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Saturday / Sunday 8-12/14-22

Summary as I am able:

8-13/14-22 Saturday / Sunday

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💥God’s WORD for TODAY!

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

Revelation 21:4 KJV

The father of the righteous shall greatly rejoice: And he that begetteth a wise child shall have joy of him.

Proverbs 23:24 KJV

that I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death; if by any means I might attain unto the resurrection of the dead.

Philippians 3:10-11 KJV

💥An FBI Agent Blows the Cover Off the Mar a Lago Raid:

In this episode, I conduct a shocking interview with a former FBI agent who blows the cover off of the outrageous Mar a Lago raid.

· FBI agents in Trump Mar-a-Lago raid claim they sought nuclear weapons documents.

· In another new low, the DOJ is now demanding the personal cell phones of the Secret Service.

· Merrick Garland personally approved the warrant.

· The real reasons they can’t let Trump back in office. [Dan Bongino]


This VIDEO is well worth the View! [AWAKENING Channel]

💥💥Follow the money..

The Stranger

In a small town in the middle of America times were tough. Nearly everyone was out of work and in debt. People had very little money, and not enough to prosper.

One day a stranger came into town and stopped at the lone hotel. He set a $100 bill on the counter and told the innkeeper he’d like to look at the rooms before deciding whether he wanted to stay. But, first, if the innkeeper didn’t mind, his journey had been long and he’d like a quick nap in the Inn’s lounge before checking out the rooms. The Inn was empty and the rooms were unlocked, so the innkeeper said, “Please, feel free. The lounge is ahead, the rooms are upstairs, and the stairs are at the back of the building. I have some business I must attend, and will be back shortly.”

The man went into the lounge and settled in for a nap. The innkeeper grabbed the $100 bill and ran with it to the restaurant next door to pay his tab. The restaurant owner ran with the $100 to the butcher and paid his overdue balance. The butcher took it and ran to the grocer to pay his bill. The grocer took it and ran to the town produce farmer to restock his shelves. The farmer took it and ran to the quilt shop to buy fabric for a quilt. The quilt store owner took it and ran to buy frame materials from the hardware store. The hardware store owner took the $100 to pay the prostitute he’d been seeing on credit. She took the bill and ran to pay off the innkeeper for her use of his rooms. She had just slapped the $100 bill back down on the counter paying off her debt, when the stranger arrived back at the desk.

He said he had decided he would not stay. Pulling some matches and a cigar out of his pocket, he lit the $100 bill and then his cigar, saying with a wink, “It’s just a gag gift from a friend.”

When the stranger left, the town settled back into its stagnant economy.

The Banker

In a small town in the middle of America times were tough. Nearly everyone was out of work and in debt. People had very little money, and not enough to prosper.

One day a fancy car pulling a glitzy trailer came into town. The car parked on Main Street. A man got out and walked up and down Main Street. He found an empty store front he liked and signed a lease. He spruced up the building with fresh paint, furnishings from his trailer, and an impressive big safe. A sign was painted on the window, “Banker’s Bank – We make loans so the community can prosper.” He held an open house to introduce himself and his loan program. Nearly everyone came.

The Banker explained that they could open accounts in his bank. He would keep their money safe for them and guarantee that all their money would be available whenever they needed it. The banker would provide valuable services – store their money safely, transfer it to others on their instructions, and keep an account for them.

Then the banker introduced his most important service – a service that could increase economic activity and bring prosperity to all. He would lend them money for a small interest fee. The money that they borrowed would be special money; it would be banker money. This banker money was his promise that it would be as good as ordinary money; it could be used interchangeably and he would guarantee they could always access the money they kept in their account. As long as they all agreed to honor his banker money for exchanges, it would make them all prosperous. The townspeople decided to use his banker money in addition to their own.

The townspeople brought in the little money that they had, opened accounts and deposited their own money. They took away check books or debit cards that let them use their money to buy from others in the community. And, most of the people took out loans, thinking with a little extra money, they could make more and pay the banker back the loan. They deposited their borrowed money in the bank too. All the loans were due in a year and a day.

The town prospered. There was more money for buying and selling. All the money circulated again and again. There was enough money so all the services or goods people could offer found buyers. Everyone was working and earning to capacity and living comfortably.

At the end of the year, the banker called in all the loans and the interest due. The amount of banker money in circulation matched the amount of the banker loans and the townspeople were able to pay back all of the banker money they had borrowed. But no banker money had been created to pay the interest. The interest had to be paid with the little ordinary money that the townspeople had before the banker arrived. After returning the banker money and paying the interest on their loans, the town had no more money at all. The banker packed up his belongings, his banker money, and the interest money. Then he left town.

When the banker left with all their money, the town settled back into its stagnant economy.

The People

In a small town in the middle of America times were tough. Nearly everyone was out of work and in debt. People had no money, and prosperity was just a broken dream.

But, they’d had two lessons in the nature of money: one from a stranger and one from a banker. They called a community meeting to discuss what they had learned. They now knew that the most important characteristic of money was the agreement of the community to use it for their transactions. And they knew that when there was the right amount of money moving around in the economy, they could all prosper. They decided if stranger money could bring a burst of prosperity, and if banker money could bring prosperity for a year, then, if they created their own money they could prosper indefinitely.

So they created town money and called it US money, because it brought prosperity “for all of us.”

The townspeople decided that it would take a base of 15,000 money units per person to have a prosperous economy and a healthy life for all. They created enough to distribute that amount to everyone in the community on the first day of the year. And they did. When people received their share, they spent it over the year. Some people got by on their allotment; that’s all they spent. But once they spent it, it circulated. Some people invested, produced, sold many goods and services, and acquired great wealth. Some paid for education and training and increased their earning potential. Everyone had enough to meet their basic needs. No one in the community went hungry and everyone had a roof over their head. Anxiety, stress, ill health and violence all went down. The community was healthier than it had ever been before.

The money circulated, just as the stranger’s money and the banker’s money had circulated. The 15,000 units that went to one person was used in dozens of exchanges over the year. The total economic activity was many times more than the money they had created. Every individual who had more money come in than their basic allotment of 15,000 units paid a simple 10% tax on that additional income at the end of the year. This was easy to do as the number of transactions was on average far more than the 15,000 units per person. This 10% tax was enough so that the town could turn around and reissue the basic income to all their citizens the next year. And, the cycle repeated.

The wheels of commerce were set in perpetual motion.

- The first story, the Stranger, has been around in various versions since the Great Depression. The Banker, and The People are by Virginia Hammon.

Thank you for reading this page. Please share then visit our take action page and help us spread the word. We can pay for a better world for yourself, your family and future generations. It’s time for Just Money now.

You can buy the Book here:

[Patrick Bestall]

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Global Research

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Our City Hall would never fly this Flag:

'We have a great Constitution, and we have a wonderful First Amendment. But just like when it comes to muscles, if you don't use it, you get weak,' the victorious plaintiff said.

BOSTON, Massachusetts (LifeSiteNews) – Activists raised a Christian flag over Boston City Hall on Wednesday, thanks to a Supreme Court ruling in May that affirmed their right to do so.

A unanimous Court first ruled in May in Shurtleff v. Boston, that the city violated the rights of Christian activists when it denied them permission to fly a Christian flag, despite allowing other groups to raise banners in support of different beliefs and countries.

The battle over the flag went back to 2017, Hal Shurtleff, the founder of Camp Constitution, said at the flag raising event, August 3. “I do want to give the glory to God,” Shurtleff said, while thanking others who had supported him in his fight with the city.

“We have a great Constitution, and we have a wonderful First Amendment. But just like when it comes to muscles, it you don’t use it, you get weak,” Shurtleff said. “When I got the rejection email from the city, and it said separation for church and state, I knew we had a case.”

“God’s hand was in this from the beginning,” said Shurtleff as the flag was raised above the Boston square.

Since 2005, there were 284 different applications approved to raise different flags, according to Liberty Counsel. The city even allowed a flag for the Communist People’s Republic of China to fly.

“The only reason why Camp Constitution’s request to fly this flag was denied was not because of the flag itself. It was Hal Shurtleff’s view of that flag,” Liberty Counsel Chairman Mat Staver stated in a news release about the event. Liberty Counsel represented Shurtleff and Camp Constitution.

“It was because of one word in the application—the word ‘Christian’ that preceded the word ‘flag.’ He was told by the city official that if he changed the name of the flag to a nonreligious name on the application, that flag could have flown in 2017—if Hal would have lied and called it the Camp Constitution flag. This is not the Camp Constitution flag. It is the Christian flag,” Staver wrote in the news release.

[Patrick Bestall]

💥Women's lib? Why?

Western governments keep pushing it, now in the name of "equity", which takes "equal opportunity" to a new level of reverse discrimination, forcing employers to have equal numbers of women because society has equal numbers of men and women (forget about the tiny minority of confused genders). I just read an article in Wednesday's paper, "Happy wife, happy life? Not exactly, study finds".

By coincidence, Michelle Landry sent me this one minute clip where Jordan Peterson quickly debunked the male dominance theory.

I think the globalists-Babylonians-Illuminati-Freemason-elites, the Western puppet-masters, don't give a dam about giving women a break or new opportunities. They just want to break up families so they can take over raising the kids, make working mothers have less kids, call the bible out-of-date and dangerous, and get more taxes out of every couple. There's no emancipation in leaving the father-boss at home to go work for another boss at work who has no obligation to love and care for you. Then leaving the kids with daycare workers (not men I hope, because men talk half as much as women at all ages).

[Patrick Bestall]

💥💥💥Live with Dr. Richard Fleming:

Dr. Richard Fleming, a nuclear cardiologist, researcher, and author, joins me on the program today. Having recently spoken at the Crimes Against Humanity Tour, Dr. Fleming has also newly published a book titled, Is COVID-19 a Bioweapon: A Scientific and Forensic Investigation. Determined to undercover the true nature of COVID-19 and the resulting inoculations, Dr. Fleming is here today to discuss his research.

Visit Dr. Fleming’s website:

Stand up for American Freedoms:

Buy Dr. Fleming’s book:

We no longer can trust our mainstream media, which is why independent journalists such as myself are the new way to receive accurate information about our world. [Michael Dunne]

💥💥💥What will Digital Dollars be like?💥💥💥

Jim Rickards, another economist, investor, and former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) official who is calling it a step toward the end of cash, the greenback, in circulation since the Founding Fathers. The new “digital tokens” can be “turned off” if the government doesn’t like what you are doing.


You are INVITED:

Don and I [Patrick] are introducing 2 Kinds of Barter in London Central Library, Tuesday at 7 pm. Free underground parking at City Plaza. Enter off King St.

[Don Brooks & Patrick Bestall]

💥What?? Leslyn compliments her rival candidates:

This is the most unusual campaign letter I've ever seen. You should feel good about the Conservative Party regardless of who wins the leadership.

I hate politics.

That might be an odd thing for a politician to say, but it is genuinely how I feel. I’m here out of a sincere duty to lend my talents in complete service to my fellow Canadians.

I hate that politics is dominated by fear.

I hate that politicians focus on making their supporters afraid of their opponents, instead of inspiring them.

I hate that if I disagree with someone, I am expected to disagree with everything, when in reality we have much more in common than things that we disagree on.

I have had many well-meaning people write to me telling me to attack my fellow candidates in a variety of ways. For some people being nasty is a symbol of strength.

I won’t do it. I will address the concerns that the voters have and I will share my solutions with them. I want people to vote for me because they support my vision, not because they hate somebody else. It would be like forsaking your values to vote for the person that you think will win even though you don’t agree with their policies. I believe it’s important to be true to your convictions and stand by them.

What do I really think of the other leadership candidates?

"Pierre is not “The Canadian Donald Trump” or whatever the latest label with which the left has chosen to attack him. He is hated by the Liberals and many on the left because he has been unwavering in calling them out for their hypocrisy and exposing the economic house of cards they built leading into the pandemic.

Roman Baber is a man of conviction. Agree with him or not, he put his career on the line to stand up for what he believes in. Nobody can ever doubt whether he actually means what he says.

Scott Aitchison has provided serious and thoughtful ideas throughout the campaign. No matter how this race turns out, I hope he continues to champion innovative ideas to make life better for all Canadians.

Jean Charest is not a Liberal. He is a successful Canadian politician who has a long and rewarding career in both federal and provincial politics. He feels that the best way to serve Canadians is by stepping back into public service and I hope he continues to stay involved in our party no matter the outcome of the leadership race.

What I absolutely hate, is that this email will likely not be one of my more popular messages. I would raise more money if I tried to whip up hatred between the campaigns, or if I claimed to be the only qualified candidate in the race.

The divide and conquer method has been successful for Justin Trudeau, and why he used the fear of COVID during the last election to tear our country apart. Whether it’s creating a fake Trump or falsely claiming pregnancy care centres are forcing people to have unwanted babies, they will use the politics of fear again, because we Canadians continue to react to it.

I will not engage in the politics of fear no matter the gain. I will strive for a call to unity that engenders hope and positivity. When I raise awareness of the dangerous direction that Canada is headed in, it is to inform and encourage you to take action.

I will continue to use my position to uplift and disseminate relevant, thought-provoking information to Canadians.

And if I’m fortunate enough to earn your trust as leader, I will endeavour to foster an environment where all party members are respected, the voice of every caucus member is cherished and Canadians can find common ground on even the most polarizing and dividing issues. [Leslyn Lewis - Canada] ·

David YEO:


Pro-Vaccer mocked & then gone @ 41 (1 Min)

Re-Post: FAKE & Managed CiviL WAR w/ DONALD TRAP (7 Min)

Scientists discover there's No SARS-C0VID-2 (6 Min)

Finely a Politician calls out CLIMATE Chang3 as a HOAX (1 Min)

Anne: WTH (3 Min)

Pharmacia: BLACK MAG!C (15 Min)

Data CONFIRMS That The C*VID "Vaccines" Are KILLING!!!

Well, well, well… Ever since the C*VID-1984 “vaccine” rolled out in December 2020, we at American Right TV have been pushing the narrative that the “vaccine” isn’t really a vaccineand this is all a depopulation plot from the New World Order.

As you would expect, this came along with a ton of criticism. “You’re a conspiracy theorist, blah, blah, blah!” Well, data has rolled in that has CONFIRMED our narrative is TRUE, you know, SCIENCE. The truth is out, folks: They’re killing us with this C*VID-1984 “vaccine.”

America is definitely going a little mad...

Some states are threatening to break away. The rich are fleeing. The wealth gap is soaring.

According to a recent article in the New York Times, people are driving more recklessly than ever... and drinking more alcohol than ever, too.

And that's just the beginning...

Altercations on airplanes are now at all-time highs. So are murder rates. And violent crime is soaring across the board. Students are more disruptive than ever. Hate crimes have hit a 12-year high, according to the FBI.

The question of course is:



The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Mainstream media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Much of the content of this BLOG is re-printed Material. Consider, do your own research, and make up your own mind.


Here is what is circulating on the Inter-Net:

Current Suppositions:

The following is Rumour… make up your own mind:

US Inc.’s Privately Owned IRS Plans to Enforce a Police State on the US

· IRS Deletes Job Posting Seeking Applicants Willing to ‘Use Deadly Force,’ National Review:

· If this is what they're able to do to the former president of the United States, think about what they could do to you. -

· The $400 billion Tax, Health Care and Climate package passed by Democrats in the Senate over last weekend provides nearly $80 billion to strengthen the IRS, more than half of which will go specifically to increased enforcement efforts such as audits and to hire 87,000 new IRS agents.

· FBI Agents Involved in Trump Raid are Under Criminal Investigation by Durham For Abusing Their Power:

The Real News for Sat. 13 Aug. 2022:

· Russia Declares War on NATO: A U.S. Airborne Division was deployed to Europe to protect NATO's eastern flank after a senior Kremlin official claimed Russia was at war with NATO on Ukrainian soil:

· Russian Army - "Terrifies NATO Generals":

· Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Other Billionaires are Funding a Quest for Rare Minerals Buried Beneath Greenland's Ice Capable to Build Electric Cars and Renewable Batteries.

· Hillary Clinton’s illegal private server contained a lot of top secret information. Nothing happened to her:

Must Watch Videos:

· Fri. 12 Aug. Situation Update: Will the Feds arrest Trump? FBI Corruption; Story behind Shinzo; Congressional Funding IRS for weapons and 87,000 agents; Call for Government Agencies nullified; IRS Sniper School; US Gov. to be invalidated; Puerto Rico Tunnels; DUMBS; UFOs; Trafficking; Central Banks Shutting Down; MSM Reporting CV Jab Dangers; FBI Raid; White Hat Intel:

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