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The Dispute continues to grow Bigger!

Status Report 11-07-2020

Charlie Ward… Permission to make known!


On Hannity, tonight Lawyers in Michigan have found a "Glitch" in the Software that flipped 6,000 Votes for Trump to be recorded for Biden.

That same Software was also used in 33 Counties in Michigan.

As of tonight, it is being determined that it was also used in at least 30 States... This is HUGE!

Here is a simple calculation...

6,000 (1-County) X 33 Counties = 198,000

198,000 (1-State) X 30 States = 5,940,000

There are most likely 5,940,000 Votes counted for Biden that in fact were Trump Votes that were flipped by this Software "Glitch"!

This means that 5,940,000 Votes must be deducted from Biden and added to Trump!

Add to this, the "Sting" implemented by the Quantum Voting System [QVS]... This works the same as the Quantum Financial System [QFS], using BLOCK-CHAIN!

Things are now really beginning to heat-up!

I expect that the next few days are going to get very interesting...

Yea! Yea! Yea!


SCOTUS Justice Alito rules on Pa. ballots:

Perdue, Ossoff [head to runoff for Georgia Senate seat]… Two Races could determine the control of the Senate:

BLM Mob CRASHES Polling Station [Forcing Police to Take Action]:

Race to 270: [The key remaining states in the US election]:

PORTL Develops Studio-in-a-Box for Holographic Meetings:

‘Did I predict this?’: [Trump reminds voters of his warnings about mail-in ballots]

Rob McCoy - Encouraging Election Update:

Ten Reasons Why It Could Be Awesome for Conservatives “if” Biden Wins: [Thanks Patrick]

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