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3-10-22 Thursday

Thoughts for TODAY!

My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.

1 John 3:18 KJV

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Ontario Is Removing Most Mask Mandates:

Ontario is removing most mask mandates on March 21, including in schools, and is ending all remaining public health orders a month later, shifting the onus of protection from COVID-19 to individuals.

Improving health indicators, such as a stable COVID-19 test positivity rate and declining hospitalizations, as well as Ontario's high vaccination rates and the availability of antiviral treatments, allow for these steps, the chief medical officer of health said Wednesday.

"You have to recognize you can't mandate masking forever, that it has to be eventually an individual choice based on an individual's risk assessment," Dr. Kieran Moore said.

"We're at that point by March 21st, that we're asking Ontarians to do an individual assessment, acknowledging that the risk remains, but that we're well over the peak of activity across Ontario and we have to learn to live with this virus."

The announcement comes as 1,974 new COVID-19 cases were reported Wednesday, though Moore has said that limits on testing mean that the true number is likely 10 times that amount, or more than 19,000 cases.

Moore said masking requirements may need to return if a new variant emerges. In the meantime, he encouraged people to be kind to those who choose to continue wearing masks and said he would personally keep wearing one in a mall or busy big-box store. Moore also "strongly recommended" people who are vulnerable to keep masking.

Ottawa Public Health noted in a tweet that wearing masks helps protect others, such as those who are immunocompromised or are older. "Your mask protects them," the health unit wrote. "Thanks for wearing it."

Premier Doug Ford said at an unrelated announcement Wednesday that the world has learned a lot since March 2020 and Ontario is in much better shape now.

"We're going to move forward cautiously, and if someone wants to keep (a mask) on, God bless them, and good for them," he said in Brantford, Ont. "But I know a lot of people don't want to keep them on."

The next step in Ontario's reopening will come on March 14, when mandatory vaccinate-or-test policies end for workers in schools, child-care settings, hospitals and long-term care. The long-term care ministry had been set to mandate booster doses for staff on that date.

Individual organizations will have the authority to keep their own requirements in place, and most hospitals have said they will continue their strict vaccine mandates.

On March 21, masking requirements in most settings will be removed – including in schools and child-care settings – except for public transit, long-term care, retirement homes, other congregate settings, and health-care settings. The province will continue to send masks and rapid antigen tests to schools and businesses.

A coalition of children's hospitals, including Toronto's SickKids and CHEO in Ottawa, had urged the province to keep masks in schools for at least two weeks after March Break, saying that public health measures are what have kept schools open.

"We encourage everyone to continue masking in schools, if they are able," the hospitals wrote Wednesday. "We all want the pandemic to be a memory for our kids, not part of their day-to-day. But we're not quite there yet."

The president of the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario expressed concern that lifting mask mandates in schools so soon would lead to another disruption to in-person learning and that the move is politically driven.

"Throughout the pandemic, Ontarians have relied on public health officials to lead with a science- and evidence-based approach," Karen Brown said in a statement.

"Unfortunately, it appears that a fast-approaching June election is influencing politicians' decisions to lift COVID-19 safety measures."

Moore said his decisions and recommendations to government are based on science and "have not been affected by any understanding of the political system."

In addition to masking, other measures in schools, such as cohorting and daily on-site screening for symptoms will also end on March 21, as will all regulatory requirements for businesses, such as to do "passive" screening and have COVID-19 safety plans.

On April 27, all remaining mask rules will be lifted and remaining emergency orders and directives will be lifted or expire, except that officials say isolation requirements for those who've tested positive for COVID-19 or have symptoms are part of ongoing guidance.

But isolation guidelines are being changed Wednesday for close contacts of someone with COVID-19 or who is symptomatic.

No one who is a close contact of a person outside their household has to isolate now, though they are still recommended to wear a mask outside the home for 10 days and avoid high-risk people and settings. If a household member has COVID-19 or symptoms, people do not need to isolate if they are 18 or older and have received a booster dose, if they are under 18 and have two vaccine doses, or if they tested positive for COVID-19 in the previous 90 days.

Ontario is also updating its reporting on COVID-19 deaths starting Friday. The province will classify whether COVID-19 caused a death, contributed to a death, or if the cause of death is unknown or missing. As well, Ontario will report deaths by vaccination status and age group, and remove from the cumulative total any deaths that are now classified as being unrelated to COVID-19.

Data provided Wednesday by the province indicates that the majority of reported COVID-19 deaths have been caused by the virus, with about another 20 per cent listed with COVID-19 as a contributing factor. Less than 10 per cent of the deaths are classified as being unrelated. Dennis F. Caponi, JR.

[D.F Caponi Insurance Agency Ltd]

Tucker: You are about to get a lot poorer:

Fox News host reacts to Biden banning Russian oil and natural gas imports on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

They should have asked there Americans to vote for this before they did it. Democracy’s meaning …..PEOPLE RULE NOT government Rule !

I figured this would happen. Everyone that was saying we should stop importing Russian oil was also implying we should be producing more of our own. Apparently they're just going to skip that second step and take us straight to hyperinflation.

[Fox News]

Thoughts du jour in the Twilight Zone of Globalism


I sense there are a lot of us, as Tucker Carlson discussed at the top of his broadcast a couple of evenings ago, who will be yelled at as “disloyal” or worse in questioning the mainstream media narrative on just about every issue that matters in our world. For the past two years in questioning the Covid-narrative meant that we are “selfish”, “uncaring”, and so forth and if needed the governments such as ours might consider banishing us from the society.

So, in questioning the media narrative on behalf of the G7 overlords and their War in Ukraine engineered by the dufus-in-chief Biden and his team of Deep State operatives we put ourselves in peril, as did the Truckers.

The great irony some of us may find, as I do, that in defending the Enlightenment values which shaped the unique greatness of the Western civilization – “Dare to know”, as Kant taught his students and Patrick Henry’s cri de coeur “Give me liberty, or give me death” – we are caught in that grip of Hobson’s choice between "Globalism" and "in a punishing pushback if not defeat of Globalism" to support Putin and Russia. The best outcome, though not on the table, would be that both the Deep State Globalists and the Putin-ites go down in flames. But then we will be left with the ChiCom and their "China way", unless Xi is a Chinese nationalist who, like his master Deng Xiopeng, has played The Art of War by Sun Tzu on the American Deep State/Globalists in pushing China's civilizational/national interests disguised as a ChiCom that is being exposed in his Eurasian partnership with Putin.

The “peace dividend” promised at the end of the Cold War was that our world so MAD-deningly divided might have a reprieve for sanity and safety for all. But we have had instead three decades of endless wars and our world is now even more bitterly and insanely divided by diabolical fiends in the West, in the East, in the North, in the South than in the Cold War decades.

Samuel Huntington’s effort to explain this emergent division at the end of the Cold War in The Clash of Civilizations was, in my view in hindsight, mistaken. A largely faithless, feckless, radically secularized and libertarian West has turned out to be the greater danger than the overlords of other cultures in deepening and widening the global divide rather than providing the leadership for sanity by defending Enlightenment values and living by those values, as example for people of other cultures, and for a peaceful transition into the 21st century.

John Quincy Adams, like his father, raised by those who founded the republic based on Enlightenment values, spoke for all subsequent American generations what was needed, and for us too in the post-Cold War world. He said, “Wherever the standard of freedom and independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her [America’s] heart, her benedictions and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own.”

The bigwigs in the United States have mostly shredded the foundational values of their republic. It is the small people, the people whom Hillary called the “deplorables” and Obama called those who are bitter and “cling to guns or religion”, seek to abide by those republican values as patriots and Americans. This was recently illustrated by a young boxer and farmer in Arkansas, Bryce Mitchell, speaking out in public why he would not go to fight in Ukraine if ordered to go.

I have linked below Tucker Carlson’s chat with Bryce Mitchell. It is worth watching if you missed it. Bless all the Bryce Mitchells in our world who are sane, who are genuinely patriotic, whose native wisdom is what still keeps our world from spinning out into total lunacy.

I have also linked a couple of blog posts on the War in Ukraine that the mainstream media will not bring to the people.

Are you plugged in? Mobile World Congress 2022:

If you wonder how and why un-elected technocrats are taking over all aspects of society and instilling their anti-Christian values, watch them at work. As you watch, remember the top adviser to the World Economic Forum explaining how humans can be hacked. It's not too late break free; break your cell-phone connection to the Beast. You're not just living in a Hollywood sci-fi movie; you're living in the Book of Revelation. It's time to grow underground. Get your kids out of elementary school before they're programmed in this new curriculum. It's more dangerous than sex ed classes.

Russia is not participating, and not having the social problems tearing our nation apart.

One hour each day, March 7 and 8.

2021 saw every leader become a tech leader as every industry went digital in some capacity. Now, with next-generation technologies like artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, and the metaverse creating new and innovative ways to connect, inform, and entertain, it’s vital they are also used to tackle global issues on climate and the digital divide.

RELATED (from my previous email)

The World Economic Forum... [Patrick Bestall]

No more Masks and Mandates:

Finally, sanity is setting in!

Check this out… effective 21st march THIS YEAR! [Sonja Breznyansky]

Ontario will no longer mandate mask use, self-isolation for COVID-exposed people or symptom screening requirements in most situations as of March 21, with a wider effort to end all emergency pandemic requirements by the end of April.

Ontario will end the requirement to wear masks in most indoor public settings and schools on March 21.

On that date, mask use in all indoor public settings, including schools, will end.

Users of public transit and all patients, residents, visitors and staff in hospitals, congregate care settings, jails and the long-term care system will continue to be required to don masks until at least April 27.

“Removing the mask mandate does not mean the risk is gone,” Ontario Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kieran Moore said Wednesday. “Covid-19 is still transmitting, and masks can protect you and others around you becoming infected.”

Also gone on March 21 will be the daily symptom screening requirement parents must complete before dropping their children off at school.

Other school requirements such as cohorting will end but Ministry of Health officials said supplies of personal protective equipment and rapid antigen tests will continue to flow to schools.

Officials stressed that the official government stance would remain to recommend mask use wherever possible after March 21, but it would no longer be mandatory.

“I know a lot of people don't want to keep them on and again, we aren’t leading the way in this, we are kind of middle of the back. It's going to be up to the people of Ontario, if you want to keep the mask on, keep it on,” Premier Doug Ford said in Brantford when asked by a reporter about the changes. “If you want to take it off, take it off. But we have to move forward from this, people are exhausted and the poor kids in those classrooms too. Like we got to move on.”

Moore said Ontario’s plan “aligns” with that of other Canadian provinces.

“Our plan to remove masking aligns and is even more cautious than most provinces if you look at other jurisdictions,” he said.

Alberta dropped its mask mandate on March 1 and Quebec ended masking in school classrooms on March 7.

When asked what he will do personally, Moore said he would continue wearing a mask at a mall such as the Eaton Centre or when going to a big box store.

“So in outdoor settings, absolutely, I won't be wearing my mask, and I will do a risk assessment for high risk indoor settings. So if I go to the Eaton Centre, I'll wear my mask,” he said. “If I'm on the subway it will be mandated and also for the public bus or a streetcar. So I will continue to wear my mask in those environments. If I go to a busy big box store, I'll put my mask given it’s a crowded setting.”

“It is a choice now - you can do your individual risk assessment,” he said.

“You have to recognize that you can’t mandate masking forever, it has to become a choice.”

He urged members of the public not to bother or harass people who continue to wear masks in public settings.

“We have to acknowledge that some people will be quite concerned about the removal of a mask mandate,” he said.

Under its original plan published prior to the discovery of the Omicron coronavirus variant, Ontario was not planning to end the mask mandate until March 28.

The rules around self-isolation in the event of exposure are also changing, effective immediately.

Going forward, anyone exposed to COVID-19 outside of their household, regardless of vaccination status, will not need to self-isolate.

Instead, they must refrain from public activities “where mask removal would be necessary” for 10 days, not visit anyone at high risk of a serious outcome or attend a place such as a hospital for 10 days, and self-monitor for symptoms.

Those exposed to COVID-19 by a member of their household no longer need to self-isolate at all if they are over 18 years-old and boosted, under 18 years-old and fully vaccinated or have recovered from a COVID-19 infection in the past 90 days.

Any unvaccinated person exposed to COVID-19 at home must still self-isolate while the infected household member is self-isolating.

The province’s Reopening Ontario Act and all related emergency measures, including those mandating mask use across the hospital sector, are set to expire on April 27.

The province is still detecting dozens of COVID-19 deaths per week, though the fatality rate has subsided from a peak in late January.

Access limits put on PCR tests more than two months ago mean Moore believes the province does not document as many as 90 per of new infections each day.


On Wednesday, health officials confirmed recipients and workers in the home care sector will now be eligible for free PCR testing for the first time since Dec. 2021.

They also stated that after March 11, the province will remove deaths from its COVID-19 tally where a clear alternate cause of death has been determined.

That ratio would suggest the province is still seeing 12,000-20,000 new cases of COVID-19 each day.

UHN infectious disease specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch said he believes it is too soon to lift mask mandates.

“I think based on where we are at in Ontario, it would still make sense to wear masks in indoor settings,” he told CP24.

The limited data on overall spread still available in Ontario suggests the decline has stopped recently, he said.

“Instead of seeing this plummet in cases, we’re actually seeing a plateau in cases and hospitalizations here in Ontario. This is the kind of thing where you want to see a sustained downward trajectory before you start to lift this final, light-touch intervention.”

Bogoch’s colleague, Dr. Abdu Sharkawy, was even more emphatic, saying the province will “regret” this decision.

“The message being sent out with these sorts of measures being changed is that this pandemic is over, and I think that’s very dangerous and it’s premature,” Sharkawy told CP24. “I have no idea where the confidence is coming from because all five previous waves have ended and been followed by another wave.”

“I think we’re going to regret this in the coming weeks.”

Ford said he did not express any view or pressure Ontario Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kieran Moore on when to lift the mask mandate or any of the other measures ending this month.

“Let me be very clear. There's no pressure on Dr. Moore. I follow the advice and the recommendations of the Chief Medical Officer of Ontario. He consults with the Science Table. We are going to take his advice on the timeframe moving forward and the masks.”

Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca issued a statement Wednesday urging the province to reconsider its position regarding masks is schools.

“While I accept the Chief Medical Officer of Health’s advice that Ontario should end mandatory mask restrictions outside of higher-risk, essential public services and areas later this month, I am drawing a line in the sand on our schools,” he said.

“I simply do not accept the argument that our kids’ schools are not higher-risk areas and essential, and the experts agree. We must wait a couple more weeks to make sure our kids will be safe.”

The Children’s Health Coalition, made up of children’s hospital leaders and physicians, echoed that sentiment.

“Since we know that most cases of COVID-19 identified in schools originate outside of school, we would have preferred to see masks kept in place for two weeks after March Break so we could have assessed the impact of the broader re-opening of Ontario,” it said in a statement issued Wednesday.

Speaking to CP24 on Wednesday morning, Toronto Mayor John Tory said it was not likely the city would extend its mask bylaw beyond any date announced by the province.

“With respect to likelihood of the city taking a different path when it comes to masks, I don’t think that it’s likely.”

He said the city’s current mask bylaw expires in April, but a new measure before city council today would allow them to easily end the requirement on March 21.

The scientific director of Ontario's Science Advisory Table said Wednesday that the province doesn't have the necessary data to support removing mask mandates.

"We would look to see... what the data are showing," Dr. Peter Juni told CP24. "I would like to make data-drive decisions."

He noted that the Science Advisory Table was not consulted in the province's decision.

"We weren't involved in this decision, which is fine. That's just how it happened," Juni said.

He added that right now it is unclear how the easing of other restrictions will impact key indicators in the province.

He said that while he believes the province should move slowly when it comes to the easing of restrictions, early indicators show Ontario is "looking actually quite well."

"What is important for people to understand is even if we go up we will not be in the same shoes that we were in the middle of December because we have so much immunity that has accumulated," he said.

Juni said if the province begins to see "strong, explosive growth" in COVID-19 transmission, it will need to rethink its approach.

Global Bombshell:

State Dept. Confirms US Operating Bioweapon Labs in Ukraine, Pentagon Warns Putin May Use Nukes Preemptively:

"Ukraine has biological research facilities which in fact we are now quite concerned Russian forces may be seeking to gain control of, so we're working with the Ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces," says Victoria Nuland.

Illegitimate President:

World Gives Biden Cold Shoulder as He Attempts to Mitigate Damage He Caused – Watch Live

Owen Shroyer hosts this LIVE Wednesday transmission of War Room, broadcast weekdays from 3 to 6PM CT.

Also catch the streams at and

Be sure to join Alex Jones on GETTR & Telegram! Save the future and join the next Renaissance by following these NEW independent social media sites today!

Additional VIEWING:

[Alec Jones]

Ontario’s vaxpass is dead and buried, but some restaurants didn’t get the Memo!

Why are some Ontario businesses keeping the vaccine pass alive?

Rebel News visits the Times Square Diner in Toronto to ask why they're still demanding vaccine information from potential customers.

As of March 1, Ontario Premier Doug Ford decided it was time for the COVID-19 vaccination passport to be tossed upon the scrapheap of obsolescence. Finally, all Ontarians can now go to restaurants and gyms and movie theatres and arenas without having to show their “papers”; finally, a two-tier citizenship system in Ontario is a thing of the past.

Er, actually, those unvaccinated residents of Ontario hoping to enjoy full citizenship status should be wary of the fine print when it comes to vax passports. Which is to say, inexplicably, some businesses are still demanding QR codes as a condition of service. Failure to provide such proof will, in the words of a certain restaurateur from the Seinfeld TV series, result in: “No soup for you!”

Case in point: the Times Square Diner in Toronto. [Rebel News]

This Could Be Big:

This will BREAK “WIDE OPEN” in the next two days… The Staff of CDC said to their Bossesrelease the TRUTH about the Vaccines causing AIDS or we go to all the alternate News as Whistleblowers! [Scott Card]

Wow — join Dennis Prager at a Canadian civil liberties town hall next week!


Trusted Science*Gone @ 26 (1 Min)

DC C0PS Support Trucker’s Convoy (3 Min)

3x-Machina Merging With The BEAST*Documentary (156 Min)

The REAL STORY (13 Min)

Matty: J0E ALMS @ Crypto (5 Min)

NOTE: Coming Era 0f DIGITAL Curr3ncy

PIL0T confirms Holograms were used on Twin Towers (4 Min)

$300-Barrel 0IL? (11 Min)

NOTE: 2-3x Cost from today.

NW0 Scripted Narrative (32 Min)

Truth Social: Donald’s Term 0f Serv!ce (5 Min)

SONG: Stand In Faith (3 Min)

Free Energy w/ AC M0T0R & CAR ALTERNAT0R (21 Min)

Sanctions OIL Embargo*Iran, Venezuela & Arabs Join Russia's RALLY (5 Min)

NOTE: Is this a 'Super Plan' to Bring in DIGITAL Currencies?

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