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SATURDAY 11-4-23

Saturday BLOG 11-4-23

Verse(s) for today:

The liberal soul shall be made fat: And he that watereth shall be watered also himself.

Proverbs 11:25 KJV

Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? there is no searching of his understanding.

Isaiah 40:28 KJV

Who is this King of glory? The LORD of hosts, he is the King of glory. Selah.

Psalm 24:10 KJV

Poster Boy for COVID Vax Dies Suddenly:

Yonatan Moshe Erlichman was an 8-year-old boy used by the Israeli government to promote COVID vaccinations for children. Safe and effective. He was only 5 when his parents subjected him to the experimental mRNA treatment in 2020. The previously healthy child suddenly died due to one of the main side effects of the vaccine.

“The boy reportedly slipped under the water after his heart suddenly stopped, causing him to drown,” Slay News reported. He was rushed to the hospital and remained on life support for a few days until he passed. His grandfather was a prominent doctor in Israel and his parents enrolled him to be the poster child for Shushki in the Land of Binyamin, a program used to “educate” children about COVID vaccines.

Countless children have died from these vaccinations, and no one has been held responsible. Sadly, he is not the only poster boy who lost his life. Argentina’s poster boy for the vaccination, Santino Godoy Blanco, was only 4 when he took his last breath. He was featured on posters that said, “vaccines protect us,” and perhaps his parents truly believed they would.

The “science” admits that these are side effects of the vaccines. However, in both cases, they say it remains a mystery why otherwise healthy children have died in sudden tragic deaths. Big Pharma is already off the hook and cannot be held liable for these deaths. They could prevent children from continuing to receive this poison, be it governments, health agencies, or pharmaceutical companies, but they refuse because profits and promoting the Great Reset matter more than young lives.

Donald Trump was grinning from ear-to-ear after he heard this shocking 2024 prediction:

The 2024 Presidential election is shaping up to be another barn burner.

Joe Biden is facing one huge problem he never expected.

And Donald Trump was grinning from ear to ear after he heard this shocking 2024 prediction.

Black Americans’ enthusiasm to get out and vote for President Joe Biden in next year’s Presidential election is declining after the working class was hammered by the skyrocketing cost of living, caused by his failed “Bidenomics” agenda.

Black voters are the most reliable demographic in the Democrat coalition, but a shift could be underway.

Republicans have been trying to make inroads in the black community and minority voters in general for decades but finally started to have an impact during the 2016 election.

Former President Donald Trump frequently touted the record-low black unemployment rate his policies helped achieve during his first term in office.

Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL), the leading black conservative in Washington, D.C. and a rising GOP star, said that black support for Trump is on the rise during an interview with Fox News.

“Oh, it’s growing,” Donalds said of the number of black voters looking to support Trump.

Biden’s share of the black vote has dropped in recent polling, and the former President appears to be the beneficiary of this shift.

A recent Fox News poll showed that Trump’s support amongst black voters has increased from the 12% he received during the 2020 election to a whopping 26% – a level Democrats and their media allies previously thought no Republican could ever achieve.

“I will tell you that right now because at the end of the day, our economy is struggling,” Donalds explained. “That’s hurting every segment of America, including Black America. More and more Black Americans say, ‘We gotta have Trump back.’”

The economy is a top issue for voters regardless of race, and things were clearly better for working-class Americans across the board during Trump’s one term in office.

Biden’s disastrous economy could drive black voters into the GOP column.

Rep. Donalds joined most of Florida’s Congressional delegation in backing Trump for President earlier this year.

He’s taking a more visible role on the campaign trail as a surrogate for the former President and has been mentioned as a possible dark horse candidate for Trump’s Vice Presidential running mate.

Trump and Biden are currently locked in another tight race as the former President holds a slim 0.7% lead nationally over the Democrat President in a potential 2024 rematch, according to the Real Clear Politics polling average.

A small shift in the black vote towards Trump could have major electoral implications.

Battleground states that were narrowly won by President Biden in 2020 like Wisconsin, Georgia, and Michigan could flip, if the former President gains ground with black voters.

Democrats have long taken black voters for granted, but the 2024 election could mark a major erosion in their support.

[Conservative Underground News]

Judge with Trump’s fate in her hands did something truly jaw-dropping:

Donald Trump has been the target of unprecedented law fare.

The Democrats are determined to punish him with endless prosecutions and lawsuits.

And one judge with Trump’s fate in her hands did something truly jaw-dropping.

CO Trump case judge made a wild claim about Lauren Boebert, but that’s not even the half of it.

Activist Democrat judges are presiding over Donald Trump cases in multiple jurisdictions.

In the state of Colorado, Democrats are attempting to have Trump removed from the ballot.

Democrats and some Never Trumpers have argued that Trump should not even be allowed to run for President in 2024 because he incited an “insurrection,” and Colorado Democrats are putting that novel legal theory to the test.

And District Court Judge Sarah Wallace, the judge presiding over the Colorado case, donated to an anti-Trump PAC called the Colorado Turnout Project.

Worse yet, Judge Wallace refused to recuse herself from the case.

The Colorado Turnout Project wrote on its website that it formed “shortly after Colorado Republicans refused to condemn the political extremists who stormed the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021. In fact, Republican Representative Lauren Boebert (CO-3) even encouraged the violence. The Colorado Turnout Project aims to prevent violent insurrections by addressing this problem at its source– if we vote out pariahs like Representative Boebert, we can turn CO Blue once and for all.”

This is the “justice” system in Colorado and so many other Democrat-dominated jurisdictions.

So, a judge who believes that Trump fomented an insurrection will be presiding over a case, determining whether or not Trump can be removed from the ballot for fomenting an insurrection.

The bias is blinding, yet Judge Wallace remains on the case.

Mike Davis of the Article III Project, a group that advocates for constitutionalist judges, explained, “Judge Wallace previously rejected all of Trump’s legal arguments, including the only way to disqualify for insurrection under the Section 3 of the 14th Amendment is to win a federal criminal conviction under the federal insurrection criminal statute Congress passed to execute Section 3. Will the public reasonably believe she can give Trump a fair January 6th-related bench trial after she donated to an anti-Trump January 6th PAC? The answer is clearly not. This is the reversible error.”

Wallace isn’t the only activist judge deciding Trump’s legal future.

Judge Arthur Engoron is presiding over the outrageous fraud lawsuit brought against Trump in New York.

Trump told a gaggle of reporters, “We’re going to be here for months with a judge that already made up his mind. It’s ridiculous. He’s a Democrat judge. He’s an operative. And it’s ridiculous. Other than that, things went very well.”

Lawfare in and of itself is a punishment, and the Democrats know that.

[Un-Muzzled News]

Are Canada’s Assisted Death Rates a concern for America?

Maggie Hroncich interviewed me last week about Canada's 2022 euthanasia data with the concern that Canada's experience with euthanasia will affect the US. Hroncich's article was published by the New York Sun on Friday October 27. Hronich reported:

As backers of assisted suicide push to expand legalization in the United States, new numbers from Canada’s government show euthanasia is now the fifth-leading cause of death in the country.

A stunning 4 percent of the country’s deaths last year were due to assisted suicide. More than 13,000 patients died by it in 2022 — a 31 percent spike from the previous year. The country’s deaths by euthanasia now number nearly 45,000 since legalization in 2016, almost as many as have died from Covid in Canada.

In fact, Canada's euthanasia deaths have surpassed the number of Covid deaths. The 2022 report stated that there were 13,241 reported assisted deaths in 2022 and 44,958 reported assisted deaths (legalization until December 31, 2022). According to Health Canada there are 54,738 people who have died from Covid in Canada. Since December 31, 2022 there has likely been more than 12,000 assisted deaths in Canada, meaning Canada has likely had approximately 57,000 assisted deaths since legalization. Hroncich continued:

Canada’s skyrocketing death numbers are raising concerns about American efforts to further legalize assisted suicide.

Some advocacy groups say expanding euthanasia for mentally ill or disabled patients prevents discrimination, while others warn the expanded legalization will lead to a culture of death that allows drug-addicted patients to be assisted in killing themselves, even though they are not sober or able to give their consent.

Alex Schadenberg speaking

Hroncich then reports on her interview with me:

Groups that are advocating for more legal assisted suicide in America should learn from and be wary of Canada’s death rates, a top Canadian euthanasia expert warns. “You don’t want to legalize this because you can’t keep the door shut,” the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition’s executive director, Alex Schadenberg, tells the Sun. “Some people say, ‘Well, we can have a little bit of this.’ That’s what they argued in Canada too,” he says. Euthanasia advocates say they’re providing a social good by ending suffering, he says. “But in the end, it can’t be controlled,” Mr. Schadenberg adds. “If it’s okay for me to kill you or to kill somebody, then these safeguards become seen as a hindrance,” he says, and advocates begin a political push to remove barriers.

I actually explained that the arguement by the euthanasia lobby to expand Canada's law was that it is discrimination to require people to be terminally ill, and they then argued that it is discrimination to prevent euthanasia for people with mental illnesses alone.

Hroncich then gets to the reason for her interview concerning the US assisted suicide trends:

Although euthanasia is currently less accessible in America than in Canada, California had a 63 percent increase in assisted suicide last year.

“It’s actually a trend that we’re seeing everywhere,” Mr. Schadenberg adds. “And there’s nothing saying there won’t be another big bump this year in California and in other states.”

Oregon removed its waiting period in 2019, Mr. Schadenberg notes, and Oregon and Vermont removed residency requirements, leading to “suicide tourism,” as residents travel from out of state to die, the Sun has reported.

Hroncich continued her article by explaining, outlining more of the data from the interview:

In nearly 500 cases — 3.5 percent of Canada’s assisted suicide deaths — the patient was not terminally ill or did not have a reasonably foreseeable death. A recent Canadian conference concluded that people with drug addiction should be eligible for euthanasia since addiction is a mental illness.

It’s “really problematic” to let someone consent to end their life in the midst of a chronic drug addiction, Mr. Schadenberg says. “They have serious addiction problems, so they’d have serious incapabilities or problems with consenting, not knowing the reality of their health condition.”

Only 28 percent of Canadians support euthanasia solely for mental health conditions, according to Canadian polling data. Death With Dignity, which describes itself as “a national leader in end-of-life advocacy and policy reform,” was unable to immediately comment.

People need to understand that euthanasia was sold to Canadians as being an option for the few. But in a very short time it has moved from the few people who are nearing death to people who are not nearing death and in March of 2024 it will include people who are not dying and nearing death, but possibly living with treatable mental illnesses.

Once killing has seen as a solution for some circumstances, it will naturally expand based on human reality. There are many conditions and situations that people feel, at times in their life, where life is not worth living.

Alex Schadenberg Executive Director,

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Bill S-233 - Canada's Universal Basic Income Guarantee:

The second reading of Canada's Bill S-233 took place earlier this year with hopes of proposing a national framework for guaranteed livable basic income (GLBI) also known as a basic income guarantee (BIG). On October 17, 2023, the Standing Senate Committee on National Finance studied Bill S-233, which is currently under consideration in committee in the Senate.

I have studied the pros and cons extensively over the past decade and concur with other analysts that we just can't know what the long term effect will be because every time it's been tried it's been cancelled as results were confused and changing. The best I can do is offer this video for you to get the general idea in less than 15 minutes. And I'll attach some documents I've written over the past 5 years protesting the idea unless we can borrow money interest-free from our own Central Bank like we used to do before Pierre Elliot Trudeau. I'll also give you a link that's for it and a link that's against it.

I leave you with a an old proverb that came from the bible, "Easy come, easy go" (Proverbs 13:11) which best expresses the theme of the book Toxic Charity (info available upon request). And a reminder that the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church also warns us against "top down" solutions to social problems (the Principle of Subsidiarity).

1. Pro:

2. Con:

[Patrick Bestall]


Rabin’s murder is prehistory of Gaza-Israel 10/7

NOV 3, 2023

“Anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support bolstering Hamas and transferring money to Hamas… This is part of our strategy – to isolate the Palestinians in Gaza from the Palestinians in the West Bank.”

Benjamin Netanyahu[1]

At a special session on October 24, 2023 of the Security Council on the situation in Gaza-Israel following the explosive events of 10/7, the Secretary-General António Guterres opened the meeting stating the “situation in the Middle East is growing more dire by the hour. The war in Gaza is raging and risks spiralling throughout the region…. I have condemned unequivocally the horrifying and unprecedented 7 October acts of terror by Hamas in Israel. Nothing can justify the deliberate killing, injuring, and kidnapping of civilians – or the launching of rockets against civilian targets. All hostages must be treated humanely and released immediately and without conditions. I respectfully note the presence among us of members of their families.” He then continued, Well worth the READ!

This is most significant as to what is happening right now – over there!

Some Feedback to Salim...

This reads very well, Salim. You’ve done your homework using selective sources. Funny you don’t mention anything about the offer of a state in 1948 (on more than ½ of the land ‘from the river to the sea’), or the three “no’s” of the Khartoum Resolution of 1967, or the offer by Ehud Barak of a state in 2000

Barak Proposes Land Deal; Arafat Rejects Offer

You also forgot to mention the offer of a state by Ehud Olmert to the resident Arabs of Palestine in 2008 on 94% of the west bank.

You don’t mention that Israel left Gaza in 2005 and actually forced all Jewish Gazans to leave, giving a potential Paris on the Mediterranean to the Arabs of Gaza. You failed to mention the Farhud this time (Avi Shlaim) and that all the Jews who came to Israel were assimilated by their co-religionists in their tiny country while the Arab “refugees” still live in refugee camps and kept there as pawns; In fact, you don’t mention anything that runs contrary to your new thesis that the Jews are to blame for everything, and actually incited the Arabs to slaughter 1400 innocent Jews in the cruelest way possible, including baking a baby to death in an oven while raping it’s mother to the sound of the crying baby. What kind of culture of violence are you now protecting!

You don’t mention what kind of religious obligation would lead Arabs who had the freedom to live as they wished in Gaza since 2005 to do such things to Jews or any human being? Burning people alive, hacking of arms and feet and watching them die, gloating over it, taking pride in the slaughter, calling their own mothers and fathers about how many innocent people they killed “with their bare hands” and getting kudos and blessings from their parents. You don’t mention the religion that could encourage such behaviour.

You’ve become an apologist for rapists and murderers. Academics have a certain way of making it all sound legitimate. But I must wonder who you really are and whether you were ever anything but what you are today. What could possibly have embittered you so much?


Russians warned of coming Financial Crisis:

A prominent Russian economist has issued a warning to investors about the onset of an extensive global financial crisis. Alexander Razuvaev, who serves on Russia’s Supervisory Board of the Guild of Financial Analysts and Risk Managers, has expressed concerns about a significant impending crisis. He believes this could be triggered by an event like World War 3 or the disintegration of the European Union and its currency, the Euro. He further speculated that nations such as Italy and Spain might abandon the EU and reissue their currencies in place of the Euro.

Speaking to Moscow’s Izvestia News, Razuvaev stated, “Actually, it’s a bankruptcy, a banking crisis, or perhaps another significant event. These signs are indicative of an upcoming crisis, which will undoubtedly have a global impact.” He forecasts that a major crisis would cause a dip in energy prices while the value of precious metals would experience a surge.

For Russian investors, he advises a strategic shift in their investment portfolios, moving away from stocks and bonds. He advocates for a portfolio composition with a heavy emphasis on tangible assets, suggesting 75% be allocated to gold, silver, and bitcoin, while the remaining 25% should be invested in oil company stocks.

[Patrick Bestall]

[True North Media]

Conservative advocate Carolyn Phippen enters race to replace outgoing Utah Sen. Mitt Romney

Much to the relief of many Republican voters, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) recently announced that he would not seek re-election to another term in 2024, setting off an increasingly crowded race of candidates who seek to replace him.

The latest entrant into that growing field is Carolyn Phippen, a former staffer for conservative Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), who formally announced her candidacy during a launch event on Wednesday, according to Fox News.

Phippen, who currently serves as the executive director of Freedom Front of Utah, an organization focused on free markets and individual liberty, is the sixth candidate to mount a campaign to replace Romney as the state's junior senator in the U.S. Capitol and, coincidentally, reunite with her old boss Lee.

"It's time for new leadership"

"Joe Biden and the career politicians in Washington have led us to the brink of disaster -- it's time for new leadership," Phippen said in a statement to announce her candidacy, according to "Utah needs a strong conservative woman who will fight for our values in the U.S. Senate."

"Our economy is spiraling, the national debt is out of control, and the crisis at our border continues to grow," she continued. "I've fought on the front lines of the conservative movement while raising a family. Now is the time to stand up for the principles that made our country great."

"I’m not a career politician. I’m a mom who knows what it takes to raise a family in Utah," the Senate candidate said, per Fox News. "For too long, D.C. politicians have prioritized their own interests while their reckless spending has sent our economy spiraling. I’ll fight to end the inflation crisis and work tirelessly to shrink our national debt."

She added, "I believe that our nation’s best days lie ahead but we must elect leaders who not only understand the real challenges we face, but who will do the hard work to restore the principles that have made this nation prosper."

D.C. needs new politicians with new perspectives and solutions

In an interview with Utah's Deseret News on Tuesday, Phippen said, "I think Utah is looking for a strong conservative leader in the U.S. Senate. I think there’s a recognition that a lot of policies that have come out of Washington in the last number of years have created some unsustainable problems."

"If we want new solutions and new ideas and a fresh look at things, then we probably ought to look for a new type of politician," she continued.

As for her decision to now run for the U.S. Senate, Phippen explained, "A lot of the things that I’ve done in the past have been about looking for what I felt like I could add to the community and how I could be of service to those around me in the community. I have a different perspective. I have different experience. And I think that uniquely situates me to represent Utah in a new way and to represent Utah in a way that will lead us toward the future."

She added that while she considers herself to be staunchly conservative, she is willing to listen to and accept ideas from others if they hold merit -- a trait she believes she gained from being the mother of five boys -- and revealed that her top priorities in Washington would be to rein in federal spending and ensure the government adheres to the Constitution and the nation's founding principles.

Faces an uphill battle against better-funded and more experienced candidates. reported that Phippen attended Brigham Young University, served as a Mormon missionary in the former Soviet Republic of Czechoslovakia, and served as a top aide for former Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes in addition to being a staffer for Sen. Lee.

She also ran an unsuccessful campaign in 2022 for a seat in the Utah legislature but fell just shy of ousting incumbent State Rep. Jeff Stenquist in the Republican primary.

The outlet noted that she will face an uphill battle to be outgoing Sen. Romney’s successor as she will have to square off against five other candidates vying for the same seat, several of whom have more political experience and funding, including outgoing Utah House Speaker Brad Wilson, Roosevelt Mayor Rod Bird Jr. – both of whom have loaned their respective campaigns $1 million of their own wealth – and Riverton Mayor Trent Skaggs, who is a regular featured guest on conservative media, among others.

[Patriot News Alerts]

Ben Marquis

Typical War Propaganda:

Compare the opening line with the details in the story (emphasis mine):

Main Stream Media [MSM]

On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law a decision that is causing serious concern.

The law signifies that Russia will no longer be part of an international treaty that prohibits nations from conducting nuclear test explosions.

Now read a little further.

Both Americans and Russians signed the treaty in 1996, but unlike Russia, the United States never formally ratified the treaty.

Thank you, [Patrick Bestall]

Shocking Move Could Hand Trump the Presidency In 2024:

A recent analysis conducted by a duo of political strategists presents favorable prospects for former President Donald Trump, indicating a potential opportunity for him to engage in a subsequent electoral contest against President Joe Biden in the upcoming year.

In an article published by The Daily Caller, Troy Olsen, an Army veteran and political author residing in New York City, and Gavin Wax, a GOP strategist and executive director of the National Constitutional Law Union, observe a prevalent discourse suggesting that Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s departure from the Democrat Party and his candidacy as an Independent for the presidency may potentially undermine Trump’s electoral prospects rather than adversely affect Biden by siphoning away votes.

“While early polling on this question is not very numerous, there is little evidence for their argument and much evidence that an RFK Jr. independent run will hurt his party’s incumbent president,” according to the pair.

“President Joe Biden is in a historically weak position. Arguably the weakest incumbent since President Carter or even before,” the analysts went on.

The authors of the upcoming book, “The Emerging Populist Majority,” highlight the historical impact of third-party and independent candidates who secure 5 percent of voter support. They argue that such candidates have a detrimental effect on the incumbent president, “similar to a viable primary challenge within the president’s party.”

“It weakens the president’s political standing. Arguments against this idea will cite the ideological orientation and similarities to anti-establishment populist candidates. The problem with this analysis is that independent voters are not nearly as ideological as the politicians and partisans who endlessly obsess over these details,” the two continued.

[The Republic Brief]

White House Comes Down HARD On Jesse Watters – Demands Public Apology:

On Thursday, the White House issued a demand for an apology from Fox News for anchor Jesse Watters’ statement that “we’ve had it” with “Arab Americans” and “the Muslim world.”

The Five, the highest-rated program on cable news, featured Watters’ divisive comments on Wednesday’s edition.

Watters stated, “I want to say something about the Muslim world and about Arab Americans.”

We – and when I say we, I mean, the West and Western technology – have created the Middle East. We made them rich. We got that oil out of the ground. Our military protects all of these oil shipments flying around the world, making them rich. We fund their military. We respect their kings. We kill their terrorists, ok? But we’ve had it. We’ve had it with them.

Obama, Trump, now Biden, have tried to get the heck out of that stupid desert. Just as we’re about to get out, because we have this great balance of power we’re arranging, these crazy Muslim fanatics come in and massacre over a thousand of our allies and hold Jewish people hostage, hold Americans hostage. And so, if you are an Arab American in this country and you ripped down posters of Jewish hostages, American hostages, no! No, no, no. Someone is gonna get punched in the face. When you rip down posters of the hostages like that — this is — absolutely not.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates, in a statement conveyed via email to Mediaite, offered a response to Watters’ remarks. Bates emphasized that the dissemination of false and prejudiced information concerning “Arab Americans and… the Muslim world” underscores the imperative nature of President Biden’s efforts to eradicate the tolerance of hate within the United States. Bates further highlighted the President’s commitment to implementing the inaugural nationwide strategy against Islamophobia in American history.

“These unacceptable remarks come just weeks after the heartbreaking killing of a 6-year-old Palestinian-American child, and during a spike in threats against Muslim and Arab Americans. Fox News owes an apology to every single viewer for this sickening attack on the rights and dignity of their fellow Americans. President Biden will always stand up against Islamophobia, antisemitism, and all forms of hate. Fox News should learn from his example,” Bates concluded.

On Wednesday, the White House made an announcement regarding its efforts to develop a comprehensive national strategy aimed at addressing the issue of Islamophobia. This initiative comes in response to escalating tensions resulting from the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. The conflict was initiated by a violent attack carried out by Hamas on October 7th, resulting in the tragic loss of approximately 1,500 Israeli lives.

Bates also criticized the coverage provided by Fox Digital over the news, which first raised doubts about the Biden administration’s strategy to address the escalating issue of anti-Semitism in the United States during the ongoing conflict. The article subsequently underwent revisions to remove the question.

Could not make this up.@FoxNews today: "Fox Digital asked the White House…if there would be a national strategy to combat antisemitism"

Fox News in May: "White House unveils first-ever national strategy to combat antisemitism"

— Andrew Bates (@AndrewJBates46) November 2, 2023

“Could not make this up,” Bates wrote as quotes from a Wednesday article which read, “Fox Digital asked the White House…if there would be a national strategy to combat antisemitism.”

Bates then pointed out that the news that the “White House unveils first-ever national strategy to combat antisemitism” was carried by Fox News in May.

[The Republican Brief]

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND


There is a lot of INFORMATION here... Things are happening FAST!


Saturday Early Morning...

Note: On Thursday 2 Nov. Hezbollah announced they would continue the War, including attacking Americans, while Israel issued an urgent global travel warning for all citizens traveling anywhere in the world – all done just as a South Carolina Nuclear Plant was attacked.

To add more fuel to the fire on Thursday, the House Financial Services Committee passed a bill to prevent the bankrupt Deep State Cabal Federal Reserve from creating a Central Bank digital fiat currency.

==> Around the same time US Military aircraft were deployed all over the US, National Guards were called up (along with one million body bags) to all 50 states, while VIPs of the new Constitutional Republic were flown to the Military protection of Cheyenne Mountain.

The next day on Friday morning 3 Nov. six major banks were Cyber Attacked (but could they just be preparing to switch over to the Global Currency Reset?), while a Global Currency Reset window was opened from then until Tues. 7 Nov.

The Storm(exposure and incarceration of the Deep State Cabal Elite) was predicted to press forward big time on Thurs.10 Nov., with Martial Law including loss of Internet access, expected the next day on Fri. 11 Nov.

So, where is the Fake News Mainstream Mediain all of this? Absolutely eerily quiet out there.

The Real News for Thurs. 2 Nov. 2023: [Friday]

  • · Wed. 1 Nov. URGENT! MILITARY INTEL: Congress and the INTEL Committee are Planning to EXPOSE the Military COUP – American Media Group (

  • · Wed. 1 Nov. List of 200 U.S. Organizations that Have Financial Ties to George Soros, Which Actively Seek to Overthrow America’s Democratic Republic – American Media Group (

  • · The word Government actually means Mind Control. It etymologically originated from the ancient Latin language. It divides into two words: 1) (guvernare) meaning “to control” and 2) (mens or mentis) meaning “mind.”

  • · Every time you hear the term ‘fossil fuel’ on the TV, radio, news etc, you’re being lied to. In 1892, at the Geneva Convention, the smartest man in the oil industry J.D. Rockefeller paid scientists to call oil a ‘fossil fuel’ to induce the idea of scarcity, in order to set a ‘world price for oil’. The truth is that oil is actually the second-most prevalent liquid on earth next to water, and regenerates within the earth faster than it can ever be deleted. Fuel was free once but Rothschild and BlackRock scam people.

  • · A Second Declaration of Independence for the New Republic of the United States of America signed by President Donald Trump on July 4, 2020. Transcribed by Mark Baughman 2/9/2020 from Parchment Paper from Original.

  • · New York Attorney Letitia James Arrested by JAG:

  • · Biden Arresting Trump Supporters:

  • · SGT Report: The Hidden Truth About Antarctica! – Dustin Nemos – Must Video | Opinion – Conservative | Before It’s News (

  • · Thurs. 2 Nov. Chemtrails and Blocking the Sun, Edward Snowden on Telegram: Bill Gates wants to block out the Sun in order to help with climate change, by dispersing nano particles into the stratosphere. How is this dim the Sun technology different from Chemtrails? The process seems to be exactly the same as we are seeing in our skies every day, but no one questions what they see in the skies. Watch what happens after a couple of hours of spraying, the weather turns from sunny to cloudy and you feel weird from the poison you are breathing. It looks like a grayish, cloudy layer that gets stuck there, it neither rains nor it gets more or less cloudy. Now the real question what critical thinkers should ask, why in the world does Billy want to block out the Sun if the supposed global warming or climate change is driven by human activity and carbon emissions? For a smart person, either he has a wisdom of a goldfish, or there is something much more sinister behind it, it’s up to you to decide.

  • · Thurs. 2 Nov. President Trump: “If this election doesn’t work. If this election is rigged and stolen, if bad things happen, our country will not survive. If crooked Joe and the Democrats get away with removing my name from the ballot, then there will never be a free election in America again. We will have become a dictatorship where your president is chosen for you. You will no longer have a vote or certainly won’t have a meaningful vote. And you could say frankly, that that has already begun. This truly is our final chance to save America and with the 2024 election now, less than one year away. This is your chance to take a stand against tyrants and support the one and only movement that can save our country and Make America Great Again. We must win in 2024. If we don’t win, we will not have a country. If we do win. We will Make America Greater than it’s ever been before. Thank you.”

Starlink Satellite System Dual Purpose: [Friday]

  • · On Mon. 30 Oct. our next generation Starlink Optical Space Lasers were launched – the Hidden Guardians of the Sky.

  • · Starlink Satellites were technological marvels launched by Space X which had a singular mission: to provide high-speed internet access to every corner of the globe. Or so the world thought.

  • · Dr. Ava Thompson, a brilliant astrophysicist, stumbled upon a mystery while studying the orbital patterns of these satellites. Their movements were not just for optimizing internet connectivity; there was a hidden pattern, a secret code embedded in their dance. The Starlink satellites were not just internet providers; they were disguised as ion weapons, capable of unleashing a powerful electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

  • · Shocked by her findings, Dr. Thompson realized the potential consequences of this revelation. In the wrong hands, these satellites could cripple entire nations, rendering all electronic devices useless. But who had installed these weapons, and why?

  • · With a sense of urgency, she reached out to her old friend, Agent Michael Rodriguez of the International Security Agency. Together, they unearthed a secret global initiative led by a coalition of nations. The ion weapons were a safeguard, a last resort to protect the Earth from potential threats—both terrestrial and extraterrestrial.

  • · The Starlink satellites with their dual purpose, served as a hidden shield, a protector of the Earth. They were capable of disabling any incoming threat, giving humanity a fighting chance.

  • · Dr. Thompson was sworn to secrecy, but she carried the burden of knowledge with grace. She knew that the sky was not just filled with stars; it was filled with guardians, silently watching over, ready to protect the Earth at a moment’s notice.

  • · And so, the Starlink satellites continued their dance, providing internet to the farthest reaches of the Earth, all the while keeping a vigilant eye on the sky, safeguarding humanity from unseen threats.

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