theory” on the Internet, then you should immediately “respond” by posting a corresponding link to a “fact-checking site” in the comments. So much for “freedom of speech and freedom of choice.”

  • ·        The “Green” Environmental Laws being passed by Liberals have prevented sound forest management. As a result of these regulations, 25% of our national forests have burned down. “A quarter of our national forests gone. Simply gone. — they’re gone for all of us, for the rest of our lifetimes and for our children’s lifetimes. The Forest Service was supposed to protect our forests and for generations.”

  • ·        Sun. 30 June 2024: Former vice president at Pfizer, Dr. Mike Yeadon, explains why Agenda 2030 must be resisted at all costs: “When the UN, and Bill Gates, and Klaus Schwab tell you that you won’t be travelling, you won’t have a private car, there won’t be any flights, you won’t own anything and you’ll be happy, you probably won’t live in your own house… When they tell you that, you should assume that they’re serious about it.”


The CIA’s Operation Mockingbird Mainstream Media Corruption: Real News for Real Patriots from the Judy Byington Report—Part 51 | Ellis Washington Report

  • ·        According to an article in an online encyclopedia, Operation Mockingbird  “is an alleged large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that began in the early years of the Cold War and attempted to manipulate domestic American news media organizations for propaganda purposes.

  • ·        According to author Deborah Davis, Operation Mockingbird recruited leading American journalists into a propaganda network and influenced the operations of front groups.

  • ·        CIA support of front groups was exposed when an April 1967 Ramparts article reported that the National Student Association received funding from the CIA.[1] 

  • ·        In 1975Church Committee Congressional investigations revealed Agency connections with journalists and civic groups.” 

  • ·        Ellis Washington: It is my contention based on 40+ years of assiduous research, writing and publishing (1983-2024) that Operation Mockingbird not only included media “front groups” but also includes the public and private schools (lower education), the Academy (higher education), Wall Street, Business, Medicine, Politics, Law, the Courts, Sports, Entertainment, and all institutions in American culture and society working in unison in points of inter-sectionality.

  • ·        The New World Order enslavement of We the People is both Systemic and Systematic, a Construct and Comprehensive. Thus, We the People no longer live in a Real World but exist in a Construct [Fake] World euphemistically referred to by Hollywood as “The MATRIX.” 



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